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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 223

Date:  Thursday April 22nd, 1999  8:53 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Hollywood Hogan is filming another movie destined for home video release. The
title is Muppets in Space and Hogan's character is called M.I.B. The filming is
supposedly ongoing and the release is set for this fall. The basic story is that
Gonzo wants to find his way home so the Muppets volunteer to help him out. Most
of the film is being shot in
Wilmington, NC. Other notables in the film are Ray
Liota and Andie McDowell.The Hogan movie is coming out in July and you can watch
the trailer in Real Video at
Reported by Warren Davis & Dave Scherer at:

The 4/17 edition of WCW Saturday Night did a 2.1 rating (not a healthy number).
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

There is substantial talk that ticket sales for the 5/3 Fukuoka International
Center show for New Japan are really lacking and that the Gen'ichiro Tenryu vs.
Keiji Mutoh IWGP Title match may become a double-title match with the J1
Rikidozan belt now on the line.
Reported by Zach Arnold at:
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In our last Episode, we left our hero hanging from the Unemployment Line by his
fingernails. The Evil Emperor had just fired him and cast him into The Sea Of

Item: The Blue Meanie has been rehired by The WWF: Last week The Blue Meanie was
one of a handful of wrestlers let go by The WWF. Almost immediately, a Web Site
and Write-in campaign was begun by his fans to try to get The WWF to reconsider.
This effort has been successful because he has been rehired. It is apparent that
the fans convinced Emperor Vince that The Blue Meanie was worth keeping. Much to
his/their credit, The WWF/The Emperor listened to the fans. However, I suspect
that the gracious way The Meanie handled the situation played a major role.
Rather than bitching and moaning about his dismissal, The Meanie was very
gracious in thanking The WWF for the opportunity they gave him to work there. Do
you think had he blasted them, they would have taken him back, even with our
support? Had he taken the low road, he would have had less of a chance then
there would be of Paul Bearer or Joel Gertner not finishing their Happy Meals.

Item: Rick Rude passed away: RTSC joins wrestling fans everywhere in mourning
the passing of a true legend, Rick Rude. Rude's style set a standard that many
have emulated. I know he will be watching from that big ring in the sky. We will
miss you.

Item: The British Bulldog is responding to treatment: The news on The Bulldog is
that he is responding very well to the antibiotic regimen and his staph
infection is under control. It now appears that the surgery to install a metal
plate in his back won't be necessary and we may see him back in the ring in the
future. As you know, in a real class act, Good King Eric (GKE) fired The Bulldog
as he lay seriously ill in his hospital bed. The latest is that GKE has had a
change of heart and has told The Bulldog that his job is waiting for him when he
recovers. While it is great to see him do it, I (and many others) question
whether he did it as a purely altruistic gesture, or because of the reaction to
his firing of The Bulldog. Judging by some of his other class moves, like firing
X-Pac via Federal Express, his actions are suspect. Who know, maybe a leopard
can change his spots.

Item: Psychosis wins the WCW Cruiserweight Title: While it is good to see a hard
worker finally rewarded for his efforts, it reinforces my dislike for Titles
changing hands in Three Way Dances and Four Corner Matches. Psychosis won the
Title by pinning Blitzkrieg, while the previous champion Rey Mysterio Jr., out
on the floor. The only way a champion should ever lose the title is if he is
pinned or submits. This plain sucks. Mysterio didn't lose, Blitzkrieg did. It
looks to me like WCW wanted the Title to change hand and still not have Big
Soxy's little buddy job. What we saw was a very entertaining match, with a suck
@$$ ending.

Item: The Dudley Boyz win the ECW Tag Team Championship: Adding to their record
number of times they have held the Title, The Dudley Boyz are once again ECW Tag
Team Champions. There is only one problem with it. The Dudley Boyz didn't win
the Title in a Tag Team Match, they won it when D-Von Dudley defeated Rob "Mr.
PPV" Van Dam in a singles match with one of those dreaded Stipulations. If D-Von
wins the match, The Dudley Boyz win the Title. Of course the only way D-Von
could ever beat Van Dam would be with the help of..who else..Bubba Ray Dudley.
Bubba Ray pulled Van Dam off of D-Von after he nailed him with one of his
Out-Of-The-Lights Frog Splashes. They then wiped Van Dam out with a 3-D,
Death Drop. Stipulations suck!! At least this one did.
Submitted by reader: NashBDC
I'd just like to send best wishes to the family and friends of the late great
Rick Rude; this man was one who really was a driving force in wrestling in the
1980s, and though I never had the privilege of meeting him, from what I have
heard, he was a very nice man. Rude will be sorely missed; this is a sad day in
wrestling history.
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
It is sad to hear about the passing of Rick Rude. Hopefully most will agree
that when they saw Rude, they were getting a pretty good look at one of the top
heel-players in the game. From wrestling the Von Erichs in Texas to his feuds
with Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper in the WWF to doing a hell
of a job working for WCW in the early 90's (check out some of his battles with
Flair when Flair was a face champ), Rude was a damn good interview and one of
the masters of getting heat. May his soul rest in peace.......
Submitted by reader: Andy Laudano (Hitman-Andy)
Wow. The last time I saw Rick was in
San Antonio at the last Nitro from there.
As always he looked to be in perfect health.

I first met him in the hotel bar in Houston Tx. after Halloween Havoc 1993. My
friend Ray and I were sitting with Cactus Jack and waiting for Michael Hayes to
arrive & join us. Rude was sitting at the bar with Paul Orndorff celebrating a
victory over Ric Flair for the WCW International title (formerly the NWA world
title but the NWA dropped recognition of the title before their match). I walked
to the bar and
congratulated him and asked if he wanted to see some old pictures. He put my
scrapbook on the counter and he & Orndorff looked through it.

He saw a pic of himself from his rookie days in the NWA for World Championship
Wrestling from
Georgia that he loved. He asked if I would make a copy for him
and even gave me his home address to send it to. He signed it "Ravishing" Rick
Rood - the real spelling of his last name, which he originally started under. He
signed a few more and then they looked at Orndorff's section and Paul signed
some too. I copied that picture for him and gave it to him in person in
at Fall Brawl. He was really greatful. Shortly after that, an injury in
Japan in a match with Sting ended his career way to soon as he was in his prime.

He came back as an announcer/manager in ECW, WWF and WCW. His
controversial move from WWF to WCW was said to be out of loyalty to Bret Hart
after the infamous screwjob. A class act from a class act. Rest in peace Champ,
we'll miss you. Your legacy will live on every time someone grabs a mic and
yells "Cut the music!"
Submitted by reader: Rickrude01
I would like to comment on the recent death of the man known as Simply Ravishing
Rick Rude. Richard Rood is in my eyes one of the men who brought this industry
to new levels. He was involved in a era where mic skills weren't needed to
survive in the industry but used them anyway. His physical performace and
stamina as well as his body shape proved to be why he was one the best men ever
to enter the industry. I have had his screename for a long time now and I will
continue to keep it for the entire time I have this online account. I'm sure
there is bigger Rick Rude fans than me out there but I will never ever forget
him. I can't imagine how his dad Dick Rood must feel that he lost his son before
he lost his own life.

Rick Rude not only wrestled and became infamous for the Warrior and Jake Roberts
fued but also helped Bobby the Brain Hennan's career in many ways. Alot of newer
fans don't realize that. He was apart of the Heenan family and at some stages
might say one of the main eventers. He wrestled with greats like Harley Race,
Andre, Dick Murdock, and many others. As many wrestlers honor him so do many
fans. I just wanted to pay my own little tribute in my own little way in the
Wrestling Booking Sheet. God rest your soul, Rick Rude, Rood. You will never be
forgotten in the industry and neither in this fans heart.
Submitted by reader: TastyBear aka Big Schwag (TastyBear)
Wow, this is terrible news. I have always have respected Rick Rude in and out
of the ring. I met him about 2 years ago and he took 5 minutes out of his busy
schedule to talk to me about the business at L.A.X. Airport. Damn, I always
invisioned that when I got called up to the Big Time that I would be able to
manage a returning Rick Rude. Big Poppa Pump wishes he had abs like the late
great Ravishing One; gonna miss the guy.
TastyBear aka Big Schwag, The Biggest Manager In Pro Wrestling Today...
Submitted by reader: EVFAIN
I've been a wrestling fan for many years. I can even remember the very first
time I saw wrestling. Even some of the older wrestlers I enjoy watching. Greg
Valentine, Harley Race and Arn Anderson all fall under these categories.
However, I have always considered Rick Rude to be one of the best wrestling
personas ever. So when I hear about his death today, the first thought that came
in my mind was "Crap, this really sucks".

Yes, that is a bit juvenile, I admit. However, in situations like the death of
someone you enjoy watching and you admire, or in other similar situations, I
find it the perfect response. The death of Rick Rude is a terrible thing. The
sport has lost a fine talent, but much more importantly, a terrific person. Its
one of those "why him" questions.

I've met Rick Rude, I watched him live, and have followed his carrier since back
when he became a star and defeated the Ultimate Warrior for the Intercontinental
Title. His
ending line "Take a look... at what a real man should look like" I'll never
forget. Brian Pillman, Louie Spicolli, and now Rick Rude. Is it me, or is there
a lot of death in wrestling today? I am aware that many wrestlers push
themselves beyond their
normal capabilities in the wrestling ring and in training, as well as in their
amazingly packed schedules. But I for one am tired of it. I would have rather
had Shawn Michaels not wrestle at house shows. Maybe that way he would still be
wrestling today. Perhaps if over the years Steve Austin hadn't put so much
pressure on his knee he might be able to do more then a kick and a Stunner. Rick
Rude will be remembered, especially by myself. He was one of the most
entertaining wrestlers the sport has seen in a long time. Val Venus and Scott
Steiner will never compare.
Submitted by reader: Brad Smoley (bsmoley)
Is the WWF getting too comfortable with their ratings domination over WCW? Could
they be suffering from the same over-confident syndrome that Bischoff's World
Championship Wrestling organization was guilty of just a year ago? Could it be?

Yes it could. Now, granted, its only been within the past two weeks where
anyone could debate that WCW's Monday night programming was anywhere close to
competing with the WWF's. And, granted, the WWF has not seen a ratings loss in
close to, what is it now, 24-25 weeks. But, and that's a big BUT, if you noticed
the last few weeks the ratings are beginning to stall for both companies. The
WWF is topping off at around 6 and WCW is leveling out around 4.
NOW is the time
for both companies to grab the fan's attention, and not slip into a tired

If the WWF continues its current trend of "more story, less wrestling" they
might find themselves in a bit of a ratings dip if they aren't careful. I'm not
saying they'll lose, it'll take a lot for that to happen, but if they continue
to sacrifice in-ring-action for skits and interviews they're gonna stray too far
from their base audience, the WRESTLING fans. McMahon has expanded his company's
fan base beyond what it was a year ago (pure wrestling fans) and into pop
culture. Pop culture is defined by youth (try to debate that point, I dare ya)
and Vince has found a way of presenting his product to a greater audience by
redefining it, giving it the "get it?" edge. The rebellious, taboo,
attitude-based edge that American youths love.

Only problem is, when you present your product as 75% attitude, 25% wrestling,
you might begin to alienate your core audience. When you put on a two hour
wrestling show and only have 1/2 hour (25%) of actual wrestling in it (as is the
case in the last two episodes of RAW) you might want to reconsider what kind of
a show you are actually producing, and who you're producing it for. I only say
this because I'm not only a fan of wrestling, but a fan of good TV as well. Some
will argue that the WWF's story lines are greatly detailed and intriguing. I'll
agree with that to a point. I'll agree that they are better than WCW's. Now, if
you want to compare them to almost any other television show's, I say they're
crap. And I only bring this up because the less actual wrestling McMahon puts on
my TV on Monday nights, the more I'm going to start personally rating the
entertainment value of his programming based other
on non-wrestling shows.

Honestly, if Baywatch started doing less running around in skimpy bathing suits
and more story based character development, who the hell would watch that? its
the same thing, stray too far from what got you where you are and you'll find
yourself in trouble.

My point is that although WCW isn't winning the ratings war, they aren't going
out of business either. They've got their fan base (the people who like to watch
WRESTLING on Monday nights) and might begin to steal some of the WWF's if the
WWF continues to produce their cookie cutter, formula based, more talk, less
wrestling shows. All of you die-hard WWF supporters will be pretty pissed if
next year's WrestleMania ends in a 30 minute poorly scripted circus-like comedy
skit and not with a match. (I'm not saying it'll actually happen, but that's the
direction the
WWF's going in. You heard it here first.)

Just a word of warning, if WCW continues to produce great matches every week and
begins to work on their storylines, and if the WWF continues to push story over
wrestling action and begins to get over-confident with their ratings standings
(as WCW did), WWF might find itself losing a lot more than a little ground in
the ratings war.
-The AngstBoy (bsmoley)
Submitted by reader: LaserboyX
In reply to a letter in #221 about the status of Triple H and DX, I'd just like to
say this. I agree that Triple H's arrogance is much better suited to a heel role,
but I do not believe Kane would make a suitable leader (or even MEMBER) of DX.
His angle is completely different, and the "Big Red Machine" would look even
more out of place amongst the ranks of DX then Triple H did. It is times like these
that I miss HBK the most, as he would be the natural choice to take up
leadership of the faction once again. But, since my favorite wrestler of all
time won't ever be returning to the ring, it is time that a new leader is found.
Though Shawn could still lead them...he just would not be able to be in the

X-Pac, in my opinion, would not be able to pull off the role of DX's leader, and
we could very likely see a decline in DX's popularity if such a thing were to
occur. There aren't any wrestlers left suited to be the figurehead of DX, with
exception to perhaps Road Dogg. He's got the mic skills for such a role (even
though hearing the same tripe week after god-awful week does get a bit old), and
his in-ring abilities and showmanship fire the crowd up perhaps even more than
his usual jargin. So, he's got the charisma...I'm just not sure if he has the
attitude. If anyone even CONSIDERS putting Bad Ass Billy Gunn in the leadership
position, I will shoot myself. In my opinion, he is even more out of place
amongst DX than Triple H ever was. A total yokel who wouldn't no degeneration if it
bit him in his bad @$$ in the leadership position would merely make the whole
sect look like a congregation of fools.

Personally..I think its time I focused my full support on the Brood, despite
the fact that they continue to job week after week. With a push, they could
easily be faces or heels, and could garner a good bit of income either way (like
the WWF needs it...).
Submitted by reader: Smithton9
I'd like to start off by saying that this past Monday's Nitro was the best that
I have seen in quite a few months. A great mixture or Cruiserweights, classic
wrestlers like Ric Flair and Roddy Piper, and the ever increasing ring talent of
Bill Goldberg.

But there is something that is quite confusing about one of the storylines of
WCW, and that is, who is the nWo? Are they Black and White, are they Red and
White, or are they the WolfPac? If someone decided to watch Nitro for the very
first time, I believe he (or in my case, she), would be very confused about what
they are watching. Who are the members? What is their goal? Are they heel or

The nWo started off as this anti-WCW faction that had the intent of taking over
the wrestling world. It grew from three members (Hogan, Nash and Hall), and
increased to a number of at least a dozen wrestlers. Then came the WolfPac
split, forming the nWo Black and White, and the nWo Black and Red, where the
WolfPac was a face group.

But now? There is the Black and White, who hang around each other, who have
the role of junior varsity, and we also have the Black and Red, which consists
of faces like Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan, but it also has heels like Scott
Steiner. And can anyone tell me when was time we saw them all come out as a
group? My suggestion to WCW is give the nWo some identity, or drop the
confusing angle all together.
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