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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 207

Date:  Friday April 9th, 1999  11:29 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

It appears that Sid is done with ECW. Sid no-showed Saturday's ECW Arena Show
on 4/3; he missed his frist flight, then upgraded his second flight to first
class, and then didn't get on the flight. ECW announced that he missed his
plane. The next day, when asked by an indy intermediary about what happened,
Sid first claimed that he had a cold, but later in the conversation said that he
just didn't feel like going.

Paul Heyman said he talked to Sid the next day and Sid said he no-showed to get
Heyman's attention because he wanted to book his own programs. Heyman said that
Sid is done and won't be brought back unless he posts an appearance bond that he
would forfeit in the event of a no-show.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Believe it or not, one of the reasons Ralphus was done away with was because of
the feeling that his head (ego) was getting too big. This in a company with
some of the scariest ego's in the industry...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Madusa was backstage at the 4/5 Nitro and is either signed or close to signing
for a role doing a segment on Nitro as a nice looking but also classy woman.
Madusa & Kevin Nash were friends from their WWF days, which gives Madusa the
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Chris Benoit was on the FAN in
Toronto and when asked if there was a conspiracy
to destroy WCW from within he said "It appears that way". He said that when he
signed his new deal he vowed that he would never complain about the company
again, but said that Bischoff hasn't delivered on the promises made when he
He said he's in wrestling for the money and that in three years he'll be 34
years old, a free agent, and will have alot of money in the bank. He also said
that Nash only pushes his friends.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Shawn Michael's promo delivered at Wrestlemania was not what it was supposed to
be. I'm not sure how it was supposed to be different, but there was heat about
it and that will partially explain why he wasn't at TV's the next two nights.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

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Submitted by reader: JJ29
Benoit\Malenko vs Saturn\Raven wasn't a quality match? Blitzcrieg vs Juventud
Guererra, this isn't quality? Can you imagine what the so called "Genius"
McMahon would do with these guys? $50 they'd be jobbing to the Oddities, just
look at Kaientai for a prime example. This goes to how McMahon misuses his
talent. Al Snow has NOT won a title yet, The Brood have no push, Kaientai has
been jobbed out to ECW. This I call a grave misuse of talent. Bam Bam Bigelow
is not a main eventer. He is more of a TV champion type like in ECW or maybe a
US champ status. Sandman came up with his own name so blame all the beers and
head shots he's taken for deciding on "HAK." Flair makes you woozy when he does
mic work? He is second to
Jericho, with his words, he can put Curt Hennig over!
Bischoff has told people that ratings don't matter, which is 100% true. PPV
buyrates is what REALLY brings in the $$$.

McMahon thinks everything isn't his problem. If his show influences kids, he
blames parents. In EVERY interview he has given, he NEVER takes blame for how
RAW can influence kids, how he markets to kids. In the "Out Side the Lines"
McMahon stated that he has programs more suitable for children (Livewire,
Superstars, Shotgun) yet those shows SPECIFICALLY state "Tune in Monday night to
see what happens". Telling children "See? Watch Monday night!" In conclusion,
McMahon contradicts himself. Comments are welcomed and will be heard, flames
will be laughed at.
Submitted by reader: JHotBody97
I have read a lot of letters concerning the Outside the Lines program that did a
story on Professional Wrestling. All the letters that I've read, say ESPN
bad-mouthed the business. That isn't true. I watched the show twice and the
program was accurate on all accounts. The program was very informative, and
factual. I think all the readers that were upset by the program, don't
understand the business. I have been in the business for three years and I have
seen a lot of things. ESPN just reported the truth, and wrestling fans don't
want to believe the negative side of it. To all the
fans who did not like the report, get over it! There will be more news reports
exposing wrestling. Every sport has a good and bad side to it, and wrestling is
not excluded. Always remember, wrestling is a very tough and competitive
business. Learn the business before you discuss it.
Submitted by reader: Bob McDonald (tommymaniaxv)
We all know what "Smart" fans are, but do you know what a "Dumb" fan is? I
think that a "Dumb" fan is someone who actually enjoys watching WCW rasslin and
actually believes that it is good wholesome family entertainment and that the
WWF is not. Mr. DgenRitX recently commented about the WWF vs. WCW. I
find it interesting that everybody says that WCW is G rated and family oriented.
Well, then could you please tell me what the hell the Nitro girls are for? Are
they there for good wholesome entertainment? Or maybe so they can show our
children how to model a bikini? At least the women of the WWF have some sort of
an active role other than to be dumb and look pretty.

Why is WCW trying to hide the fact that they want to do hardcore matches? They
say that they are G rated and then they have a cage match with Hogan and Flair
in which the winner must draw first blood. This horrific match gave my kids
nightmares for weeks, not because of the blood but because they couldn't believe
that a wrestling match could be that bad.

My last point goes back to when Ric Flair had his "heart attack" on T.V. This
was far more realistic and horrible than anything I have ever saw on WWF
television, especially for anyone who's family has been affected by heart
disease. So open your eyes and realize that WCW isn't that much different than
the WWF except for the fact that the WWF is entertaining.

Thomas Stangowitz (tommymaniaxv)
Remember: Friends don't let friends watch Nitro!
Submitted by reader: RobGoodDam
I hear everyone say that Chris Jericho would never go to WWF, but I disagree.
Most people say its because he's a real big Christian and that he would never
work for a company that had such vulgar language and sexual references. Well, I
have a question, did everyone forget where
Jericho got his real big start??? I
believe it was ECW. And, I know some people haven't been able to actually watch
ECW, which I think is a shame, and really don't know what it is. Well, ECW uses
the MOST vulgar language, and the most sexual references. They've had porn stars
working for them, (Beulah, Jasmine St. Clair, and Jenna Jamaeson.), they've had
lesbian scenes, and numerous other things.

Another reason why people think he might sign with WCW, is because he's very
"over" with them. Well, I think he's over because of his talents. He is one of
those guys who always makes himself better, and makes his opoonent seem better
than what he is. Few men can do this, I can only think of Rob Van Dam. Anyway,
he's probably seen what WCW actually does to their stars. Let's look at some of
the best talent, or people who can really be over, and look at what WCW has done
to them. They made Mikey Whipwreck, Hak, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Raven, all former
ECW World Heavyweight champions, into low class mid-carders, if that. Let's face
it, WWF can actually keep him in the spotlight for years, while in WCW he would
be kicked out by some 50 year old who has little or no talent.

In closing, I have only one more thing to say, Chris, if you're reading, Do not
stay in WCW. Go to WWF, or even better, ECW. PLEASE!!!
Do Parents Care? Or...Why Even Care What They Watch?
Submitted by reader: TakerJR911
In the world of pro wrestling, specifically the WWF, people are talking more and
more about sex. Its true, the WWF is lewd. But the fans like it. WCW isn't
lewd or anywhere near it. Fans don't like it. Isn't it the fans that the WWF
is out to make happy? WCW is out to make nobody happy, but instead just make
family crap. And all of us are fairly warned with the TV-14 Rating every time
we turn on Heat and Raw. And if you don't like what you see on the two big WWF
shows, watch the WWF Weekend shows (they come on around 11:00), which block out
most language, and don't show as much sexual content.

If you still have a problem, just change the channel. Its the little up arrow
on the remote. I promise it won't hurt you. Please use common sense when
watching wrestling, especially the WWF's content.
Submitted by reader: Busta12uss
I've noticed recently the overwhelming accusations of sexual content being the
sole reason for the WWF's success. While it does certainly add appeal to an
already popular industry, I feel the success must be traced back to Vince
McMahon himself. I can recall back to the mid 1980's when sexual references,
profanity, and other cheap ways to fill a crowd were completely unheard of.
With the limited resources available, Vince McMahon took an old, balding,
blonde-haired bad actor with 24 inch biceps and turned him into the Real
American hero which unfortunately still plagues the industry today. Did it
matter who this actual wrestler was? No, of course not. Vince McMahon could've
taken any wrestler he wanted and probably would've produced the same reaction.
Any guy who had the ability to raise a boot and drop a leg could've had their
name in front of ______amania. Who knows, even Virgil or
Luke the Bushwhacker could've been a 5-time WWF Champion with McMahon's
marketing skills. It took those same marketing skills to realize that the world
had become bored with the same Big Boot/Leg Drop matches that drew fans there in
the first place. Once he realized this problem, he fixed it.

Fans just didn't get as excited to see Hogan defeat some unstoppable power every

few months. These simple angles almost always had the same outcome and
eventually had to change. If giving the people what they want is a bad thing,
then so be it. I will continue to appreciate the marketing genius behind the
WWF's success and enjoy the ride. Regardless of whether Debra comes out half
naked or Sexual Chocolate lives up to his name, fans will continue to watch.
Because back in 1989 when I first felt Hulkamania run wild on me, the closest
thing to sex back then was Sensational Sherri. Sex or no sex, Vince McMahon IS
pro wrestling.
Submitted by reader: DXDGNR8CHK
I am a fan. I am not using mark, cuz then I'd start a holy war over the word,
and I don't want that. For the past few days, I've sat back and read about
people and their views on Nitro's set. The new look does not make me a bigger
fan, it does not keep me from switching back and forth between Raw and Nitro.
The fact is, I don't need to. Here in Phoenix, there is an hour difference
between the two. So I get all of both programs. I don't watch WCW to see a
purer version of wrestling, I watch it because I like it. The same goes for WWF,
I don't watch because I think Debra is hot or I like the bloodbaths, I'm a girl
for cryin out loud. I watch Raw and Heat and all that cuz I like it. Sure, the
great bodies on these guys is a nice +, but I started watching when I still
thought boys were "icky." So on that subject, I'll end by saying, people, watch
what you like, not what you should like.

If my memory serves me correctly, I once stated how much I like Droz. It is
still true, I think he's great. Some peeps criticized me for saying I thought
he has potential, but that is okely dokely, I can take it. But, now, I have a
new star in my sky, I'm not sure if any of you will agree, but I believe that a
young guy, I believe 25, has huuuuge potential if he's used right. I am
speaking of Evan Kourageous. He's talented, foxy, and young, which is good for
him since he has time to improve. I just finished watching Thunder, and did my
jaw drop when I saw him come back to the TV screen. I have always liked him, I
have always thought that he would be big, bigger than Lenny Lane. He definitely
showed improvement tonight against a premier
cruiserweight in Rey Jr. Bear with me, I'm almost done. To ichiban729:
Whaddya mean Konnan has bad workrate?? He's been busting his chops for a long
time trying to do his job, just like nearly every other wrestler that comes to
mind. Maybe I
misunderstood what you meant, but sheesh, Konnan is no jabroni guy with baggy
jeans. He's just trying to give fans what they want. If I may borrow a line
from Dennis Miller, course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
Submitted by reader: DaBlGSHOT
I wanted to make a comment about WCW going g-rated. Now did the WCW really go
G-rated? Eric Bischoff was on a radio station in Cincinatti and said that Scott
Steiner would be banned from doing interviews until he cleans up his act. Well
Scott Steiner still talks about his "HOOCHIES" and makes his other sexual
references. He calls himself the BIG BOOTY DADDY now, so is that G-rated? What
about that lady seducing David Flair to turn on his dad. Even little kids can
figure out what was REALLY going on there. Also the nWo beating on Ric Flair a
couple months back where he was getting gang attacked with clubs was very
reminicent of the Rodney King beating. I'm not saying that I disagree with WCWs
more adult content because I find it entertaining, but I dont like the hypocrisy
being shown here by Bischoff.

I'm also sick of everybody bashing the WWF's ATTITUTDE. its simple, if you
don't like it then DONT WATCH IT!. The WWF didn't win the ratings just because
of sex like some people have suggested. It was a combination of WCW putting on
horrible Nitros and WWF putting on great Raw shows. Think about it, how many
Nitros could you say were good before the last few weeks ago? WWF gave us new
interesting angles along with bright young superstars like The Rock, Brood,
Triple H, X-Pac and etc. Nitro gave us the same nWo angle week after week which
got tiring. We also got tired of Hogan coming out every week telling us how
great he is. So, it was a combination of various things that people started
watching Raw over Nitro. I admit that there are some people who watch Raw for
the more adult content, but that does NOT represent all of us.

Lastly I'm sick of all these bandwagon wrestling fans. When this Raw Vs Nitro
thing first started, everybody was for the WWF and constantly bashing WCW. Then
when WCW started being "cool" with their new nWo angle, everybody jumped on the
WCW bandwagon and started dissing the WWF. Then over a year ago everybody
jumped back to the WWF and bashed WCW. Now that WCW debuted their new look and
are starting to improve their shows alot of people are starting to jump back on
the WCW bandwagon. Why is this? I'm not saying that you should stick with one
company, but rather stick with BOTH wrestling companies. Watch and support ALL
wrestling and stop the bashing of any wrestling organization. Its the wrestling
bashers like Phil Mushnick who we should be criticizing, not the the WWF, WCW,
or ECW.
Submitted by reader: Slash McCoy (AcidViruz)
I will be commenting on the Ministry of Darkness and WCW. First about the MoD.
I do not agree with the angle. Yes i am a Christian, but still, I don't think
its good use of the WWF's T.V. time. I agree with another reader, I would much
rather watch a match than see Undertaker ramble on and on about "dark" things,
and try and be sinister. I'd much rather have even a mediocre WWF match. The
run ins do not bother me unless they become too frequent. One of the past
RAW's, it seemed like everytime someone new came out, the MoD would be there to
make threats and beat them up. Putting the girl on the Undertaker symbol was
annoying. No one wants to see that. And about the Stone Cold thing. I
understand that it wasn't a cross, and that it was the "Undertaker's symbol",
but any halfway sane person could catch the hints. Going to McMahon's house and
lighting that thing on fire was also a
waste of television time. WWF needs to keep this wrestling, not anything else.

Ok, enough about that. Now about WCW. I liked their new setup alot. Keeping it
to just Tony and Brain the whole time makes a huge difference. I was really
glad to see Zbyzsko out of there, as well as Tenay. It will be cool to have
wrestlers fly onto Shaivanni and kill him (joke). LoL. I do admit that their
old angles have been too long and confusing, and sometimes just don't give you
what you want. I like those little cut scenes where Nash was talking with Flair
and that ref, and then Hogan was all ticked because Nash was tlaking with them.
It makes me want to watch next week, and get the PPV to see what Nash is up to.
Also, getting Goldberg more involved and more vulnerable is nice to see.
Instead of just seeing him come out and beat someone in 5 minutes, we can see
him talk on the mic (his skills aren't that good, but its getting better) and
the past Nitro it seemed as if he was always coming out with something big.
(Nash at Stampede, main event, etc.). The main event was good. I liked it
better than RAW's. All the participants did their special move, and then it
ended with Sting. Sting was a little disapointing though. I was hoping that he
would at least hit someone. All he did was point at the crowd, but that was
fine enough. After going 5 or 6 months without Sting, I was really happy to see
him back, and especially not all gay like he was with the Wolfpac, his crow
gimmick is much much better.

It also seems like Sting wins more matches when he is this gimmick. Well, in
closing, I hope that WCW can keep this up, because I really like their
wreslters, and I think the new angles coming out will be very cool to watch.
Thanks to those who read, its always nice ot get your opinion heard.
~ Slash McCoy
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