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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 225

Date:  Saturday April 24th, 1999

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

This story is a week old, and the delay was caused by wanting to wait for Dave
Meltzer's confirmation. Bret Hart was backstage at the 4/17 Calgary WWF show.
Alot more was made of it than probably should have, because he is friends with
people like Mick Foley, The Undertaker, The Rock and several others. Eric
Bischoff was apparently glad to have Hart do it because the idea in Bischoff's
mind was to get people on the internet thinking that Hart was about to go back
to the WWF. Since this continues the idea that he really quit WCW, so it
accomplished that goal.

Hart did talk very briefly with Earl Hebner at the show, which apparently was
limited to asking about his health; Hebner noted that he's going through a
divorce and Hart responding along the lines of, "join the club".

Just to answer the obvious question, Hart WILL NOT be returning to the WWF
anytime soon; he is under contract to WCW for another two and a half years, and
will be returning in a couple of months.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

Eddie GuerreroUPDATE
Eddie Guerrerowas backstage at the house show in
Tampa and looked to be in great
shape. The betting line is that he's two months away from returning to the
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228

Ric Flair will be at the Brian Pillman Memorial show on 5/19 in
Cincinnati. The
whole card for that show, as sent by Josh Bricker, will be:

The Nature Boy will not only serve as a host for the show, but will ALSO be
available for pictures before the event!
ALL TICKETHOLDERS are welcome to join
us in the
Cincinnati Gardens Expo Center from 4-6pm before the event!

Also, a new match has been added to the card:
BULL PAIN returns to the Pillman
Event to face Ohio Valley Wrestling's ROB CONWAY! This on top of an historic


Special Guest Referee: PWI's Man of the Year MARK CURTIS
REY Mysterio JR. & KONNAN



and in the Brian Pillman Memorial Cruiserweight Tournament:
Shark Boy, Chip Fairway, Matt Stryker, Chad Collyer, Terik the Great, Jeremy


Also the first event confirmed for the special celebrity auction: D-LO BROWN's
ORIGINAL CHEST PROTECTOR that he wore as the WWF European Champion! More items
to be announced!

Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster ( and
through the
Cincinnati Gardens box office at 513-631-7793.
Reported by Josh Bricker & Dave Scherer at:
Be sure to check out a terrific wrestling site, found at:
April 24th, 1999
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
By Don Callis
Be sure to check out:
With WCW Nitro ratings in the tank and talk of corporate sabotage and double
agents rampant, knocking WCW and new booker Kevin Nash has become all the rage.

After serving only a few weeks as the creative force behind World Championship
Wrestling, the broad shoulders of everyone's favorite seven foot politician have
had to bear the weight of the wrestling world. its the most thankless job in
the world....its the WCW booker.

As I mentioned in last week's column, you cannot expect a new booker to turn
around a company in a few short weeks, and Kevin Nash should not be judged just
yet. Like a new government who is saddled with the fallout of the decisions of
the last administrations, Nash is fighting to reverse many weeks of damage that
may have turned off much of WCW's loyal audience. As Kevin tries to give the
product a hipper, newer feel to compete with the ultra-hip WWF, he must still
placate some of the old guard who maintain "creative control" of their
characters, while trying to give younger talent a well deserved push.

The recent addition of the informal Hardcore Division has been a plus, as well
as the focus on having their cruiserweights, who are some of the best performers
in the business, deliver superb matches.

Nash has taken a lot of blame for the misuse of Bret Hart, but much of the
damage to Bret was done long before Kevin ever got the book. There are obvious
problems, such as the mid-card-4-life status of Chris Benoit who is the best
pure physical talent on the planet, and then, of course, there is the haphazard
approach they have taken to Chris Jericho. Anyone who has paid any attention
whatsoever can understand what Chris is looking for, but WCW seems unable or
unwilling to recognize it. Pushing Benoit and signing
Jericho are no-brainers.

Supposedly Eric Bischoff has given Nash free reign to make changes, in other
words sink or swim. WCW didn't lose its lofty status in the ratings overnight,
and it cannot hope to regain them overnight either. Whether they do or not will
be dependent on the considerable intellect of Kevin Nash, and, perhaps more
importantly, the patience of Eric Bischoff.

Ringside Insider:
The WWF training camp, currently located in the Titan Television building in
Stamford, Connecticut, is set to move to Louisville, Kentucky, where it will be
run by Jim Cornette. With the Power Pro promotion out of
Memphis now being used
as a sort of triple A deal for WWF, the
Louisville promotion will act as a
feeder for the
Memphis promotion,etc., just like a baseball farm system. Sounds
like a good idea...Good to see fellow Canadian and former Thunder Bay resident
Vampiro back on WCW TV...Have to give myself a belated slap on the back for
predicting as I did, on the No Holds Barred radio show, that Diamond Dallas Page
would win the WCW title (that's why they say I'm a prophet)...WWF is getting
ready for its new special on the UPN network, to be called WWF
Smackdown...According to stats I lifted from my pal Dave Meltzer, who writes the
Wrestling Observer Newsletter, since last March, WCW ratings on Monday nights
are down 15%, and WWF's are up 70%, quite a turnaround...I'm headed down to
Queens, New York today for the big ECW show at the Madhouse on Queens Blvd.,
where I made my ECW debut in February...ECW legend, "The Franchise" Shane
Douglas has been slowed down with a broken ankle, all the best for a speedy
recovery Shane...Those of you who listened last week to the No Holds Barred show
heard me drop the bombshell that you couldn't get anywhere else that Hollywood
Hogan is returning to the WWF in the near future. Surprised? You shouldn't be.
Hogan is an opportunist and a very smart businessman...Finally, we all grieve
the loss of one of wrestling's greatest ever heels, Rick Rude, (Richard Rood),
who passes away this past week at his home in Georgia.

Jackal can be heard every Sunday from
6-7pm on 92 CITI FM, on Joe & Jackal: No
Holds Barred, broadcast LIVE from the Pony Corral restaurant.
Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
Below we have Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found at his official
NP:Michael Kiske-Readiness To Sacrifice
Hello Jerichoholics!
Let me just express my sadness and regret at the Great One's announcement of his
retirement. Never has a player so dominated his sport with such class and
honour as this fine man. I can remember watching in awe as a 10 year old kid, at
his exploits in the first year of his and the Edmonton Oilers career. I remember
buying ten packs of cards at a time, searching for his rookie card, which still
resides in a milk carton at my mom's house. I can remember my mortification
when I had the good luck to meet
Wayne and having my mom grab his chin and say
"Oh look at your peach fuzz!" Gretzky was, is and always will be my favorite
player and he will live on in my Playstation seasons until the day I die!
Thank you G-Man and good luck in everything you do. I'll always appreciate the
magic you created.

I just came back from the doctor and he gave me the prognosis of no more
wrestling.....for three weeks at least. So, I'm not gonna be around little
troopers! I need your help in keeping the
Jericho name alive. The only way we
can do that is by making signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking up the
scenery making my mind do this don't do that can't you read the signs

We need more Jerichoholic signs than ever. If you feel like helping out, draw
yourself up a good one and get it on Nitro, Thunder or Saturday night. That
way, no one will forget about us, as much as WCW wants us to be forgotten!!

Prayers and well wishes go out to my mother, Davey Boy Smith and Brian
Hildebrand, all who are suffering from some serious health problems. God bless
you guys, as well as any of you at home who have health problems. One of the
most important things in life isn't money or possessions, its having your

The biggest rumour around right now is the announcement that is
closing down. That is a load of crap, as we are most DEFINITELY not closing
this bad boy down. I have too much fun communicating with you vatos and getting
input from you maniacs to stop doing this. Besides, when myself and webmaster
Lee started this site, our main goal was to reach one million hits. We ain't
there yet, so we ain't going down!

I'm still in negotiations for a special Jericho CD and the details will be
announced as soon as I get them finalized.

Alot of you guys have been asking me when my 1000th match will be. Well, as of
April 5, 1999 (the match where I was injured) I have 982 contests under my belt.
So I should have a millenium of matches before the new millenium, God willing!

The movie of the week is the Phantom Menace. I can't wait to see this
masterpiece and like the rest of the world, I am counting the days to its
release. Darth Maul is my new favorite hero!!

Well God bless you guys and be good to one another!!
Submitted by reader: josh725
This Monday, what will the WWF and WCW's responses be to the
Colorado shooting? In USA Today, The Undertaker was compared to the
shooting, but I noticed that they looked over a more prominent black
trenchcoat wearer-Sting. What will Sting be wearing on Monday? I don't
watch WCW, but this may have some impact. In the WWF, I don't expect
anything to change at all.
Subscribe to my all-WWF newsletter (josh725), just email me and I'll
send more
Submitted by reader: Peanut316
In the past couple of years I have gotton into wrestling alot and in the past
couple years I have seen more wrestlers die of drug use or abuse then old age.
If you saw this happen in Football or Basketball the media would jump right on
it and something would happen. But wrestling lets it go and more and more deaths
happen. The
latest death would be Rick Rude. A man I thought a couple months ago would be
able to return to the ring as some internet rumors said.

Now he dies at the age 40. Eric and Vince, do you just do this for the money or
do you even make friends with the wrestlers and see that some of them are using
and abusing drugs? That's my opinion and think what you want but this is 100%
what I feel.
Submitted by reader: Tom Schultz (tomscha)
What is with the cozy little ring that WCW uses? It seems alot smaller than the
WWF's. its not just due to camera angles, because I've seen house shows for
both companies, and WCW's ring is smaller. It takes about two and a half steps
for the average wrestler to go from one rope to the opposite one. Are they using
a small because of the plethora of smaller wrestlers in the WCW, or is it a
means to boost the workrate in what can best be described as the Seniors
Division of WCW?

Where are the Barbarian's antlers and the little skull on a chain? I cracked up
when Heenan said, "The Barbarian's very particular about his antlers."
Tom Schultz
Submitted by reader: hbk_dhc
10) Whenever asked what time it is, you reply "Vader Time."

9) When asked to give a speech you begin it with "Hey Yo."
8) During music class, you always say "This is not sing along with the (your
name here)."

7) You signed your tax return by adding 'Stone Cold' or 'Big Sexy' to your name.

6) During church, after browsing furiously, you finally conclude Austin 3:16
must have been left out of the Bible due to error.

5) Whenever you see or here of a car crash you automatically begin clapping and
humming Mankind's theme song.

4) When asked about your nickname for the school yearbook, you always say, "The
Whole F'N Show."

3) When voting for president you inquired as to why Ric Flair wasn't on the

2) Every month, you line up all your stuffed animals on your bed, give it a PPV
name, and have matches.

1) Every month, you line up all your stuffed animals on your bed, give it a PPV
name, have matches, and somehow lose.
Submitted by reader: Dabigmoo
In the recent past the WWF has worked with other companies. The (now defunct)
USWA, ECW, NWA and AAA. Now, with the on again, off again rumors of working
with All Japan and the loaning of their stars to PPW (or is it MCW? Forgot which
one) it would be a good time to have inter federation battles. The only
'problem' I see is the huge success the WWF is enjoying on their own right now.

IMO though, if the WWF had time for BFA matches then why not special inter
federation matches? Remember Candido vs Christopher? I thought that was great.
If the WWF feels superior to these smaller companies then maybe they could
employ their mid-card wrestlers to participate. Maybe someone like Blackman
defeats Taz on a WWF PPV but then has to defend the title in ECW. Or if Val
Venis won the AAA title and had to go back to Mexico to defend that title. It
could be a huge talent swap/loan. Maybe PPW gets Droz for a while because he won
the PPW title but the WWF gets Spellbinder because he won the IC title or
something. There's alot of former WWF stars out there that people would
recognize. Vader, the Triple Crown champ could represent All Japan and defend
his title against Dan Severn, who wants to bring that title to the NWA. Who
would Jerry Lawler side with? Or Brian Christopher? Or Steve Williams? Maybe a
new inter-federation title could be established.
Submitted by reader: siedzikj
In issue #223, LaserboyX suggested that the only wrestler that could
possibly lead DX now is Road Dogg. Nice to see someone that isn't thinking
"Hmmm... X-Pac and Kane are the tag champs... Let's put Kane in DX!" To
paraphrase LaserboyX: "If anyone even CONSIDERS putting Kane in DX, I will shoot

What are you people on? True, Mr. Ass doesn't seem like much of a fit for DX,
but Kane? That's almost as logical as saying that Chris Jericho's going to sign
with the WWF and become DX's new leader. Wait... I'm sure someone's brought up
the idea. Think about it. Kane's gimmick is that he's the mute brother of the
Undertaker. How in the hell would he even know what a crotch chop represents,
according to this
gimmick? If Kane had to join any stable in the WWF or die, he'd probably be a
decent fit in either the Ministry or founding his own face Ministry with the
Brood (a damn good stable in their own right). But not DX. Please. The
Ministry's starting to make that heel turn...but this isn't the time for another
Ministry to come around. Just leave Kane as a loner, in his current "Big Red
Machine" gimmick, and watch the
results. We aren't going to see Kane unmask and do 50 crotch chops a show any
more than we'll see Chris Jericho start practicing Satanism.

Face it, people... there aren't too many people in the WWF that would work in
Now, the obvious question: Who do I think could work as DX's new member? And
who would be a good leader for them? Well, the best fit that I could see would
be Test. He wrestles just like a smaller, faster version of Diesel (not Kevin
Nash, but how Nash wrestled in the WWF), so he could have the attitude necessary
to be a degenerate. (its not as easy as it looks.) Besides, Shane's
Corporation decided that they don't need him anymore, and Vince seems to be
pulling out of the ringside
affairs. The only thing he's done lately is get thrown out of the Corporation,
and convince Shamrock to leave (which, might I add, was a good move for
Shamrock). He isn't going to start a new Corporation, so any wrestlers with
"loyalty to him" can do whatever they want.

As for the new leader? If they had to have a leader, then (maybe) Road Dogg.
He's the only one with the mic skills to fit DX. They would probably be better
off without a leader altogether, though. Think about it...
The People's Jason
"Mayday Mayham", May 1st, at the D & N Event Center in North Platte, Nebraska
The doors open at 2:00 PM, and the wrestling starts at 7:00 PM
(Main Event) The Cuban Assassin vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
The Honky Tonk Man vs. "Cowboy" Bob Orton
Hardcore Tag Team Weapons Match: Hack Myers & Madman Pondo vs. Angel &
"Wildcat" Chris Harris vs. Prince Justice
"Dangerous" Danny Blackhart vs. The Wife Beater and a Battle Royal
There will also be a Powerlifting contest at 3:00 PM with Guestlifter Ray
Sponsored by Hot97.1, Coca-Cola Bottling of North Platte & Budweiser
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