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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 208

Date:  Saturday April 10th, 1999  1:26 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The WWF is once again putting on a live HEAT to go up against a WCW PPV. Look
for two 3-way matches for titles:
- The first for the tag straps. It'll be new champions X-Pac and Kane against
former champs Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart as well as The New Age Outlaws.
- Also, its a 3-way for the Hardcore Title. Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow vs. Dr.
Death Steve Williams.
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: 4 Corners Match
Special Referee: Macho Man Randy Savage
Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan vs. DDP vs. Ric Flair
Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash
Scott Steiner vs. Booker T. (U.S. Title Tournament Finals)
Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (Cruiserweight Championship)
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Raven & Saturn
Hak w/Chastity vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Disco Inferno vs. Konnan
Juventud Guerrera vs. Blitzkrieg
Mikey Whipwreck vs. Scotty Riggs
Reported by

New Japan 4/10/99 Tokyo Dome Announced attendance: 63,500
Atsushi Onita fought Masahiro Chono to a Double Knockout in 16:10

Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima defeated Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata in
13:55 when Tenzan pinned Nagata

Tatsuhito Takaiwa (NJ) pinned Minoru Tanaka (Battlarts) in 11:52

Jushin "Thunder" Liger & The Great Sasuke defeated Doctor Wagner Jr. & Kendo Ka
Shin in 15:55 to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship when
Liger pinned Wagner Jr.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Koji Kanemoto pinned Shinjiro Ohtani in 24:23
Ohtani focused on Kanemoto's injured leg during the match. Ohtani used several
Spiral Bombs. However, Kanemoto countered Ohtani's attack with a Tiger Suplex
and a Moonsault to finish off the challenger.

Kazuyuki Fujita & Kazuo Yamazaki defeated Yuki Ishikawa& Alexander Otsuka in
11:27 when Yamazaki forced Ishikawa to submit

IWGP World Tag Team Champions Kensuke Sasaki & Shiro Koshinaka defeated
Gen'ichiro Tenryu & Tatsumi Fujinami in 17:33 when Koshinaka pinned Fujinami

IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Keiji Mutoh defeated Don Frye via submission in
Reported by Zach Arnold at:
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the IRC chatroom. We can be found on IRC’s Dalnet at #Wrestling101. Chats are
every Saturday at 9PM EST. Drop in and chat with us! For more information on
how to get IRC and get to the chatroom visit:

Suplex Media's
TALK WRESTLING - Digitally Incorrect is on the air. This week's
special guest is independent superstar JULIO SANCHEZ, who is a regular at WWF TV
tapings and has done work for virtually every promotion on the East Coast and
also had a non-contracted stint in WCW. Julio talks about working on WWF TV
tapings, how he got into the business, what he thinks of internet websites,
working the independents and much much more!. Go to: to listen.
Shujah Agha, Suplex Media
Tomorrow's Headlines, Today's Suplex News!
Submitted by reader: Smithton9
This letter is yet another response to WCW's G rating status, specifically their
use of "numbers" on signs in the audience. A few months ago, I went to a Nitro
Sacramento, CA, and there was a horde of security taking away any signs that
3:16, 4:20, or 4:69. I understood this because of what these signs mean in
today's culture. Then, a few weeks later, I see WCW promoting Konnan's new
T-shirt with the number 187 on it. Now, does anyone know what this number
signifies? It is the code number that police use when there is a homicide. So
is WCW now promoting that Konnan is some gang-banger murderer? This is just one
of the inconsistancies that drive me to WWF, they are at least straight forward
about what they present.
Submitted by reader: danh@xxxxc...
In responding to JJ29
Well, does it looked like the Light Heavyweight division kicked off for the WWF?
No. But are they still successful without it? Definitely.

This is a business and that what Vince McMahon is, a businessman. The WWF has
the momentum right now and that is what his main concern right now and that is
keeping it. He will develop the new stars as the time goes by. Even though you
won't see quality matches on TV like you do over at Nitro, the WWF will always
be consider Sports Entertainment. When I watch the WWF, I know what I am going
to see and expect, I am going to see lots of interviews and quality segments.
Some are funny, some are horrible. If you are a wrestling fan and want to see
matches, watch WCW.

What I do expect from the WWF is watching quality matches on PPV's. Have you
ever noticed that on RAW, you get the build-up for a PPV and it makes you want
to order it. That increases buyrates because the fans want to see a finish. No
matter how the match ends, it could have been easily done on RAW but it still
offers us something to look forward to.

Eric Biscoff says that ratings don't matter. He is such a hypocrite. 2 years
ago, he said something like it is no fun anymore on Tuesday morning to see how
both shows match up. Now look at it today, RAW is dominating by 2.5 solid points
and up (that is a bigger margin then what Thunder did this week, a show I call
"quality wrestling matches"). Ratings do matter and PPV's sales prove it. You're
not going be able to sell your PPVs' if you don't have any regular viewers.
Bischoff says that the sponsors from the WWF will go over to WCW, I haven't seen
one moved yet. Advertisers know people are watching RAW and they will get
noticed that much better then having their commercial on a WCW program. And with
all of this media attacking the WWF,
then advertisers will try to take a spot during RAW because they know people are

WCW is burying their own wrestlers and everybody knows it. For the last two
years, whoever moved to WCW are just being benched and unused. Have you read or
heard the radio interviews by WCW wrestlers such as Beniot,
Jericho, Hogan, and
even Nash himself? They know it is all politics down in
Atlanta but have they
even tried to change that? A few efforts yes, but is it working? Barely.
Still, you blame McMahon to be some sort of devil. He is making alot of money
for what he is doing. I do agree with him when he say's that it is the parent's
fault. its their fault for letting them watch it, its their fault for not
teaching them what is right or what is wrong from it, and it is their fault for
letting them stay up late to watch the program, when I'm sure
these kids (ages 8-13) has school the next day.

My neighbor's kids watch Livewire OR Superstars and yes, it is edited from
Monday night, but it is much more milder from what we see on Mondays. its
taped. Raw is sometimes taped. its the same experience for them. I have never
heard those kids say "I can't wait until Monday", they say "I can't wait until
this weekend to see what happens." Oh, and by the way, both shows are on in the
morning, not late at night.

It is people like you that are trying desperate to make a company look good when
we all know deep down that it isn't. Three years ago, Nitro was on top of the
world, but they thought they can stay up there by doing the same thing each week
but it got stale. Change is something good or bad, but when RAW made their
change, the fans like what they see and for that, RAW is on top of the mountain
and everybody wants a piece of it.
Submitted by reader: JJ29
Well, its been a busy day, only 2 supporters. I hope to change that. But first,
a little background, I am NOT a wcw mark. I don't cheer for the Wolfpack,
Goldbore or any of the "marks" champions. I cheer for Flair, Jericho,
Benoit\Malenko, every Luchadore (of course, they lose 95% of the time).

Someone told me that I see McMahon as the devil. Well, only a devil would put
Brian Pillman's wife in LIVE tv and exploit Pillman's death for lousy ratings.
What kind of
MAN would bring a widow on TV and ask questions like "Was his death
drug related?" As for the ECW migration to WCW, they chose to leave! They
could have stayed like Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer! But no, they wanted
more money and I say good for them. Honestly. If you were wrestling to support
2 kids, a wife and keep a house on a basic ECW salary, and YOU got an offer from
WCW to make 3 times that but be a jobber, would you say "Screw that, I don't
want to be a jobber," or would you say "I have a wife and kids, yes Eric, I'll
join." We all say that people sold out. Sandman sold out, Raven sold out. THIS
IS A BUSINESS! They don't work for free! Even Ralphus made an extra $200 a week
for apperances!
Submitted by reader: YakuzaThug
JJ29 makes a very strong point.
Vince always blames the parents. To some degree this is true, but not so much
that the parents are negligent. But Vince specifically targets the adolescent
young men. But in some instances he goes overboard. Like that S&M session
between PMS and Mark Henry or the "transsexual" that was with Henry. Hell, the
mock crucifixion pushed the envelope. I don't care what people say, that was a
slap to the face of all followers of the different sects of Christianity. So
what is he saying with this? That Christians (Catholics, Protestants and other
sects) are evil? That we should crucify our enemies?

Children will always be impressionable. No matter how much effort the parents
put in raising their child. Last thing is I want to see a child "crotch
chopping" and yelling out "suck it." its just as bad as telling someone to
"f**k off." It may have been in good humor, but its still disrespectful.
Granted, Eric Bischoff has lost his touch and WCW is suffering due to the fact
that tag teams are floundering, talented mid-carders are pushed aside for DDP,
Goldberg or the nWo Wolfpack but you don't see him resorting to sexual
innuendoes etc.
Thank you, Gabriel
PS: I bet the majority of idiots who will "flame" me will be teenagers. Adult
WWF fans and WCW fans know better than to bother others about this.
Submitted by reader: Websmkng99
First of all I would like to comment on ever single person who is commenting on
WCW vs. WWF. What the hell is wrong with all of you people. I don't know about
all of you, but I watch wrestling for the simple fact, WRESTlING. I don't watch
it for its stupid angles or its entertaining aspect, what entertains me is the
moves and skill of wrestlers. I am a wrestler or wrestler in training and I hate
and I mean hate the WWF for there stupid ass angles. Like who the hell is going
to believe that the Ministry is really crucifing a girl. At least in the WCW
they actually wrestle and that's what they focus on, and the best wrestlers to
ever grace the ring are LUCHADORS. They go out every time and give the fans 110%
no matter what.

The best federation to ever be is ECW. They wrestle and they are the meaning of
hardcore and the WCW and the WWF all copy off their style and try to be
hardcore. Who the hell is Hardcore Holly, get the hell out of here. I still
remember him being a hick as the name Sparkplug Holly. If anyone should have
that belt for its true meaning it should be a fight over Al Snow vs. Cactus
Jack. And I still remember the days that ECW went mainstream and nobody watched
it and it was the definition of hardcore and every match the wrestlers put out
was their best. So in conclusion to all of you out there that watch WWF and WCW
for their "great" angles and fireworks and show, get a clue and watch wrestling
for what it truly is, WRESTLING.
I'm out, PEACE!
Submitted by reader: Jeff Westfall (Dogg16)
What a better main event then two giant corporations going head to head? I'd
like to focus on the media's all out attack on the World Wrestling Federation,
and in a smaller target, "Rednecks" organization, WCW. I think some people in
the media today are taking shots on the WWF like vultures do to a wounded
animal. Their ruthless producers and the watchdog television programs are
seeming to enjoy sticking their "morality spears" into the World Wrestling
Federation. They are all screaming, "What about the children???". And even
though they may make some points, these stations are forming up like the Empire
in the Star Wars films to build one SUPERGUN to try and destroy the WWF's
television shows and their stranglehold on the Monday night rating wars. In
being fair, I will agree in the article with some points brought up by these
watchdog shows. Follow me through the real ratings war!

I've been a wrestling fan forever practically. Don't believe me? Ask my
family...I tried to get my father in 1992 to drive me to Wrestlemania 8 just so
I could say I saw Ric Flair live! If you've been watching wrestling as long as
I have, or even less then I have, you can all admit to seeing a drastic change
in the direction of the product being portrayed on television. While we can all
defend the companies by saying what Vince says, "Compare it to the other cable
TV shows or NYPD Blue and then judge us." Well, while he can make a point
there, he also sends across the smell of ego and arrogance.

My rant isn't about whether the watchdogs are right, or if Vince is right...we
could argue that all day. The question I'm asking is, What are the intentions
of these shows and their television stations? In case you don't know, Disney
owns the stations ABC and ESPN. The biggest two stations aiming their fully
loaded weapons arsenal at Vince and the boys. The question of why isn't hard to
see. I'm sure many of you have heard or even watched a little show on ABC on
Monday Nights during the fall. I think its called Monday Night Football and
for over twenty years dominated
the ratings on Monday's...UNTIL 1996.

In 1996, the emergence of the WWF's viewers to its show Monday Night RAW, and
the growing force of WCW's Monday Nitro began to worry ABC and the Disney
Company. The ratings combination of WCW and WWF began to threaten ABC and their
hot football show. Not enough at the time to really make ABC worry, but in
time, it would do more then just would take over! You know they
say the apocalypse is upon us soon. Everyone offers signs of that, but I think
millions of rednecks bonding together to watch wrestling on Monday's is the sign
of that doom!

While 1996 and 1997 were the sign to ABC to watch out, 1998 was the year of the
destruction for ABC and its ratings monopoly. With ratings in the 5's and 6's
from both WCW and the WWF, they overpowered Monday Night Football to damage
their ratings and ABC was asking all the main questions, mainly including "How
did they...What the...Where did they...???". But what does a good team do when
they get hit hard with adversity, they lick their wounds, get back up and come
up with a strategic battle plan to get back what they lost. Their plan would be
simple and has yet to be effective, time may show differently. Regardless
though, are the rules of fair play so fair anymore? And why are the faces (good
guys/ABC) of this war, playing the heels (bad guys/WWF), who because of all this
are becoming the good guys???

Monday Night Football took a serious hit in 1998 in ratings due to the
popularity of professional wrestling, and namely the WWF put it over the edge.
Being that the WWF's own storylines seem to be pulled from a Stephen King novel
lately, the ABC execs' saw a good oppurtunity to not expose wrestling for being
fake, but instead expose the WWF as an adult oriented show with Stephen
King-like angles while taking millions of kids in the wrong direction (Remember
the Stephen King bit). So in their eyes, they're tackling (pardon the pun) the
content of the WWF and trying to be the voice of morality in the situation.
Where ABC goes wrong, is that they have put everyone on notice that RAW needs to
be brought down for their content. I was taught to never judge because their's
only one judge. Ooops, I better not bring religion into this, that may be the
WWF's next big angle!

This really pisses me off. I've heard people, such as Pastors of churches,
denounce what's on television, even naming the WWF and WCW. But where is it
written that ABC plays the role of "Daddy" to your children. They say the WWF
is wrong for what it shows on a cable station at a improper hour. its one thing
coming from a pastor, but last time I checked, ABC had shows like NYPD Blue on
at the same time as RAW. Now how can ABC, which is a network station argue
about the WWF when they promote a show that shows people using drugs, shootings,
murders, child abuse and spousal beatings? This is where I go, "WHAT THE HELL
IS THIS???" There have been other shows on ABC, and other networks over the
years just WRONG for children. On at times that kids shouldn't be watching, but
we all know they do!

Notice how ABC, NBC,CBS or
FOX don't point this out when they talk about RAW's
adult nature. They say those other shows on their networks all have parental
warnings...well so does RAW! I hardly believe that ABC or any other network
have the right to play my parent of what I watch. My family never used to let
me watch the wrong shows, and if I was watching TV after 9 or 10pm, I was
watching the Pistons games or Tigers Baseball. I guess I live by the saying,
"People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!"

Sure, ABC and these other stations do point out some bad things about wrestling.
But give me unlimited monetary support, time and a camera and I'll find fifty
things wrong with Mickey Mouse and Disneyland too. When you have a camera lens
on something in a million different angles, you'll find a million types of
mistakes in it.
I hope you guys watch whatever you want, and I hope parents do monitor what
their kids watch. I happen to be on Vince's side on this one though. its not
his job to be polite and cater to small kids because "ABC" says so.

The only person Vince has to answer to besides God, is his wife and fans of his
business. He's not my father, or any age kid or adult. His show is on a cable
station on a school night at 9pm. Take the time to care about your kids and
make sure they're watching what's suitable. Instead of doing what it seems many
parents are doing these days...and that's making television a babysitter while
you live your life. Parenting a child is responsibility, and not Vince
McMahon's or even ABC's.

Maybe its my fault. I must have missed that press conference where Vince
McMahon and the WWF was named Ambassador of the Cable Television Appropriation
Content Board. As far as American Broadcasting Corporation and
their personal attacks go, maybe the should look in the mirror first. This is
definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I don't know, though, I
could've been tricked all along. I swear my birth certificate said my father's
name was Dale Westfall. I should go back and check to make sure that it doesn't
say, Disney, ABC, or Michael Eisner.

What am I talking about? Storylines like a company being a childs father only
happens in Stephen King books. WAIT...maybe its Stephen Kings fault!!! Go
after King, ABC!!! its King...he's the reason RAW is bad! Wait...oh
nevermind...I just realized he works for you guys too, and Lord knows his
content is fit for my 8 year old at 8 o'clock on ABC. By the way ABC, I owe you
thanks. I'm still scared to death of clowns since I saw that Stephen King Movie
"IT" on ABC years ago. I think I was 12 when that was on at a reasonable hour!
I'll remember to tell my kid that when he wants Dad to take him to the circus to
see the clowns...hypocrites!

I do also have to say, on a personal note, I caught some kid write an article
about ESPN being wrong for promoting and pulling out the drug problem in sports.
Naming the Pillman situation as the worst part about it. Well here's a cold
dose of reality kids...PILLMAN DID DRUGS! His wife was voluntarily on their
show telling people how he did it, why he did it, and what problems it caused
him. Sure we all want to believe in hero's, and never see the bad side of
anything...but that's a tough thing to do and believe in nowadays. Cold shot of
reality is Pillman had a drug problem, and
he payed for it. I hope he's wrestling up there in heaven or doing whatever
made him happy. And I really do miss him...but ESPN wasn't in the wrong in that
bit, and handled the deaths very well. I applaud them for the piece not being
too damaging to the wrestling business. But I hope you guys find better role
models then wrestlers. Try God, or your parents. You can email me at
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