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Issue # 211

Date:  Sunday April 11th, 1999  7:52 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Spring Stampede Report for April 11th, 1999
By Steve Appy & Josh Kinney (Appy@xxxxs...)
Live from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA
Announced by Tony Shaivonie, Bobby Heenan & Mike Tenay

Juventud Guerrera Jr. pinned Blitzkrieg in 11:08
The winner of this match receives a Cruiserweight Title match on the 4/12 Nitro.

Blitzkrieg looked sensational, especially matched against Juvi (one of the best
in the world). After Blitzkrieg missed a Sky Twister, Juvi hit a Juvi Driver
that Blitzkrieg just barely kicked out of. A "Super" Juvi Driver off the second
rope secured the pinfall; these two put on enough spectacular moves to start a
highlight reel.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Hardcore Hak (w/Chastity) in
As Bigelow wheeled out a gurney full of weapons, Hak started the brawl in the
aisleway. As Bam Bam was prone on the table, Hak leaped off a stagecoach with a
back somersault, sending both men through the table. After both men used every
weapon imaginable in the ring, Hak dominated most of the offense, including
several dives. Bigelow propelled Hak off of a ladder through a chair at
ringside; Bigelow sprayed Chastity with a fire estinguisher. Coming off the top
rope, Bigelow sent Hak through a table with a Standing DDT, as dangerous looking
a move as I've seen in a while. An awesome match, one of the best "Hardcore"
style matches we've seen yet in either WCW or the WWF. Although I've seen Hak
in better brawls (although I can't think of many), I've never seen him look this
athletic. A tremendous effort by both men; Bigelow cemented his reputation as a
world class worker.

Scotty Riggs pinned Mikey Whipwreck in 7:15
Riggs is doing his own Rick Rude act, and played the strong heel. After
Whipwreck played the human pinball, Riggs connected with a flying forearm off
the ropes for the victory.

Konnan pinned The Disco Inferno in
After Disco chose showboating over maintaining his advantage, Konnan hit a
Cradle DDT for the near fall. After a series of exchanges, Konnan hit Disco
with his own maneuver, The Chartbuster, for the pinfall. While the action was
smetimes slow, the finishing sequence was very effective.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Billy Kidman in
A handshake started the match between the WCW World Tag Team Champions; as
expected, these two delivered far too many amazing moves for me to do justice
to. Rey barely kicked out of a sunset flip off the top rope, but came back with
a Bulldog off the top rope. Mysterio finally pinned Kidman after a
Frankensteiner off the top rope, ending a series of near falls that can only be
described as thrilling.

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Raven & Perry Saturn in
14:09 when Malenko pinned Raven
Flair ally Charles Robinson was the referee; a "Horseman Sucks" chant started
the match, a sign that Benoit & Malenko are beginning to get over as heels.
While Arn freely interfered, it was jarring to see Raven in the babyface role.
Malenko was prone on a table on the outside, and
Anderson helped him avoid a
splash through the table.
Setting a chair on Raven's head, Benoit used a Headbutt off the Top Rope to
knock Raven unconscious. After Malenko pinned Raven, Malenko & Arn carried a
dazed Benoit to the locker room. Busted open hardway, Benoit proved his
intensity for the umpeenth time.

US Championship Tournament Finals
Scott Steiner pinned Booker T in
15:53 to win the vacant United States Title
Booker T's Television Championship was not at stake; a loud "Steroid" chant
shook the arena. I wonder who that was aimed at? With the referee unconscious,
Booker aimlessly tried to pin the fallen Steiner. Reversing the momentium,
Steiner hit a Frankensteiner off the top rope, which Booker just barely kicked
out off. Using a foreign object to jab Booker in the throat, Steiner finally
put away the tenacious Booker T.

Bill Goldberg pinned Kevin Nash (w/Elizabeth & Lex Luger) in
In a great maneuver, Nash leapfrogged a Spear that connected with the referee
(leaving him for dead). Overcoming a Luger chairshot, Goldberg used a low blow,
the Spear, and the Jackhammer to pin Nash. With his one loss avenged, is
Goldberg the # 1 contender? Credit goes to Nash for putting Goldberg over

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair, Sting, & Hollywood Hogan in
17:24 to win
the WCW World Heavyweight Championship when DDP pinned Flair.
A loud ovation greeted Savage, who was accompanied by Gorgeous George, his very
attractive real life girlfriend. Bizarro world rules were in effect, with the
match ending when any one man was pinned (not necessarily the champion). All
four men brawled with each other, and also were sure to break up any attempted
pinfalls. After all three men worked over Hogan's knee,
Hollywood was carried
to the back for treatment (an angle that only helped the level of the action).
Sting delivered an elevated Superplex onto The Nature Boy, but was too stunned
himself to secure the championship. Forgetting his "impartiality", Macho Man
hit a Flying Elbowdrop on Flair, which eventually allowed DDP to hit the Diamond
Cutter on Flair for the victory.
Was Savage helping DDP, or was he just against Flair? Many questions remain, at
least some of which will be answered on Nitro...

A tremendous PPV, easily the best of the year. Juvi/Blitzkrieg and Rey/Kidman
were incredible; the tag team match was excellent. Even Steiner/Booker T &
Disco/Konnan were better than expected. Nash/Goldberg was short and good for
what it was, and the action in the main event was far better than any of us
would have predicted. While I'm not sure DDP going over was the best idea, it
definitely was the surprise of the evening.
Tights And Turnbuckles
By Jared Spinelli (BCelticsFn)
To subscribe to The House of Wrestling, e-mail BCelticsFn
" Name Equals Game? "
This week's article will be about the different wrestling name's and how they
possibly play a role in how your career will turn out. Let's see if your name,
equals your game.

Does a wrestler named "Shawn Michaels" always beat a wrestler named "The Repo
Man?" Answer: Yes. Does "Steve Austin" always beat "Test?" Yes. Does "Kevin
Nash" always defeat "Hardcore Hak?" Yes. Does "Ric Flair" always beat "Disco
Inferno?" Yes.

Do you see a pattern developing? I recently have. Most WCW and WWF World
Champions have had an actual name (First and last names). You couldn't picture a
guy named Test, or Edge, or Median being the WWF Champion, could you? Of course
not. But Val Venis, or Paul Wight? Certainly. A perfect example of names either
making or breaking your career is right in the WWF. Edge and Val Venis. Both
came in around the same time, both with good looks, and great skills. One wasn't
better than the other. But Sean Morley (Val) got the gimmik "Val Venis," and
Adam Copeland (Edge) got the gimmik "Edge." Who's gotten farther? Venis by far.
Val Venis is a one time IC Champion, and has had a very stellar career so far.
Edge? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. He's now jobbing in the Brood, part of the Ministry.
What if Adam Copeland got the gimmik "Val Venis," and Morely got "Edge." Would
Copeland be the one-time IC Champ? Most likely. Do you see now what I'm talking

With the exception of "The Undertaker," and a select few others, no man with a
one word name, or a name that means something, not an actual name, has ever won
the federation World Championship. Sgt. Slaughter is in a sense a name. Goldberg
is a name, because he's actually Bill Goldberg. Hulk Hogan is a name. Rowdy
Roddy Piper is a name, because its Roddy Piper. Psycho Sid's a name. It doesn't
mean anything, does it? Mankind isn't a name, but who calls him that? Last time
I checked Mankind was being called Mick Foley. The Rock? Ever heard of Rocky

When Paul Wight entered the WWF, we all assumed he'd be named "Titan." When he
was announced as "The Big Show," Paul Wight, everyone was disappointed because
they liked "Titan." But, I beg to differ. I think Wight had his new career
changed and will soon hold the WWF Championship.

A one word name CAN get you a minor title, but never a World Title. Disco
Inferno will never be the WCW World Champ. But he'll be the TV Champ once more
before he retires. Gangrel will definitely capture IC gold in the WWF, but never
the World Championship. Goldust? He's been stuck in IC division for six years.
Konnan, or K-Dawg will never climb the ladder to WCW World Champion because his
ring name is one word.

You watch. I'm right. Many great ring talents, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, Billy
Kidman, Ken Shamrock, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg JESSE JAMES, Lance Storm, Justin
Credible, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, and
many others can all credit their various title reigns and career successes to
their ring name.

That brings me to another example. Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis. Both have
about the same capabilities, but only one has been a multiple WCW Cruiserweight
Champion. Which one? Juventud. Why? He has a marketable name.

That's about it for me today. I hope you see what I am envisioning. NAME equals
GAME. Do you got game? If you have a first and last name, then you've got game.
Send all comments to BCelticsFn. Happy Trails...until we meet again.
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Below is Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found on:
NP:Gamma Ray-Power Plant
Hello Jerichoholics!!
Well I hope that everyone had a happy and blessed Easter. I had a good time as
my cuz from Canada ripped on down for a few days and we rocked it! We spent
some killer time on Clearwater Beach, we parasailed, jetskiied and soaked up the
sunner. Good days.

Well its down to the wire for the last playoff spot between the Oilers and the
Flames. My heart is with the Flames and I'm going to scour the city looking for
the games on the tube between the two on Wed and Fri. The battle of Alberta has
been re-ignited!!!

Thanks to all of the people who have been sending me all of the great Cd's,
including Chipster Entertainment for the Maiden Cd's, Roadrunner Records for
all of their great stuff and the dude from Australia who sent all of the cool
obscure stuff. Sorry I misplaced your name, but its appreciated all the same.

I'd like to send a shout to Kevin Nash for doing a very good, honest job with
the proverbial hot potato known as the WCW booking job. He's doing the best
with what he's being given and doing well, all things considered.

I had a scary moment at the end of my match on Nitro last night, when Booker
flipped me to the floor. I landed on top of Steiner and subsequently snapped my
ankle something fierce. At first I was certain it was broken, but today it
feels a lot better, even though I can't walk very fast. The worst part of it is
I had to miss my hockey game tonight. I'm really choked.

I had a good time in Toronto with my pals Ty and Trav, as we checked out the
Hockey Hall of Fame, Wayne Gretzky's restaurant and many other momentous joints.
I'm hoping to hook up with them to go houseboating in July, as I may have some
time off.

The movie of the week is Spring Break, an old favorite from 1984 featuring
soundtrack music from the almighty Raven (not the WCW plebian). Good old time
teenage T'N flick.

How about the fact that I finished as the first runner-up in 6 out of 10
categories in the WCW magazine's year end awards, BUT I DIDN'T
feel like Susan Lucci for goodness sake!

Well I can't remember anything else that I wanted to say, so I'll save it for
the next time! I've got to go submerge my foot in a bucket of ice anyway.

God bless you guys and be good to one another.
WWF Sunday Night Heat Report - April 11, 1999
By Joe De Leon
Reported at:
Hosted by Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly
Live from East Lansing, Michigan
• X-Pac Interview, with Kane.
- X-Pac, one half of the Tag Team Champions along with Kane, said he and Kane
were out there because Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart were crying like little
bitches because they lost the Tag Team Titles the previous Monday on Raw is War.
X-Pac said if Hart and Jarrett wanted to wrestle again, they could do it later
in the show. Jarrett and Hart made their ways out, along with Debra. Debra first
insulted X-Pac. Jarrett said the match was a fluke. Jarrett claimed he and Hart
were never prepared and all X-Pac and Kane did was piss them off. Jarrett said
they would take the Tag Team Titles back later in the show, which brought out
The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg said Debra, Hart, and Jarrett were smoking the
dog's goods if they thought they were the number one contenders for the titles.
Billy Gunn told X-Pac business was business and they had the titles that The New
Age Outlaws wanted. Gunn said to put The New Age Outlwas in the match. X-Pac
said he wasn't expecting it, and since business was business, they could all do
it in a three-way.

• Backstage, Ken Shamrock was throwing things around.

• Backstage, Lucas Swineford said he would get a few words with The Rock later
in the show.

• Ken Shamrock defeated Midian by making him submit to the Ankle Lock.

- Ken Shamrock ran to the ring and started to tear Midian apart. Michael Cole
noted that Shamrock had not seen his sister, Ryan, since the previous Monday on
Raw is War where she was sacrificed by The Ministry of Darkness. Shamrock
continued to yell at Midian, "Where is she?" Shamrock put Midian in the Ankle
Lock. Midian submitted, but refused to give the whereabouts of Ryan. Other
officials made their ways down to the ring to put a stop to Shamrock. Shamrock
took out one with referee with a belly-to-belly suplex and the rest fled the
ring. Afterward, Shamrock went crazy, and started to throw things everywhere.
The crowd chanted, "Ryan." Shamrock got in the microphone. He mentioned the next
day's Raw is War in Detroit, Michigan. Shamrock said The Undertaker could not
mess with his family or anyone elses. He called The Undertaker, "Mark." He said
he was willing to die for his sister, but questioned if The Undertaker willing
to do so.

• Backstage, X-Pac tried to explain to Kane they were a team. X-Pac told Kane
that they were both screwed with in the past, but they needed to get over it.
X-Pac patted Kane a little too hard, which caused Kane to get up. X-Pac said he
would take that as a yes.

• Backstage, Lucas Swineford interviewed The Rock. The Rock first criticized
Stone Cold Steve Austin's custom-made Heavyweight Title. He said he made
Austin's ass famous at WrestleMania XV. The Rock said nothing would change at
the Backlash PPV and said he would walk out with the title after defeating

• Backstage, Mankind was shown walking to the ring with a black birthday cake
for Mr. Socko.

• Mankind Interview.
- Jim Ross announced, with a the fans' encouragement, Vince McMahon was putting
him back in his Raw is War announcing position as of the next day in Detroit,
Michigan. Ross announced Mankind would take on Paul Wight at the Backlash PPV in
a Boiler Room Brawl. Mankind made his way out, with a clown and with ballons and
confetti all over the arena. Mankind and the clown placed the cake on a stool in
the ring. Ross said it hadn't been a year from when Mr. Socko was born. Mankind
said people made a mistake, and it was actually Mr. Socko's birth place, as he
debuted it in East Lansing, Michigan. Mankind and the crowd sung "Happy Birth
Place" to Mr. Socko. Mankind also thanked Al Snow for coming up with Mr. Socko.
He then talked about his upcoming Boiler Room Brawl match with Wight. He threw
pieces of cake to the crowd.

• Backstage, The Rock and Shane McMahon were shown walking to the ring.

• Backstage, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, and Debra were shown talking. Debra was
getting her hair done.

• The Rock (w/Shane McMahon) defeated D-Lo Brown (w/Ivory) with the Corporate
Elbow. - Shane McMahon did color commentary. McMahon announced there would be a
dawning of a new era the next night on Raw is War. The Rock dominated D-Lo
Brown. He put D-Lo through the Rock Bottom and then the Corporate Elbow for the

• Backstage, Road Dogg was reading a book. Billy Gunn tried to explain to him
they needed to get ready for the Tag Team Title match.

• The Big Bossman defeated Droz by Disqualification.
- The two would go through a rematch after last week, where The Big Bossman tore
off Droz's nosering. Droz had a new hair style and was wearing tiger-colored
attire, including a big hat. Out of no where, someone came in the ring and
started to beat on Bossman, along with Droz. Test made the save.

• Backstage, the tag teams that would compete for the Tag Team Titles were all
shown walking toward the ring.

• X-Pac and Kane defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) and The New Age
Outlaws with X-Pac's X-Factor, to retain the Tag Team Titles.
- As The New Age Outlaws did their introduction, they were interrupted by the
entrance of Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett. All men started to go at it, as Kane
made his way out. As the match went on, Triple H and Chyna watched on from the
entrance-way. X-Pac did fight against his fellow D-Generation X members in the
match. Kane took at shot at Gunn, which let X-Pac nail Gunn with the X-Factor
for the win in a very quick match.
Submitted by reader: SKAndPolo9
I watched WWF Shotgun this weekend, and Kevin Kelly and Terry Taylor actually
referred to the Undertaker as Mark Calloway for the first time. They talked
about how "The Undertaker" was just a gimmick given to Mark when he first came
to the WWF and they tried to sell that he has taken it too far. This surprised
me because the WWF themselves are admitting more and more about how incredibly
fake wrestling is, because now they realize that no fans care!
Submitted by reader: WHMerry
I have been watching wrestling for five years and I'm only nine.
said that kids shouldn't watch Raw is War because of the things they do and say.
I haven't had problems like this guy has seen. Some kids may have this problem
but I don't. From reading that it sounds like he wants Raw Is War off the air.
If he doesn't want kids to watch wrestling its his problem.

Kids enjoy this so let them watch it. My mom and dad always say that if you
don't repeat it you can watch it. I like that better. You get to watch all of
it from eight to ten but you don't repeat it. He should let his kids watch it
and if they repeat anything bad have them punished.
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