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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 220

Date:  Monday April 19th, 1999  9:57 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

I caught The Rock's appearance on the 4/19 edition of ABC's 'The View'. He
stayed completely out of character and spoke with great affection for his wife
of two years. The host's treated him with respect and Duane Johnson was a
great ambassador for the business. Soft spoken, he showed exactly why he is
considered the future icon, showstopper, main eventer, etc. (you get the

The Brian Pillman Memorial Card has been revamped due to some talent
shuffling.... the main event will now have Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan taking
on Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (with special ref Mark Curtis). Mankind vs.
D-Lo Brown and Al Snow vs. Road Dogg are two other feature matches. Jim Ross
and Steve Austin had both wanted to appear on the card as well, but have been
pulled due to other engagements.

I encourage anyone in the midwest to come to Cinci on May 19 for the big show,
and encourage folks elsewhere to support the Pillman Fund any way they can.
More info is available at:
Reported by Online Onslaught at:

The Living Legend Bruno Sammartino has accepted the position of Commissioner for
the NAWA Federation. He will be on the 'Rebirth of the NAWA' show on May 20th
7:30 PM) @ the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY . Check out their
webpage for further information:
Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos at

courtesy of The Blue Meanie's
AOL Folder
"Well where do I begin? (lol) First off, I want to confirm that I have been
released by the World Wrestling Federation. I was informed of this at the Sunday
Night Heat TV in
Lansing, Michigan. I want to first and foremost THANK the World
Wrestling Federation for the opportunity to work for their company. Also I would
like to thank the WWF for allowing me to finish up my dates while I consider my
options. It is deeply appriciated.

I want to thank everyone who emailed me their kind words. I came home today from
along tour to find my mailbox full with emails of best wishes and support.
Especially with those who went as far as to make a Save Meanie website. I can't
thank you enough.

But for now I want to AGAIN thank you all for your support and let's see where
the wave takes me this time around.
Reported by Curt Creighton at:
If you looking for an E-Fed called HWF (Hardcore is what we live for) contact
RAW - APRIL 19, 1999
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with a series of clips highlighting what has been going on
between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) for the past few months.
They culminated in the one of The Rock throwing SCSA off the
Roody Poo Bridge in
Detroit last week and then throwing his custom made WWF Title Belt, The Smoking
Skull, in after him.

We saw the RAW opening and then JR and The King at the announcers desk.

The Rock drove into the arena in a hearse. A Grave had been dug in a mountain of
dirt below the TitanTron with a casket and a picture of SCSA set beside it. The
Rock got into the ring and talked about throwing SCSA and the Belt off the
bridge. He said he was going to bury SCSA's "dead monkey @$$." He went over to
the casket as the crowd chanted "
Austin." He climbed the mountain of dirt up to
the open grave and said he was going to bury SCSA, and couldn't care less if he
drowned last week or not. The crowd again chanted "
Austin." They will meet for
the WWF Title next week at Backlash, with Shane as the Special Referee.

Dear Old Dad (DOD) and Daddy's Little Girl were shown in the WWF studio.

The first match was The Road Dogg v. Owen Hart, accompanied by Debra. Doggie did
his standard bit to a major pop. When Owen and Debra got to the ring, Doggie
offered a Stipulation to the match: If Owen wins, he and Double J (The Canadian
Country) can have he No. 1 contenders spot for the tag team title, however, if
he wins, Debra has to show her "Puppies." The crowd went ape, the King went ape,
Debra didn't seem too concerned. Throughout he match, The King made Dog Jokes
and rooted for Doggie. The crowd chanted "Nugget" at Owen. Doggie won with a
Pump Handle Slam. The King salivated at the thought of Debra showing them off.
As she started to remove her jacket, Double J raced in and stopped her (Damn).
He instantly became the most unpopular man in
Winner - Road Dogg
Losers - Every man in

The Undertaker was backstage with The Fat Man and the Acolytes, Bradshaw and
Farooq. He told them they were his instruments of Destruction, that he didn't
have time for The Brood and not to fail him.

The next match was a tag team event pitting The Acolytes, Bradshaw and Farooq,
v. The Brood, Edge and Gangrel, accompanied by fellow Brood member Christian.
Prior to the match we saw clips from last week of Christian being destroyed by
The Big Show, The 'Taker attempting to sacrifice him, and The Brood breaking
from The Ministry Of Darkness MOD, because of it. It was power v. speed and a
brutal match that could have gone either way. Nutso stormed into the ring and
blasted Bradshaw with a baseball bat, allowing Edge to pin him. This will not
please The 'Taker. I smell retribution.
Winners - The Brood
Losers - The Acolytes, or at least soon to be

Backstage, The Undertaker was really
PO'd backstage at the Acolytes losing. The
Fat Man tried to tell him it wasn't their fault. He wasn't very receptive..or
forgiving. I hate to say I told you so.

After a commercial, we saw The Acolytes trying to explain to The 'Taker that it
wasn't their fault. Wrong!! Visera raced in and joined The 'Taker in kicking
their @$$es.

The next match was for the Intercontinental Championship, pitting The Godfather,
who came in with four Ho's v. Hardware Holly. The Godfather did his "Pimping
Ain't Easy" bit to a nice pop. He didn't offer Holly the Ho's. Do you think he
knows something we don't? Holly tried to turn the match into a Hardcore Match
but the referee stopped him. However, the referee was knocked out and Holly used
a metal tray, a broom, and a chair. The Godfather kicked the chair into his face
(A God-Inator?) and went for the pin. Goldust raced down and pulled him off and
to the floor. Al Snow was next in and nailed Holly with Head, knocking him
silly. The Godfather pinned him and then went after Goldie.
Winner - The Godfather - Retains the IC Title

The 'Taker was backstage talking to Midian on the phone. He asked him "is
everything in Place? and warned him not to fail him or he would pay "penance."

We again saw DOD and DLG waiting to talk.

We saw The Rock getting a shoeshine from a fine young thing.

The next match was a No Holds Barred Match between Nutso and The Bossman. Prior
to the match we saw a clip from last week of The Corporation kicking Nutso's
@$$. Nutso raced up the ramp to meet The Bossman and they fought on the floor
for a while. The match was very high impact. The Bossman looked as good as
anytime I can remember, however, took a Hurricanrana, a belly to-back Suplex and
got his fat @$$ pinned. The 'Taker appeared on the TitanTron and asked Nutso if
he knew where Ryan was. He said she was in a motel room on the Interstate, in
room 223. Nutso took of running as The 'Taker laughed about it.
Winner - Nutso, or is he?

Rodney and Pete Gas of The Mean Street Posse (MSP) joined the announcers for the
next match. It was Triple H, with Chyna v. Mankind. Prior to the match we saw a clip
from last week of the MSP going to the Boiler Room at Shane's request and
getting both their @$$es kicked by Mankind. When asked about it, they said we
only saw the last piece of footage, that they had whipped Mankind. Yo guys, get
that Gold Needle out of your arms, you couldn't beat Mankind if you had a Uzi
with you. The made fun of Mankind throughout the match. Chyna nailed Mankind
with a cheap shot and Body Slam when he was sent to the floor. When Mankind took
Mr. Socko out, Chyna grabbed his legs and crotched him on the ring post. The
MSP, Test and The Bossman came in and pounded Mankind. Triple H brought a chair in
and was about to deliver The Pedigree to Mankind on it when The Big Show came
into the ring. He Choke Slammed Test as the rest of them took off like
cockroaches when the lights go on. Mankind thanked The Big Show, but reminded
him they have a date in the Boiler Room at Backlash.
Winner - Mankind, By DQ
Loser - Test

We saw The Rock outside the arena talking to someone on the phone, while
standing at his new
Lincoln. He crowed about what he did to SCSA last week.

The next match was Bad @$$ v. Double J, accompanied by Debra and her "Puppies."
Bad @$$ told JJ he had cheated the people out of their T&A and said after he
beat him, Debra will put on a T&A show. The crowd loved it. The King went into
his Dog routine again. Bad @$$ did his "Suck It" bit to a nice pop. Owen came to
ringside, which didn't please The King. I wasn't too happy either. Owen tripped
Bad @$$ and this brought Road Dogg to ringside. The referee tried to send him
back, but he stood there. The crowd chanted "Nugget." The crowd were all "Dog
Lovers." Owen got involved again and The Dogg stopped him. Bad @$$ hit a Neck
Breaker and Debra got up on the apron and opened her jacket to show him her bra.
He looks and them mooned her. He then hit JJ with The Fame@$$er. Debra came into
the ring and removed her jacket. She was about to remove her bra, but JJ again
spoiled our fun. He had best not walk past any dark alleys.

There was no winner announced

We again saw DOD and DLG waiting to talk.

The Rock was in his dressing room when a foxy technician called him for a
scheduled interview. He told her he was practicing his Eulogy for SCSA and ran
her off.

The next match was The Big Show v. Visera, a match of two 500+ pounders. Visera
was doing well for himself until he got his neck caught in The Show's hand. The
lights went out and The 'Taker came to the ring accompanied by Fat Boy. The
'Taker got into the ring and face-to-face with The Show. They went at it and had
each other by the throat until Visera returned and made it 2-On-1. Mankind
charged in and The 'Taker took off. Mankind held Visera and The Show introduced
his face to his size 20 (?) boot.

There was no winner announced

Once again we saw DOD and DLG waiting to talk.

We saw a clip from last week of Shane taking over the WWF and "The Slap Heard
Around The World."

Michael Cole talked with DOD and DLG. DOD said he was always proud of Shane
until last week. He said he was away much of the time that Shane was growing up
and regrets that. DLG sad she doesn't know what to make of Shane's actions and
feels safe around DOD, who has protected her.

Technicians came in and told DOD that something /someone was in the parking lot.
Yelling "that SOB," DOD raced out and found Midian there. He pounded on Midian
and then tried to back a car over him. Midian got out of the way, got into the
car and raced off and DOD yelled at him.

Val Venis came to the ring and did his "Hello, Ladies" bit to a big pop. It
wasn't clear why he was there. Sable came to the ring and told the crowd to
"stop begging, there will be no Grind tonight." She announced that in two week
she would be doing another Playboy and promised that it would be hotter than the
first one (is that possible?)

Ivory stormed to the ring with D-Lo Brown trailing. She jumped Sable and we had
a cat fight in progress, only problem was Sable didn't fight back much. Val and
D-Lo fought on the floor. Mr./Ms./? Nicole Bass came in and pulled Ivory off and
blasted her into the next area code with a Choke Slam. Sable then stomped her
and told her "I'm Sable, you can't do that to me."

The Rock came to the grave to start SCSA's funeral service. We again saw the
clip of The Rock throwing SCSA off the bridge. He went to the ring carrying a
picture of SCSA with him. The crowd chanted "Rocky Sucks." The Rock delivered
his Eulogy, dissing SCSA as only he can. He said we may not get the answer to
"Life's Eternal Question," would SCSA's Roody Poo @$$ fit in the coffin. Since
SCSA wasn't there, he said he would wait until Backlash to bury him, but would
have to bury something else instead. He opened his jacket to reveal the Smoking
Skull Belt!! He said he was going to bury that instead of SCSA.

SCSA drove up to the arena in a
3:16 Monster Truck and then moved The Rock's
brand new Lincoln to the center of the parking lot. Yup, he drove the Monster
Truck over it twice, destroying it, while The Rock went insane. He then drove
the Monster Truck into the arena and the crowd went wild. he got up on the hood
and had a cold one. He then drove it over the hearse, destroying it also.

The Rock raced down and jumped SCSA, but SCSA beat the crap out of him. He took
him up the burial mound and blasted him with the Belt, knocking him into the
open grave. SCSA stood tall above the grave and drank a cool One and also poured
one on The Rock. Shane came up from behind and nailed him with a board, knocking
him silly as the program ended.
WCW House Show, April 18th, 1999 at the Ice Palace in Tampa Bay, FL
Norman Smiley pinned Horace
Konnan pinned The Disco Inferno
Rick Steiner pinned Bam Bam Bigelow
Jimmy Hart defeated Bubba the Love Sponge (a local radio dj) via
Rey Mysterio Jr. & Kidman defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson)
when Mysterio pinned Malenko
Bill Goldberg pinned Meng
Randy Savage (w/Gorgeous George) pinned Ric Flair
Reported by Chip Michalski & Georgiann Makropoulos at
Submitted by reader: BevyFLA
SAMJERRY doesn't think much about Ivan Koloff but he obviously doesn't know
what he's talking about...

I saw Ivan as the semi-main at a sub-indy show in
Princeton, W.Va, in 1998. He
was the primary draw though Italian Stallion wrestled the main event because he
was promoting. It was in a small gym with maybe 500 in attendance. But the
Koloff juiced in a Russian strap match. And he worked harder than anyone on the
card. I couldn't believe his effort. OK, then after the Italian Stallion match
they announced a battle royal. Out come the wrestlers -- and here comes Koloff
with a blood soaked towel wrapped around his head. And then he got tossed over
the top rope.

The man who was a legend worked like crazy -- twice as hard as any of the others
kids on the card.
West Virginia 4/17/99 Attendance: 237
New Dimension Wrestling for Black Mountain Championship Wrestling, Oak Hill, at
the Patteson Armory, Bama Slamma pinned Dave Pain ...Pitbull defeated Tonto
Braveheart...Brute Shooter & Tears wrestled to a no-contest...Torture King
pinnedTroy Graham...Beastmaster Rick Link defeated Punchy McGee...Brute Force
w/Jim Hawkins defeated Jimmy Valiant & Tony Spadaro.
BMCW announced a return date of Fri., June 11, 1999

West Virginia 4/16/99 Attendance: 294
New Dimension Wrestling, Bluefield, at the Bluefield Auditorium, Super Mario
pinned The Executioner...Joey Morton defeated Johnny Flash...Dave Pain pinned
The Chiropractor...Brute Shooter defeated Roger Hamm...Beastmaster Rick Link
defeated Troy Graham...Rikki Nelson pinned Jimmy Valiant...Roger Hamm won a
battle royal.
New Dimension Wrestling announced a return date of
Sat., June 12, 1999.

New Dimension Wrestling Rankings: (as of
April 19, 1999)
Champion: Rikki Nelson
1. Tully Blanchard 6. Ricky Morton
2. Venom 7. Mr. Excellent
3. Rick Link 8. Surge
4. Manny Fernandez 9. Gravedigger
5. Dirty White Boy 10. Brute Shooter

New Dimension Wrestling Schedule (thru May)
April 23, 1999 Columbia, SC Capital City Stadium
April 24, 1999 Columbia, NC Columbia High School,
Sat., May 1, 1999 Binghamton, NC Municipal Stadium
May 15, 1999 Philadelphia, PA ECW Arena, 8:00p.m.
Sat., May 15, 1999 Richmond, VA Show Place, 8:00p.m.
Sat., May 21, 1999 Burlington, NC Fairchild Center, 8:00p.m.
Sat., May 29, 1999 Lynchburg, VA City Stadium, Time TBA

New Dimension Wrestling News/Gossip
Monday, April 19, 1999
Executive Committee member Chris Plano and NDW Secretary Misty Thompkins
were present at Jimmy Valiant's wrestling camp this past Sunday in
VA. Valiant runs a wrestling camp every Sunday in Shawsville, VA from
12:00p.m.-4:00p.m. For more info. on Jimmy's wrestling camp you can e-mail him
at boogie

-NDW Wrestler Beastmaster Rick Link seperated the shoulder of Punchy McGee this
past Saturday night in
Oak Hill, WV. Link seperated McGee's shoulder after
McGee no showed NDW the night before in
Bluefield, WV to go work for another
wrestling promotion.

-New Dimension Wrestling is gearing up for their debut television taping on
Saturday night, June 5th, in
Thomasville, NC, at the National Guard Armory. New
Dimension Wrestling will tape in
Thomasville once a month for the following
months television shows. The
Thomasville armory will now be known as the NDW
Arena which will act as the home base for the company.

-Look for the following wrestlers to be appearing more with New Dimension
Wrestling both in a television and house show capacity including "The Ghetto
Superstar" Chilly Willy, Toad, Brute Shooter, "Loose Cannon" Gunner, Venom, Cham
Pain, Kid Dynamo, and more.

Visit the NDW wrestling website to get all of the current happenings on the
hottest independent wrestling promotion in the
United States today, New
Dimension Wrestling.
New Dimension Wrestling hotline: 336-882-4921, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
New Dimension Wrestling worldwide website:
For all of the latest news, results, rankings, upcoming shows, merchandise, and
wrestling school visit the hottest independent wrestling website on the web
Or write to:
New Dimension Wrestling,
P.O. Box 10211, Greensboro, NC 27404-0211.
New Dimension Wrestling merchandise: Mail payment to NDW P.O. Box address,
e-mail at CPlano or call 336-882-4921. T-shirts, hats, and videos,
calenders, pens, are for sale at reasonable prices!!!
NDW/T-N-T Hardcore School of Wrestling, Rick Link, Instructor, call
336-218-7677, 336-882-4921 or e-mail at CPlano. Serious applicants only
need apply. Training to be wrestlers, managers, valets, and referees.
Andy Durham Sports Show, every Tuesday night on 950AM WPET, Greensboro, with you
hosts Andy Durham & Bruce Mitchell, 7:00 p.m.
Ripley Von Slam's Slamfest, every Tuesday night on 89.3FM WSOE, Burlington, NC,
That's all for today!!!!
Chris Plano
New Dimension Wrestling, LLC
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