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Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 232

Date:  Friday April 30th, 1999  11:56 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The Wrestling Observer reports that Rick Steiner will be turning heel soon; the
logical direction would once again link Rick & Scott Steiner in a partnership,
though probably not as a full-time tag team. With Rick facing Booker T at
Slamboree, that may be where it happens...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams is expected to ask for his old job back in All
at the 5/2 Toyko Dome show. There is no indication one way or the other if his
request will be granted; Williams has a meeting with the WWF after the Dome show
on discussing terms for a contract release.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Mike Tenay has been added to the WCW Booking Committee; while the extent of his
enfluence is still unknown, it may be a step in the right direction. Besides
being a FAN of the business, Tenay also is a big booster of the Luchadors. At
this point, his influence may be minimal; still, we can be optimistic.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

My thanks to Moose:
Any donations in memory of Rick Rude can be made to:
The American Cancer Society
3545 Cruise Rd.Suite 102
Lawrenceville, Ga. 30044

WCW is coming out with Goldberg, Hogan, Savage and Sting Air Fresheners. Nash
too. The company that is marketing them wanted the first four and WCW begged
them to include Nash. Just this one time, I'm going to resist the impulse to
make any wiseass remarks...
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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WWF Smackdown Report for April 29, 1999
By Jeff Jacobson at:
Hosted by Michael Cole and Jim Cornette
Taped from New Haven, Connecticut
• The show opened with a video package to interesting music, hilighting the
problems between The Corporation and The Rock, followed by the problems with The
Undertaker, Vince McMahon, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The video was followed
by a neat opening for the show with a lot of pyro.
• Vince and Stephanie McMahon Interview.
- Both looked happy as they arrived to no song and a mild pop. Vince said he was
proud of his personal feats, and dis-heartened by his business ones. He
mentioned how he was ruthless, uncaring, and possesive at many's expense. As the
crowd chanted "Asshole," Vince said he deserved it, which made the crowd stop.
Vince said tonight was the night where he took control of his company, but he
must stop and smell the roses. He thanked Ken Shamrock and The Big Show for
their help on Raw is War, and especially Stone Cold Steve Austin, for helping
Stephanie when she was in a ceremony of sorts with The Undertkaer. Stephanie
then grabbed the microphone. She thanked
Austin as well from the bottom of her
heart and told The Undertaker to burn in hell. Shane McMahon and The Corporation
then made their ways down to the ring. Shane said he didn't give a rat's ass
about his dad, sister, or Austin. Vince was about to slap Shane when Triple H
stepped in the way. Shane said it was okay. He sent Vince and Stephanie out of
the ring, to big "Asshole" chants (for Shane). He then announced that even
though The Rock and Austin hated each other, they would be partners later in the
show against Triple H and a partner who Shane was about to name until The
Undertaker appeared on the Titan Tron. The Undertaker said that
Austin ruined
his special ceremony on Raw. He said he would be the judge, jury, and
executioner later in the show. As the The Undertaker's music stopped, Shane
confirmed a Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Austin and The Rock main event.

• Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and Debra searched for Owen Hart. They said it wasn't
like him to be missing. The camera then cut to The Blue Blazer running around,
saying the WWF needed a hero.

• The Blue Blazer defeated Val Venis via Pinfall.
- Before the match, Val Venis did his sexual joke. Since Owen Hart wasn't in
sight, Jeff Jarrett said he was pissed off and he would wrestle the match. When
Venis was set to attack Jarrett, The Blue Blazer, who was obviously Hart, came
from behind and attacked Venis to begin his own match. Jarrett and Debra
remained at ringside, in a back and forth match. As Debra distracted the referee
near the end, Venis hit a fisherman's suplex on Blazer, but Jarrett low-blowed
Val from behind, which let Hart roll him up for the victory. After a frustrated
Venis got up, he ran away after Nicole Bass came down and continued stalking
him. While Jarrett, Debra, and Blazer were celebrating, The Godfather and a few
ho's came down to claim Debra. The Godfather, at first, took Blazer and Jarrett
out of the picture by pounding them, but eventually, The Godfather was beaten

• Backstage, The Rock mumbled to himself about how he would make more candy
asses famous later in the show.

• Blue Blazer Interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
- The Blue Blazer said he was looking for Owen Hart, as he hadn't seen him. He
said he was tired of non G-rated products, cleavage, among other things. He said
he was the WWF's hero and reminded everyone to say their prayers, eat their
vitamins, and drink milk.

• The Big Show defeated Test with a Chokeslam.
- Test was officially out of The Corporation at this point, as he got the
advantage at first on The Big Show, who got a big pop, but eventually Big Show
fired back. Big Show executed a big dropkick and the Chokeslam for the victory.
After the match, The Big Bossman ran in and had a stare down with Wight. Big
Show just left. Bossman started to attack Test, which caused Big Show to run
back in to make the save for Test.

• Rock Interview.
- The Rock came out and discussed the main event, where he and Stone Cold Steve
Austin would take on The Undertaker. He said he was going to take Triple H and
Shane McMahon's asses into The Smackdown Hotel, check them in, and check them
out with his fist in his mouth and his foot in their asses. The Rock also said
he would stick his horns up
Austin's ass, which provoked Austin to make his way
Austin said The Rock was a punk kid, who dished out nursery rhymes. Austin
said he would grill The Rock's horn. Shane came out and said the confrontation
between The Rock and
Austin was cute. He said it was all part of his plan, as
The Rock and Austin hated each other. He then introduced The Undertaker, who
stood side by side with Shane on the rampway, followed by The rest of The
Ministry of Darkness and The Corporation. Shane said he had built the most
powerful force in the world, The Corporate Ministry, to
Austin's distain.

• X-Pac and Kane Interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
- X-Pac said that he could not trust Kane as oif yet, but even with friends, he
had to get the job done. He said his partnership with Kane was an unpredictable
match. X-Pac pushed Kane, who pushed Kevin Kelly and then ran after X-Pac.

• D-Lo Brown defeated Droz (w/Prince Albert) by Disqualification.
- The two wrestled an excellent back and forth match. Droz showed a lot of
agility. After gaining the advantage, Droz went to the second rope and mocked
D-Lo Brown, who reversed it in to a running powerbomb. When D-Lo went for the
Lo-Down, Prince Albert attacked D-Lo, resulting in a Disqualification. Albert
got his briefcase and proceeded to pierce D-Lo. Ivory brought out Mark Henry,
who made his return from double knee surgery. Henry cleared the ring to a huge

• A video package was shown of Sable "going Hollywood." It showed her
appearances on Regis and Kathie Lee, The Roseanne Show, Extra, Entertainment
Tonight, Access Hollywood, Pacific Blue, Playboy, and more.

• New Age Outlaws Interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
- Road Dogg said it would be hard to fight a competitive friend like X-Pac, as
he and Billy Gunn would take on X-Pac and Kane for the Tag Team Titles. Billy
Gunn interrupted by saying there awere no friends when it came to titles. Gunn
then walked out.

• X-Pac and Kane defeated The New Age Outlaws via Pinfall, to retain the Tag
Team Titles.
- Billy Gunn walked to the ring ahead of Road Dogg. While RD did his
introduction, Gunn just started the match and didn't his part of the
introduction. After a very long match, Kane and RD battled it out in the corner.
At the sametime, Billy Gunn had X-Pac in a gorilla-press slam position, where
Kane threw RD into Gunn's knee. X-Pac then fell on top of Gunn to score the
pinfall. Gunn looked frustrated at the conclusion of the match.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was shown preparing ready for the main

• The New Age Outlaws argued in the parking lot. Road Dogg said there were
always other shots. Billy Gunn said he would never team up with RD again and
then called him an asshole.

• Brood Interview, Conducted by Dok Hendrix.
- Dok Hendrix introduced The Brood to a huge pop. Gangrel said they had
something inside of them and they needed to use it. He said they were the unholy
trio and believed like no one. He said The Brood just needed a chance. Hendrix
questioned Gangrel's words. Edge grabbed the microphone and said we should all
fear The Brood, because when they arrive in the night, they had a mission.
Christian refused to speak. Hendrix questioned The Brood's words as a publicity
stunt, saying it was just a gimmick. Gangrel said it wasn't "Michael." The Brood
started to attack Hendrix, as the music on and the lights went out. When the
lights returned , Hendrix was covered in blood as a result of a Blood Bath.

• Backstage, Billy Gunn was shown searching for X-Pac.

• Ken Shamrock was interviewed by Kevin Kelly. He said he would beat the crap
out of Bradshaw and get his revenge.

• No Holds Barred: Ken Shamrock defeated Bradshaw.
- Ken Shamrock dominated the match by jumping Bradshaw at first. Using chairs,
tables, guardrails, submission maneuvers, and more, Shamrock eventually took the
victory when using his baseball bat as a weapon to choke Bradshaw out. • Mankind
interview, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
- Mankind introduced himself to the UPN viewers in a humorous way and said Mr.
Socko, which now has a face of Mankind on it, would go down The Big Bossman's

• Backstage, Shane McMahon and The Corporate Ministry were all in a circle, as
Shane motiviated them all.

• Mankind defeated The Big Bossman by making him to submit to the Mandible Claw.
- In a short match, The Big Bossman tried to run away at first, but ran into
Test. Mankind tried to DDT Bossman, who gained offense. Test remained at
ringside. Bossman ran at Mankind, who flinged Bossman over the top. Bossman
tried to escape again, but ran into The Big Show. Big Show threw Bossman back in
the ring, where Mankind shoved Mr. Socko down the throat of Bossman for the
victory. • Backstage, Billy Gunn barged in to X-Pac's dressing room. Gunn
started to attack X-Pac, until Kane came ot the aid of X-Pac. Gunn, on his way
out, said he wasn't done with X-Pac.

• Backstage, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin prepared for the main event.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin and The defeated The Undertaker and Triple H by
- The match started off as a double team on The Rock, until Stone Cold Steve
Austin made his way out to make th ematch event. After many reversals, and a
great DDT by The Undertaker on Austin, the tide was turning as Austin fought
back on Triple H. The Corporate Ministry ran out and annihilated Austin and The
Rock. Austin and The Rock couldn't fight them off, so out came The Big Show, Ken
Shamrock, and Test who took care of The Corporate Ministry. The Rock and Triple
H brawled through the crowd. Shane was on the outside, where Vince McMahon came
down and slugged Shane in the face. In the meantime, The Undertaker hit a
chokeslam on Austin, and was going to hit him with a chair when McMahon came in.
McMahon provoked The Undertaker and took a chairshot, sacrificing himself for
Austin. Austin then got up and hit the Stunner on The Undertaker, as Shane came
in and started pounding Vince with shots to the ground. Austin stunned Shane and
chugged many beers. The show ended with clips of what occured and Austin pouring
a beer on McMahon to revive him.
WCW Thunder Report for April 29th, 1999
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Live from University Park, PA (Penn State University)
The irrational decisions and Ric Flair's past behavior were shown culminating
with how he ended up at the Central Florida Mental Hospital. The Nature Boy is
then shown with the other looney tunes (all wearing University of Florida Gator
boxers) and the doctors and nurses dancing and singing "She'll be comin round
the mountain".

Curt Hennig versus Booker T
Booker was disqualified when his brother Stevie Ray blatantly hit Hennig with
the Slapjack. After the bell, the two seemed to be arguing about what had
happened. Winner: Curt Hennig via disqualification

--Hak and Chastity. Hak claimed that he was the most extreme wrestler on the
planet and bragged about how he beat Raven and Bam Bam Bigelow at Uncensored.
He then told Chastity that she could pick anyone in WCW for him to beat up that
night. After refusing her first two choices (she whispered them in his ear)
citing that they were too fat or too old, Chastity (Little Sexy) said that she
wanted Hak to have a hardcore match with Big Sexxy later on that evening.

--Rick Steiner and Booker T began arguing about something in the back (Couldn't
hear what it was...but I am assuming it was the fact that Stevie Ray keeps
getting involved in Booker's matches). The argument then turned into a full
fledged slugfest.

--Buff Bagwell came to the ring wearing a blonde wig, blonde mustache and the
type of sunglasses that Scott Steiner wears. He poked fun at Steiner, saying
that Big Poppa Pump likes being on parole. He then called him an idiot and
mocked him by calling him Big Poppa Dump.

Jerry Flynn versus Stevie Ray w/Black and White NWO
Flynn never had a chance in this one. After receiving cheap shot by all the
members of the NWO, Lightningfoot fell prey to the slapjack.
Winner: Stevie Ray via pinfall

Hak w/Chastity versus Kevin Nash
Big Sexxy proved that he could hang in hardcore matches by using a ladder and
other foreign objects to his advantage. In the end, Chastity attempted to spray
Nash in the face with a fire extinguisher, but the big man took it from her,
sprayed Hak in the face with it and followed up with a jacknife powerbomb
through a table for the win.
Winner: Kevin Nash via pinfall

--Bam Bam Bigelow told Mene Gene that he and Diamond Dallas Page grew up
together in New Jersey and challenged Page to a world title match under hardcore
rules saying that the two promised each other when they were younger that they
would help each other if they ever made it to the big time.

Meng versus Goldberg
The "Man" put the Tongan beast down with the spear and jackhammer.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

---Diamond Dallas Page accepted the challenge of Bam Bam. He then said he wanted
to thank Jody Hamilton (The Assassin), Jake "The Snake"Roberts, and
Dusty Rhodes. He said that if it were not for them, he would not be where he is
today. He then thanked all of the people who were sick to their stomachs because
he is the world champion. He also told everyone who was on the DDP bandwagon to
"jump off" because he did not need anyone.

Disciple versus Randy Savage w/ Madusa/Gorgeous George/Miss Madness
Madusa showing she still had it, delivered a crushing kick to the stomach of the
Disciple during this match. In the end, the Macho Man got the 1-2-3 after his
patented flying elbow off of the top rope.
Winner: Randy Savage via pinfall

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Diamond Dallas Page
This match went all over the arena, including the broadcast position. Broken
catering dishes, brooms and tables were lying everywhere. Page nailed Bigelow
with the Diamond Cutter but did not have enough to roll over and cover the Beast
from the East. Once again, Randy Savage came to the ring, hit Bigelow with the
elbow from the top (Page saw it this time) allowing Page to roll over and make
the three count, thus retaining the world heavyweight title.
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page (Retained World Heavyweight Title)

Ricks Comments:
--After Savage hit the Disciple with the flying elbow after his match, Savage
did not roll the man up, he simply put his foot on his chest. It sure looked
like his knee went out on him.

--Flair is STILL IN THE
NUT HOUSE!! That is longest 72 hours I have ever seen.
He should have been out LAST WEEK.

--The Rick Steiner/Booker T match is going to be a classic, provided no one

--Give MENG a title!!
Submitted by reader: KGill87358
On the WCW Title situation: What most people don't understand is that what WCW
is doing is trying to boost ratings by making the title picture more
interesting. Right now you have 4 or 5 Wrestlers in the hunt for the World
Title, and it makes things a little more interesting by having them involved in
angles and feuds. The WWF did the same thing with Foley and Rock, but nobody
said anything. The biggest problem with the Title changes in both feds over the
past couple of years is one thing...Too many Wrestling shows on TV nowadays.
They have to do something fresh every show to make things interesting and to
keep the viewers from switching to the "Other Show".

Give WCW some credit where its due, Nitro has improved weekly. That little
footage they had with Flair this past week was hiliarious and it was brilliant
the way they brought back Scott Hall this past week. And of course, Raw was a
fantastic show as well this past week with the ending making the whole show.
The point is all the title changes do is bring excitement to wrestling and the
television shows.
Submitted by reader: BossBlues1
KFITZPATI sent in a post responding to SamJerry's article on the WCW
Title. I did not read Jerry's article, however, this is in response to KFITZ's
article entitled "Musical Chairs." I feel virtually everything he said in his
article, albeit backed up with facts, was stated in a way that was hypocritical
and biased towards the WWF. Meaning, the things he said about the WCW Title can
EASILY also be said about the WWF Title.

He just chooses, like many other fans, to turn the other cheek when it comes to
Vince & his boys. I personally don't have a HUGE problem with a title turning
into a
big game of Musical Chairs. I prefer some sort of top dog (like Hogan, Flair,
Austin, The Rock, whoever) as a staple champion.... but bouncing the title
around doesn't do any damage to those who win it, as long as its done in a way
that gives both the winner and the loser some heat for a rematch or new feud.
The WWF did this. With Austin-The Undertaker, with Mankind-The Rock, and now
they're doing it with Austin-The Rock. WCW has consistently done this as well.

The problem here is the hypocrisy. Making statements referring to people having
trouble with Diamond Dallas Page as champion because he used to be a giant
jobber and a horrible manager, while not making the same about Kane, The Rock,
Austin, The Roaddog, The Godfather, Billy Gunn, and all the other "we used to be
godawful" wrestlers who are currently WWF titleholders is ridiculous. Who's
worse.... Isaac Yankem or the old "God Gawd" Diamond Dallas Page?? Ask
KFITZPATI. DDP can at least work, in my opinion. A wrestlers' old
gimmick shouldn't prevent a talented, or at least hard-working wrestler from
gaining status. If this were true, ECW wouldn't push Shane Douglas, RVD and
Jerry Lynn because they're "really" The Dean, Robbie V and Mr. JL.

The bottom line, as always.... watch what you want to watch. Don't feel you have
to justify it to any Joe Schmo columnist or internet fan. This goes for
"KFITZPATI" as well.... don't think this was meant in any way to tell
you what to watch on Mondays. Watch the WWF, watch WCW.... which ever one is
better for you. My intent was only to point out that people watch what they want
to watch, and that it has nothing to do with "good or bad" or "this makes sense,
this doesn't." Some watch WWF for the extreme levels it goes to... other likes
the characters, others like their complex storylines. Some watch WCW for their
excellent wrestling.... others identify with the bigger names and stars, others
like their storylines better. You get the point.
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