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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 210

Date:  Sunday April 11th, 1999  5:07 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, who remains in a hospital with a painful
spinal infection, told the
Calgary Sun that he plans on suing WCW with a lawsuit
after receiving his termination notice from the company a few days ago.

Bulldog says it was WCW's fault he was injured, due to being slammed on The
Warrior's trap door in the ring several months ago. All the luck in the world
to Davey Boy, since his injury was directly related to WCW's negligence when
they tampered with the ring.
Reported by Joe De Leon at:

WWF Results in
Cincinnati, OH, April 10th, 1999
The Acolytes & The Brood (Christian and Edge) defeated DOA and Too Much.
The Godfather defeated Tiger Ali Singh.
IC Champion Goldust defeated Mankind and Ken Shamrock in a Triple Threat Match
Al Snow defeated Droz.
Paul Wight defeated The Rock by DQ after Test interfered.
Hardcore Holly defeated Gangrel to retain the Hardcore Title.
The New Age Outlaws defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett.
D-Lo Brown and Ivory defeated Val Venis and Tori.
Kane & X-Pac defeated The Big Bossman & Triple H to retain the Tag Team Titles.
Reported by William Moore at:

ECW Results,
April 10th, 1999, in Dayton, OH
Nova & Chris Chetti defeated Danny Doring and Roadkill.
Spike Dudley eliminated Mustafa & Bubba Ray to win a Hardcore Battle Royal
Jerry Lynn pinned Rhino
New Jack defeated Mustafa in a "Gangsta Death match"
ECW World Champion Taz defeated Spike Dudley via submission
Tommy Dreamer (w/Francine) pinned Steve Corino
Justin Credible vs. Shane Douglas never took place when Douglas was jumped.
Bubba Ray Dudley pinned Balls Mahoney
Rob Van Dam pinned D-Von
Reported by Tyler Turner at:

Marc Middleton's CandidoSytch newsletter had the report from Chris Candido &
Tammy Sytch's appearance on Mark Madden's ESPN Radio show 4/9. To subscribe to
CandidoSytch, send a blank e-mail to

Reader Zach Williams sent in the following:
- Tammy agreed with Mark that she was one of the only women in the wrestling
business that can get over without having to get naked.

- Tammy says the problems between her and the WWF started when she refused to
start showing more skin... Tammy mentioned that she turned down the order to
participate in one of the evening gown matches, which was really the beginning
of the end.

- Chris Candido commented on steriod use in the business (this came up because
of the ESPN special last week). Chris said we won't know the full effects of
steriods for a few more years. Mark Madden agreed and said in about 10 years we
will see the full effects of steriods on wrestlers as they get older.

- Tammy and Chris talked about their contracts with ECW. Basically they are
making about as much money with ECW as they did with the WWF. They still have
4 years left with the ECW but they can get out of their deals any time they want
if they ask Paul Heyman.

- Tammy seemed very excited when the idea was mentioned that there was talk
of her becoming Ric Flair's valet VERY soon. Tammy said you never know. Chris
mentioned earlier that he would never burn his bridges with the WWF but they
are much more likely to go to WCW than WWF if they were to jump in the near

- Chris Candido is out of action right now because he reinjured his neck.
Reported by Zach Williams & Marc Middleton
To subscribe to the ```O.w.N``` e-mail AxCiD
Subscribing is completely free! This is one newsletter worth checking out!
Spinal infection threatens British Bulldog's career
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, April 11, 1999
Davey Boy Smith, the popular "British Bulldog" whose career has been marked by a
series of ups and downs, is waging his toughest battle yet.

Smith, 36, has been hospitalized in
Calgary, Canada, since March 31 with a
spinal infection that now threatens his future in the wrestling business.
Doctors have told Smith that the recovery period will be long and painful, and
that he could be hospitalized for as long as three months.

Smith, brother-in-law of Bret Hart, has been fighting intense back and abdominal
pain for the past several months and hasn't wrestled for WCW since injuring his
back more than six months ago following a powerslam on a steel trap door. Smith,
who lost 40 pounds after the incident, initially feared that the ailment could
be related to cancer.

"I thought my life was over and I was going to die," said Smith, whose sister
Tracy lost a battle with cancer on Nov. 7, just 12 weeks before the disease
claimed his mother. Smith also suffered another setback recently when his
13-year-old son Harry, a top amateur wrestler, had to have a steel plate
inserted in his right arm.

A lump on Davey Smith's back recently was diagnosed as a bone infection, not a
cancerous growth, and Smith was put on heavy antibiotics for the excruciating
pain. Smith, who nearly had to have a leg amputated due to a staph infection
several years ago, developed another staph infection in his spine last week and
was in guarded condition.

"Although it feels like a Rambo knife in my back, they tell me I haven't started
feeling the real pain yet," Smith recently told a
Calgary newspaper. "its not
something I'm looking forward to. The infection is going through my body right
now and the doctor told me I'm in for the long haul. I'm scared because if the
infection gets in my spinal column, well, the doctors said they didn't even want
to talk about what that would mean."

WCW added to Smith's woes by sending him a termination notice last week as Smith
lie in intensive care wrapped in a body cast.

Smith also has been plagued with a lingering knee problem that was aggravated
trying to break up a backstage skirmish between brother-in-law Bret and Vince
McMahon following the infamous double-cross on
Oct. 9, 1997.

Smith battled major problems outside the ring during the mid-'90s when he was
involved in a $1.3 million civil suit which charged that Smith attacked a man in
a bar fight. The victim spent six weeks in the hospital and suffered permanent
brain damage.

The suit alleged that Smith, facing a maximum 14 years in prison, smashed a bar
patron's head into a concrete floor on
July 25, 1993. Smith was acquitted in
February 1996, but the story made headlines throughout

According to court records, 20-year-old Cody Light asked Smith's wife, Diana
Hart Smith, a former Mrs. Calgary, to dance and allegedly made a crude sexual
remark. Davey Smith, not hearing the remark, was introduced to Light, a college
student at the time, who shook his hand and wouldn't let go. Some witnesses
claimed that Smith grabbed Light in either a headlock or a front facelock and
carried him over to the bouncers. Smith turned and walked away, and at that
point Light went after Smith, but slipped on the wet floor, landing on the back
of his head and knocking himself out.

Calgary medical examiner testified Light's injuries were consistent with
people who fall on their own and land on the back of their head. The judge ruled
in the non-jury trial that Smith didn't cause the injuries, that he acted in
self-defense and that the rights of a pro wrestler are no different than those
of an average citizen.

Smith began wrestling professionally in
England at the age of 15 and was brought
to the
Calgary circuit in 1981 by Stu Hart when Smith was only 18. He married
Hart's daughter in 1984 and formed a legendary team with Dynamite Kid in
in the mid-'80s before joining the WWF as The British Bulldogs.

• Bret Hart, who has been pushing his retirement angle despite the fact that
its a total work, underwent groin surgery on Tuesday.

The angle that Hart had quit pro wrestling got tremendous mainstream coverage in
Canada. A number of WCW performers also were upset that WCW boss Eric Bischoff
attempted to portray the angle as a shoot backstage.

Hart recently appeared on the Mancow radio show in
Chicago and said that he
simply doesn't fit into the wrestling scene anymore. Hart, whose WCW contract
doesn't expire until the end of 2000 despite claiming that his deal is up this
December, dismissed rumors that he was a spy for Vince McMahon, but didn't rule
out that he might return to the WWF at some point. He also said that all the
problems at WCW weren't Eric Bischoff's fault. Hart should be out of action for
nearly four months.

• Former mat star Nikita Koloff will be guest speaker at Youth Night at
7 p.m.
April 16 at
Calvary Lutheran Church, 1400 Manor Blvd., West Ashley, NC. Koloff
also will be featured at the church's Youth and Parent Night on April 18 at
... Scott and Dana Hall were remarried on March 26. Hall, who took a leave
of absence from WCW, plans to return to wrestling on a limited schedule and
should be back on Nitro in several weeks ... Shawn Michaels (Michael
Hickenbottom), who broke up with longtime girlfriend Julie several months ago,
tied the knot with former Nitro Girl Whisper on March 30 in
Las Vegas. The two,
who were introduced by Kevin Nash, were backstage at a recent Texas Wrestling
Alliance show in San Antonio put on by Michaels and mentor Jose Lothario.
Michaels may return to Raw this week to take over Degeneration X ... Ric Flair
threw out the first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on Thursday
... Country music star Chad Brock, who performed at Desperado's Carolina Stage
in March and whose song "Ordinary Life" has been No. 1 on the country charts,
worked as a WCW jobber last year. Brock, 35, who looks more like a wrestler than
a county singer, would like to get back into the wrestling business as part of a
cross-promotional venture. Brock, who wrestled 19 matches for WCW, used a
country western singer gimmick ... Sid (Sid Eudy), unhappy with how he was being
used in ECW, is history with that promotion ... WCW has dropped the Dusty Rhodes
angle ... The ratings were closer this week with Raw doing a 5.8 (5.5, 6.1 for
its two hours) against Nitro's 4.3 (4.2, 4.2, 4.5 for its three hours). WCW
continues to struggle in its opposed first hour. Nitro actually challenged Raw
in the final quarter, with the Flair-Hogan-Goldberg-Page four-way doing a 5.42
against a 5.55 for the Wight vs. Rock-Helmsley match. The only competitive
quarter was a 4.9 for the atrocious NWO Black and White battle royal against a
5.2 for Bob Holly vs. Al Snow. Raw peaked at a 6.72 for Godfather vs. Goldust
and the Undertaker's angle with Ryan Shamrock. That segment went up against a
3.76 registered for Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Buff Bagwell. The previous week saw Raw,
despite going against the NCAA championship game, break its Monday night record
with a 6.51 rating ... WCW unveiled its new Nitro set, including its futuristic
logo, last Monday night in Las Vegas. Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are now
calling the matches from ringside ...
UFC star Tank Abbott is close to signing a
deal with WCW for a match with Bill Goldberg ... Madusa was backstage at last
week's Nitro and should be signing shortly with WCW. She is scheduled to do a
segment on Nitro ... Diamond Dallas Page will appear on the Tonight Show with
Jay Leno on on May 4, while Bill Goldberg will guest on May 19. Goldberg also is
featured in the current Rolling Stone magazine and is profiled in Entertainment

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham@xxxxc.... More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
April 10th, 1999
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
by Don Callis
Had the opportunity to run into WCW wrestler Raven this past week. I had never
met him before, and was pleasantly surprised when he came over to me to tell me
what a big fan he was of my interview and acting ability. Coming from Raven, it
was a hugh compliment.

It was interesting in that during my stint as Jackyl in WWF, I was constantly
compared to Raven, with some of my more vapid detractors claiming that I was
"stealing his gimmick". This was never really the case, as my character was a
charming, intellectual elitist, who had no compunction about using his charisma
and intellectual, tempered with some message. Kind of a psychotic Anthony

The Raven character, as I always understood it, having been a hugh fan since he
debuted the gimmick in ECW, was a disenfranchised gen-X slacker, a brooding open
sore of societal angst. Raven wasn't interested in "intellectual intercourse" or
"jackyling off", it was always "what about Raven?", and it was and is a
revolutionary idea, and one that has worked well, particularly in ECW.

Although there were differences in our gimmicks, our paths are remarkably
similar. Both of us went to the WWF as wrestlers, only to be turned into
"wrestling managers", an innocuous title to be sure. Neither of us was promoted
to the level we might have liked, and both of us were talked to about working at
TitanTowers. Raven left the WWF for ECW, where he recreated himself, as I have
done in the past few weeks.

With the many similarities, both real and concocted, it was a pleasure to
finally meet Raven face to face.

Jackal opens Wrestling School in Winnipeg
One of the questions I'm most frequently asked is "How does one get into the
wrestling business?". After hearing so many horror stories about terrible
wrestling schools bilking people out of money, then training them badly, I have
decided to share my wealth of experience with potential wrestling superstars.
Starting this summer, I will be running the No Holds Barred Hardcore Wrestling
Camp. Besides enjoying the benefits of my tutelage, you will learn from Bad News
Allen, Jim Brunzell and others, on how to be a wrestler, manager or referee.
Those interested can call the school at (204) 935-9626.

Insider News:
Apparently the rumors of Shawn Michaels and former Nitro Girl Wisper getting
married on April 1st were real. All the best to HBK...Supposedly Tank Abbott of
UFC fame is on his way to WCW to feud with Goldberg. I would have to think this
is a bad idea, given Abbott's reputation for being a nutbar...Word has it that
the infamous Doink the Clown gimmick is being revived in the WWF. The original
Doink was Matt Borne who was in real life, one of the wildest customers I've
ever seen. The Doink gimmick took a lot of heat at the time it debuted in 1992,
but to me, it was a revolutionary gimmick that should go over well in today's
wrestling environment...I was a part of the ECW Arena show last weekend, which
has been universally hailed in the wrestling industry as one of the best
wrestling shows of the year, and I would concur. I ran into everyone's favorite
pin up girl Tammy Sytch, formerly Sunny in WWF, she looked great...Mark Henry
the World's Strongest Man, will be in Winnipeg for a fan breakfast at the. Hope
they've got lots of food...Rumor that I don't believe has the Hardy Boyz joining
DX. Apparently my prediction of Val Venis joining was on the money, but was
nixed by someone with political power...On the Chris Jericho front, WCW is
apparently now babyfacing Chris, hoping to get him to re-sign. A rumor on the
internet (so take this with a grain of salt), saw We Want Chris Jericho, and WWF
Needs a Lion-Heart signs, supposedly made by the WWF being handed out to fans at
a WWF Raw event...Davey Boy Smith is laid up in hospital in Calgary with a
spinal infection. All the best for a speedy recovery...And finally, the quote of
the day is from none other than Bret Hart, who in referring to what has gone on
in his career over the past two years said "its a crying shame what the WWF did
to me, but its also a crying shame what the WCW didn't do with me."

Jackal can be heard every Sunday on "Joe & Jackal: No Holds Barred" from 6-7pm,
on 92
CITI FM LIVE from the Pony Corral on Grant avenue.
Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
Submitted by reader: Wolvaka
For months and months I have read all of the bull crap debate about kids and
wrestling. The crotch chop and the s*ck it. We live in Miami, and we have an
independent wrestling promotion in our area, FCW. Once a month they put on a
good show, but like any other show there are kids there. Half of the kids are
there unsupervised, and the other half are there with their parents. I can tell
you this, more than half of the kids are between the ages of 8 and 11, and
almost all of them are running up to the wrestlers doing the crotch chop and
screaming s*ck it !!! I am more appalled by the parents that do absolutely
NOTHING but sit there and watch or just laugh. They might as well not even be
there. If they do this right in front of there parents, and the parents only
laugh at them, then they are only being taught that not only is it acceptable it
is funny.

As a parent of two ten year olds, a boy and a girl, I have to say IT IS THE
PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to monitor what their children watch and to teach their
kids right from wrong. My kids do not stay up past 9:00pm. However they do
have these things called VCRs and you can tape the shows. I watch Nitro and
tape Raw. When my kids come home from school and they finish their homework they
have the option of watching Raw. Sometimes they want to watch it and sometimes
they don't. As a parent I know there will be some things in the show that I
don't want them to see. So when these parts come on I hit the little button
that says fast forward. It is real simple. The kids don't say a word, they
know there is a reason I don't want them to see it.

The problem does not lie with Vince McMann and the WWF, it lies with parents
that are to lazy to do their
JOB and love and protect their children from
anything they think might be harmful to them. It is easy to blame someone else
for your children's behavior, especially when it is vile or immoral. If a child
is brought up with good morals and a strong belief system in what is acceptable
behavior and this is instilled in them from a young age, then society and our
children would be much better off.

There are movies that come out all the time, sick twisted movies where people
are using some of the most disgusting vile language imaginable. Every other
word is
the F word, people shooting, and stabbing and hacking people up. I personally
do not care to watch these movies nor do I allow my children to watch them. But
I can almost guarantee you that the same parents that are ranting and raving
about the crotch chop and the s*ck it are the same parents that allow their
children to watch this filth without ever checking it out themselves.

However once their children watch these movies or anyone else watches these
movies, they are not expected to come out of the theater and start shooting and
hacking people into pieces. Why? Because it is a
SHOW, it is only there for
entertainment nothing more nothing less. If the people and the children that
come out of the theaters know it is only a show, and do not go around imitating
everything they saw in the show then why do they do it after watching wrestling?
Simple because the parents LET them. You cannot separate one show from
another!!! If you teach your children to respect others and you lead the
example than you will have nothing to worry about.

When you squeeze an orange you will only get orange juice because that is what
it was groomed to be. If you don't teach your children morals and right from
wrong then please don't expect ANYONE else to. Do your own job and take care of
the gift that God has placed in YOUR hands.
Submitted by reader: ILuVzuBy
Ok, I was reading what tommymaniaxv had to say about WCW the other
day. He was remarking about what the Nitro Girls purpose was. If you think
about it they are like a football teams cheerleaders. They are there to get the
crowd pumped up and to have fun. There is nothing wrong with a couple of girls
dancing and getting the crowd into the music.

Maybe WCW isn't the most wholesome entertainment on television today. But in my
opinion its a hella lot better then the bull the WWF has been throwing around.
A lot of people tune into this stuff to see wrestling, not to see a bunch of the
same guys every week talk and complain about the same stuff. I went to a Raw
the other day, and there were only like four real matches. The rest just
talking. I used to really love the WWF, but it got so bad. Godfather coming
out with those trashy hoes (by the way, prostitution is illegal.) Val Venis
getting blow jobs (gross). Undertaker trying to kill and hang
people.(ok.......murder). I'll give McMahon one thing, he should be
nominated for an Emmy, Best drama series of the year. All the crying and crap,
this isn't "Days of our Lives" people.
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