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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 217

Date:  Saturday April 17th, 1999  12:58 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

To show how clueless Erik Bischoff is, in an employees meeting the week before
the Vegas show where he told everyone that he is staying for at least another
three years, he also shared some predictions. He claimed that the Vegas show,
with the new set, graphics, open and music, would do a 7.0 rating (which would
have defeated RAW's record). This is a man in touch with his audience...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Ivan Koloff, who is believed to be 62, came out of retirment this past weekend
to work some Carolinas shows as a Russian tag team with Nikolai Volkoff, who is
51 himself.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The name "Big Sexy" was actually a name created by Canadian wrestler Luther
Briggs, who did several try-out matches with WCW under that name. The belief is
that Terry Taylor watched Briggs wrestle, liked the name, and gave it to Kevin
Nash. Just a little useless trivia...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Bret Hart on 'Later' drew a 2.0 rating, which I imagine is very good for that
time slot. The Tonight Show with Hogan drew a 5.7 rating, which is exceedingly
good for that time slot.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Word is that WCW had a "surprise" drug test last night at the Thunder tapings.
Surprisingly, Scott Steiner could not make the show because of a knee injury.
Brian Knobs (formerly of The Nasty Boys) and Bigelow were also scheduled to be
at the tapings, but no-showed for some reason.
Reported by Micasa at:

To subscribe to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the best source of
wrestling news ANYWHERE, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228

This one is just an idea, so don't take it as more than that:
KGiord2346 was inspired by the earlier Gillberg scenario to send me this one:
Ok, for the Gillberg thing, what if WCW hired him and had him come out like he
was Austin? The walk, vest, deer hunting outfit, beers (root beers in WCW's
case), have him stick up his ring finger ect. Maybe even use the cheap
theme from that cheap wrestling themes CD (forget the name, but its the one
with a bald cartoon guy on the cover, looks like a cross between Jesse Ventura
and Austin). If I were WCW, after all the cheap shots the WWF has taken at them,
I'd do it.
Reported by Sister Midnight at:
Check out a terrific site that spotlights wrestling parody; find it at:

To join "Bad Mood Championship Wrestling", e-mail RicFlair02 for more
information. its for ONLY the best Roleplayers!
April 17th, 1999
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
By Don Callis
Be sure to check out, the official
home of Don Callis
Chances are, if you've spent anytime at all mired in the quagmire of today's
economy as part of the workforce, that you've experienced the agony (or joy) of
being fired. Nothing makes you doubt your self worth more than termination from
a job you thought you were proficient at, but that is the reality of today's
society: very little job security.

In no industry is that reality more prevalent than the wrestling business. When
you're on top, you feel like you've got the best job in the world, with the
money, recognition and TV exposure, but when you are given the gate, so to
speak, you fall a long way. I experienced the feeling in December, and after
sulking for a couple of days, I found a new home in ECW, reminding myself that
the dynamic nature of the wrestling business should never come as a surprise,
but rather, should be accepted as a reality.

While this may seem a tad depressing, it is quite topical, as the big news story
this week was the firing/release/termination of several WWF wrestlers. Among
those released were Public Enemy, Gillberg, The Blue Meanie, and my friend
Golga. Still under contract, but not likely to figure into any future plans are
Steve "Dr.Death" Williams, Bart Gunn,
LOD and DOA, all of whom are likely to get
some work with All Japan.

Perhaps just as painful, Kurrgan and Giant Silva have been shipped off to
Mexico, which has to be tough, as both men have families. Former Truth
Commission member Sniper was also released, while Fatu and Carl Oulette
(Quebecer Pierre) have both been sent to
Memphis to work on new gimmicks. Rumors
of Jim Cornette being released are not factual.

From the WWF's standpoint, the shows are going in a new direction, and
creatively speaking, they can't come up with stuff for everyone, which is really
the issue, because revenue is very high right now, so its not a money thing.
All of us in the business understand that things like this can happen, often
with no warning. its something we accept about being wrestlers, an unpleasant
part of the job, like the travel.

Of course, all the rationalizing in the world doesn't make it any easier,
especially when you have a family to support. I wish all my brothers the best of
luck, stay positive and God bless!

Ringside Insider:
Lots of buzz about the recent Hollywood Hogan knee injury. You notice that the
word injury is not in quotation marks, which means that yes, the injury is legit
and Hogan will undergo orthroscopic surgery soon. What is in question is whether
he suffered the injury in the four way match at Spring Stampede. My bet is that
Hollywood will sit out this lull in the Nitro ratings. Davey Boy Smith remains
in hospital in
Calgary, where he awaits back surgery. All the best to Davey and
family. Full props to WCW booker Kevin Nash who slowly but surely is starting to
make Nitro watchable again. As smart as Kevin is, this is his first time with
the booking job, so give him some time. Look for Nash and real life pal Lex
Luger to join the Horsemen, with Nash, not Ric Flair as the centerpiece. Luger
in the Horsemen again is interesting, because of the heat Luger and Flair have
had behind the scenes for years, dating back to Flair's decision to leave WCW
for the WWF with the world title, without passing the torch to Luger. WCW boss
Eric Bischoff was recently quoted as saying he was hopeful that WCW could resign
Chris Jericho. If Bischoff really wants to know how to resign Chris, they should
just call me. I'd be happy to take ten percent of the deal as his agent. The
All-Japan Champion Carnival Tournament finals looks like super-worker Kenta
Kobashi vs. Vader, who, as expected is getting over hugh in
Japan. Definitely
worth a look:

Jackal can be heard every Sunday on
CITI FM from 6-7pm, with CITI FM's Joe
Aiello, for Winnipeg's only call in wrestling radio show: "Joe & Jackal: No
Holds Barred", LIVE from the Pony Corral on Grant

Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
WWF House Show Results - Friday, April 16, 1999
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - GM Place
D-LO Brown defeated Al Snow (w/ Head) at 5:30
The Acolytes defeated Disciples of Apocalypse at 3:30
Jacqueline defeated Tori & Ivory in a Triple Threat Match when she pinned Tori
Hardcore Holly successfully defended the title against Val Venis at 9:30
Ken Shamrock won by disqualification over The Undertaker at 13:00
Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (w/ Debra) won over The New Age Outlaws and The Brood
The Godfather (w/ only 2 Ho's) defeated Tiger Ali Singh at 30 seconds
X-Pac and Kane successfully defeated Test & Triple H w/ Chyna at 10:00 minutes
Mankind defeated Goldust (w/ Blue Meanie)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Paul "The Big Show" Wight defeated The Rock and The
Big Bossman at 7 minutes. Austin gave Bossman the Stunner to score the pin
Reported by Neil O'Brien and Jeff Jacobson at:

WCW House Show Results from Miami, FL - 4/16/99
- Ernest Miller defeated Jerry Flynn
- Norman Smiley defeated Horace Hogan
- Mysterio & Kidman defeated Benoit & Malenko
- Rick Steiner defeated Bam Bam Bigelow
- Konnan defeated Disco Inferno
- Goldberg defeated Meng
- "Macho Man" Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair
Reported by Aaron Steiner at:

ECW House Show Results from Cleveland, OH - 4/16/99
1. Yoshiro Tajiri beat Little Guido Tajiri with a corkscrew suplex.
2. Skull Von Krush & Danny Doring fought Nova and Chris Chetti a No Contest when
Taz came out and killed all four guys.
3. Justin Credible and Lance Storm beat Jerry Lynn and Super Crazy.
4. New Jack beat Mustafa in a Gangsta Death Match.
5. Tommy Dreamer, with Francine, beat Steve Corino in a lengthy bout.
6. The
Dudley Boys beat Rhino and Balls Mahoney with Axl Rotten.
7. The main event saw Rob Van Dam beat Spike Dudley.
Reported by Mike Bishara, Jacques G., and Adam Crowe at:
Visit my Home Page:
The program was taped at Cyberslam '99 and began with The Gangsta Paradise Cage
Match pitting The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von, and Mr. Mustafa v. Balls
Mahoney, Axl Rotten and New Jack in progress. All six men were bloodied and
chaos reigned in the ring. The Dudley Boyz hit Balls with a 3-D
Dudley Death
Drop out of nowhere to win the match, as their opponents were all over them. The
quickly exited the ring leaving Mustafa behind. With The Dudley Boyz at
ringside, Balls and Axl sealed the cage door. They put Mustafa on top of a table
that was in the ring. New Jack climbed to the top of the cage and made an insane
leap off of it, putting Mustafa thru the table and probably thru the arena
floor. This got our first "Oh, my
G-d" from Announcer Joey Styles. He is getting an early start tonight. It will
take a full construction crew and back hoe to find Mustafa's remains. The crowd
chanted 'ECW."

After the regular ECW opening, Joey was at the announcers position and talked
about last weeks program, which was also from Cyberslam '99, the tape of which
is available at 1-800-523-5684. He mentioned what all around nice guy Taz did to
Chris Candido. He blasted him with a TazMissionPlex thru a table, reinjuring his
previously broken neck and then throwing him off a gurney and applying the
TazMission. It was Taz's attempt for the Humanitarian Award Of The Year. Full
details are available in my ECW TV Report,
April 9, 1999, on my Home Page.

The first match was Jerry "The New F'N Show" v. Yosohiro Tajiri. The crowd
chanted "You F'd up" at Lynn, referring to his granting Rob Van Dam an extra
five minutes in their match for the ECW TV Title at the last PPV, and instead of
winning the Title by way of the referee awarding it to him, lost it as Van Dam
pinned him. Following are some of the highlights. They began with an exchange of
chain moves, followed by a Leg Whip and Grapevine by
Lynn. Tajiri reversed the
hold into a Bow and Arrow, that
Lynn escaped from. Lynn hit a Flying Head
Scissors and Tajiri went to the floor, where he took a Plancha off the top turn
buckle from
Lynn. Back in the ring and Tajiri kicked Lynn behind the ear,
applied an Abdominal Stretch and from there, went into his signature move, The
Tarantula on the ropes. Tajiri hit
Lynn with a Back Elbow sending him to the
floor, went out after him and Suplexed him into the first row of the crowd.
Tajiri then came off the apron onto
Lynn with an Asahi Moonsault. The crowd
chanted "ECW." Back in the ring and Tajiri kicked
Lynn in the midsection. Lynn
came back with a Hurricanrana, but Tajiri rolled him up and almost scored a pin.
Lynn used an Inverted DDT, went for a pin bit was unable to get it. Tajiri came
back with a series of kicks and knocked
Lynn down. He followed up by slamming
Lynn's head into the top turn buckle. Lynn fought back and hit Tajiri with a
Splash in the corner, a series of Chops and then went for a Superplex. Tajiri
rolled over
Lynn and blocked it. Tajiri then tied Lynn in The Tree Of Woe and
hit him with a Drop Kick to the face.
Lynn came back with a Running Power Bomb
that left both men on the mat. Tajiri avoided a belly to-back Suplex and kicked
Lynn in the knee.
Lynn hit a major Clothesline and a Cradle Pile Driver and
pinned Tajiri. Joey was at a loss for words, and that's saying a lot, about the
Cradle Pile Driver, a move he apparently has never seen before. Tajiri and Lynn
shook hands and the crowd acknowledged both their efforts. Joey said Van Dam had
better be ready for
Lynn at their rematch set for May 16, 1999, at ECW's next
PPV, Hardcore Heaven.
Winner - Jerry "The New F'N Show Lynn
Winner - Joey Baby - He learned a new hold
Winners - The fans - It was a heck of a match

The next match was an ECW Luchadore Match, pitting Super Crazy v. El Mosco.
Crazy began with a Waistlock take down, and followed with an Arm Wringer. Mosco
broke he hold with a Snap Mare and came back with a kick to Crazy's stomach,
followed by a Shoulder Block. Crazy applied an Arm Drag after they went thru a
wild back and forth, across-the-ring exchange that looked good, but didn't give
either an advantage. Mosco missed a Drop Kick in the corner as Crazy moved out
of the way, and went to the floor. Mosco leaped onto him from the apron and then
dropped him face first across the guard rail. Crazy then threw Mosco into the
crowd and hit him with a Crazy Splash (an absolutely "crazy" Springboard move
off the top turn buckle). Back in the ring and Crazy hit second rope Moonsault,
went for the pin but Mosco kicked out. Crazy hit a kick to the head and punched
Mosco in the head as the crowd counted along in Spanish. Funny!! This disproves
what many have said about ECW fans being dumb. Not only can they count to 10,
but they can do it in Spanish as well. Mosco was leaning against the turn buckle
as Crazy charged in. Mosco got his feet up and caught Crazy flush in the jaw.
Mosco came back with a top rope Hurricanrana, and followed with a Senton Splash
on the floor. They fought on the floor, and Mosco was sent into the crowd. Crazy
hit a Moonsault off the guard rail as we went to a commercial. When we got back,
Mosco landed a Corkscrew Splash off the top turn buckle, but couldn't get a pin.
Mosco blocked a Moonsault by Crazy. Crazy hit a Power Bomb and went for the
cover, but Mosco kicked out. Mosco hit a Sunset Flip off the ropes, but still
couldn't pin Crazy. Crazy hit the Frog Splash and gained the pinfall. This match
could easily serve as a training film for Luchadore matches. WCW could learn a
lot watching it. The fans loved it, and rightfully so.
Winner - Super Crazy
Winners - The fans
Losers - There were none - Mosco can hold his head high

We saw a clip from last weeks show. It was of Lance Storm denying use of
steroids, offering a urine sample to prove so and challenging Tommy Dreamer to
do the same. Dreamer came to the ring and it ended with him pouring the sample
on Storm face. See my ECW TV Report, April 9, 1999, for complete details.

The next match pitted Justin Credible, accompanied by his Manager Jason and
Jasmine (who is the famed "Unidentified Afro American Female") v. Shane "The
Franchise" Douglas, accompanied by Francine, who was looking great as she
usually does. Prior to the match Douglas took the mic and said that five years
ago Terry Funk anointed him "The Franchise," and since then many have tried
unsuccessfully to take it away from him. He told Credible he wasn't going to
either and was not going to be the next notch on his belt. Douglas slapped
across the face. Credible said he "wasn't taking that from an old man" and the
match got underway. They exchanged punches and chops. Douglas hit a Snap Suplex,
a Vertical Suplex, a Gourd Buster and a Rolling Neck Snap as we went to a
commercial. When we returned, there was a table in the ring, and Credible threw
Douglas off the top rope and thru it. Credible followed with Punches and Chops.
The crowd chanted "Justin @$$hole." Credible pressed his boot into Shane's
throat, slammed his face into the turn buckle, landed a series of Chops as he
put the bad mouth on him. Credible nailed Shane with a Super Kick, went for the
pin but Shane kicked out. He then hit him with a Scoop and Slam, and a Flying
Elbow off the second turn buckle and again was unable to get a pin. Douglas
fought back with a Sunset Flip, but Justin took control back with a Clothesline
and threw Douglas to the floor. Credible went out after him and dribbled his
head on the apron. He next rammed Shane's head into a support girder and we got
an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. He started early and it took him until now to get a
second one. Shane's face was a bloody mess and Credible tore at it. Credible hit
a series of Chops. Douglas came back with one of hi sown, but Credible took over
again with a punch and more chops. Back in the ring, Credible pounded Douglas in
the head as he had Douglas on his knees. Douglas again came back with punches,
but Credible stopped his momentum with a low blow and then took him Douglas down
with a Chinlock. Jason shoved another of Acme's finest tables into the ring and
Credible leaned it against a corner. Credible again hit Douglas with a Chop and
after several reversals, Douglas hurled Credible into and thru the table. The
President of Acme smiled. Douglas went for the pin, but Credible kicked out.
Douglas applied a Figure Four as ECW worker removed the broken table from the
ring. Jasmine came in and attacked Douglas. Francine came in. Can you spell
Catfight? It didn't last long as Credible got his Singapore Cane and Shane got
one also. They traded vicious shots. Jason came in. Francine returned and
Speared him. Francine wanted to cane him, but Douglas stopped her. Has he gone
soft? Never happens! He hit Jason, who was wearing a neck brace, with a Full
Nelson Slam. Jason's Chiropractor winced at the move. Credible hit Douglas with
a Super Kick, but couldn't get a pin. They exchanged near pins. Credible came
off the top turn buckle, but Douglas blocked him, hit an Inverted DDT, The
Pittsburgh Plunge and got the victory. Lance Storm charged in, and joined
Credible in a 2-On-1 assault on Douglas. Tommy Dreamer ran in with a metal Trash
Can. Storm and Credible blasted Dreamer. Storm nailed him with the Can as
Credible held him. Cyrus came in to join Credible and Storm as they ruled the
ring. Tammy Lynn Bytch got up on the apron to take part. Douglas and Dreamer
were out cold on the mat as the show ended.
Winner - Shane Douglas
Losers - Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer
Winner - The Acme Table Company

Another outstanding show by ECW. If they were on Monday Night opposite WCW and
the WWF, it would be no contest.
Submitted by reader: Newton E Calkins (mr.gray)
Tthere just wasn't enough talent in the lightweight division. And by that I
mean there just weren't enough wrestlers. It sucked that the WWF had to get rid
of the division, but it was smart. Vince knew that there weren't enough
wrestlers there. Of course, he's being stupid by continuing with the Women's
Division. Sable can't wrestle to save her damn life (she can barely get her
signature move off - how sad is that?).

After her there's only Jacqueline, Tori, Ivory, Nicole Bass (only recently,
too), Chyna (who doesn't wrestle for some reason, even though we all know she
could...), and Luna, who is suspended. And let's face it, matches don't go on
in the Women's
Division unless Sable is involved. God, she makes me sick. Artificial,
no-talent loser.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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