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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 231

Date:  Thursday April 29th, 1999  10:51 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Mick Foley recently returned to his childhood home where he leaped off the roof
in a backyard wrestling home video, and actually climbed up on the same roof.
This will all be part of a feature article on the former WWF champion in the
July edition of RAW Magazine to be released on 06/22. Also released on 06/22, is
the special Steve Austin tribute RAW Magazine, which highlights
Austin's career.
Reported by Jeff Jacobson at:

Mike Tavares sent in word that the person playing Mrs. Cleavage, the "mom" of
Beaver Cleavage (formerly Mosh of The Headbangers), is IFBB fitness competitor
Marianna Komlos. You may have noticed the Cleavage House vignettes on WWF

AtleticWomen.Com released the following statement on Komlos signing with the
Komlos Inks WWF Contract
VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA - April 27, 1999 - It’s official. Bodybuilder Marianna
Komlos is now a member of the World Wrestling Federation. This athletic
supermodel is set to handle whatever the WWF throws her way. As she says, "I’m a
full contact sports kind of girl. I have no problem with stepping into the

The WWF are high on their newest star, describing Komlos as "Just what we’re
looking for."

Marianna began courting the WWF almost one year ago and after numerous contacts,
both parties officially consummated the courtship in ink on Friday, April 23.
Her goal in the WWF is to rise to the top of the heap.

Hopefully Playboy magazine will be next on Marianna’s agenda. She attended the
auditions for the Playboy 2000 Playmate and made enough of an impression on the
magazine that they featured her on the Playboy website. She hopes an appearance
in the magazine will be forthcoming.

When asked about her future goals, Marianna stated, "I want to be the female
Arnold. And I always get what I want."
Reported by Mike Tavares & Joe De Leon at:

Bob Barnett sent in the following:
Konnan is set for an
MRI, and may be in the hospital now. He's been having back
and liver problems; there is no word on how much Konnan may miss.
Reported by Joe De Leon at:

Josh sent in the following:
Hey there, just figured I'd drop you a little note about the "
Central Florida
Mental Institution" Ric Flair was at on Nitro. You may have heard this already,
but the Institution is actually
Henry Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia. The
inside area is our cafeteria and the quick shot they did of the exterior is the
outside of our old gym. its kind of sad that they picked our school as a mental
hospital, but it was really interesting to watch them set up. The first trucks
started arriving around
noon, maybe a little before, by the time school was out
3:30), they had at least half a dozen trucks, probably more (including
tour buses and everything). The crew wasn't secretive or anything, they told
pretty much anyone who asked what was going on. They also shot the Flair
segments live, which was kind of weird (seems easier on everyone to tape it),
but I guess they wanted the time of day to look real even if the "Hospital"
Reported by Josh & Joe De Leon at:

WCW House Show Results from
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for April 28, 1999
[Results sent in by Nels]
- Chris Adams and Prince Iaukea defeated Dave Taylor and Fit Finlay.
- Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Blitzkrieg, to retain the Cruiserweight Title.
- Vincent defeated Brad Armstrong.
- Raven defeated Hak in a Hardcore Match.
- Booker T. defeated Curt Hennig, to retain the Television Title.
- Rick Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page by Disqualification
Reported by Nels & Joe De Leon at:

Kevin Nash v. Diamond Dallas Page
Gorgeous George W/Madusa v. Charles Robinson
Ric Flair v. Rowdy Roddy Piper
Scott Steiner v. Buff Bagwell
Rey Mysterio Jr. & Kidman v.Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko v.Raven & Perry Saturn
Sting v. Goldberg
Booker T. v. Rick Steiner
Konnan v. Stevie Ray
Bam Bam Bigelow v. Brian Knobs
Reported by
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Pro wrestling mourning loss of Rick Rude
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, April 25, 1999
As the nation came to grips with the horror that unfolded last week at a
Colorado high school, the world of professional wrestling mourned the loss of
one of its own. "Ravishing" Rick Rude, whose legacy will live on every time a
performer grabs a mic and yells out "Cut the music," became the latest in an
increasingly alarming and disturbing list of pro wrestlers who have died far too

Rude, 40, who had not wrestled since 1994 due to severe back and neck problems,
died Tuesday night after his daughter found him unconscious at their suburban
Atlanta home. Alpharetta police Lt. Randy Johnson said a number of empty
prescription pill bottles were found near Rude's bed, where he was observed by
his mother-in-law with a light pulse and barely breathing about
5 p.m. Tuesday.
He died at
North Fulton Medical Center hours later.

An autopsy was performed Wednesday, but results were not available from the
Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office. The official cause of death has not
been determined pending results of a toxicology report.

Rude, whose "Rude Awakening" was once one of the top finishing maneuvers in the
business, had been employed by WCW for the past year and a half in the role of
manager, announcer and NWO member, but his visibility on television had been
limited in recent months. Rude, a childhood friend of fellow WCW performer Curt
Hennig, had appeared on recent WCW Backstage Blast programs on Direct TV. Rude
abruptly left the WWF and joined WCW shortly after the infamous Bret Hart
double-cross in October 1997.

The 15-year veteran collected on a disability policy after suffering a
career-ending injury in a 1994 match in
Japan with Sting and also received a
sizable settlement from WCW as a result of his injury. Rude, who weighed in
excess of 250 at the time of his death and had bulked up nearly 40 pounds over
his natural weight, was planning a ring comeback with hopes of reprising his
late-'80s role as a major heel in the WWF.

Rude, whose legal last name is spelled Rood, was a former WWF Intercontinental
champion, WCW
U.S. champion and NWA world champion.

According to police Lt. Johnson, Rude had been arrested April 9 near his home in
Alpharetta on a driving under the influence charge. Blood test results from that
charge were pending.

Rude also made headlines when he was arrested following a disturbance in
December 1997 at the Buffalo Airport Marriot in
Amherst, N.Y. According to
reports, two fans were involved in a confrontation with Scott Norton, with one
of the fans attempting to hit Norton with a beer bottle. One fan reportedly had
his nose broken by a punch thrown by Buff Bagwell, while Lex Luger suffered a
black eye in the brawl. Rude, who demanded that police arrest the unruly fans,
was himself the victim of a night stick and mace as officers attempted to calm
him down. Rude, along with the fans, was arrested and jailed overnight.

Rude was subpoenaed in the 1994 Vince McMahon trial and testified that he used
steroids to relieve joint pain and build strength. This latest death, in the
wake of ESPN's hard-hitting Outside the Lines special, undoubtedly will add fuel
to the fire surrounding the link between the untimely deaths of a
disproportionate number of pro wrestlers and the use of recreational drugs,
painkillers and steroids.

The ESPN show focused on drug use in wrestling, chronicling the deaths of
wrestlers such as Brian Pillman, Louis Spicolli, Eddie Gilbert and Art Barr, and
examined the alarming impact the WWF has on children. WCW closed its dressing
room to reporters following the show, and WCW boss Eric Bischoff canceled some
scheduled media appearances. WWF announcer Jim Ross questioned ESPN's motives
for airing the piece.

"It seems to be the Monday Night Football ratings were down because so many
young males were watching Monday night wrestling," said Ross. "And, of course,
ESPN is owned by ABC - which covers Monday Night Football - and there is some
speculation within the media that all ESPN is trying to do is damn
sports-entertainment and turn off Monday night wrestling so that the Monday
Night Football numbers will not be in as much jeopardy.

"Some of the things that were said on the ESPN piece I'm sure have a great deal
of validity and are perhaps right on the money. But it certainly, in my view,
was a very unfair look at the federation and the business as a whole."

ABC, having felt the stinging effects of the Monday night wrestling war, is
moving Monday Night Football back to its traditional
9 p.m. starting time after
suffering the lowest ratings in the history of the show last year.

WCW, meanwhile, conducted its second straight drug test last week at Nitro. WCW
also sprung a surprise test, ordered by Time Warner, the previous Thursday at
Thunder. It has been speculated that the ESPN story prompted concern from
higher-ups in the organization.

Oregon, the only state whose athletic commission requires steroid testing as
part of its drug-testing policy, is considering a bill that would take wrestling
out of the jurisdiction of the athletic commission.

The legislature is expected to look at whether pro wrestling should be regulated
by an athletic commission and whether wrestlers should be drug-tested by a
governmental agency. It is speculated that neither WCW nor the WWF run shows in
Oregon due to its stringent drug-testing policy.

• Holler if you hear me: Scott Steiner is being sued as a result of a 1997
incident at the All-Star Cafe in
Atlanta. Steiner is accused of assaulting a bar
patron who reportedly had been causing a disturbance and refused to leave the
establishment. Steiner, who recently was sentenced to 10 days in jail, $25,000
in fines and seven years probation for aggravated assault and making terroristic
threats in a separate case, claims he was provoked.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham. More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
SAM JERRY hit the nail on the head with his takes in newsletter # 229. Simply
put, one reason a lot of folks I talk to have trouble with the WCW plotlines has
been the status of the WCW World title. Going back to the Hogan/NWO factor of
late 1996, a lot of folks began mirroring Bill Apter and the Pro Wrestling
Illustrated boys: you know, the "doesn't put the belt up" quotes.

It was a reminder of Hogan's mid-80's days, just as he didn't do figure-fours,
wrestle Von Erichs on weekends or do 60 minute matches; in other words, he
wasn't Flair. As we know, since the one-week reign of Luger in summer 1997,
JERRY's observation of the WCW title status being comparable to musical chairs
makes sense: in the last couple of years it has gone from Hogan to Luger to
Hogan to Crow to old Savage to Hogan to Goldberg to Nash to Hogan to Flair to
DDP to Crow to DDP. If I missed one, hey, I have a hard time keeping up. And I
think a lot of folks out there have too.

Yes WCW fans, I know: the WWF has been similar in that scope too. A WCW
diehard can then say, "Hart to HBK to
Austin to Kane to Austin to held up for
months to Rock to Foley to Rock to Foley to Rock to
Austin." Yes, that's true.
I will give it that. But to me there has been one big difference: while the WCW
has rehashed matches from 1992 (Hogan and Flair, Savage and Flair going back to
the WWF) and had trouble deciding who the fans should root for (with the
exception of Goldberg, of course: withing a month Flair and Hogan switching
roles in mid-feud may not have been the bestcourse or the best timing), the WWF
-at least in my opinion and on the views of a lot of folks in the newsletter and
on the net- has gotten the job done with one focus: no matter who's fighting for
the WWF World belt, its going to be entertaining and based on fan feedback.

Austin phenomenon is a point: but the Rock's bouts with Foley and Austin
have been pretty damn good, and the WWF has used the title programs to build
momentum and make important matches on their back-to-back pay-per-view/RAW times
Austin beating Kane the night after KOTR 98). And here's the deal:
it is very hard for a lot of folks to deal with the fact that the man who 1)
managed PAT TANAKA in the
AWA 2) fueded with DAVE SULLIVAN in 1995 and 3) had a
riches to rags to riches angle in 1996 THAT NEVER HAD ANY EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER
is in the thick of the WCW World title chase- and trading it on and off, to

To many fans, when you have a match of Goldberg, Sting, Nash...and the ancient
Savage rolls out and helps DDP win...well, it may not be the right prescription
to cure the WCW ratings situation..........
Submitted by reader: ZzWiLLiEzZ
Anyone who has been to an ECW show in recent weeks may have noticed ECW's
great booking lately. Paul Heyman has really been doing a great job putting out
the best matches for the fans, even with all the money trouble that's on his
mind and interfearing with his company. ECW's next Pay Per View should be a
great one. Hardcore Heaven certainly has the line up. The Mid Hudson Civic
Center should also be great because its big enough for an ECW PPV, but yet still
small enough to keep the atmosphere in the arena.

Taz vs. Candido - The world title match should be an ok one. I saw these two at
Cyberslam and it was a good show. Candido is a solid wrestler and I'm glad to
see him back on the scene, but I don't like his heel turn. I doubt Taz will drop
the belt to him.

RVD vs. Jerry Lynn - This should be a great one. I think that RVD's title reign
might come to an end. Jerry Lynn has received nothing but pops in recent weeks
and has turned into a rapidly rising star, kind of like RVD a year ago. Whats
next for RVD? A world title pursuit hopefully.

The Dudleys vs. Balls and Axl - This shout be a good match. I like both of the
tag teams, and they have great chemistry between them. A longtime fued between
the two might come to an end here in this one. I doubt the Dudley's will drop
the titles.

Justin Credible vs. Shane Douglas - Another good match. Douglas vs. Credible
happened at Cyberslam and Douglas was messed up badly after the match. I think
that Credible might steal a win in this one, because the fued is suposed to keep

Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer - What has been a long running fued might come
down to an end at Hardcore Heaven. I think maybe Paul E brings back Terry Funk
for the match and sets up the Funk-Dreamer angle like before. If so, theres no
winner to the match, just a run in by Funk.

(RUMORED) Taka Michenoko vs. Super Crazy - This should be 5 stars if it goes
through. I have nothing but good things to say about both wrestlers and I hope
that Taka decided to stay for a year or so in ECW.

Add those 6 matches with a match including Taijiri and maybe Too Cold Scorpio
and you have one heck of a card, at least on paper. We'll see how it plays out
on Pay Per View.
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