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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 224

Date:  Saturday April 24th, 1999

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

By Steve Appy
At this point, the cause of Rick Rude's death is unknown. There is word of
prescription drugs and muscle enhancers, and everybody with a keyboard has their
own theory on what caused his death. While I don't have a clinical diagnosis, I
do cast partial blame on the wrestling business itself.

People are dying, and they are dying at rates unparalleled in any other
profession. Brian Pillman. Eddie Gilbert. Art Barr. John Studd. Kerry Von
Erich. Larry Cameron. Louie Spicoli. With the exception of Studd, none of
these men reached the age of forty. Wrestlers pass out on airplanes and prove
to be difficult to revive. One of WCW's top stars has a bad habit of losing his
temper and lunging at members of the audience (and they aren't plants). Another
top star spends 1998 abusing drugs and crashing his rent-a-cars and ends up
having it incorporated into a storyline. "Surprise" drug tests are
administered, and several neon signs have advanced warning.

Before the 4/15 Thunder and the 4/19 Nitro, Time Warner insisted that WCW test
the talent. Despite massive evidence to the contrary, WCW does not itself feel
that routine, REGULAR drug tests are in order. That said, its fortunate that
WCW is a member of the Time Warner family and outside pressure can be exerted.
Previous drug tests have usually (but not always) been given to low level
talent, and a definite double standard has existed.

The WWF feels no such pressure. In 1991 the WWF instituted a drug testing
policy that they claimed would be the toughest in sports; Wrestlemania 8 quickly
burst that bubble. When Sid was caught substituting a urine sample just weeks
before headlining in the main event, the WWF made their priorities clear: no
suspension, no treatment. Revenue was the key, and a consistent policy wasn’t

At this point, the WWF does not have routine drug testing; wrestlers are tested
for drugs only if a problem is suspected. While many felt that Brian Pillman's
death would change this policy, the WWF had one response: putting Melanie
Pillman on RAW the next night, in a move that may have been as classless as any
in memory.

Of course, drug testing is not infallible. Prescription pain killers (with a
valid prescription, of course) are legal. Louie Spicoli would have passed a drug
test; Human Growth Hormone, steroids far more dangerous alternative, can not be
detected. Somas would be legal; what about alcohol, as dangerous a substance as
any? A drug test is powerless here.

Marijuana would be detected, although it is a far safer substitute for most of
the pain medication that keeps so many wrestlers going. Common sense and
compassion appear to be the answer, both from the boys and the front office.
Mandated treatment is often effective when the signs are that obvious, as they
were with Pillman.

To this day, a large physique is a powerful tool when obtaining a push, with
Scott Steiner as the prime example. As long as a Steiner is pushed above a
Benoit, the companies priorities are crystal clear. I'm afraid that there are
no easy answers and I feel that there will be little forthcoming. Danger signs
were ignored when Pillman died, they were ignored when Spicoli died. How do we
reconcile very real civil liberties issues when people are dying? Will Rick
Rude's death make a dent? Will anybody but his family, friends, and hardcore
fans even remember in a month?
To check out a terrific site dedicated to Tammy Sytch, with some terrific
pictures, go to:

Are you tired of wrestling chat rooms filled to capacity with people who would
rather cuss and insult each other than talk wrestling? Then come to #wcw/wwf on
the chat server. This is a small room on a family-friendly
server for true fans of not only WCW and WWF, but all wrestling. If you have
mIRC you can join by typing / 6667, or type

Visit the symbol of excellence
There is a tribute to the Horsemen and a few other wrestlers (Sandman, Jericho,
Foley to name a few)

Visit the hottest unknown site on the web, found at:

Two of the Best Roleplayers ever, "Mean" Mark Mease and Micheal Andrews, come
and visit there sites, and pay your respect to, two great roleplayers.. Mean
Mark Mease: and Micheal Andrews: , thanks and enjoy...

If anybody has Rick Rude's WCW theme song, please contact JSRacing24
Submitted by reader: Scott Levison (z800525a)
Since it seems everybody has wriiten about Rick's work in World Class, NWA/WCW
and the WWF, I'd like to share my memories of Rude when he worked for the

I first saw Rick Rude work in '85 when I moved to
Florida...he and Jesse Barr
held the tag titles and the Ravishing One held the Southern title. At the live
cards I attended, he generated a lot of heat, but he was a great worker. I had
read about him before then in the mags but when Iactually saw him work...

Rude was great at the mic...when he lost the Southern title to Wahoo McDaniel,
becuse of Kevin Sullivan's interference, his mic work directed at Sullivan was
classic: "Sullivan! You *costed* me my Southern title! I won't forget that, you
nimrod!" (Yes, he used the word "costed.")

Not sure if he actually WROTE it (I bet he didn't), but in a late '85 issue of
The Wrestler there was a article with his byline titled "Why I Am Simply
Ravishing." Funny article...made me laugh as I read it. How many people realize
that Rick Rude was the first tag team partner of Lex Luger??????

I only wish I had the opportunity to just meet the man and maybe toss a few
beers with him and just talk about the biz...
Rest In Peace, did us all proud!
Scott Levison
Submitted by reader: Rik65
Just a quick note on Rick Rude..................
I never actually met the man, but back in 1990 when he was with the WWF they
came to the UTC Arena in
Chattanooga. At that time I worked security for events
there and was working the concourse that night. They were shooting for the
Saturday Night Main Event and the other syndicated shows. The crowd was packed
and loud. At one point during the evening, I went just outside of the doors
where several people were hanging over the rails looking below to the main floor
(back) entrance. They were watching wrestlers come in and out.

When I stepped to the rail, Rick Rude emerged from the doors below and went to a
car parked just by the doors. A girl a few feet away began yelling at him for
an autograph as he was loading his car to leave. He looked up and waved, said
he had to go. She kept pleading and he said if she would run down there he
would give her a hug and kiss. It didn't take her long to get there and she
hugged and kissed him on the cheek. He chatted for a second with her and waved
at all the other people leaning over the rail (not many there since show was
still going on) and talked to them as well. He never once seemed put off that
these people were wanting to interact with him as he was trying to leave, in
fact he seemed to be in even less a hurry at that point. He could of gotten in
his car and drove off, ignoring everyone, yet
took the time.

Everytime I would see him on TV after that playing the heel with that great
pre-match run down of the crowd ("You backwoods, tobacco-chewing,
red necks"), I would think of how nice the guy really was to a few fans off
camera, as a real person.
Submitted by reader: SKiTTLZ678
The whole world, even outside of wrestling has been filled with tragedy. The
Columbine H.S. shooting, I'm sure you've all heard of that. People in the NY
area know of the Diallo killing, and the Kosovo crisis. Keep the world with
peace. And when you turn to
TNT at 8, think of the stern face that you'll never
seen again, and will miss dearly.
Rick Rude, RIP
Submitted by reader: LouieLzrd5
I read the article the other day about the leadership role of Dx, and it brought
up a good point. Who will now take the leadership role in DX? But would it
really be that bad if DX had no leader? Typically stables have always had a
leader to be their figurehead, but were they really that important? In my
opinion yes, but could we all live with a stable without a leader? What role
does the leader play that couldn't be lived without? Handling the mic? All
wrestlers work the mic now. Its not like stable
members need someone to lead them to the ring or get matches for them. Maybe
fans like leaders, I dont know, but in my opinion we could make an exception, it
would keep a lot of people happy.
APRIL 23, 1999 - BUFFALO, NY
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with ECW Owner Paul Heyman in a voice over, telling us that
the lives of Sabu, Rob "Mr. PPV" Van Dam, The Dudley Boyz, Justin Credible and
Lance Storm would change during the program.

After the regular opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position and said
that the New York State Athletic Commission has confiscated all of their tapes
and taping equipment. They are reviewing the tapes to see if they will revoke
Sabu's license. We will hear more later.

The first match was a tag team match pitting "The New and Improved" Full Blooded
Italians (FBI ), Little Guido and Big Sal E. Graziano v. Balls Mahoney and Axl
Rotten, who carried their trusty Acme Chairs to the ring. The "New" FBI may be
"New," they might even be "Improved," but at least they are finally Italian.
Joey referred to Big Sal E. (and I do mean Big, like over 600 pounds, or 2,876
Pepperoni Pizza's) as "The Big Salbowski." After a lot of maneuvering over who
would be begin, Guido started v. Axl. Guido taunted Axl and headed for the
outside while he was still in one piece. When he finally got the onions to get
back in, they exchanged Hammerlocks. Guido had his on and Axl broke it with a
back kick to Guido's "Little Guido's." Axl abused Guido as the crowd chanted "We
want Balls." Axl nailed Guido with a Shoulder Block, followed by an Arm Wringer.
Balls came in and delivered a Leg Drop to Guido's head after Axl took him down
with a Drop Toe Hold. Guido raked Balls' across the eyes and hit him with a Drop
Kick. Big Sal E. hauled his lard @$$ thru the ropes and threw Balls into a
corner and knocked him to the mat using his size. He dared Balls to put him down
and Balls tried unsuccessfully to with a Shoulder Block. Guido kicked balls in
the back as he lay against the ropes. Sal E. planted Balls with a Sidewalk Slam
(or was in a Rome Back Street Cobble Stone Slam?), and followed with a Power
Slam. Guido came back in and applied an Arm Breaker that Balls broke by going to
the ropes. Guido used his speed to repeatedly nails Balls with a series of
Kicks, followed by an Arm Bar and a Leg Drop. Sal E. came in and hit a Side
Slam, went for a cover, but Balls kicked out. Guido came off Sal's shoulders,
but Balls moved and Guido ate the mat. Balls was unable to make the tag and
Guido made him pay with an Elbow Drop to the lower abdomen (the very lower
abdomen). From there Guido applied a Headlock. Balls broke the hold with a
Belly-To-Back Suplex and tagged Axl in. Axl punched away on Guido and took his
head off with a Clothesline. All four men came into the ring, but Guido was
quickly sent to the floor. Balls kicked Sal in his balls (poetic justice I
guess). In came the Acme's and Sal took a major double chair shot, that got us
our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey Baby. From there it was an easy cover as Sal
dreamed of his next plate of spaghetti and meat balls.
Winners - Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten

We saw clips from two weeks ago of Steve Corrino mouthing off about being able
to beat Taz, Taz coming to the ring, Corrino soiling his pants and them offering
Chris Candido as a substitute. This was followed by the match between Taz and
Candido, in which Taz put Candido thru a table with The TazMissionPlex, injuring
his previously broken neck. Taz then threw Candido off the gurney he was being
wheeled away on, dragged him back to the ring and made him tap out to the
TazMisson. See my ECW TV Report of April 9, 1999, for complete details.

Styles followed this up with words that Candido is still out because of the
injury he sustained and it is unclear how long he will be away. He said they are
still for the release of the confiscated tapes.

The next match was from Cyberslam '99, and pitted Popi Chulo v. Taka Michinoku,
and was shown highlight style. Some of the action we saw included: Popi took
Taka down with a move off the ropes, following with a Slam, but missed a 450
Splash. Taka was caught on the top turn buckle with a Hurricanrana followed by a
Spinning DDT. Taka kicked and punched Popi's face. Taka went to the floor. but
caught Popi as he went for a move off the ropes. Taka was caught coming off the
top turn buckle by a Missile Drop Kick. Taka was on the floor and got hammered
by a Somersault Plancha as Popi came over the top rope. Back in the ring, Taka
scored with a Springboard Missile Drop Kick, a Splash, a Hurricanrana and The
Michinoku Driver and got the pin. Taka looked 1,000% better than he did in his
WWF days. Popi Chulo also showed well. It looks like some wrestlers are better
suited for ECW's style than for the WWF's.
Winner - Taka Michinoku

Joey explained the circumstances behind the programs opening, including Sabu's
status, by going over what happened earlier in the evening. He did this with a
series of stills. Tommy Dreamer came to the ring accompanied by Francine to say
that Shane Douglas had been attacked in the locker room by Justin Credible and
Lance Storm. Credible and Storm followed Dreamer in and threatened Francine.
Dreamer tried to protect her, but was pounded with Credible's Singapore Cane.
Tammy Lynn Bytch came in and caned Francine as Credible and Storm held her. This
brought a bunch of wrestlers to the ring, including Jerry Lynn. Credible and
Lynn had a series of matches last year and when Credible spotted Lynn, he called
him out. Naturally Lynn answered, and naturally he was double teamed by Credible
and Storm. Super Crazy got into the ring and an impromptu tag team match (aren't
they always the best kind) got underway. Lynn pinned Credible to win the match,
however, the fun was just beginning. I guess I should say here Winners - Jerry
Lynn and Super Crazy, but that would ruin the story. Anyway, those fun loving
fellows from Dudleyville, D-Von and Bubba Ray, raced in and attacked Lynn and
Crazy. Their mentor and guiding force, Joel "Is anyone going to finish Chicago,
I'm still a little hungry" Gertner dragged his wide @$$ up on the apron and told
Credible and Storm "We owed you a few bucks, but now we're even." They disagreed
and said they wanted the Tag Team Belts in payment. Hey, if you're asking, why
not go for it. Never one to be left out at a party, Van Dam and Sabu's Manager
Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso came down and slightly perturbed because everyone was
aware that Sabu has a fractured jaw and has been prohibited from wrestling. At
this point, Van Dam made his way to the ring and was prepared to take The Dudley
Boyz on by himself. Ever the sportsman, Bubba Ray stepped aside and said that
D-Von could take Van Dam on by himself, however, the Tag Team Titles would be on
the line. Van Dam responded with a foot to Bubba Ray's mouth. I'm sure Bubba Ray
has eaten stranger things than Van Dam's foot, many of which had many more feet
than Van Dam as well.

Joey said they have been given some of the tape back, and that Sabu has been
suspended. It seems that Fonzie had his fractured jaw examined by a doctor from
the State Athletic Commission and was banned from action. Because Sabu got
involved in the Van Dam - D-Von match, he had been suspended.

We saw a short memorial tribute to Rick Rude.

The next match was the Main Event, Rob Van Dam (RVD) (C) v. D-Von Dudley, with
the ECW Tag Team Titles on the line. Bubba Ray, Sign Guy Dudley and Fonzie were
at ringside. The match was picked up in progress. RVD nailed D-Von with a series
of kicks. D-Von answered with a Power Bomb and attempted a pin. He then hit an
Elbow Drop to RVD's tummy, followed by a back Elbow and another pinning attempt.
D-Von pounded RVD in a corner after raking his eyes. After a series of punches
by D-Von, RVD went for a Tumbling Splash, but D-Von avoided it and came back
with a major slam. Fonzie put RVD's leg on the ropes to prevent a pin. D-Von hit
a Leg Drop off the top turn buckle and again went for a pin. After RVD kicked
out, D-Von stomped his head and again punched him repeatedly. RVD came back with
an assortment of kicks, followed by a Scoop and a Slam, a Tumbling Senton
Splash, and went for a pin. RVD reversed an attempt at a DDT and delivered his
patented Split Leg Moonsault. Bubba got up on the apron and blasted the referee
into next month to prevent the pin. Another referee came into the ring (from the
Acme Referee Supply and Eyeglass Co. ?) and took command. D-Von hit an Inverted
DDT and again went for the pin. D-Von was unhappy with the referee's counting
speed and threatened to introduce him to his right fist. RVD recovered and hit a
Leaping Side Kick (that'll teach D-Von to argue with the referee). RVD then air
mailed one of his from-the-lights Frog Splashes (hang time was about 5 seconds).
Bubba Ray pulled the referee out of the ring and introduced him to his right
fist..several times..scratch another referee. A call to Acme and we had our
third referee of the match. D-Von gently landed a low blow and then not so
gently, a Pile Driver. RVD again kicked out. much to the frustration of D-Von.
Bubba ray wasn't exactly ecstatic about it either. The crowd chanted "Sabu." The
ever resilient RVD responded with a Spin Kick and a Drop Kick. After a punch to
the face, he crotched D-Von on the top rope. Can you spell Van Daminator? Fonzie
placed the chair in front of D-Von's face and RVD delivered it. Bubba Ray came
back in and we scratched another referee, as Bubba Ray dropped an elbow on him.
Bubba Ray and D-Von double teamed RVD. Bubba hit him with a Bubba Slam. D-Von
covered him. the first referee awoke and started the count. RVD kicked out.
Bubba Ray held RVD's legs apart, above his head, allowing D-Von to Head Butt him
where it really hurts. They next hit RVD with a combination Belly-To-Back Suplex
and Hangman's Neck Breaker, a beautiful move. RVD again kicked out of a pin. RVD
avoid an attempt at a 3-D Dudley Death Drop and leveled D-Von. He then blasted
Bubba Ray with a Van Daminator. He went to the top turn buckle and was prepared
to end it with a Frog Splash on D-Von when Lance Storm raced down and shoved him
off the turn buckle. RVD handled 2-On-1, but 3-On-1 was a bit much. The Dudley
Boys obliterated him with a 3-D Dudley Death Drop from the top turn buckle, a
new (to me anyway) and most deadly version of it. RVD may miss meals for the
next three days. Storm came into the ring and abused a helpless RVD, with
several Elbow Drops. Sabu raced in and cleaned house..until that is, he got
clobbered with the Singapore Cane by Credible, who came in to put a stop to
Sabu's heroics. This is what led to Sabu's license being suspended. Credible and
Storm asked for the Belts. the Dudley Boyz gave them the finger. What do you
know..honor among heels, who would have thought? They done been Dudleyed. The
program ended on that note.
Winners - The Dudley Boyz - New (again) Tag Team Champions

As usual, a great show by ECW.
Southern States Wrestling This Sunday, April 25th, Kingsport, TN
National Guard Armory, 3:00 pm
*** S.S.W. Title ***
Rock n Roll Express' Ricky Morton vs.Champion "Handsome" Beau James w/Sharp ***
S.S.W. Tag Team Titles ***
"Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant & Mystery Man vs Death and Destruction***
Int'l Title- Rematch From The Finals ***
Heirich Franz Keller vs.Champion "Conan" Chris Walker
*** Leather Strap Match ***
Ricky Harrison vs.Steve Flynn
plus Joe Fillers, K.C. Thunder, The Christian Brothers and more
Sale at CATs CDs and Tapes 1711 Ft Henry Dr. in Kingsport. Save $2 in advance.
Doors open at the armory at 2PM
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