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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 228

Date:  Monday April 26th, 1999  10:23 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

CushDX went to the WCW House Show last night (4/25) in
Minneapolis; in the only
memorable moment of the night, Curt put his hands on his head (like Rick Rude)
and swayed his hips (like Rick Rude). After doing a Rude impersonation, he
pointed at the sky. I guess this was Curt's tribute to his longtime friend.
Reported by Sister Midnight at:

En route from the SSCW Armageddon spectacular Marty Jannetty and his agent
Bobby Riedel were in a very serious car accident. Both men are doing very well
and I will relay more information as it becomes available. The car was flipped
over on its roof and the car was totaled. Again both men are doing well. Any
get well wishes can be sent to KSTGK69 and he will relay them to Marty &
Reported by KSTGK69

On her official website, Torri Wilson (Samantha) answered several questions
regarding her situation in WCW:
Q: Are you still working for WCW?
A: At the moment I am not working for WCW, but may very well be in the near
future. I have been told that they would like to bring me back in, but in show
business I have learned to take things day to day, and unless a contract is
signed anything could happen!

Q: Are you really a bad girl in the NWO?
A: Well, I guess that all depends on what you consider to be a "bad" girl. I
don't really think so..but some do.

Q: What is going to happen with you on WCW?
A: Although I would love to tell you, I can't. Sorry.
Reported at:

Be sure to check out the official web site of Deanna Caine, one of the more
attractive females in the business. Find it at:

WCW House Show Results, Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 4/25/1999
El Vampiro defeated Silver King With the Juvi driver.
Booker T defeated
Lenny Lane by pinfal after a Harlem Sidekick.
Barry Darsow defeated Chris Adams with the Barely Legal submission.
K-Dogg defeated Curt Hennig via DQ.
Rick Steiner defeated Scott Norton with a over the head german suplex bridge.
Raven defeated Hak in a no DQ match after 2 evenflow DDT'S.
Sting defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow with the scorpion death drop.
Goldberg defeated Ric Flair with the usual spear followed by the jackhammer.
Reported by Joseph Prelgo & David Tyler at:
Visit my Home Page:
The program was the night after Backlash, where Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA)
defeated The Rock, retained the WWF Title and retrieved the Smoking Skull
Championship Belt. Also, The Undertaker drove off with Daddy's Little Girl (DLG)
in the back of her limo. It began with a tribute to those killed in the
school. This was followed by stills of the SCSA / Rock match and the abduction
of DLG.

A limo pulled into the arena with Mr. McMahon and The Stooges, Pat Patterson and
Jerry Briscoe.

After the RAW opening, JR and James Cornette were at the announcers desk.

The Rock came to the ring and said he did what he said he would at Backlash,
"whooped SCSA's candy @$$." He did his
Texas Trailer Park bit and that got a
chant of "
Austin" going. He said he was still "The People's Champion." He then
called Shane a "steaming piece of monkey crap" because he didn't stay out of the
way and that led to SCSA's victory.

Shane, The Corporation and The Mean Street Posse (Rodney and Pete Gas) came to
the ring. Shane was greeted by a chant of "@$$hole." He accused The Rock of
letting The Corporation down, saying he was more interested in talking on the
mic and into the camera than in winning the match. He said The Rock is the one
who is a piece of monkey crap.

The Rock said he was "three seconds from laying the smack down on Shane's candy
@$$." With that Triple H tried to sucker punch him, but The Rock blocked it. He
didn't block Chyna as she creamed him. The Rock decked Triple H and Chyna. The
Corporation then attacked The Rock and Shane choked him with The Bossman's Night
Stick. They left The Rock laying in the ring.

The Rock recovered and called after Shane. He asked him if he had the guts to
face him one-on-one. Shane accepted. The President of Shane's insurance company
had a stroke. They will meet in the Main Event later.

We saw Mr. McMahon, with The Stooges, in his locker room. He was adamant that he
didn't want the police brought in. He said he brought everything The Undertaker
wanted and said "that SOB better not harm DLG."

After a commercial, we again checked in with McMahon. He was waiting to hear
from The 'Taker.

We saw Shane and The Corporation in their locker room laughing at The Rock. Triple H
called him "The Crock."

The first match was a non-title tag team match pitting X-Pac and Kane v. The
Brood, Gangrel and Edge, accompanied by Christian. The Brood did their Ring Of
Fire entrance and Gangrel his spewing thing. During the match, X-Pac did his
Bronco Buster on Gangrel and when Christian came in, he was wiped out. Kane
Chokeslammed Edge and the carnage was ended. The lights went out and The Brood
attacked Kane on the floor. When the lights came back on, Kane had been hit with
a Bloodbath. The Brood was gone and when X-Pac went over to check on Kane, he
was Chokeslammed into the crowd. Note to X-Pac: Playing with fire is dangerous,
however, playing with Kane cane be fatal.
Winners - X-Pac and Kane
Loser - Kane
Big Loser - X-Pac

We stopped in The Rock's locker room, where he was getting ready for his murder
of, I mean match with Shane.

Back to McMahon, where the phone rang.

McMahon spoke with The 'Taker on the phone. The 'Taker assured him DLG was fine.
McMahon told him he brought everything The 'Taker wanted, turning control of the
WWF over to him. The 'Taker instructed McMahon to deliver the documents to a
nearby hotel by 10 PM, but said they had to be delivered by SCSA. He called DLG
"his soul mate."

SCSA came to the ring to a major pop to talk with Michael Cole, but ran Cole's
@$$ off. He said he did exactly what he said he would at Backlash, and "kicked
The Rock's sorry @$$."

McMahon came to ringside and pleaded with SCSA to help him. He explained that
The 'Taker had DLG and needed his help. SCSA said he had been thru hell the past
15 months a/c McMahon and wasn't interested. He told McMahon to kiss his @$$.
McMahon left dejected, disproving the old adage that "Nice guys finish last."
McMahon just did and he isn't one.

Back in the locker room, the downtrodden McMahon told The Stooges he would have
to make the delivery himself.

The next match pitted Val Venis v. D-Lo Brown, accompanied by Ivory. Prior to
the match, we saw a clip from last night's Heat from the Handicap Match that saw
Venis face D-Lo and Ivory. Gender challenged Nicole Bass came down and
annihilated Ivory and wanted some of The Big Valbowski. Venis headed for the
hills. Venis started to do his "Hello, ladies" bit but D-Lo came in and the
match got underway. Venis had D-Lo down when It came down again looking for Val.
He was distracted allowing D-Lo to plant him and win the match. It came into the
ring and eyed Val lovingly. Val was violently ill. Ivory jumped on its back.
Bad mistake Ivory. It threw her into Wednesday and again focused her attention
on Val. Val ran for his life. Be Afraid Val, be very afraid.
Winner - D-Lo Brown
Loser - Val Venis, and an even bigger one if It catches up with him

We saw SCSA walking backstage. He ran into The Big Show who told him that The
'Taker has DLG. SCSA said he didn't care.

Michael Cole talked with Bad @$$ and Road Dogg backstage. Bad @$$ said Triple H
forgot where he came from and was going to remind him.

The next match was Bad @$$ v. Triple H, accompanied by Chyna. The match was even
until Bad @$$ hurt his left knee. From there on Triple H worked on the knee. When Bad
@$$ came back and was after Triple H on the floor, Chyna smashed him face first into
the ring post. This brought Doggie to the ring, but Chyna held him off. Triple H
nailed Bad @$$ with The Pedigree and that was that.
Winner - Triple H

We saw Shane and The Corporation discussing strategy.

We then saw X-Pac searching the arena for Kane.

The next match was a tag team event pitting Mankind and The Big Show v. Test and
The Bossman. Prior to the match we saw stills from last night's Boiler Room
Brawl between Mankind and The Big Show, won by Mankind, who was attacked by Test
and The Bossman on his way out of the boiler room, with The Big Show helping
him. We also saw a clip from last night's altercation between Test and The
Bossman. The Bossman hit The Show with a low blow, proving he really isn't very
bright. He headed out of town with The Show in pursuit. Meanwhile Mankind took
over on Test and fed him Mr. Socko. He didn't ask for dessert.
Test and The Bossman went at it after the match, with Bossman using his Night
Stick on Test.
Winners - Mankind and The Big Show

We saw McMahon waiting for The 'Taker.

We saw SCSA watching the program on a monitor.

We followed X-Pac on his quest to find Kane. If he's lucky, he wont.

We saw Hardcore Holly fighting backstage wit Al Snow. He demanded a rematch for
The Hardcore Title he lost to Snow at Backlash.

We finally got to go into the Cleavage home, where a very large young man was
trying to eat some cereal. His "mommy" (and why don't all mommies look like
that?) came in with a pitcher of mothers' milk.

Another shot of The Rock preparing.

The next match was a non-title one pitting JJ, accompanied by Debra and her
"puppies," v. The Godfather, accompanied by five Ho's. He did his "Pimpin' aint
easy" bit to a nice pop. JJ took exception to it not being an Intercontinental
Title match and challenged The Godfather to make it one. The Godfather agreed,
but added a Stipulation (there's that word again), that if he wins, Debra
becomes one of his Ho's. JJ agreed. Debra seemed quite willing. Val Venis came
to ringside during the match and exchanged loving glances with Debra (do I smell
a new costar?). It came to ringside and Val took off, fearing for his life, or
worse, It might get her paws on him. JJ was distracted by this and that allowed
The Godfather to roll him up and pin him. Welcome to the Ho Train Debra. Sorry,
not tonight. Owen Hart came down and prevented her from joining The Godfather in
the ring. She looked disappointed. The Godfather celebrated with the Ho's
Winner - The Godfather - Retains the Intercontinental Championship.

We again saw McMahon waiting for The 'Taker.

We saw PMS, Jacqueline and Terri Runnels, stroking a young stud. Terri was
looking real fine tonight.

The next match was Bradshaw v. Nutso, who came down with a baseball bat. Prior
to the match we saw a stills from Backlash of Bradshaw attacking Nutso with a
bat. As Nutso headed to the ring, Farooq jumped him from behind and threw him
into the ring. Bradshaw and Farooq were pounding the crap out of Nutso. Test
raced in and made the save. Nutso went a bit wild and pounded the announcers
desk and other equipment with the bat. He then went back in the ring and faced
Test, but nothing more came of it. Could it be that Nutso has found a kindred

We saw Shane headed to the ring.

The next match was either the Main Event or Shane's last few moments on earth,
as he was set to face The Rock. The Rock beat the crap out of the little
ingrate. The MSP, Rodney and Pete Gas, came in to help their little buddies and
got their @$$es kicked also. Triple H stormed in out of the crowd and jumped The Rock
from behind. The Rock fought back, but Chyna came in and also nailed him from
behind. This allowed Triple H to employ The Pedigree, knocking him out cold. Chyna
abused the unconscious Rock. The crowd chanted "Rocky" without the "Sucks." The
People's Champion is apparently back. Triple H and Chyna stomped The Rock as Shane
held the referee away. They finally left him lying in the ring.

We saw McMahon still waiting for The 'Taker. He left after a awhile.

We saw The 'Taker, his Fat Friend and the Ministry of Darkness (MOD) somewhere
in the arena. They had DLG, who was sobbing and whining to be let go.

X-Pac came to the ring and called Kane out, wanting to know where he stood. As
he waited, Canadian Country, JJ and Owen, came in from behind and blasted him.
The lights went out and then Kane came to the ring. JJ and Owen must have
thought they were safe, so they kept pounding X-Pac. Wrong! Kane kicked both
their @$$es and Chokeslammed JJ. X-Pac went up to Kane to find out what was
going on. Wrong. He got Chokeslammed. Kane is one Chokeslamming son-of-a-gun. He
then carried his little buddy back to the locker room area.

The lights went out again. It happened so often tonight, one had to wonder is
the arena was paying their electric bill or not. When they came back on, DLG was
tied to The 'Takers Symbol. The MOD carried her into the ring and leaned it
across the top rope. The 'Taker said not to blame him for what was going to
happen, that McMahon failed to live up to his end of the bargain and SCSA had
showed his true colors. Do you smell a SCSA/Taker Title Match at the next PPV?
Fat Boy began performing a "wedding" ceremony, marrying DLG to "her Lord and
Master." She refused to accept The 'Taker. Do you suppose her parents warned her
against marrying the dead? If she did, would their children be alive or dead, or
perhaps the undead?

Nutso raced in with his trusty Louisville Slugger but was forced to eat it by
MOD. The Big Show came down and cleaned house, except for The Dead Man, who hit
a home run with the bat. Fat Boy completed the ceremony and The Dead Man was
about to kiss the bride, when our hero finally showed. SCSA tore up MOD with an
Acme steel chair. The 'Taker took off. SCSA untied DLG and was rewarded with a
hug. Touching spot. McMahon came to the ring and DLG hugged her daddy. Even more
touching. SCSA didn't know whether to be happy or get sick over all the
"feelings" he was watching. The program ended on that happy note.
Submitted by reader: Playboy Bobby Starr (PBSTARR2)
Here is the gist of the wrestling rings
House Shows, and all regular TV's- 18 Ft by 18 Ft
PPV's 20 by 20

WcW -
House Shows, TV's 16 Ft by 16 Ft
PPV's, Nitro and Thunder 18 Ft by 18 Ft
While Titan owns some 24 ft rings they are rarely used anymore because they have
injured a lot of people throwing them into a run to hit the ropes. The perfect
size for a ring is 18 Ft sq. I have worked in them all and that is the easiest
one to use.
Take care,
Bobby Starr
Submitted by reader: EEBS12345
Just wanted to pass on a little story for all the Booking Sheet readers who have
"horror" stories about meeting their favorite superstars. I just got back from
attending the live Raw in Hartford, Ct. We had borrowed a parking pass from a
friend who has a store in the Hartford Civic Center, so we got to park where all
the wrestlers park their cars. We spent about a half hour after the show in the
parking garage, and got to see everyone who was on the card that night - the
Godfather, Viscera, Kurt Angle,
Ken Shamrock, and even Good Ol' JR! After a while, security cleared all the
fans out that had gathered (by accessing an elevator) and we decided that we had
better head to our car, since the three of us were the last people there.

Just as we were about to leave, who walks right down to us, but Stone Cold Steve
Austin! We had not known it before, but we were sitting inches from his car the
whole time! After the Champ put his luggage in his trunk, he said goodbye to
his assistant, and then turned right to us! To be honest, we would have been
thrilled just to be able to tell the story that we were "inches" from our
favorite wrestler, but the man WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to say hello to all three of
us, and shook each of our hands! My girlfriend's little brother got the thrill
of his life, and I tell you what, I am 28 years old, and for a few moments, I
was 15 again! its nice to know that with all the negative stories we hear and
read out there that situations like this still happen!
Submitted by reader: hbk_dhc
(I had to limit it to 10). Don't get me wrong, I love the WWF, but I have to
admit, they do have some tasteless acts, funny or not.

10) The pregnancy of Terri Runnels.

9) The constant idea that Val Venis has boinked every hottie in the federation.

8) The fan's impression of Jim Ross for Tiger Ali Singh. (Yes, JR's face thing
is real)

7) Just about everything Tiger Ali Singh does.

6) The Godfather's constant offering of ho's instead of a match.

5) The opponents actually taking the ho's.

4) The whipping, beating, and pleasing of Sexual Chocolate by Terri and Jackie.

3) About anything having to do with Sable.

2) Mark Henry damn near gettin' it on with a cross-dresser who had a ding dong.
(I thought this was hilarious)

1) Nicole Bass, period. (Is it really a woman??)
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