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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 215

Date:  Thursday April 15th, 1999  8:53 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the Raw tapings in
Grand Rapids, MI last night, the WWF gave notice to some
of their wrestlers. Given either their immediate, or pending, release at the
show last night were the Public Enemy, The Blue Meanie, The Disciples of the
Apocalypse, Steve Williams, and Gillberg. Also, from what I heard, the firing of
Steve Regal was also made official last night.

From what I was told, Titan did not have a problem with any of the guys
talent-wise, but just had nothing creative for them to do. Most of the guys will
be let go immediately, though I have heard that some will get a few more shots
before being let go.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Steve Blackman, whose heel turn went virtually unnoticed, is also expected to be
among the casualties before SUMMERSLAM. His current WWF contract is up in
several months.
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Patrick Cooper dropped us a line to mention that Chris Jericho's webpage has
announced that it will be shutting down in June. Considering the timing of such
an event, I'll let you all draw your own conclusions.
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Randy Savage is back in action at WCW house shows. Last night in
Daytona beach
the Macho Man came out to face Disco Inforno, and despite DI's claims that Flair
wouldn't allow Savage to wrestle yet, a top rope elbow sent him to the showers.
Gorgeous George wasn't in attendance. (Our thanks to "FireOpiss".)
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

The current feud between Tenryu and Keiji Mutoh is now debating over "Who is
Mister Pro Wrestling in
Japan," as both guys and the press acknowledge Ric Flair
as "Mister Pro Wrestling in
Reported by Zach Arnold at:

At the conclusion of this issue we have the results of the 4/18 Heat and the
4/19 RAW, taped Tuesday in Grand Rapids, MI. Remember, if you want to be
surprised be sure to skip this section!
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What's going on in Phil Mushnick's favorite sport? So that Phil has all the info
he needs to write another of his well researched, unbiased Articles, RTSC
proudly presents today's installment of As The Stomach Turns, Fat Tony's most
ample stomach that is.

Item: The WWF fired a bunch of wrestlers: It is reported that the WWF told
several of their indentured servants that their services were no longer needed
and they were free to pursue more lucrative opportunities. Included in this
bunch of perspective applicants of government assistance (Unemployment) are The
Ex-Olytes, Farooq and Bradshaw, Duane Gill-berg, Steve "Dr. Dead" Williams,
Steven "London's Toughest Export" Regal, The Very Blue Meanie, and The Public
"We can't buy an ounce of respect" Enemy. The McMahon Wrestling Federation (MWF)
stated that talent was not the issue, but lack of an ongoing angle was the
reason they were axed. At the same the MWF said several newcomers and returning
walking wounded are about ready to be called up from the minors. Can anyone
spell "Downsizing?" What is more surprising is who wasn't given this chance to
broaden their horizon: Midian and Visera come immediately to mind. Can Steve
Blackman be feeling warm and fuzzy right now?

Item: The "Slap heard around the world": Proving power is thicker then blood,
Shane fired The Stooges, Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco, dismissed Dear Old Dad
(DOD), slapped him across the face, and took control of The MWF. Way to show
Daddy gratitude for all he has done for you. Could it be that the fruit of
McMahon's loins is the higher power The Undertaker said he answers to? This is
the second time in the past year that Shane has turned on DOD. The first time it
was a set up to get Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA). Is history repeating itself,
or are we going to witness a battle for control of The Corporation. Whose side
will SCSA come down on? Ah, Board room intrigue. The stuff dreams are made of.
Maybe they'll meet in a Last Man Alive Match, they'll both lose and we'll be the
winners. One can only hope.

Item: Fat Tony is unhappy with NITRO's new seating arrangement: Just two weeks
into NITRO's new Star Wars Set, and Fat Tony is reportedly complaining about
being located ringside. Poor Tony is said to be concerned for his safety being
so close to the action. One of the positive things I have been reading about the
new Set is that the announcers are at ringside instead of three blocks away and
facing away from the ring, watching the matches in a monitor. Hey Rotund One, if
you are really concerned, I can think of a lot of people who would give their
first born to be seated ringside and calling the action. I for one could never
understand why you were not at ringside all along. The announcers table adds an
exciting element/weapon to the action. Maybe if Good King Eric (GKE) can find
someone like The Rock to help call his own matches, you might get a clue. In the
meantime, munch your chips, suck on your Surge, keep miscalling holds, and stop
whining. After all, this might be "The Greatest Seating Arrangement In History."

Item: Mumbles is upset about losing Hotline Promos: Another unhappy camper in
GKE's playground. Can you imagine that? Richie Rachman (sic) has taken over
Mumbles spot promoting Mumbles "Everything you ever wanted to know about
wrestling and have the $1.99 a minute to pay for" Rip Off Line. Is this another
case of "Out With The Old..." as was exiling The Very Old Perfessa and Larry
Loser to NITRO Light? Is Mumbles due for a "career enhancement opportunity" like
those given by the MWF? Take note Fat Tony, keep complaining and Richie's Job
Description might expand some more.

Item: Douchebag Doophus Page strikes again: As part of his Booking duties, the
word is that our hero changed the original ending to the match he valiantly won
the WCW Championship at, from Sting winning to...himself!! Then he reportedly
changed the ending to his match with Big Poppa Pump, arguing that Poppa wasn't
Championship material (and Douchebag is??). All these moves have left him with
few friends in the locker room. Yeah, like he was a Will Rogers to begin with?
Wouldn't you have loved to see Kimberly nail him with the chair instead of Mr.
Roid? I bet given the chance, that would have been Kimberly's choice also.
Submitted by reader: Jamie Thomas (JDog123737)
This isn't going to be long but I'm sick and tired of people saying that the WWF
Light Heavyweight division failed because of the WWF bookers. The reason it
failed is because of the fans attending RAW. I was watching some of my old RAW
tapes from 1997 and the WWF put on great matches like Taka Michinoku vs The
Great Sasuke, Brian Christopher vs Yoshihiro Tajiri (now in ECW) and Super Loco
(Super Crazy from ECW) vs Aguila. These guys busted their ass for the fans and
there was little or no reaction. All the fans could care about is Steve Austin,
Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker etc. So if you have any RAW tapes from 1997,
please watch them and you will know what I'm taking about.
Submitted by reader: SoNiKRaVeN
You know what most people want?? Violence. You know what we need? Violence
(not all of us) but I believe Sting needs a devilish quiet mysterious person
type of gimmick. Like the Undertaker except he doesn't speak, he only laughs in
an evil way. A BAD sting for the FACE gimmick would work, he could be like WCW's
Austin. He's bad but everyone likes him.
HEAT & RAW SPOILERS (Skip if you want to be surprised!)
Reported by Thomas Bobo & Dave Scherer at:

WWF Heat Tapings 2/13/99 to air 2/18/99
Hosts: Mike Cole, Kevin Kelley
Opening dark matches saw Kurt Angle d. Scott Taylor and in a match of local
talent, Johnny Paradise d. Scott Stevens.

-X-Pac and Kane d. Rock and Triple H -DQ interference by Owen and JJ, then NAO came
down and brawled with Owen and JJ.

-Brood d. Viscera and Midean -DQ Acolytes interfered -Shamrock d. Test and Big
Bossman (Bossman left Test).

-The Heat opening took place and Shane McMahon cut a promo on Vince saying he's
sorry he didn't slap him sooner and that Austin was in trouble at the PPV.

-Tiger Ali Singh did his typical segment, this time he offered $500 to any woman
who would massage his feet. PMS came out and took him up on it. He then said
they'd each get $250, but they both wanted $500. They then held his ankles,
allowing Shawn Stasiak to make his debut and attack Tiger. No one knew who he
was, and he left with PMS.

-Sable did an interview and formally intro'd Nicole Bass
WWF RAW Tapings 2/13/99 to air 2/19/99
Hosts: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
-Rock drove a Hearse into the arena and cut a promo on Austin saying that he'd
bury his career. He walked over to a buried alive type set and did some mic

-Road Dogg d. Owen Hart.

-Rock came out and cut another promo saying Austin would be buried at Rock's

-Edge/Gangrel d. Acolytes (Shamrock hit Bradshaw with a baseball bat leading to
the pin).

-Godfather d. Hardcore Holly to retain I-C title (Al Snow hit Holly with HEAD
leading to the pin).

-Shamrock d. Bossman (UT cut a promo about his sister).

-Shane came out and cut his Heat promo again, but had to urge the crowd to chant
"@$$hole" first promo was better.

-Mankind d. Triple H -DQ when Chyna posted him (Afterwards, the Corp. attacked
him and beat on him til Big Show made the save and Test was "sacrificed" to a
chokeslam...Mankind thanked him, but said they still had a date in 6 days in the
boiler room).

-Billy Gunn had the line of the night next. He said that the crowd would see T&A
...Debra's t!ts and his @$$...Nice pop from the crowd.

-Billy Gunn d. Jeff Jarrett -DQ (Owen interfered).

-Big Show fought Viscera to a no contest. UT interfered and went face to face
with Big Show, Mankind made the save.

-Sable and Val Venis came out seperatly. Sable said "no grind" but annonced the
shooting of her 2nd Playboy spread..D'Lo and Ivory came out and brawled with Val
and Sable..Nicole came down and chokeslammed Ivory.

-Rock came out and started reading Austin's eulogy. It was pretty funny...Rock
eventually said since Austin won't show up that he'd bury him at Backlash, and
tonight he'd bury Austin's title....Austin then appeared on the Titan tron in
the parking lot in an Austin 3:16 monster truck...he drove around and set rock's
car up and crushed it 3 times and then drove the truck into the
arena....eventually he and Rock went at it and brawled all over the back of the
arena and eventually made it to the "grave sight" set. Austin ended up getting
Rock in there and getting his belt back...he then started downing his beers and
Shane blindsided him and regained the belt...this is where i think they stopped
taping....shane ended up going to the ring and Austin attacked him and gave him
3 stunners, Rock recovered and got the belt
to back, but came out and was the recipient on 2 stunners as well....Austin
drank a ton of beers (12?) and celebrated for around 10 mins sending all home

Overall it was a good show and should make for some really good tv next week.
Pro Wrestling returning to Bluefield, WV this Friday night
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Bluefield, West Virginia this
Friday night April the 16th, at the Bluefield Auditorium (off of Route 460 East
or West in Bluefield, WV), with an 8:00p.m. belltime.

In the main event, "The Boogie Woogie Man" is back, as Jimmy Valiant will go one
on one against Rikki Nelson for the NDW Heavyweight Title. If Jimmy Valiant
defeats Rikki Nelson, Princeton's own Super Mario will get to fight Rikki Nelson
for five minutes in the ring after the match.

In other matches, Super Mario will square off against Torture King. Bluefield's
own Bam Bam Roger Hamm will collide in a return grudge match against Punchy
McGee. You will see the debut of Johnny Flash as he will square off against
Troy "Bruiser" Graham.

Also scheduled for action include, Beastmaster Rick Link, Brute Shooter, Scott
E. Lime, seven all-star matches, and more.

Tickets are available now at all Vidiots locations (Bluefield, Bluewell, &
Princeton), Roma
III Restaurant (Princeton), and at the Bluefield Auditorium.
Tickets will also be available at the door the day of the show. Ringside $8.00
advance/$10.00 at the door, general admission adults $7.00, children under 12

For more information call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921,
304-487-6322, or check out NDW Wrestling on the worldwide web at Click onto NDW wrestling for all the latest news.
This Fridays Card
S.S.W. returns to Big Stone Gap, VA this Friday night with a 8PM belltime at
Carne's Gym. Here is the complete line up.
BSG's own Mike Cooper vs. Joe Brody
BSG's own Tim Cooper vs. Chuck Jones
** Grudge Match **
Ruthless Roger Anderson of Death and Destruction vs. Danny Christian
Appalachian Title: Iron Cross defends against Rob Valor
The Return of The Wild Eyed Southern Boy Tracy Smothers vs.
The 1st Family's K.C. Thunder w/ P.J. Sharp
Main Event- S.S.W. Title
"Handsome" Beau James w/ P.J. Sharp vs. Appalachia's Own G Dog

Tickets on sale now at BSG Parks and Rec.SSW on TV
Be sure to watch SSW on Sunday April 18th at 2PM on UPN 30 WAPK. Join Chip
Kessler and Joe Wheeler and the SSW stars for all the action.

International Champion - "Conan" Chris Walker
SSW Heavyweight Champion: Beau James
1.Iron Cross (Appalachian Champ)
2.Ricky Harrison
3.Jimmy Valiant
4.Heinrich Franz Keller
5.Steve Flynn
6.K.C. Thunder
7.Ashley Hudson
8.Tracy Smothers
9.Chuck Jones
10.Joe Fillers

SSW Tag Team Champions:Death & Destruction
1.Danny & Bam Bam Christian
2.Jimmy Valiant & Ricky Harrison
3.1st Family
4.Iron Cross and Chris Walker
5.The Coopers
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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