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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 216

Date:  Friday April 16th, 1999  2:11 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Hollywood Hogan is scheduled to go under the knife next Tuesday to repair the
extensive knee damage he's suffered over the years; with Dr. James Andrews doing
the surgery, he's in good hands.

Quick clarification: Hogan was NOT INJURED at Spring Stampede, the damage was
built up over many years. When DDP "injured" Hogan at the PPV, this was an
angle to explain his absence.
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Eric Bischoff appeared on the 4/14 edition of WCW Live, and was confronted with
the issue of Davey Boy Smith's firing. His response:
Question -- Davey Boy Smith, any comment on that?
Bischoff -- "The fact of the matter are that we have been paying Davey Boy Smith
4-6 months while he was out...I don't think we have heard from him during that
time ...only lawyers...we got a call a couple of weeks ago Davey Boy Smith is
ready to work...we then got a call from an attorney saying no he isn't ready to
wrestle...we have been dealing with his was my understanding he
was coming back to work and then he wasn't and then he was and then he
wasn' we had to pull the trigger...I can look in the mirror and know I did
the right thing..." Basically, the reason why he was released was because of the
way Smith handled the situation."

Considering the Smith was injured due to a tampered ring (the Warrior's trap
door), I sense serious negligence on WCW's part. If nothing else, a serious
lack of class.
Reported by Michael Tavares & Dave Scherer at:

Expect to see more of Roddy Piper in WCW. He has signed an extension of his
current agreement. He will be basically be a goodwill ambassador for WCW doing
appearances and commentary. He won't wrestle much, due to his physical condition
(his artificial hip).
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Jesse Ventura, Jerry Tito Santana! You can call him "El Matador"
but voters in
New Jersey should cast ballots under his real name, Merced Solis,
as he runs as a Democratic candidate for township council. Tito has been
splitting time as of late, wrestling at indy shows, helping out his wife at her
salon and his new job as a physical education teacher at
Bound Brook High School
Somerset County. According to the DAILY RECORD newspaper, SDantana was indeed
influenced by longtime friend Jesse Ventura in his decision to run for public
office. Good Luck!
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Steve Valko sent me the following. ... I was just on, and she
said the following in her diary on 4/11: "Will not be working for WCW this week
for the pay-per-view or Nitro, not even sure if I will be working for them
again." Just to clarify, Torrie Wilson plays Samantha, David Flair's love
interest in WCW. Surprising, since I know Kevin Nash was very high on her.
Reported by Steve Valko & Dave Scherer at:

Well, the big story today comes from Tokyo Japan, where Vader pinned Kenta
Kobashi at 19:11 to win the 1999 Champion Carnival tournament.
Reported by Koji & Dave Scherer at:

In some WCW news, Hugh Morrus blew out his knee last night at Thunder. He was
wrestling Hak in a match for next week's Thunder. More when we have it. I was
also told that Wrath hurt his knee in his match with Jerry Lynn, which was why
they did the finish they did instead of putting Wrath over. Perry Saturn was
also said to be wrestling with the flu. And Scott Steiner has a sore knee.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Regarding yesterday's story about Chris Jericho shutting his site down, I
received this from WCW:
"WCW is trying to make a concerted effort to bring all their website under A memo was released a few months back. The date for the move was June,
Jericho is probably just cooperating with WCW policy, not making a huge
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

WWF Results for April 14th, 1999 in Ft. Wayne, IN
Goldust and the Blue Meanie defeated the DOA
D-Lo Brown pinned Al Snow
Intercontinental Champion the Godfather w/3 ho's pinned Tiger Ali Singh
Test and the Big Bossman defeated Edge and Gangrel w/Christian
Paul Wight won by DQ over the Rock when Test interfered
Kane defeated Triple H w/Chyna by DQ when Chyna interfered
Tori defeated Jaqueline and Ivory in a triple threat match
Mankind and Ken Shamrock defeated the Acolytes
Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly pinned Val Venis
The New Age Outlaws defeated Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett w/Debra
(Reported by Ryan Johnson & Dave Scherer at:
My thanks to ECWOhMyGod, who sent me this recent posting found on
WWF.COM. Straight from the horses mouth, here's the official party line on the
recent layoffs...
By Bill Banks (
In recent days, the Internet has been flooded with rumors and supposed "news"
regarding the firing and/or release of several World Wrestling Federation
Superstars. In response to these reports, WWF.COM has obtained the following
information that will set the record straight on these superstars:

JIM CORNETTE—Contrary to reports, Jim Cornette has not been released or fired
from the World Wrestling Federation. In fact, Cornette is currently working on a
new project for the Federation that will be unveiled as early as mid-summer!

GOLGA--Has been given his notice by the World Wrestling Federation. We wish
Golga the best of luck in his future endeavors.

FATU—Fatu has not been released, and his contract does not expire until the end
of the year. In fact, he will be reassigned to
Memphis to sharpen his in-ring

THE LEGION OF DOOM—Again, contrary to reports, Animal, Hawk and Paul Ellering
have not been released or fired from the Federation. They are under contract
until early 2000, and thus far they are in ongoing talks regarding their
creative future.

THE PUBLIC ENEMY—Once again, contrary to reports, the Public Enemy are still
under contract with the Federation and have not been released or fired. In fact,
they are undergoing a creative evaluation.

"DR. DEATH" STEVE WILLIAMS—Williams is still under contract to the Federation,
and is also undergoing a creative evaluation. In the meantime, "Dr. Death" will
be joining the Legion of Doom as Federation representatives at the May 2
All-Japan Tokyo Dome show.

BLUE MEANIE—The Blue Meanie has been given his notice. We wish him well
in his future endeavors.

STEVE BLACKMAN—Blackman is still under contract with the Federation, and is
currently undergoing a creative evaluation.

THE DOA (8-Ball and Skull)—The DOA are under contract with the Federation until
the end of the year and are being booked regularly at live events.

PIERRE—Pierre is still under Federation contract and will be reassigned to
Memphis to sharpen his skills.

GEORGE "THE ANIMAL" STEELE—The Hall of Famer will no longer be competing in the
squared circle, but will continue to work with the Federation on several special
projects in a public relations capacity.

DUANE "GILLBERG" GILL—Duane Gill has been given his notice by the Federation.
We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.
Come join the CWA! This is a great fed and is still growing, if your good
enough, JOIN! Just E-mail odog15146 or IM him!

Be sure to check out a terrific newsboard, found at:
WCW Thunder Report for
April 15th, 1999
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Live from
Orlando, FL
Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyzsko announced that Rey Mysterio Jr. would defend his
Cruiserweight title tonight against Juventud Guerrera. They then gave kudos to
Diamond Dallas Paige for winning the World title at Spring Stampede. Larry also
commended him for putting Hollywood Hogan out of action. They reported that
Hogan will undergo surgery in
Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday, April 20.

El Vampiro versus Buff Bagwell
Bagwell put the nail in El Vampiro's coffin with the Blockbuster.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

Jerry Flynn versus Wrath
These two big men battled to a double count-out.
Winner: No winner via double count-out

Horace versus Meng
Meng defeated Horace with the Tongan death grip.
Winner: Meng via submission

--President Flair and Arn Anderson were talking backstage as referee Charles
Robinson served them. Flair's secretary, Georgia, brought in some papers for
Flair to sign and Flair signed them without reading them.
Anderson could not
believe what he saw and began to scold Flair for not reading the papers. He
brought up the recent instances with Nash and Savage that had backfired on them.
Flair was not concerned with all of this, but was more interested in a party he
was having later in the evening.
Anderson insisted that they get Georgia back
so he could actually look at the papers.

Mikey Whipwreck versus Disco Inferno
After Disco grabbed the microphone and did color commentary on his own match,
which included him singing "Song Song Blue," he hit Whipwreck with the Last
Dance for the win.
Winner: Disco Inferno via pinfall

--Mean Gene interviewed Stevie Ray with the other members of the NWO Black and
White. Stevie Ray said that the NWO had come together as one and that they
would be policing WCW just like they were supposed to do from the beginning. He
said that Hogan was a punk and out with a bad knee, that they didn't like Nash's
deals, that Luger was a primadona, and that Scott Norton was in
Japan and would
be bringing back the IWGP title. He then challenged Diamond Dallas Page to a
title match that night and told DDP to leave Kimberly behind or he would slap
her around as well.

Disorderly Conduct versus Raven/Perry Saturn
Raven nailed Mean Mike with the Evenflow for the
Winners: Raven/Perry Saturn via pinfall

--A clip from Monday Nitro was shown of Rey Mysterio, Jr. getting jumped by
Horsemen Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko during his match with Juventud Guerrera.

Juventud Guerrera versus Rey Mysterio, Jr.
Another Luchadore classic ended when Rey Jr. hit a Frankensteiner off the top
rope. Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr. via pinfall (Rey retained the title)

--Flair was talking the referee Charles Robinson, who was sucking up, when Arn
Anderson came in. He continued to scold Flair as he said that
Georgia had
vanished and they could not get the papers back. Again, Flair blew off
Anderson's concerns.

Stevie Ray versus Diamond Dallas Paige
The new world champion retained the title with the Diamond Cutter, the move that
won him the title on Sunday. Members of the NWO Black and White entered the
ring to attack DDP after the match, but DDP was able to clear them out.
Winner: Diamond Dallas Paige via pinfall

Rick's comments:
-While the show went to a commercial, Wrath needed help walking back to the
locker room.

-El Vampiro and Mikey Whipwreck are two men that will have to be contended with
in the future.

-What would Scott Norton say about Stevie Ray's behavior?

-Before Raven and Saturn's match started, Saturn said that he wanted to
accessorize his new attire with the tag belts.
Submitted by reader: MADOO86
Well, I wasn't at RAW on Monday, but I do live in the area. Here are some notes
and a fact- the
Rudy Poo Bridge is really the Belle Isle Bridge in Detroit.

-Detroit Red Wing players Darren McCarty and Mathieu Dandenault were in
attendence, and on Tuesday on WDFN (the local sports radio station) they were
inducted into the "Jack@$$ Hall Of Fame" because wrestling is still a redneck
and trailer park trash sport to the disk jockeys.
Submitted by reader: Dabigmoo
Couple o' things regarding the Raw tapings-
--Road Dogg stipulated before his match w/ Owen that if Owen won he and JJ could
be the #1 contenders for the tag title. BUT if RD won then Debra had to show her
"puppies". Debra agreed. RD won but JJ came down and escorted Debra to the back.
Debra seemed upset at this.

--Later, Gunn said they and
Grand Rapids were ripped off. He pretty much offered
the same stipulation. Gunn won d. JJ. Debra took off her shirt revealing a black
bra. Before she could take her bra off JJ and Owen pushed her towards the back.
Debra did take her bra off but JJ had his guitar pressed up against her so no
one could see.

--Mankind got into it w/ a fan. After being saved by Wight, Mankind was slapping
hands on his way back and a fan tried to take Mr Socko. I'm not exactly sure
what happened but that's what it looked like. Mankind kept Mr. Socko in the guys
face and the guy was getting irate. Van Andel security grabbed the guy and while
they were wrestling w/ him, Mankind kept Mr Socko in his face just ridiculing
him in front of everyone. Also, when Mankind comes out to save Wight he runs
right into the side of the ring. He mistimed his leap into the ring or
something. He's so respected, though, that nobody laughed. Just a bunch of Ooos,
it looked painful.

--Met Droz in the hallway during the dark matches. I thought I was good sized at

6' tall and 240 lbs but he just dwarfed me. I don't know what his official
height and weight are but he was big.
Submitted by reader: Egg1poppa
Regarding Sting's return and Crow gimmick, I feel WCW could really do themselves
a favor by trimming Sting's hair to 1997 length and accessorize his outfit with
black pants with a silver and white scorpion and ditching the muscle shirt,
dropping the baseball bat and instead issue him a kendo stick, and most
important, make Sting a "Lone Wolf". Don't ally him with anyone.

Furthermore, don't allow him to use the mike, and whenever he's about to apply
the Scorpion Death Lock, have him produce a devilish smile. Above all, do not
"nWo Wolfpack-Sissyify" him.

Another WCW wrestler that could be given an ultra cool gimmick is Tokyo Magnum.
He could be given a "Crying Freeman" gimmick in which he is given a cold
sadistic attitude and refuses to ally himself with others. He should ignore the
anti-Japanese shouts directed at him and quietly dispatch his opponents with a
variation of the Scorpion Death Lock that would for him be called the
"Teardrop"". He should be called the "Grim Weeper", but if WCW can get
permission from the "Crying Freeman" creator, name him "Crying Freeman".
Submitted by reader: JJ29
As (JDog123737) said, the WWF Lightweight divison failed because of the
fans. When WCW introduced the Luchadores to mainstream wrestling, many
people didn't care either, but it took matches such as Rey Mysterio Jr vs Dean
Malenko or Ultimo Dragon vs Malenko, these were phenomenal matches which
got fans into the match. Actions spoke and I feel still do (in WCW) speak
louder than words, just look at Blitzkreig vs Juventud Guererra Jr.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Tom Kirkbride
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