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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 218

Date:  Saturday April 17th, 1999  12:58 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Steve Austin will be in the season finale of Nash Bridges (which means I will
have to watch another episode of that show, which is beyond horrible). You can't
blame Nash for wanting him back though because he did jack their anemic ratings
24 percent when he was on the 2/26 show. He will again play Jake Cage on the
season finale, which will air on 5/14. There are rumors going around that CBS
execs may also be watching
Austin so that they could evaluate possibly offering
him his own spin-off show. They were very happy with the job he did the first
time around.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

On the 4/15 edition of WCW LIVE, Kevin Nash shared his views on whether his
friend Shawn Michaels will be returning to the ring:
"I talk to Shawn at least once a month, but usually every other week, and I
don't think he has the desire. I think its more important to him, at this
point, to have some kind of health, to enjoy the success that he has, and Shawn
gave us everything he had. And I was out there for almost four years with him,
night in, night out, and there was never a night, whether it was in front of 500
people or 20,000 people, that Shawn didn't give it 110 percent, to steal the
show. Those things, the qualities that made Shawn Michaels what he was, are the
same qualities that basically put him in the situation he has now. His back's
bad, he's had some discs fused in his lower back. I don't think at this point
Shawn wants to take that risk."

On the Horsemen:
"I think that Dean and Chris have stepped up in the tag division. I think with
Mongo out of action, whatever you want to call it, there needs to be somebody
placed in that position. Of course it has to be somebody with strength. In a
perfect world, I'd love to have Sid back, but due to the situation that happened
before, that's probably never going to happen."

On the departure of Torrie Wilson:
"The biggest problem she has is, she has an agent that is very difficult to work
with. He's calling our production people saying, 'she's not being shot right'
and so on and so forth. She's a sweet girl, and she was an asset when we used
her, but there's enough headaches in this business without having another
headache. There's a ton of beautiful women out there that are looking for an
opportunity to be part of a top ranked cable network show."
Reported by Chris Woodward & Dave Scherer at:

Mark Madden revealed on the 4/16 edition of WCW LIVE that Dave Meltzer has
stated that Jim Cornette will be sent down to Power Pro Wrestling, based in
Memphis, TN. He will still be a WWF employee, and will work as a heel manager
and help with the development of the younger and newer talent. Even with the
limited exposure, I'm excited that Cornette will be given the chance to manage
again, especially in an environment so well suited to his style. While I may
agree that the heel manager routine is dated, nobody does it nearly as well as
Reported by Michael Tavares at:

Giant Baba 's Farewell Ceremony was held at Nippon Budokan in Kudan-shita,
Tokyo from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. The Destroyer (Dick Beyer), Lord James
Blears, Stan Hansen, Vader, Gary Albright, Johnny Ace, Johnny Smith, the Head
Hunters, and all the Japanese wrestlers, office workers, and their families
attended the ceremony. The live orchestra played solemn classical music. About
28,000 fans came and called to express condolences from
10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

I confirmed New Japan's president Seiji Sakaguchi, FMW's president Shoichi Arai,
Hayabusa, Jado, Gedo, Tarzan Goto, The Great Kabuki, Great Kojika, all of Big
Japan's wrestlers, and Killer Khan attended the ceremony.
Reported by Masanori Horie at:

Brad Armstrong recently renewed with WCW, and the bookers are trying to figure
out a gimmick for him. There was speculation that Armstrong would join his
brother Road Dogg in the WWF, which may have been a good career move. Armstrong
is one of the more underrated workers in the business, and can make an impact in
the Cruiserweight division if his credibility is restored.
Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch

To subscribe to The Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20 issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis, MN 55420

At the bottom of, the official web page of Chris
Jericho, is the message: "WE
ARE NOT CLOSING DADDIO !!!!!!". While I'm not
sure what the ultimate fate of the site will be, this certainly raises more
Reported by PrincssGil

Reported on
As he was getting set to head to
Vancouver, BC, Canada, for Friday’s World
Wrestling Federation Live Event, Stone Cold Steve Austin was hit by a car at the
San Antonio Airport.

Austin was walking from the parking garage to the terminal when the automobile
struck him. Stone Cold was able to somewhat move out of the way, so the
collision wasn’t as bad as it possibly could have been. However,
Austin was
knocked up on the hood of the car and down to the pavement.

Needless to say,
Austin was not happy with the careless driver. The World
Wrestling Federation Champion was able to get up right away and signal for the
driver to pull over, however, his wish was ignored as the driver just sped off.
Stone Cold was able to get the license plate, so an investigation is pending.

We want you all to know that Stone Cold Steve Austin is okay…but you have to
believe he will not be a happy camper when he steps in the ring at Backlash to
take on The Rock for the World Wrestling Federation Championship.
Reported by & EndlesMind
You are invited to compete in a Worldwide Internet Wrestling Trivia Competition,
consisting of ten rounds of ten wrestling trivia questions, running over five
weeks. The questions are all concerned with the WWF, spanning between
Wrestlemania 5 and present, with a broad range of general knowledge questions.
To secure you place in the league, email Nate@xxxxcxxxc...

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WCW reads like a tragedy
Sunday, April 18, 1999
By Mike Mooneyham
Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman may have burned down Atlanta in 1864, but its a
triumvirate - Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash - with the matches this
time around. Unlike
Sherman's quick march to the sea, however, this ruinous
rampage has been a work in progress.

World Championship Wrestling, which for nearly two years enjoyed a previously
unfamiliar position as the top wrestling promotion in the country, is beginning
to sink under its own dead weight. And, while business remains generally strong,
the company is showing the strains of a wrestling war that it is decisively

The story behind the gradual decline of WCW reads more like a tragedy. All the
main characters were masterfully - and strategically - put into place. The man
(Ric Flair) who meant most to the fans and was the heart of the organization was
trashed, deposed and eventually lured back, but a banana peel was put in his
path to restoring company supremacy. The man (Kevin Nash) who would be king
found it more politically expedient to join the king (Hulk Hogan) rather than
oppose him and was given the book to carry out the king's dirty work. The
emperor (Eric Bischoff), who discovered that it was no longer fun watching the
ratings come in on Tuesdays, merely watched as his empire slowly burned.

Oddly enough, Dusty Rhodes, who is no stranger to burning down territories, was
enlisted as an assistant booker to oversee the devastation. And ironically, it
was Rhodes who was perhaps more responsible than anyone in the company for the
formation of WCW, since it was Rhodes who sent Jim Crockett's NWA spiraling into
bankruptcy in the late '80s and paved the way for Ted Turner's buyout of that

And, God bless him, Ric Flair risked his sterling career and reputation to bail
out a company that had betrayed him. Like so many times before, he returned like
the knight in shining armor, pumping new life into the promotion and giving the
fans some of the greatest moments in the history of the organization.
Ultimately, though, the opposition would prove to be too great. Not from the
WWF, but from within his own ranks, from Hogan and his minions whose personal
success seem to be contingent upon others' failure.

Ric Flair did everything he was asked to do - and more. He gave impassioned,
straight-from-the-heart interviews. He jobbed to lesser talents when it was good
for business. He even reverted to heel in an attempt to do what many thought was
impossible - turn Hogan back babyface. Flair's presence alone seemed to
revitalize the heretofore uninspired Sting last week on Nitro, and he also paved
the way for Randy Savage's return.

But hold on, you ask, what about the sellout crowds and the big pay-per-view
numbers, and the record-setting revenue?

One need only look back at history for a clue. The Titanic may have been
sinking, but all the while the band was playing and the deck chairs were being
arranged. The party went on. Looks can be deceiving.

The past several months of Monday night ratings battles have offered more than a
glimpse of the changing tide in the wrestling war. While ratings don't
necessarily ensure success at the box office and on pay-per-view, they do
provide a fairly accurate barometer by which to measure the overall health of a
promotion. And, while both companies have thrived during this pro wrestling boom
period, WCW seems to have become the victim of its own success.

WCW, with arguably the greatest array of talent in the history of an American
wrestling promotion, initially rode the wave of that talent on Nitro and mixed
it well with its older division of established stars. Little by little, though,
Hulk Hogan began to demand more air time - at the expense of WCW's younger

Sting, with one of the biggest buildups in the history of wrestling, was in
position to become the game's top draw in 1998, but instead foundered in a
colorless new role upon his return. Bret Hart, with a multimillion-dollar
contract in hand and coming off of the infamous WWF double-cross, was set to
become a major player in WCW, but now is little more than an irritating whine in
the distance who has been devalued and relegated to the damaged goods
department. Even Bill Goldberg, WCW's meal ticket for the future, has taken a
back seat despite being the promotion's top star.

It also has been disconcerting to watch WCW's once-solid announcing crew sink to
its present level of confusion and disarray. Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and
Bobby Heenan seem to have been thrown into the same paranoic pit, and
unfortunately their mutual mistrust often has surfaced in their commentary, so
much that Tenay was bumped from Nitro to Thunder to work exclusively with Larry
Zbyszko. The behind-the-scene squabbles and on-air bickering, however, are
reflective of a much bigger problem.

WCW, with its proverbial foot on the rope, has lost its heart. As the WWF
domination increases and the WCW morale sinks lower, with no end in sight, the
locker-room rumblings grow louder. Performers who opted to sign lucrative
contracts rather than build their careers elsewhere are now having second
thoughts about their choices. Some whose contracts are coming up for renewal are
looking in other directions. Even money has its limits.

Chris Jericho, considered one of the game's hottest young properties, is looking
elsewhere despite a big-money offer to remain in WCW. One of WCW's top workers,
Chris Benoit, has been jobbed into oblivion and is not viewed by management as a
legitimate heavyweight contender.

Many disenchanted WCW performers now subscribe to a conspiracy theory that Hulk
Hogan and Kevin Nash are putting themselves over at the expense of other WCW
talent, securing a base of power strong enough to repulse any opposition, all
the while waiting to jump off the foundering ship, ready to board a WWF life
raft that will steer them back into familiar waters and eventually deliver them
to the promised land.

There have been some silver linings to the dark clouds hovering over WCW.

Steve Borden's life changed dramatically last September when the wrestler known
as Sting became a born-again Christian. Scott Hall, who for the past year had
earned a well-deserved reputation as wrestling's "bad boy" and was considered
the most likely to follow the path of the late Brian Pillman, followed Sting's
lead instead and now is walking a different walk as well.

Ric Flair has continued to produce memorable moments. Billy Kidman, Juventud
Guerrera and Rey Mysterio Jr. stand atop a group of ultra-talented
cruiserweights. Charles Robinson, who has emerged as WCW's top referee, is
showing potential of being an entertaining storyline character as well.

But give credit where credits due. WWF boss McMahon has had a major hand in the
ratings turnaround.

"We used a better mousetrap," he says.
Who knew it would be so easy?

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham@xxxxcxxxc.... More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
WCW House Show Results for April 17th, 1999
Prince Iakea d. Mike Enos
Norman Smiley d. Barry Horrowitz
Horace d. Al Green
Kidman & Mysterio d. Benoit & Malenko
Bam Bam Bigelow laid down (literally) for Konnan
Rick Steiner vs. Meng went to a double DQ
Ric Flair d. Disco Inferno
Reported by Stephen McKee (smck20@xxxxs...)
SHOW RESULTS (Contains Spoilers, skip to be surprised)
ECW TV Taping, April 17th in Buffalo, NY at the Bert Flickinger Center
Balls/Axl beat Guido/Sal E.

Nova/Chetti vs. Doring/Skull Von Krush - (Doring picks up the mic during the
and mocks Taz, who then comes out and destroys all 4 men, and then Spike's music
comes on)

Taz beats Spike Dudley

Lynn & S. Crazy beat Credible/Storm

D-Von beat RVD (Dudleys get the Tag Titles)

Tajiri beat Rhino Richards

Dreamer beat Corino

New Jack beat Mustafa

***D-Von/RVD went through 4 refs, Bubba interfered throughout, RVD kicked out
of the 3D, D-Von kicked out of Split Legged Moonsault, 5*Frog Splash and
VanDaminator, D-Von won with a Super 3D from the top
***Corino/Dreamer had about 20 minutes of mic time, Corino had some real good
lines and furthured his technical wrestling angle
***Doring also had about 10 minutes of mic time and was on the mic during his
match, ripped on fans, awesome mic work
***Taz said "He's cut through every opponet like OJ cut through his Ex-Wife",
which got a huge pop
***Some fan put a
JOB Squad shirt in Rhino Richards face, he took it and the guy
threw a fit, and he never did get his shirt back.
Reported by JDSVideo
Submitted by reader: NOLIM8SLDR
Now That Duane Gill"berg" has been released by the WWF, what happens to the
Lightheavyweight Championship. We could have a scenario like the one with Ric
Flair & the WCW Championship belt, and the WWF in 1991 (just in case you don't
know what I am talking about check out any tape with Flair from 1991... He was
the "Real Worlds Champion").
Submitted by reader: JlBt911
Here are some mock matches involving WWF & WCW stars:

MAIN EVENT: In A Microwave Ladder Match
*Hollywood Hogan vs *Ric Flair
- In this match, a microwave will be suspended high above the ring, and a ladder
will be made available. The object is to climb the ladder to get the microwave,
activate it, and set off your opponents pacemaker, effectively incapacitating

*Steve Austin vs *Goldberg
- Here, there will be three containers of turtle wax in the ring. The object is
to wax your opponents head to the point where the waxer can see his face in it.

*Droz vs *Bam Bam Bigelow vs *Perry Saturn
- Each man will have a laser machine. The object is to rip off your opponents
clothing and use the laser to remove their tatoos. The last man with a tatoo
left wins.

*Diamond Dallas Page vs *Curt Henning
- 2 of the curliest SOB's around. Each opponents hair will be straightened
before the match. First man to curl the other man's hair to its original look

*Scott Steiner vs *Hardcore Holly
- Each man will have bleach and #20 peroxide in their possesion. The object is
to blonde the other man's hair so much that it becomes white. First man to turn
the other man's hair white, wins.

*Scott Hall vs *Bret Hart vs *Kidman
- Matches will be provided. The object is to set the other wrestlers hair
ablaze on the grease that is already in it, until no hair remains. Last man with
hair wins.

*Road-Dogg & Badd Ass vs Jeff Jarrett & Sunny Onoo
- This is such a mismatch, but its just a basic one with the winners declared
the kings of the double consonant. Debra McMichael will be on hand, but she
will not be dealing with double consonants. (double D chest size,maybe.)

*Gillberg vs Lenny Lane
- This is just a hoot. First man to get pinned, wins!

*Konnan vs Kane
- Good Ole JR Jim Ross will referee, Steve Williams will be barred.

*Too Much vs *Mark Henry & Val Venis
- I'm not saying what the object of this match is...lets just say that Too Much
are the heavy favorites given the circumstances.

*Owen Hart vs *Rick Steiner
- Is there any explanation to why both respective stars families abandoned them?
This is a steel cage match, and the winner will still not be able to function
without their family.

*Saturn & Raven vs *Mosh & Thrasher
- The losers have to wrestle Too Much later that evening for obvious reasons.
Submitted by reader: hbk_dhc
I've been thinking about something lately. Did you ever notice that when a tag
team breaks up, one member becomes a superstar and the other's career goes down
the toilet? Some of the best examples are the Rockers, the Smoking Gunns, and
the Hart Foundation. In The Rockers, when they broke up, Shawn Michaels became
I-C, Tag, and World Champion. After a short feud, Jannetty did nothing. He is a
WCW preliminary wrestler now. Billy Gunn is now a very successful singles and
tag wrestler. And where's Bart, alone? Nowhere. In the Hart Foundation, Bret
became a main eventing World Champ. Niedhart struggled to be a midcarder. And in
all of these cases, neither man was ever said to be carrying the team. As a
matter of fact, it was sometimes said Jim carried the Hart Foundation. Just kind
of an interesting topic.
DPW ***Dixie Pro Wrestling*** Results From April 17, 1999
at the National Guard Armory in Maryville, TN
*Cruiserweight Championship*
"Crazy" Bobby B. pinned The Delaware Destroyer at 10:12 to retain his title in a
no-disqualification contest.

*Tag Team Championship*
Night Stalkers pinned U.S. Marshalls at 12:06 to retain their titles.

Biohazard defeated Tennessee Hillbilly at 8:42 when the Hillbilly was knocked

*4-Man Elimination Match to Determine the
DPW U.S. Championship*
Jungle Jim outlasted White Scorpion, Big Daddy and Andy Savage. He pinned the
Scorpion at 18:22 to win the belt.

Master Mayhem pinned Mike Blade at 21:25.

*Special Grudge Match Main Event* Jerry Lee pinned Eric Rose at 9:53.

DPW News***
DPW returns to Maryville, TN on May 15 at Alnwick Community Center.
Reported by Jason Dickson (JayBD71295) and Matt Baldwin
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