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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 230

Date:  Wednesday April 28th, 1999  1:25 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

As you all know, Smackdown will be airing this Thursday on a UPN affiliate near
you... unless you have no UPN affiliate, or your UPN affiliate is airing
something different). Check your TV listings for the time (it will vary
depending on your area); at the conclusion of today's issue we have the results
for you, straight from Wrestlemaniacs. Remember, if you want to be surprised,
skip that section...

Below we have a letter from Marty Jannetty's agent Bobby Riedel, who explained
the scary situation that happened last week. My thanks to KSTGK69 for
the report:
By Bobby Riedel (Ringagent)
"I was driving on the
Belt Parkway East following my mother and my sister home.
All of a sudden a car was merging onto the highway, but going right into my lane
and into my car. I quickly left the right lane and went into the middle lane. We
were driving along fine in the middle lane when a car hit us from the back,
actually the left side (drivers side) near the gas tank. The impact was so hard
it forced the car to go nuts and out of control. We were being tossed around
the highway from the impact and the car wouldn't be controlled.

What seemed to be an endless span of being banged and busted from every angle
imaginable; the car went heading towards the divider that separates the traffic
going east and west. The car went up onto the divider, and went all the way up
in the air, flipped in mid-air and crashed down on the roof of the car. We were
all making sure we were alive after the car finally stopped moving. Marty
knocked out the door to get out and helped my friend Vito Triolo get out as
well. I was last to get out because I couldn't find a way out of the car. It was
hard to get my bearings. I wound up crawling out of the back somehow, I think
through a broken window.

The ambulances came soon after and to everybody's amazement we were ok. We
walked out of this car, God had His angels over us. There is no way we could of
made it out of the car if it wasn't for Jesus Christ. Anyway, nobody had a
broken bone, and nobody seemed to be banged up, a little blood due to the glass
of the
window and that was about it. My mother and sister ran over to the disaster site
and we all hugged each other and prayed. The paramedics put Marty, me (Bobby
Riedel), and Vito Triolo in the ambulance.

People were saying the car was going to explode while we were trying to get our
stuff out. I had my suits, briefcase, merchandise, Marty's money, my money,
everything in there, in the ambulance. I passed out (fainted) and I had
swallowed glass. We were all in stretchers and neck braces. They had oxygen
going on me. At the trauma unit in
Jamaica Queens Vito had to be stiched up and
x-rayed, Marty had to see a Neurologist for his neck, had to have a cat scan,
and was x-rayed as well. However, we were all released after 8 hours. The pain
we experience now is welcomed because we are alive. If you saw the car, and saw
how bad it looked you would of thought we were dead or at least in a coma. If
you don't believe in God, this life changing experience could increase your

I would like the wrestling world to know that this was a hit and run accident.
We did not get any identification on the other car, but we are alive and healing
as best as we can. Marty is still able to take dates, and as his Agent I can
assure you he will give you a great performance. Again, anybody looking to book
Marty can do so by emailing RingAgent

Due to unforseen problems, Mark Perry's Wrestling Forum newsletter has had to
close down. For any readers of his that may like to know the details, please
visit The TWFO Newsboard for all of the details, found at:
Submitted by reader: Playboy Bobby Starr (PBSTARR2)
I personally think it is pathetic what they did for Rick Rude. That man did so
much for the sport and got nothing in his demise. While the radio show
had a good tribute hour, but for someone that did so much and accomplished so
much in the end they gave no time to except for the lame, same old picture.

I think it is about time that the suits that made that decision realize that
without guys like Rick Rude and even guys like myself they wouldn't be making
all those many thousands a month to buy their bitching wives all those diamonds,
ect. Reality check to the companies: wake up cause the ones you shit on today
might be the ones that live to bite you in the ass in the end! Take care,
Bobby Starr
Submitted by reader: Smithton9
Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am an ardent supporter and watcher of pro
wrestling. I grew up with it in the 80's and saw such heroes as Hulk Hogan,
Randy Savage, and the Ultimate Warrior in their prime. I was hooked since age
8. But now, I believe that I will no longer be watching wrestling. I usually
do not watch Nitro, mainly because I do not like the characters, with the
exceptions of Kidman, Raven, and yes, Goldberg. But there seems to be so many
double standards in this fed, that I get more and more discouraged about

For quite some time, I have been watching Raw exclusively. But that is about to
change. On this past Monday's edition of Raw, I saw perhaps the most disgusting
event in wrestling history. At the beginning of the show, the WWF had a moment
silence for the killings in
Colorado. A wonderful gesture for such a sad time.
Yet, they went on with this horrible angle of the Undertaker kidnapping
McMahon's daughter, and the whole incident made my stomach turn.

Does anyone remember the three women that were kidnapped in
California, and
later found to be killed? This event had national attention, and people,
including myself, were watching the news to see if there were any new
developments. With the exception of rape, the most horrible thing that can be
done to a woman is kidnap her, and hold her against her will. Yet the WWF
glorifies this as a means to an end, the Undertakers taking over of the WWF.

I have dealt with the ever increasing T & A, Marlena's pregnancy, and the
Godfather's mentality of women that they are all "ho's". But this is the last,
and biggest, straw. Unless the WWF stops using such heartless, disgusting
angles, I will no longer be supporting their federation.
Submitted by reader: Yosei10
I may be the only one to have noticed, but did you hear what Ric Flair called
the smaller patient who followed him around all night? He called him "Triple
A," instead of Double A, Arn Anderson. I found this to be very amusing...
Submitted by reader: BAClend
Now I am may be the only one here to say this, but I need to talk about this. On
Monday Psychosis lost he's first Cruiserweight title. Now in the words of Kevin
Nearly: "That's not right." This guy busts his butt every time I see him on, and
he got a title for it to. Then the people at WCW decide to make him lose it only
after one week. While I may be the only one who is a Psychosis fan, he should at
least win a few matches and then at Slamboree lose to Kidman or someone other
that Rey Jr.

Now I am not badmouthing Mysterio, yes he is good, but Psychosis may be better
than Rey. All I am saying is that he shouldn't take this kind of crap, I think
he needs a rematch.
Submitted by reader: ICHIBAN729
Last nights RAW for me was pretty emotional. I mean, any sort of entertainment
is supposed to be entertaining but when it gets emotional you know there's
something deep and special there. The WWF in my mind continues to stand for "We
Wow Fans".

First off, the moment of silence was very cool of the WWF. It totally caught me
off guard and I really respect the company for that MOS. The ending, where
Austin helped out Stephanie was one of the more emotional RAW moments I have

The last one I really remember that I wanted to ACTUALLY be there and do
something was about 4 years ago when JR first brought in the fake Diesel and the
fake Razor. I remember it and thought of it as a tasteless parody and a WWF
invasion and JR turning against us. That RAW ended with Savio coming out and
beating up those Fakes and aligning with the WWF.

This RAW's ending was really special and a definate "
NEXT STEP" for the WWF.
Honestly, seeing SCSA helping out Step was real nice of the guy. For once, he
looked like an ethically moral guy, which is almost totally against his gimmick.
Now I see why
Austin is a FRANCHISE PLAYER. Kenny, Big Show, they all seem
"unimportant" to the knowing presence of

As the UT/Austin Feud begins, let me end this post by saying.... I honestly and
hopefully believe this is the last we'll see of the Undertaker. His current
gimmick is not gonna last much longer, and it will end soon, and so will his WWF
career. Just my prediction, but goodbye and thanks for the memories Mark.
Submitted by reader: MadSpector
I would like to send my fondest gratification to all of the phonies who
masquerade as real fans all around the nation for proving a point that I have
been trying to prove for about 2 years now. Ratings dont reflect quality
anymore. Monday the WWF put on their usual 90% circus and 10% wrestling BS and
were rewarded with a 5.9. I watched the entire show and counted 22 minutes of
actual wrestling and to be honest the 22 minutes weren't quality bouts.

Here's the truth: Despite the obvious athletic superiority in athletes and
overall competition in the other 2 federations the WWF seems to be the favorite,
but among who? Not wrestling fans, not with the the majority of the show being
poorly acted out B movie angles with the Clown Vince and The Undertaker. To put
bluntly what the WWF has done is brought in a lower class of fan.

The Clown (VInce) has basically polluted the scene with his own brand of non-fan
which you can find anywhere. In this process tradition has gone out the window
and catering to the trailor park fan is the "in" thing (example: Stone Cold
Steve Austin).

So from now on I don't want to hear any of you Johnny come lately just started
watching wrestling when I saw on the news fan to embarrass yourselves by
bringing up ratings numbers, especially when its your short attention span
support that inflates them.
Submitted by reader: BsteeBoyz5
I was wondering if I was the only one that noticed that Vince McMahon didn't get
an a**hole chant while Shane did.
Ross Bergman
SMACKDOWN SPOILER (Skip this section if you want to be surprised)
Reported by
Vince and Stephanie McMahon open the show with an interview, thanking Steve
Austin. Shane McMahon spoils the party by hitting the scene with the remnants
of his Corporation; he runs off dad and sis, and makes an Undertaker/Triple H vs.
Austin/Rock match for the main event of the show.

D-Lo Brown beat Droz (Mark Henry makes a post match save when Prince Albert
tries to interfere on Droz's behalf).... the Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) beats Val
Venis; Jeff Jarrett and Debra are at ringside; the Godfather and Nicole Bass
both eventually get involved.... Paul Wight squashed Test....

The Rock comes to the ring for a promo; he's eventually joined by
Austin. They
don't plan on getting along tonight any better than absolutely necessary...
Shane again spoils the promo by coming out and dropping the bombshell that he's
been behind the Undertaker all along. The Ministry and the Corporation are thus
merged into one entity under Shane McMahon.

Kane and X-Pac manage a win over the New Age Outlaws (heavy dissention is teased
among both teams)..... Mankind beat the Big Bossman... Dok Hendrix gets a
bloodbath.... Ken Sharmock dismisses Bradshaw....

The Austin/Rock vs. Triple H/Undertaker main event eventually degenerated into a huge
schmozz (tm, Bret Hart), with the Corporation/Ministry running in. Mankind,
Wight, Shamrock, and eventually Vince himself came out to try to settle things
up. Vince even took a chairshot for
Austin. Because of Vince's selfless act,
Austin was able to hit a stunner on the Undertaker and get the win. Post-match,
Austin repaid Vince with a cool, frosty Coors Light ("I take a chairshot for
you, and you give me a LIGHT beer?").... really big finish, and it popped the
crowd big time. It wouldn't surprise me to see the re-worked "Over the Edge"
main event be a big-ass 10-man tag (like Canadian Stampede a few years back),
saving the more obvious Austin/Taker and Rock/Triple H matches for KotR.
Reported by
Reported by:
The ECW Hardcore Heaven '99 pay-per-view will be live from the Mid Hudson Civic
Center in
Poughkeepsie, NY.

The building is best known to wrestling fans as the venue where the WWF taped
most of their syndicated television in the 1980s. The seating is either ringside
or raised so every seat is a good seat.

The Mid Hudson Civic Center holds approximately 3,000 fans and is expected to
sell out quickly. Hardcore wrestling fans are encouraged to get their tickets
Tickets are available through the box office at (914) 454-5800.

Taz (Champion) vs Chris Candido (Challenger)

Rob Van Dam (Champion) vs. Jerry Lynn (Challenger)

The Dudley Boyz w/ Joel Gertner & Sign Guy (Champions) vs. Axl Rotten & Balls
Mahoney (Challengers)

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas w/ Francine vs. Justin Credible w/ Jason & ???

Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm w/ Beaulah

Taka Michinoku vs. Super Crazy
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