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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 233

Date:  Saturday May 1st, 1999  11:31 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Jose sent in the following:
From Michael Doran's NEWSARAMA (
- Professional wrestling continues its assault on the world of comics in August,
when WWF wrestler Mankind gets his own one-shot special courtesy of Chaos!
comics, home of the Undertaker ongoing series.

Newsarama is told Mankind, a.k.a. Mick Foley, is "absolutely nuts, but in a
lovable kinda way. His tagline is 'Have a Nice Day,' and his sidekick is an
athletic sock that he's drawn a face on called Mr. Socko." Written by Steven
(Vampirella) Grant and illustrated by Jerry Beck, according to information
provided by the publisher, "Never one to claim a high degree of mental
stability, Mankind suddenly finds himself in the middle of a reality-warping
adventure pitting him against an ancient evil and a vile enemy. Is there any
hope that he or his trusty elasticized sidekick Mr. Socko will survive to Have a
Nice Day?"

The special will ship 50/50 with a variant cover photo.

Newsarama also hears that Marvel might be ready to launch its WCW line that same
month and Diamond Comics Distributors may officially name August "Wrestling"
month ...
Reported by Joe De Leon at:

The "WWF Smackdown!" special on UPN earned a 5.8/ (a 9 share) from 8-10 (last
week the UPN movie "Dying to Live" was a 3.2/ 5 share from 8-10).
Reported by Curt Creighton at:

Thunder was definitely affected by Smackdown being on, as it did a worst yet
rating in its Thursday time slot on 4/29 of a 2.5 (with a 4.0 share). WCW had
better hope that UPN does not pick up the show on a regular basis because it
could kill Thunder's ratings.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Mark Madden reported on the WCW Hotline today that WCW is still paying Rick
Rude's salary to the family; whether it is based on public relations or
kindness, still a nice move on WCW's part...
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

WCW House Show Results from
Uniondale, New York April 30, 1999
[results sent in by Jon G.]
-Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Blitzkreig.
-Prince Iaukea defeated Horace Hogan.
-Konnan defeated Fit Finlay via submission with the Tequila
-Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Saturn in a hardcore match.
-Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera.
-Rick Steiner defeated Meng.
-Goldberg destroyed Curt Hennig after a Jackhammer.
-DDP vs. Ric Flair vs. Sting.
DDP won after executing the Diamond Cutter on Flair and then getting the pin.
Advertised main events were Hogan vs. Flair and Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner.
Reported by Jon G. & Curt Creighton at:

ECW House Show 4/29 in Palmetto, FL
Danny Doring and Roadkill beat the Barrio Brothers
Steve Corino (with Rod Price) beat Skull Von Krush.
Yoshihiro Tajiri beat Little Guido (with Sal E. Graziano).
Nova beat Buck Quartermain.
Jerry Lynn beat Justin Credible (with Jason and Jazz).
El Mosco beat Super Crazy.
The Dudley Boys beat Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley.
Tommy Dreamer (with Francine) beat Lance Storm (with Beulah).
Reported by Avatarsnow & Dave Scherer at:
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In his most recent scribbling to the three or four fans he has, Douchebag
Doophus Page complained about the treatment he has received at the hands a
certain writer on the Internet. Following is what Douchebag (or Dirtbag to his
very close friends...that means Kimberly) had to say:

"...So the fans that know absolutely nothing about the personal and professional
person known as DDP want to call him white trash, trailer trash, and on one of
those "rotten apples" that calls himself a wrestling insider refers to him as
D******* Duphus Page. The fans in arenas want to Boo wildly. The rags say he
doesn't belong, the attacks have always been there, but
NOW it matters, Because
he is now The Two-time Heavyweight Champion of the Wooooorld!"

Several people has e-mailed me suggesting that I was the one he was referring
to. While I can't say for sure that I am [:-)], I can tell you that I never
called or referred to myself "a wrestling insider."

I think its hilarious that he felt he had to take the time to respond to the
name(s) I've given him. Seems like I may have gotten to him and my response to
that is .. GREAT. I think it says a lot about his character (or lack of same)
that he has to keep telling the world how wonderful he is both inside and
outside the ring. I recently wrote wrestlers will tell you that their in ring
personas are usually a direct reflection of their real selves. As we all know,
"An @$$hole is an @$$hole is an @$$hole,"

Why do you suppose he has to keep telling the world that he is the World
Champion? Does he think the fans will forget it (as much as many would like to)
as soon as they turn their TV's off?

As far as his "real" self is concerned, he has this need to keep telling us all
the wonderful things he does. When was the last time you wrote about helping
some old lady across the street or contributed to your church or temple? We all
do those kinds of things and don't Post it on our Home Pages or write about it.

My problem with Douchebag relates purely to his ring activities. Good King Eric
gave him (along with Big Soxy) booking responsibility. He has used it to further
his own career, and not for the good of WCW and all of the wrestlers. It has
been reported by several very reliable sources that there is genuine heat in the
locker room about it. The others feel he is abusing his power, whereas Nash has
been doing things that are aimed at improving WCW's product.

You may recall that NITRO was recently in
Canada. At this particular show,
Douchebag went overboard insulting
Canada and the Canadian people. This was
particularly upsetting to WCW because it was their first trip there and they
were trying to make inroads in traditional WWF territory. He was instructed to
apologize by GKE and rather than do it, he came up with some lame @$$ excuse.
That is the "real" Douchebag.

If I am the "rotten apple" he referred, I am proud of it. I would be more than
happy to write a positive article about him. All it would take is for him to do
something positive .. without taking out a full page ad in the New York Times to
announce it.

Oh, by the way Douchebag, I do know you are The two-time Heavyweight Champion of
the Woooooorld. I get the dry heaves every time I think about it.
APRIL 30, 1999 - QUEENS, NY
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with a match between Taka Michinoku and Jerry Lynn in
progress. Taka hit a Plancha sending
Lynn to the floor. He got back in and took
a series of chops by Taka.
Lynn came back with a Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors and
sent Taka to the floor, where he crotched him on the guard rail.
Lynn hit a
Slingshot High Cross Body from the apron sending Taka into the crowd to meet and
greet the fans. Back in the ring
Lynn hit a Drop Kick to Taka's knees, followed
by a submission Leg lock that Taka broke by getting to the ropes.
Lynn kept up
his offensive with Forearm shots. Taka came back with an Insaguri (sic). Lynn
Clotheslined Taka as he was leaning against a corner. He charged in at Taka and
almost got caught by a Tornado DDT.
Lynn came back with a German Suplex,
followed by a Power Bomb, a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker and a string of fists to
the head. Taka fought back with a Hurricanrana and a major Brain Buster, but
missed a Moonsault and ate some mat.
Lynn quickly hit a Tornado DDT and went for
a pin, but Taka kicked out. Taka retaliated with a knee to the head and a
Springboard Missile DDT and went for the Michinoku Driver.
Lynn slipped out of
it and hit a Pile Driver that put Taka into dreamland where he saw pictures of
his younger days in
Japan. Lynn pinned him for the victory. Lynn will be facing
Rob "Mr. PPV" Van Dam for the ECW TV Title at Hardcore Heaven.
Winner - Jerry Lynn

The camera went outside the arena where we saw Cyrus The Virus greeting Taz as
he arrived at the arena. Disproving his own claims of intelligence, Cyrus
approached Taz, told him Chris Candido was in the building wearing a Halo on his
neck and wanted to know what Taz planned to do about it. Taz said it was too bad
about Candido but that was his problem. Cyrus tried to ask another question,
but Taz cut him off and asked one of his own, "How would you liked to get choked
out? If you don't get out of my face, you're going to get the answer." Taz will
not be nominated for Secretary General of the UN anytime soon.

After the ECW opening, Joey Styles was in the ring and welcomed the crowd, who
responded with a chant of "ECW." A clip of Taz attacking Candido a few weeks ago
and injuring his neck was run. Candido was at ringside wearing the Halo, with
Tammy Lynn Sytch (
TLS) alongside. He said it was the second time his neck had
been broken. He complained about the lack of respect New Yorkers showed as the
crowd got on his case. Taz came into the ring and cut Candido short with words
about this being
New York and New Yorkers don't show respect. The crowd chanted
"You go."
New York is probably the only place in the Galaxy where Taz would be a
fan favorite. Candido said something about both of them being in the business 10
years and to "look what you did" referring to his injured neck. Taz told him
that he did it to himself trying to take the Belt. He told Candido he couldn't
give a rats @$$ if his injury was a work or a shoot or if he was crippled. The
Nobel Committee got up and left deciding Taz wasn't going to get an award this
year. He followed with a few niceties for "that whore at ringside with you." Taz
then went into his "Beat me if you can, survive if I let you" bit. Candido tried
to respond but Taz cut him off and told
TLS that if she kept staring at him, he
would choke her out. Candido defended
TLS and said they would be co-managing
until such time as he was fit to compete and had someone there tonight to face
him. Taz told him to bring out anyone he wanted to. With that Steve Corrino came
out and got into the ring. The doctor rushed in to see if Taz would survive the
laughing spell he went into. Taz gave the mic to Corrino and told him to speak
his piece (yeah, before Taz laid him to Rest In Peace). Corrino went into a
spiel about how he could take Taz out without even breaking a sweat. The crowd
needed the doctors help at this point. Not being the brightest bulb in the pack,
Corrino told Taz and the crowd that they were full of sh*t. The crowd broke into
a chant of "Taz is gonna kill you." If he's lucky, that's all Taz will do.
Corrino kept up his barrage of insults. I guess Taz was too stunned by his
stupidity to do anything as he allowed Corrino to go on. At this point, Taz had
all he could take and told Corrino he was in fact going to kill him. Either
being the bravest man in history, or the most stupid, Corrino told Taz he had a
deal for him. He could lay the Belt at his feet and save him the embarrassment
of getting his @$$ kicked. He gave Taz five seconds to comply and began counting
down. Yeah, to his funeral. The crowd began drawing lots to see who would be the
Pall Bearers at Corrino's funeral. Candido charged in and attacked Taz from
behind. Candido and Corrino stomped Taz as he lay on the mat. We went to a
commercial as they continued pounding Taz. I suspect when Taz gets up, there
will be a double funeral, and possibly a triple since Taz is not above planting
TLS also.

After the commercial, Joey said Taz was being tended to in the locker room and
wasn't in a very pleasant mood. He said we would get an update on his condition

The next match was Little Guido, accompanied by his 600 pound living tub of lard
and fellow member of The New And Improved Full Blooded Italians (FBI), Big Sal
E. Graziano, v. Nova. We picked up the action in progress. Guido threw Nova to
the floor (he would have been better off if he had been thrown to the lions)
where Sal picked him up and jammed his back into the ring apron and threw him
back in. Guido hit a Leg Drop coming off the turn buckle and applied an Arm
Wringer and then into a Cross Arm Breaker. Nova got to the ropes to break the
hold. Guido again threw Nova to the lions, I mean floor, where Sal showed him
how big his hands were as he wrapped them around his throat, and then returned
him to Guido's care. Nova came back with a series of Chops. Guido applied an Arm
Bar. Guido hit a Scoop and Slam and got into a screaming match with the fans.
While the referee was distracted trying stop get Guido before the New York fans
lynched him, Sal came in and squashed (and I do mean squashed) Nova against the
turn buckle. Nova was beginning to get the message that this was really a 2-On-1
Handicap Match. Guido went for the cover, but Nova kicked out. Guido hit a belly
to-back Suplex and again tried for a pin. Guido went for a Cross Body off the
ropes, but Nova blocked it and hit a Slam off the turn buckle, and went for a
pin. Nova caught Guido on the turn buckle and dropped him face first on the mat.
Once again Guido kicked out of a pin and came back with Chops to the head and
chest. Sal held Nova against the turn buckle from outside as Guido charged it at
him. Nova got a foot up and Guido ate it. He preferred it with anchovies, but
hey you take what you are dealt with. Once again Sal hauled his lard @$$ in and
went for a Splash in the corner, however, Nova moved out of the way and Guido
got mashed. Nova nailed fatso with a Leaping Tornado DDT coming off the top turn
buckle. The ring moved a foot at Sal hit. The building shook a bit, but held on.
Nova then delivered a version of a Running DDT and cashed in Guido's Pizza Hut
coupons. Joey called the move, but I couldn't pick it up despite rerunning the
tape several times. It isn't necessary to e-mail me with it if you understood
Winner - Nova

Joey said "some people never learn" referring to Candido and his attack on Taz.
He said Candido will have his shot at the title at Hardcore Heaven, but now Taz
will kill him instead of just beating him. I guess I know who Joey is picking.

The next match pitted Lance Storm, with Tammy Lynn Bytch (
TLB), who as playing
at being Beulah again, v. Tommy Dreamer, who was backed by The Head Cheerleader
Francine. There was more estrogen and leg at the ring than at a Tupperware
Party. The crowd chanted "Francine." We picked the match up in progress. I think
all ECW matches start that way. Storm had an Arm Bar on that Tommy broke. Storm
claimed he pulled his tights and got into an argument with the referee and crowd
about it. Francine got up on the apron and into Storm's face. He took a swing at
her and missed. A true gentleman.
TLB got up on the apron and shook her booty.
Tommy checked out the goods and took an Elbow Drop and Drop Kick as a result. As
he was pounding away at Tommy, Storm put the bad mouth on him. Storm sent Tommy
to the floor and crotched him on the guard rail. Francine wasn't happy, Tommy
wasn't exactly singing about it either. Back in the ring Storm stomped Tommy and
pressed his foot into his throat. He dropped Tommy off the top turn buckle. The
crowd chanted "Show you t*ts" at
TLB, who handed Storm a chair that he jammed
between the 2nd and 3rd turn buckles. Tommy avoided being whipped into the chair
and threw Storm to the floor. He Irish Whipped Storm over the guard rail and
into the crowd. Tommy went in after him and bounced him off a set of chairs.
Storm got back into the ring and Tommy tried to bring a table in. Storm hit the
table with a Baseball Slide knocking it into Tommy and breaking it. It was
definitely not an Acme Table, as it broke too easily. Storm brought the table in
and leaned it against a corner. Storm got crotched on the ropes and nailed with
a Guillotine Elbow Drop.
They exchanged moves and that brought
TLB into the ring. Francine followed and
blasted her. Dreamer went for a Pile Driver but
TLB hit him with the weakest
chair shot of all time. Dreamer turned to see if it was a mosquito or a blast of
fresh air. After getting rid of
TLB, Tommy nailed Storm with a Spiccoli Driver
onto the table and pinned him.
Winner - Tommy Dreamer

On his way back to the locker room. Tommy was attacked by Justin Credible and
blasted with his Singapore Cane. Credible dragged Tommy back into the ring.
Francine followed trying to protect Tommy. Wrong move!
TLB came in and delivered
a shot with the Cane right between Francine's ... eyes (keep your mind out of
the gutter). Shane Douglas rushed in to help Tommy and Francine, but he also got
his @$$ kicked. Jason came into the ring carrying a cinder block. This can't be
good for Tommy and Shane. It wasn't. Tommy took the cinder block on his chest
and we got an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey...finally.
Losers - Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas and Francine

We saw a short clip of Tommy pouring a urine sample on Storm's face a couple of
weeks ago. See my previous ECW TV Reports for complete details. As he registered
disgust at the clip, Joey went over the card for Hardcore Heaven. Dreamer and
Douglas will be meeting Storm and Credible. Note to Joey: There are three people
left in Lower East Mongolia that haven't got the card memorized yet.

The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray, D-Von and Sign Guy, along with their Advisor Joel
"If it moves. I'll eat it. If it doesn't move I'll eat it. If it is, Ill eat it"
Gertner were in the ring. Bubba Ray claimed that he was the uncrowned ECW TV
Champion saying he was the man that beat Rob Van Dam in Buffalo. D-Von said he
was the Champion since it was his match, not Bubba Ray's They argued back and
forth about it. Trouble in Dudleyville? Nah. As they continued arguing, Bill
"Fonzie" Alfonso came to ringside and said "neither of you inbreeds beat Van
Dam." He went back and got Van Dam who came to the ring and an impromptu match
against Bubba Ray was about to begin. However, the clock struck Midnight, and
Joey had to he home or the coach would turn into .. you know the story. The
program closed on that note. I suspect we'll see the match next week.
Submitted by reader: Cliff Riley (SMTHLL)
I have finally found the true definition of irony recently, as I was walking
through the book store seeing if any new books on martial arts have come out,
when I noticed a new book on the shelf, the title of the book was:
'Pro-Wrestling for Idiots', and on the front cover justifiably enough was the
"Man" himself Bill Goldberg. Irony to no end.
Cliff Riley (SMTHLL)
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