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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 234

Date:  Sunday May 2nd, 1999  9:31 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Everybody's saying to look for Dok Hendrix to return to his Michael PS Hayes
character to pay back the Brood for what they did on Smackdown....early
favorites to join Hayes as part of the "Freebirds 2000" are the Hardy Boys.
Reported by

All Japan Pro-Wrestling, Sunday, May 2, 1999 (65,000)
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Naomichi Marufuji beat Makoto Hashi & Gran Naniwa
(15:25 Kikuchi beat Hashi)

Satoru Asako & Takeshi Morishima beat Kentaro Shiga & Yoshinobu Kanemaru
(13:33 Asako beat Kanemaru)

Rusher Kimura, Mitsuo Momota, Masao Inoue beat Giant Kimala, Haruka Eigen, Jun
Izumida (14:03 Kimala beat Inoue)

Johnny Smith, Masanobu Fuchi, Tamon Honda beat Yukihiro Kanemura, Gedo,
Koji Nakagawa (14:41 Honda beat Gedo)

Yoshinari Ogawa, Maunukea Mossman, & Masahito Kakihara drew Hayabusa, The
Great Sasuke, & Tigermask (#4) (30 minutes time limit draw)

Giant Baba's " Retirement Ceremony " :
Mr. Motoko Baba, Bruno Sammartino, Gene Kiniski, The Destroyer, Lord James
Blears, Joe Higuchi

Stan Hansen, Steve Williams, Akira Taue beat Gary Albright, Yoshihiro Takayama,
Takao Omori (16:10 Hansen beat Takayama)

Toshiaki Kawada beat Hiroshi Hase (20:55)

The Road Warriors & Johnny Ace beat Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, Hakushi
(Jisnsei Shinzaki) (17:37 Hawk beat Hakushi)

Mitsuharu Misawa beat Vader to win the Triple Crown Heavyweight title (18:07)
Reported by Masanori Horie

WCW House Show Results for May 2nd, 1999 in Norfolk, Virginia
Prince Iyakaya defeated Fit Finlyy
Rick Steiner defeated Curt Hennig
Konnan defeated Horace
Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera Jr.
Blitzkrieg defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Raven & Saturn defeated Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair
Reported by: Brian Williams
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WWF Sunday Night Heat Report for May 2nd, 1999
By Michael Patrick, at:
Announcers-Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly
Live from San Diego, California

New Age Outlaws vs. D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry
-The match went back and forth the whole way through for about three minutes as
Droz and Prince Albert attacked D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry. They ended up
fighting into the crowd as the referee called a No Contest. After the match,
Road Dogg confronted Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn called out X-Pac and apologized to
him. But then nailed him with a clothesline as Road Dogg pulled Billy Gunn away.
And then Kane came down, and made the save for X-Pac, but then gave Road Dogg a
chokeslam as he helped up X-Pac.
Winner: No Contest

-Showed outside the arena as a limosine pulled up and the Corporate Ministry
made their way out and into the arena.

-Michael Cole stood on the stage, and talked about the history of the McMahon
family and the WWF. They then got into the recent occurences between Shane and
Vince, that Vince never treated his father in this form. They included many
recent clips from Backlash, Smackdown, and Raws. The segment ran for several

Test/Ken Shamrock vs. The Acolytes
-The Acolytes dominated the match with power moves and double teams. Test was
completely dominated until he got the hot tag to Ken Shamrock, who placed
Faarooq in a quick ankle lock, and he tapped out. After the match, the entire
Ministry and Corporation came down and attacked Shamrock/Test. Then Bossman
challenged Mankind, and went after him.
Winner: Test/Ken Shamrock by Submission

Mankind vs. Bossman
-They began to battle in the Boiler Room brawl, as they used all kinds of
weapons in the bout. They fought for several minutes until the Corporate
Ministry came in and destroyed Mankind as Shane McMahon locked the door. After a
minute or two, Paul Wight broke the door to get in and saved Mankind as they all
Winner: No Contest

Paul Wight interview
-Paul Wight said that if the Corporate Ministry wanted to attack people, try
attacking a Big Show. He then challenged the Undertaker, as the lights went out
and the Undertaker came out. But then the Ministry came out, and destroyed Paul
Wight. Undertaker told him that he is not the most powerful man in the WWF.

-Paul Wight was shown destroying the backstage area, as he was looking for the
Undertaker. And Shane was shown on a phone calling the police to have Paul Wight
arrested, since he threatened him.

Bob Holly interview
-Bob Holly talked about how that he gave Al Snow tons of shots at the Hardcore
title, but that Al Snow is now champion, and he wouldn't. Then Al Snow got onto
the titontron, and said that Head was a backstabber, and that now he had a deer
head, but that he had a surprise for Bob Holly. They went back to Bob Holly, as
his old theme music started, and Al Snow rode a plastic car down the ramp. And
they began to have a Hardcore title match.

Bob Holly vs. Al Snow
-The match stayed on the outside of the ring most of the bout as they traded
stiff shots, and they used the plastic car on one another. They then got back
into the ring, and Bob Holly took Head back from Al Snow and walked off from it.
Winner: No Contest

-Paul Wight took a 2 by 4 and was shown going outside as he began to break the
windows of the limo that the Corporate Ministry came in. Police officers
arrested Paul Wight and he threatened Shane McMahon that he was going to get his
revenge on Raw.

Shane McMahon interview
-The entire Corporate Ministry came out, as Shane talked about how they
destroyed Ken Shamrock, Test, Mankind, and Paul Wight. That they only need to
get rid of two more, and that is Rocky Maivia and Steve Austin. And that Steve
Austin must face the Undertaker at Over the Edge. That Vince will have something
in store for him, and Triple H will face Rocky Maivia
By Michael Patrick, at:
Visit my Home Page:
I am often asked which wrestlers I would choose if I were going to start my own
Federation. The ones I pick would naturally have to demonstrate skill in the
ring, be able to fill the arenas, have long range potential, be durable, and in
today's environment, be adept with the mic as well. I would also look for men
who will be around tomorrow. There are many that I haven't picked, but that
doesn't mean I wouldn't want them in my Federation. Obviously the list is
subjective and a case can be made for several others. Here they are in the order
I select them:

1. Rob Van Dam (ECW) - Known at Mr. Monday Night, Mr. PPV and The Whole F'N
Show, Van Dam has been the ECW TV Champion for the past years, and also one-half
of the ECW Tag Team Champions for a good part of the year. He employs aerial
skills that make the Luchadores look like they are dragging an anchor behind
them. At the same time, he is a tremendous mat wrestler and handles the mic in
an outstanding manner.

2. The Rock (WWF) - Known as The People's Champion some of the time. The Rock is
the future of the WWF and of wrestling. He has already held the WWF Championship
on three occasions and promises to hold in the future. He has no equal on the
mic and is equally comfortable as a face or a heel.

3. Chris Jericho (WCW) - Chris has held various titles in his career and will
hold many more. Like The Rock, he is adept at the mic and comfortable as either
a face or a heel.

4. Sabu (ECW) - Known as "The Most Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Wrestler In
The World," Sabu has been ECW Champion and Tag Team Champion. He is renown for
his daring leaps and moves that show no regard for his body. Until forced to sit
down, he was wrestling with a fractured jaw, an injury that would have just
about anyone else lying in bed. His one drawback is his lack of mic skills, but
his abilities in the ring are such that he still makes my List. If he mic skills
to his repertoire, he would be even better.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin - What more can be said about the man who generates
more heat than any wrestler I ever seen. He has held the WWF Championship on
several occasions and will hold it many more times.

6. Goldberg - He has held the WCW Championship and will hold it again during his
career. He is a raw talent that can only get better. In my opinion he was
actually hampered by the way WCW handled him. WCW built him up to be
"unbeatable" with "The Streak, and that only set him up for a let down. He will
have to improve his mic skills.

7. Thru 9. Tie - Bad @$$ Billy Gunn, Val Venis and D-Lo Brown - These three are
so evenly matched and are the best of the young, up-and-coming stars that it is
impossible to separate them at this point in their careers. If I were starting a
new Federation, these are three that I would draft immediately. They have all
demonstrated outstanding skill in the ring. Bad @$$ will have to hone his mic
skills if he intends to compete at the Main Event level.

10. Triple H - A good solid ring technician who has improved a lot in the past two
years. He plays the face and heel equally well and is excellent with the mic. I
foresee a long succession of titles in his future. >>

11. Edge - Another youngster with tremendous athletic ability. He can only
improve. He has yet to show he can handle a mic, but displays the ring presence
that indicates he should be able to.

12. Kidman - Another outstanding youngster who would rank even higher if he was
bigger. An excellent wrestler with outstanding speed and all the moves to make
him a champion.

13. Taz - Although not as big as many other wrestlers, pound for pound he may be
the best there is. He doesn't allow anything to stand between him and victory.
Handles himself well on the mic.

14. The Dudley Boyz - Yes I know they are a team, but Bubba Ray and D-Von come
as a matched set. I consider them the ultimate heel tag team. Bubba Ray is
outstanding with the mic and plays his part so well, he could piss off the Pope.

15. Paul Wight - He has the potential to be another Andre. His sheer size and
strength make him potentially the most devastating wrestler there is. He handles
himself well on the mic.

16. Lance Storm - Another one of the "young lions," he has all the equipment
needed to make him a star for a long time to come.

17. Chris Benoit - Recognized as one of the best pure wrestlers in the sport. He
has everything you could want in a wrestler, but needs to polish his mic skills.

18. Gangrel - Since arriving in the big time, he has shown steady improvement
and matches up well against anyone. There is no place for him to go but up.

19. "Road Dogg" Jesse James - He has shown he can work as a single and as part
of a tag team and be successful at both, as well as a Hardcore wrestler. His mic
skills are superior.

20. Booker T - An excellent worker who has the potential to be world champion.
Has fair skills on the mic, but with the opportunity will become better.

There you have it, my 20 (or 21 depending how you look at The Dudley Boyz) draft
choices. I am positive that many of them would make just about everybody's list.
There are many good wrestlers that I haven't included that a lot of people
would. That's the fun of a draft.
WCW Saturday Night Report - May 1, 1999
Reported by Joe De Leon at:
Hosted by Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson
Taped from Bismarck, North Dakota
• Juventud Guerrera defeated Damian with the Juvi Driver.

• Brian Knobs defeated Adrian Byrd with Elbow Drop. Knobs was wearing his
trenchcoat, his Nasty T-shirt, and sunglasses. He used the pitstop, garbage
cans, and was really stiff with Byrd. Knobs took the win after an elbow drop
with a trashcan.

• Buff Bagwell defeated Barry Horowitz with the Blockbuster.

• Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko defeated Disorderly Conduct with Benoits
Crippler Crossface.

• Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Kaz Hayashi with the top rope Huracanrana, to
retain the Cruiserweight Title.

• New giant blocks were added to the set near the entrance-way. ... The new WCW
logo was pasted on the mat. ... The show also consisted of Nitro highlights and
WCW Hotline plugs from Gene Okerlund. ... The show was only an hour due to a
Braves Baseball game.
By John Vanner (Nekbreakr1)
Ok everyone heres the backlash
LOW-DOWN! I got backstage and saw....... The
Acolytes, Triple H & Chyna, Marc Henry,Brooklyn Brawler,Al Snow,Terri & Jackie,Good
Ole JR,Pierre the Mountie, X-Pac, JJ, Paul Bearer, Kane,Killer Kowalski, Pat
Patterson, Michael Cole, Sgt. Slaughter. I didnt get a chance to interview them
since they were so busy; I barely talked and got a pic & autograph from them. I
saw Kane WITHOUT his mask which is weird his skin was Milky White with red hair
& goatee and he is not as tall as he is in the ring. Chyna is taller than Triple H.
Notice I didn't say anything thing about Paul Wight or Mankind BECAUSE they
weren't there, they taped the Boiler Room Brawl sumwhere else because the Civic
Center has NO BOILER

My security guard friend met up with Jackie & Terri when they got in Providence
earlier that day and told me he took them to the Mall in Warwick and they bought
him a watch & some sunglasses :). Sgt. Slaughter looked in very bad condition he
looked like he lost some weight.. he was following around Kane. Paul Bearer is
fatter than he looks on TV! (And they say the camera adds 10 pounds). I bumped
into Marc Henry on the way out! He told me that he will be on WWF SMACKDOWN on
Thursday Night! Pat Patterson is very nice allthough smoking like 3 cigarettes
in the 4 minute conversation I had w/ him!

Killer Kowalski is a nice man although he has 2 fake ears which make his hearing
horrendous! We saw one Dark Match......... Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle (Olympic
Gold Metalist). Angle won via Side Slam. It was the best PPV in Providence out
of 97' King Of The Ring & 94' Royal Rumble!
(E-Mail Nekbreakr1 to receive the Neckbreaker Newsletter)
Submitted by reader: David Smith (DavidS1861)
I don't know if this is important, but it regards Steve Austin, Sawyer Brown and
CMT. Sawyer Brown has a song out called 'Drive Me Wild', and as you may know,
Austin is at the very beginning opening up with "You can drive me wild baby or
you can drive me crazy. But you just drive me. And that's the bottom line cause
Stone Cold Said So."

Now, earlier this year I heard on the radio station I listen to that CMT would
not accept Sawyer Brown's video because they didn't want Austin opening up the
video. So Marc Miller, Austin's good friend and lead singer of the group said no
way, they
won't do the video without Austin, so they didn't do one. However, yesterday I
was watching CMT and guess what, Sawyer Brown's video came on for their song and
who was at the beginning just like on radio? None other than my hero and fellow
Texan Stone Cold Steve Austin. I guess they caved in to Austin's popularity.
David Smith
Submitted by reader: Woz316
This is in reply to BossBlues1 comments in issue #232. I'd just like to say
that I'm glad there are people out there thatcan appreciate both the WWF and
WCW. I personally do all I can to not miss an episode of either of the two
feds. To compare them to each other isn't really a fair comparison. In the
line of entertainment that they provide, they both do a fine job. Just as in
soap operas, two can be totally different and be liked by the same audiences. I
don't hear too many people say that One Life to Live sucks because their
storylines are boring, or that General Hospital is
bad because their characters are old, or even that NYPD Blue is bad because of
its sexually content. People are free to watch what they want.

True wrestling fans should take a step back and realize that there are two great

shows going on on a Monday night and they should try to catch as much of both
as they can. As far as the WCW Title situation goes, I was just as upset as
anyone can get when DDP won it, but how many people can say that they no longer
watch WCW because of it. I actually watch it even more since DDP won. That may
be to see him lose it, but maybe thats what WCW is going for right now.
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