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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 229

Date:  Tuesday April 27th, 1999  3:29 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for April 26th, 1999
RAW Nitro
1st Hour n/a 4.3
2nd Hour 5.8 3.9
3rd Hour 6.1 3.4
Composite 5.95 3.9
The live episode of Sunday Night Heat from 4/25 received a 4.0 composite
Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos at: &
David Tyler at:

I missed it myself, but several sharp eyed readers noticed Scott Hall on Nitro
last night. Here's a brief summary:
"Am I the only one who noticed that during one of the Nitro Flair vignettes that
Scott Hall was one of the men in a surgical suit? He walked in at the end of
the segment and threw a toothpick at Flair." -WolfPac43

As many of you have noticed, in the wake of the
Littleton tragedy, both Sting
and The Undertaker have discarded their trenchcoats. Whether this is permanent
or not remains to be seen, but its definitely a no-brainer for the moment.
While I know the WWF loves pushing buttons, this is one button best left
WCW Nitro Report for April 26th, 1999
By Steve Appy
Live from Fargo, North Dakota
Nitro began with a salute to Rick Rude; while it was better than nothing, a full
fledged video package would have been more appropriate.

Wearing his robe and boxer shorts, WCW President Ric Flair made his entrance
straight into the lounge of a mental hospital. While campy, it was still funny
in a sad way.

JJ Dillon went over a contract with Charles Robinson, and Robinson was declared
to be the Vice President of WCW (one step above the commissioner). I think poor
Robinson will be stepping on Commissioner Roddy Piper's toes tonight...

Roddy Piper announced a US Championship match between Randy Savage & Scott
Steiner (wait, I thought Savage was suspended!). Piper, full of false flattery,
ordered DDP to defend the WCW World Championship against Sting tonight.
Although he tried to beg out of it, Piper insisted that the title match take

Mike Tenay substituted for Bobby Heenan, who was announced as being under the

Konnan defeated Bryan Adams via disqualification in 5:05
Konnan was looking for revenge after the nWo destroyed him last week; as Konnan
had Adams locked in the Tequila Sunrise, the entire nWo Black & White stormed
the ring and stomped K-Dawg. definitely a mystery why
Adams couldn't do a clean
job here, perhaps evidence of Dusty Rhodes' influence.

Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Raven in 3:54
Tony Shiavonie announced that the Four Horseman attacked both Saturn and Kidman
earlier in the day, sending both men to the hospital. Raven was forced into an
early handicap match against both Armstrongs; despite a valiant effort on
Raven's part, Scott Armstrong pinned Raven after a few chairshots of his own.

Calling from a pay phone at
Central Florida Mental Hospital, Flair urged Charles
Robinson to get him out of his temporary home. The antics of the "patients" in
the background really was hilarious...

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW Vice President Charles Robinson; after being
interrupted by Piper, Robinson was silly enough to attack the commisioner.
Security saved Robinson from the beating of his life, and Piper found himself
"fired" once again (does this mean he'll be wrestling on house shows the rest of
the week?). Security escorted Piper to the back, as Robinson screamed that
"Charles is in charge!"

Sting pinned Diamond Dallas Page in
19:49 to win his sixth WCW World Heavyweight
DDP played a total heel; both men narrowly avoided their opponents finishing
maneuvers. Sting's work was solid, and DDP used his great timing to carry the
match. As DDP went for the Diamond Cutter, Sting reversed it into a Scorpion
Death Drop, leading to a Sting pinfall (and a title change). A great match,
better than either one of these two have put forth in a while. The one touch
that would have made it that much more special would have been a more elaborate
celebration, perhaps with the locker room helping Sting celebrate.

Using a payphone, Flair ordered a Sting/Goldberg title match for Slamboree;
where this leaves poor Kevin Nash is anybody's guess.

Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Psychosis in
5:13 to win his 5th Cruiserweight
After both Luchadors dazzled the crowd, Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko attempted to
steal Mysterio's World Tag Team Championship belt. Although Rey stopped the
theft, the distraction enabled Psychosis to take a short lived advantage, which
ended when Rey hit a top rope bulldog for the pinfall. Both Horseman destroyed
Mysterio, just as they had destroyed Kidman earlier in the day.

Kevin Nash, angry that his Slamboree title shot was withdrawn, challenged Sting,
Goldberg, & DDP to a Four Way Dance for the WCW World Championship tonight.

In the
Space Mountain version of a mental hospital, Flair sparred with both a
naughty nurse and several patients. Flair was delighted about the
Four Way
Dance, maybe a little too delighted...

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Erik Watts in
This is the first time I've seen
Watts in several years; Bigelow quickly
Watts after 'Greetings From Asbury Park'.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting; Nash's challenge
was accepted, and the Four Way Dance was made official.

WCW Television Champion Booker T pinned Meng in
The referee was knocked unconscious, and was unable to count falls on both men.
Coming to his brothers aid, Stevie Ray used a Slapjack to knock Meng
Booker T was unaware of the interference, and was stunned when he awoke to find
his brother brawling with Rick Steiner, who came to Meng's aid. Oblivious to
all of the facts, Booker T and Steiner got into a shoving match, as the true
villain went unpunished.

Hollywood Hogan's doctor explained Hogan's knee injury in depth; Eric Bischoff
consoled Hogan, and almost seemed human in the process. Hogan vowed vengeance
against DDP, and is counting on Nash for the immediate retribution.

Flair declared tonight's World Title match to be no-disqualification, and also
ordered a Rick Steiner/Booker T match for Slamboree.

Brian Knobbs defeated Hardcore Hak (w/Chastity), Mikey Whipwreck, & Horace in
10:23 of a Hardcore Match.
All four men had kendo sticks, along with a cart full of assorted weapons. The
winner fights Bam Bam Bigelow at Slamboree, to determine "The King of Hardcore".
Lot's of "Hardcore" high spots, and Knobbs finally pinned Whipwreck after using
a ladder as a blunt object.

United States Champion Scott Steiner defeated Randy Savage (w/Gorgeous George &
Madusa) via disqualification in 1:19
Charles Robinson was the official, and immediatly disqualified Savage without
The women manhandled Robinson, and stripped "The Little Nature Boy" to his
boxers, the same Florida Gators boxers that Flair has been wearing for the past

A video aired of Madusa training Gorgeous George; similiar to Sable's training
videos, though with less cleavage shots.

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Sting, Kevin Nash, & Bill Goldberg in of a
Four Way
Dance to win his second WCW World Heavyweight Championship in
After their long match earlier tonight, both Sting & DDP seemingly wrestled the
match at a disadvantage. Each man broke up attempted pinfalls; as Goldberg
covered Sting, Randy Savage entered the ring and cost Goldberg the championship.
Savage threw DDP a pair of brass knuckles, which DDP used to knock Nash
unconscious and prone for the pinfall. The so-called "People's Champion"
celebrated in the crowd as Nitro ended...
"its MY TURN! NO, its MY TURN! NO, its HIS TURN"
Visit my Home Page:

What's new in the world of the
Squared Circle you ask. Here's the latest scoop:

Item: Douchebag loses WCW Championship; Douchebag wins WCW Championship;
On the
April 26, 1999, edition of Monday Night Musical Chairs, aka NITRO,
Douchebag Doophus Page lost the WCW Championship to WCW's All-American boy
Sting. He then won it back in a Four Corners Match involving said All American
boy, Big Soxy and SuperDuperMan. He accomplished this feat of legerdemain with
the assistance of the New and Buffed Macho Man, who handed him the infamous set
of brass knucks. Is this what has become of the revered Title? Will it be
changing hands as often as Douchebag changes his skivvies (assuming he even
wears them)? Remember when it meant something to hold the Title, when the
champion fought all challengers in many cities? Now it appears that it is
nothing more than a ratings ploy. Having the champion defend it in a match that
begins as RAW is about to start in an effort to stop the hemorrhaging at 9PM
that has become the norm, and then as the Main Event to try to keep the
audience. While both matches were entertaining, they did cheapen the title. Are
there many out there who didn't expect Douchebag to reclaim it when the second
match was announced?

Item: The Undertaker takes a bride..almost: On the April 26, 1999, edition of
the McMahon Wrestling Federation's (MWF) RAW, with the Fat Man officiating, the
world's most famous dead man attempted to wed Daddy's Little Girl (DLG). If this
union was consummated, would they produce little undead McMahons? and if they
did, could we tell them apart from Shane The Ingrate. In his never ending quest
to take over the MWF, The Dead Man abducted DLG, had his brain dead followers
tie her to his Symbol, and but for the efforts of Stone Cold Steve Austin
(SCSA), would have carried her off on a honeymoon tour of his ancestral
graveyards in beautiful Transylvania. Ah, untrue love, isn't it wonderful!

Item: Slick Ric locked away among friends: It is said that most wrestler's
characters are really mirrors of their real selves. Last week The Ancient Piper
had Slick Ric hauled off to a House Of Flakes. Last night on WCW Monday Night
Musical Chairs, Slick Ric spent much of his time on the telephone giving his
personal referee, Little Slick Ric, orders on how he wanted thing done. It seems
earlier in the show, The Executive President of WCW's Executive Championship
Committee of WCW's Executive Board, Jo Jo Dillion, had advised Little Slick Ric
that he was WCW Vice President and therefore was in charge during Slick Ric's
"vacation." Slick Ric was right at home among the other "vacationers,"
repeatedly calling one of them Arn and occasionally referring to himself as
"President of the USA." The Ancient Piper was later carted off in handcuffs.
Wouldn't it have been appropriate if he had been sent to keep Slick Ric company.
After all, who is a better candidate for the Funny Farm than him?

Item: Nicole Bass has the hots for The Big Valbowski: It began on Sunday Night
Heat and carried over to RAW. Gender challenged Nicole Bass (aka "It") wanted to
spend some "quality time" with Val Venis. Val was sick at the thought of it and
took off both nights when It came after him. It apparently wanted to make a
video with Val, when It would be better suited to make one with a species closer
to its own, like the title character in Alien. The thought of It and a man
sends cold shivers up my back. Be afraid Val, be very afraid.

Item: From "Rocky Sucks" to "Rocky, Rocky..": Remember when it used to take such
things as insulting the fans or another wrestlers mom or country to change from
a face to a heel. Remember when it took something like saving a major face or
fox from an @$$ kicking to go from heel to face? That's not the way it goes
anymore. Now all it takes is putting the bad mouth on one of the McMahon's (I'm
sure it would work with Good King Eric also) to become an instant face. Last
night on RAW, The Rock told Shane The Ingrate he was going to turn him into a
Weegie Bird* and Shazam..Face. He came in to a chorus of "Rock Sucks" and left
to a chant of "Rocky, Rocky.." Once again The Rock is The People's Champion,
complete with being The People's Champion, The People's Elbow, The People's
Eyebrow, and The People's Whatever. How fickle we be!

*The Weegie Bird is famous for flying in ever diminishing circles until it
disappears up its own @$$hole.
I am a HUGE fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin. If anyone taped him on the Conan
O'Brien show or Howie Mandel please E-mail me: MISERYSMK
I believe the date was March 19th. Thanks. Shannon

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