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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 212

Date:  Sunday April 11th, 1999  7:52 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Don't hand out the awards to Kevin Nash for doing the clean job to Goldberg just
yet. There's already talk that Nash took the fall because he's on his way to
getting the world title. Apparently Nash v. DDP will headline the next WCW PPV,
and Nash will score the win and the belt. So he'll be the booker and World
Champion. That's a lot of power, especially for someone with Nash's
Reported by

All Japan ran their 4/11 show at
Tokyo's Korakuen Hall drawing 2,100. Main
matches (Champion Carnival) saw Jun Akiyama (9 pts) beat Takao Omori (1 pt) at
the 22'03 mark by submission with a scorpion death lock. Vader (15 pts) beat
Yoshihiro Takayama (3 pts) at the 5'23 mark with a running body splash. Kenta
Kobashi (14 pts) went to a 30'00 draw with Johnny Ace (9 pts).
Reported by Zach Arnold at:

Spring Stampede did a sellout crowd of about 19,300 for a gate of a little over
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with clips from last week of Shane (Apple of Daddy's eye)
taking control of the WWF because Dear Old Dad (DOD) was more concerned with the
safety of Daddy's Little Girl (DLG) Stephanie. We also saw a clip of The
Undertaker sacrificing Ryan.

After the RAW opening, Good Old JR and Jerry "The King" Lawler were at the
announcers desk. Great to have JR back.

We saw DOD and DLG in his office, surrounded by several Police Officers. DOD
told DLG to relax and enjoy the show, that she was safe.

Apple, The Corporation, The Stooges (Patterson and Bricoe), and Rodney and Pete
Gas of The Mean Street Posse came to the ring. The "@$$hole" chant greeted
Apple, who introduced his buddies Rodney and Pete Gas. Nutso grabbed the mic and
demanded to know where Apple and The Corporation were last week when he was
abducted and Ryan sacrificed. Apple assured him they were all on the same side
and he would find out later.

Apple asked DLG to come to the ring. DOD tried to talk her out of it, saying the
she wasn't needed. DLG insisted that she go and see what big brother Apple
wanted. She went to the ring along with DOD and the Police. DOD wasn't real
happy with Apple and wanted to know what he was up to. Apple told him he was
only interested in DLG and not in the business.

Apple then said JD had no business being at the announcers desk, but Cole was
even worse so, or he would fire him. He them said there was no place in The
Corporation for old people and then fired The Stooges, chasing them from the
ring. He asked DOD where his power was, telling him to take DLG and go home.
As DOD turned to leave, Apple called him back saying he wasn't finished yet. DOD
told Apple that respect has to be earned. Apple slapped DOD across the face and
said "respect this." DOD and DLG left to Apple's taunts that "he wasn't his
father anymore, you're not even mr. McMahon, from now one, you're just Vince."
Nutso wasn't happy about what happened, told Apple so and left. Apple told him
if that's the way he wants, it, he's got it.

We saw DOD, DLG and The Stooges leaving in their limo, after DOD thanked Nutso
for staying loyal.

We went to The Corporation's locker room where Apple was plotting strategy. The
Rock said he was going out for some air.

The first match was a Four Corners Match for the Ladies Championship. This is
the first time this type match has been held in the WWF. Sable (C) came out
first accompanied by her bodyguard (and she has a body that needs guarding),
gender challenged Nicole Bass, and did The Grind. Her opponents were Tori, Ivory
and Jacqueline, who was accompanied by sister PMSer Terri Runnels. There was
more estrogen in the ring than in any one place in history. Mr./Mrs./? Bass
Chokeslammed Jacqueline, who was dumb enough to come over and look up the three
feet or so at her, Power Bombed Tori and Chokeslammed Ivory. Terri was smart
enough not to get in the ring. Sable did The Grind again, which may have been
better than a match. Mr./Mrs/? Bass demolished Sable's three opponents so there
was no match. She bad mouthed the three ladies she had just wiped out. Looks
like if they ever try again, it will still be the first time for this type

Match not held. Mr./Mrs./? Bass cleaned house and prevented the match

The lights went out and The Undertaker appeared on the TitanTron. He addressed
DOD, telling him he could run but couldn't hide, and sooner or later he would
get DLG. He said that because DOD and DLG had left, someone else would be
sacrificed tonight in DLG's place.

We saw Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) arriving in the arena and on his way to
the ring.

After a commercial, SCSA came to the ring to a major pop. A chant of "
greeted him in the ring. He asked the crowd if they were ready for Backlash and
got a "Hell Yeah." He told The Rock he wanted his custom made Title belt back
tonight. He told Apple he didn't care what he did to DOD, but planned to kick
his @$$ at Backlash, where he is the Special Referee for SCSA's match v. The
Rock. He told The Rock to bring his "Rhyme Singing, Roody Poo Candy @$$ to the
ring with the belt."

The Rock appeared on The TitanTron standing on a bridge. He said he wont throw
the belt off like SCSA did with it once and challenged SCSA to come and get it.
He said he was on 'The Roody Poo Bridge, at Candy @$$ Lane and People's
Boulevard." HE called himself a "super species," and went into his "You Know
what The Rock is cooking" routine, and as usual the crowd did it along with him,
much to his chagrin. Talk about being over, not only do they do it with him,
they do it before him!

SCSA called him a "super feces," and said he is coming after his belt. "and
that's the bottom line......"

We saw Mankind arriving in the arena.

Michael Cole was at the door to the boiler room. He said Mankind was inside
preparing for his Boiler Room Match v. The Big Show at Backlash and he was going
to talk to him.

The next match was a Handicap Match pitting The Big Show v. The Brood, Gangrel,
Edge and Christian, who did their fire entrance and Gangrel his liquid spewing
bit. Prior to the match, we saw clips from the past few weeks of Christian
telling Nutso where Ryan was, his being flogged by The Ministry Of Darkness
(MOD) for it, and Christian being pinned when he interfered in a mach involving
Gangrel and Edge. The 'Taker came on the PA system and order Gangrel and Edge to
leave, and Christian to fight The Big Show alone. They left and it became a
one-on-one match, or more appropriately a wipeout. The Big show destroyed the
over matched Christian, putting out of his misery with a one arm Chokeslam.
Winner - The Big Show
Loser - Christian, again and big time

Cole was in the locker room talking to Mankind. Mankind said his match v. The
Big Show was a matter of pride, the boiler room is his place and The Big Show
will leave on a stretcher. I suspect someone will.

Apple sent Rodney and Pete Gas to the boiler room to take care of Mankind. Time
for a reality check Apple. Hope your buds insurance is paid up.

We saw The Rock waiting on the bridge for SCSA.

Rodney and Pete Gas were seen on their way to the boiler room. It may be the
last time they are ever seen.

The next match was Bad @$$ v. Val Venis. Bad @$$ came to the ring and did his
"Suck It" bit to a big pop. Val Venis came to the ring and did his "Hello
Ladies" bit to a big pop also. It was an excellent match between two of the best
athletes in the WWF, until Bad @$$ was knocked to the floor and attacked by
Double J and Owen Hart. Venis went out to help Bad @$$ and Road Dogg charged
down also. They ran JJ and Owen off, but Debra got into the ring. She looked at
Val like she wants to be his next costar. JJ and Owen came back and made her
leave, but I think she left her heart with Val.
There was no winner

We saw Rodney and Pete Gas going into the boiler room. So long boys.

After a commercial, we saw Mankind kicking their @$$es and throwing them out.
After they left, we heard whimpering in the boiler room.

The next match was a Tag Team Match pitting JJ and Owen, with Debra, v. The
Acolytes, Bradshaw and Farooq. The Acolytes were using their size and power, JJ
and Owen their wrestling skills. MOD charged in and attacked JJ and Owen. The
lights went out and The 'Taker came to the ring along with The Fat Man. Midian
was holding Debra (the closest he will ever get to her). The 'Taker took her by
the throat and it wasn't his fault. He said DOD took DLG home, so Debra would
have to suffer. Nutso hit the ring with a baseball bat and cleared it except for
The 'Taker, who told Nusto that if he hits him, he would never see Ryan again.
The 'Taker told Nutso that Ryan was in the boiler room (ah, the whimperer). As
Nutso left, The 'Taker told him to "be very careful."

Another shot of The Rock on the bridge.

We saw Nutso on his way to find Ryan.

The next match was for the Intercontinental Championship, pitting The Big
Bossman v. Goldust (C). Before the match could get stated, The Godfather came to
the ring, accompanied by five Ho's. These weren't the best ones he has had. He
offered Bossman one of the Ho's for the night if he would allow him to take his
place in the match. The Godfather said there were a few Detroit Red Wings in the
crowd and they would love the Ho's. He was right as we saw them in the crowd
panting. Bossman said he wanted all five Ho's. The Godfather agreed and Bossman
left with them. So the match changed, with The Godfather taking Bossman's place.
JR said he assumed the title was still on the line. With The Godfather on the
floor and the referee distracted Goldie removed the padding from one of the turn
buckles. The Godfather reversed an attempt by Goldie to throw him into the
exposed steel buckle, and smacked his head into it. The Godfather hit his
version of The Death Valley Driver and pinned Goldie. The Ho's returned to
celebrate with The Godfather. The Bossman was nowhere to be seen.
Winner and new Intercontinental Champion- The Godfather
Winner - The Big Bossman (I think)

Nutso was seen searching for Ryan in the boiler room. Mankind yelled out to him
that she was with him. Ryan was shaken and sobbing.

MOD stormed into the boiler room and kicked Nutso and Mankind's @$$es. The
'Taker ordered MOD to hurt Nutso. The Fat Man put something over Nutso's face to
knock him out. As he left, The 'Taker told Ryan it was her fault.

The next match was for The Hardcore Championship, pitting D'Lo Brown, with
Ivory, v. Hardware Holly. Al Snow and Head joined the announcers. Snow said he
wasn't going to let anyone take the title from Holly, as he plans to at
Backlash. The match saw a hockey stick, chairs and table got involved. The
Detroit Red Wings got into a shoving match with Holly. Snow handed Holly a glass
of Kool Aid. He broke the glass on D'Lo's head. Holly brought a table in and
opened it up, but D'lo took over and put Holly on it. D'Lo went to the top turn
buckle set for a Frog Splash, but Holly shoved him off and he got crotched. D'Lo
put Holly on the table again and this time D'Lo hit The Frog Splash. Only
problem was that Snow pulled Holly off and D'Lo put himself thru the table.
Holly covered him and The Fat Lady made a sandwich.
Winner - Hardware Holly - Retains the Title

The "Taker told an unconscious Nutso that he would become one with The 'Taker,
but first had to endure pain.

We again saw The Rock on the bridge. He found a fishing rod and said he was
going to use SCSA for bait and catch a mutated fish.

MOD was at the top of the ramp tying Nutso to The 'Takers Symbol. The 'Taker
told Gangrel and Edge to tie Christian to the Symbol. Poor Christian, he will be
paying for that one mistake forever. They objected and MOD jumped them. Nutso
broke free and Mankind arrived to help The Brood. The 'Taker disappeared leaving
MOD to fend for themselves.

The next match was the Main Event. It was for the WWF Tag Team Championship,
pitting X-Pac and Kane (C) Triple H and Test, with Chyna. Kane manhandled both
opponents and it was tough for X-Pac to get in. When he did, he was pounded by
both opponents. Chyna got in a cheap shot. Kane came back in and cleaned house,
allowing X-Pac to nail The Bronco Buster on one of his opponents. Kane blasted
Test with a Tombstone Pile Driver and pinned him. This was after Triple H threw Test
back into the ring.
Winners - X-Pac and Kane - They retain the titles

We again saw The Rock on the bridge waiting for SCSA.

Nutso came to the ring and demanded The 'Taker face him tonight, "to end it
right here and now." The lights went out and when they came back on, The 'Taker
was in the ring and behind Nutso. The rest of MOD came in and this time stomped
him good. Nutso was thrown to the floor where The Corporation added some
stomping of their own. Shane stood on the ramp laughing.

We again saw the Rock on the bridge waiting. SCSA drove up and got into it with
The Rock. In the struggle, SCSA went over the safety rail and off the bridge.
The Rock then threw the belt into the river telling, SCSA to "take it to Hell
with you." The program ended on that note.
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Submitted by reader: EVFAIN
Juvi vs. Blitzkreig: I've been able to go to one Japanese event (about 4 months
ago) and it was the best wrestling I've ever seen. That said, this match could
compare to some of the matches I saw. Juvi came out to a lot of boos at first,
but won the
respect of a fired up crowd (the crowd was into just about every match, more on
that later).

Hak vs. Bam Bam: The crowd was behind both men really. No one cared who would
win, everyone wanted to see violence. While the match was really great, it
wasn't quite ECW callibur as far as hardcore goes. Still, its a better extreme
match that I've seen WCW or WWF put on. Hak, or Sandman, was never one of my
favorites, but he got my respect with this match. And Bam Bam needs no words, he
will always rule.

Riggs vs. Whipwreck: I've come to the realization that when watching wrestling,
be it live or on TV (especially when watching live) there are matches that I
call "Bathroom Matches". This is one of those matches.

Konnan vs. Disco Inferno: The first really huge pop of the night came for
Konnan. He did his usual "Let me speak on this" wrap, to the crowds pleasure.
Its odd, but I was sitting thinking "Man, the fans here are really into it". It
actually adds to the overall experience.

Rey Jr. vs. Kidman: First, sign check: Really, there wasn't too many great
signs. Before the PPV went live, more than half the people had signs. But once
it went on, tons were removed. Most said "WCW Sucks" or promoted another fed, or
has the numbers 3:16 or 24:7 in them. Oh well, my two signs "I Steal Cable" and
'I Forgot my sign" still were there. A couple good ones were "WEED", "Big Poopy
Dump" and one that had the names of everyone involved in the main event, with
the word RETIRE next to it. Anyway, onto the match. Amazing. One reason that I
like WCW is simply the Cruiserweights. The moves they do are so cool that it
even turned my friend on to wrestling.

Horsemen (Benoit and Malenko) vs Raven and Saturn: First, I STARTED THE
HORSEMEN SUCK CHANT. That was me. I was also the first to boo. Sure, Benoit
is really great, but the storyline and angles just plain flat out suck. Plus,
Malenko is full of himself because he thinks he is a Horsemen. We need to get
Ole Anderson back to straighten everyone out.

Scott Steiner vs. Booker T: Scott came out to a blank ovation. It was about
fifty/fifty for the fans, with the side I was on starting a "Scott Sucks" chant,
as well as a 'Steroids" chant that eventually everyone was into. Booker T came
out to a big pop. Scott is the new US champ, which sucks, yes. I don't know why
WCW pushes this guy so much. But, with his Frankensteiner, it is shown that
Scott does have SOME talent. Just he rarely uses it.

Goldberg vs. Nash: Two of the biggest pops of the night. Both were cheered, but
Goldberg is the easy fan favorite of the match.

Hogan vs. Flair vs. Sting vs. DDP: I hate four-ways. Each four-way has it set up
so that two guys are always fighting each other, and the other two fight each
other. Its really hard to keep up. Everything was basically brawling, nothing
fancy (not till a little later). Hogan got "hurt" and left, which, even though I
like Hogan (he hulked up during the match too! Hulkamania is alive!!) was a
great move because I could concentrate better. Flair got a lot of heal heat, and
Sting played the fan favorite with DDP as the tweener. Sting hit a Stinger
Splash, beat his chest, called to the fans and everything. I thought I would see
ring rust from Stinger, but I didn't. Sting
eventually hit a Superplex and a Scorpion Death Drop. Though I was shocked that
DDP won, its better than having the over the hill Flair retain it.

It was a great experience. The atmosphere was great, it was fun, I laughed too.
The amazing matches were just the icying on the cake. definitely the best PPV of
the year. If WCW put on a show like this every time, they wouldn't get
slaughtered in the ratings every week. Push the stars, and don't let guys like
Riggs fight on a PPV. Really, over half my section left for the bathroom. I
joined in and started lots of chants, and just had a great time. Definitely
worth the money I spent. If you saw me, please mail me and tell me at
EVFAIN. I was the dude holding up the "I Steal Cable" and "You Suck" and
"I forgot My Sign" signs. The guy next to me is my friend, Chris. He was holding
the signs too. If you have a live show come to your town, go to it. Its well
worth it.
Submitted by reader: Nick Campbell (buff)
Has anyone recognized a similarity in the WCW today as it was 2 and 3 years ago,
when it dominated WWF? Look at it: One major force (New World Order) tries to
take over WCW, and WCW is virtually helpless. But wait, who comes to their
rescue? No, not the man of 1000 kilts, not the 4 old men, but,oh my goodness,
STING! Sting brings back the belt, and then there are problems in the New World

What happens? Ratings drop. And now, what is happening? WWF comes off a big
show (WM XV) and then airs a less than standard RAW. So fans turn it to
Thunders and Nitros are Terrible (
TNT) and watch a 4-way dance for the title,
with Sting coming from the rafters to save WCW. Prediction for following
Nitros: WCW criticizes Sting, causing him to break off all relations with
everyone, even Savage. Then, a 6-month span of rafter dwelling for the man they
(who is they) call Sting. Then, on a Nitro,
Sting is nowhere to be found. Hogan (or the major heel at that time) decides to
fight a masked man who hails from the country of masked man, a.k.a. parts
unknown, and starts to beat him up when,whodaguessec, BAM, Scorpion Death Drop
and the 1-2-3.

This would set up a title shot for Sting, and gain major ratings.Well that’s it
for today, visit my page at and subscribe
to my newsletter by e-mailing buffdaddy-subscribe
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