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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 236

Date:  Tuesday May 4th, 1999  3:22 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for May 3rd, 1999
1st Hour n/a 4.0
2nd Hour 5.9 3.4
3rd Hour 6.9 2.8
Composite 6.4 3.4
The May 2nd edition of Heat scored a 4.0. A crushing defeat for WCW, with their
lowest rating in over three years. While Nitro itself has improved over the
past month, the numbers are not reflecting the improvement.
Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos at:

We have some sad news to report. Veteran professional wrestler Jos LeDuc died on
5/2 in
Atlanta, GA. My records indicate that he was 53 years old. LeDuc was one
of the businesses’ original hardcore wrestlers, often working crazy pyscho
matches. I will never forget the bit he did in
Memphis where he cut his own arm
with his axe. His funeral service will take place on 5/6 in his hometown of
Fayetteville, GA.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Look for Chyna on REGIS & KATHY
LEE this Thursday.
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Kim Peterson, a local DJ here in
Atlanta was "singing the Praises" of how
"respectable and chraritable" Goldberg was in this past weekend's, "Ride For
Life, Motorcycles For Childrens Charity". He carried on that while he and the
other "staff" were looking in the dressing rooms and other "comfortable" sitting
areas for Goldberg, (expecting that he would be in there waiting for his
"appearance") - instead Goldberg, on his own was perusing through the throng of
a crowd- giving autographs and pictures to everyone. He continued doing this for
several hours! He made the comment that it was the single most impressive thing
he had seen done in all his work with any celebrity- ever. It was quite glowing
and good to hear- With all the deservably negative publicity Wresting has tended
to get lately, this type of info needs to be aired!
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Don't forget WCW Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page will appear on the
NBC Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight (Tuesday, 5/4). The program starts at
11:35 pm EST.
Reported by Joe De Leon at:
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MAY 3,1999 - SAN DIEGO, CA
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with a clip from Smackdown last Thursday highlighting the
formation and introduction of The Corporate Ministry (CM) by Shane The Ingrate
and the events that took place including Mr. McMahon coming to the ring and
taking a chair shot from The Undertaker intended for Stone Cold Steve Austin
(SCSA) and Shane's subsequent attack on Dear Old Dad (DOD). This was followed by
a clip from last night's Heat of CM attacking Nutso, Mankind, Test and The Big
Show, along with Shane's promise to "see" DOD on RAW.

After the RAW opening, JR and The King were at the desk to open the show.

The entire CM, Shane, The 'Taker, The Fat Man, Triple H, Chyna, Bossman, Viscera,
Midian, The Acolytes [Bradshaw and Farooq] and The Mean Street Pussies, er ..
Posse (MSG) (Rodney and Pete Gas) came to the ring. Shane called CM the most
potent force ever in wrestling and was warmly greeted by what can now officially
be called his personal chant, "@$$hole." He then proceeded to tell us how
wonderful a person he is, calling himself "compassionate" (yeah, if you could
call Dracula compassionate, then Shane would be). He then dissed the average
working guy as being a loser, noting that he has always been rich and now the
power to crush anyone he wants to. He crowed about having the balls to bitch
slap DOD.

Triple H took the mic and tore The Rock a new rectal orifice, referring to him as
"The Crock." He said he has The Rock's faith in his hands and at the next PPV,
Over-The-Edge (
OTE), was going to kick his @$$. He said The Rock called himself
"The People's Champ," but was nothing but a poetry spouting phony. He called the
fans that worship The Rock "worthless."

Next up was The 'Taker who said he hates everyone [a revelation]! But that SCSA
was No. 1 on his Sh*t List. He went on to say that he had given SCSA leeway up
until now, but that was all over. He now planned to not only beat SCSA worse
than he has ever been beaten at
OTE and take the WWF Title, but was going to
"execute" him. After beating him, The 'Taker said he will bring him to RAW the
next night and make him "The Ultimate Sacrifice" to a power even greater than
himself. He closed by saying there was nothing SCSA could do about it. Note to
The 'Taker: I listened and didn't hear SCSA's shaking too badly.

Much to everyone's chagrin, Shane took the mic again to remind us that he will
be the Special Guest Referee for the SCSA/Taker Title Match and "assured" (he
doesn't 'guarantee') us that The 'Taker will be the new WWF Champion. A check of
the Official WWF Rule Book was inconclusive as to whether a dead man can hold
the Title, however, since other "stiffs" have held it, it would seem to be OK.
He then gave DOD two hours to drag his sorry @$$ to the arena (to do lunch)? He
closed (thankfully) with words that "the pieces are all falling into place."
That got a his personal chant going again. Shane wasn't smiling.

At this point, Mankind, Nutso, Test and The Big Show came out to the top of the
ramp. They were all carrying 2x4's. Mankind said all four of them used to work
for The Corporation, but now were just "disgruntled employees," who had formed a
Union. He called them the Union of People You Ought to Respect Shane (UP YORS).
He continued that when DOD ran the WWF, he may have been called am @$$hole, but
at least they got paid. With Shane running things, the paychecks suck. He added
that Shane didn't have their future in his hands, called Shane "a little twit,"
and they would have his "testicles" in theirs (Hmm, does that make them gay?).
He then said the four of them were going to "grab some balls" and they headed to
the ring. They used their 2x4's to clean house and send CM running. Shane had a
parting comment that they hadn't seen the last of CM tonight (Damn!) and would
pay. The crowd chanted "
Union." Jimmy Hoffa, turned over in his resting place
(wherever that be) and smiled.

The first match was Badd @$$ (BA) v. X-Pac. Prior to the match we saw a clip
from Smackdown of X-Pac pinning BA during a tag team title match to retain the
title along with Kane and BA searching for, finding and beating up X-Pac. It was
followed by a clip from Heat of BA feigning an apology and then attacking X-Pac
from behind. X-Pac got a big pop, while the crowd was all over BA. BA dominated
the early stages of the match, X-Pac came back and went for the Bronco Buster,
however, took a boot to the short and curlies when he came in. This turned
things around and BA hit him with The Fame-@$$er and won the match. After
pinning him, BA continued abusing him. Road Dogg came down to make the save and
BA left the ring. As Doggie was checking on his little buddy, BA returned with
one of Acme's finest steel chairs. Road Dogg got up and took it right on his
snout. The lights went out and that signaled that it was Kane time. He came to
the ring and BA decided two down were enough. He didn't want to number three and
took off leaving X-Pac and Doggie unconscious in the ring. Kane picked X-Pac up
and carried him to the locker room.
Winner - Badd @$$
Loser - X-Pac
Loser - Road Dogg, proving no good deed goes unpunished

We saw the door to Shane's locker room. He was behind it yelling that The Union
would pay.

The CM came to the ring again. Obviously PO'd, Shane announced changes to the
card. The crowd announced their feeling for Shane with his personal chant. At
this point, we switched backstage and saw McMahon, Daddy's Little Girl (DLG),
and McMahon wife Linda arriving, accompanied by two policeman. Just when you
thought it was safe to go back in the arena, another McMahon joins the party.
Can we expect the maid, the butler, the family dog next? Shane then announced
the revised card. A Four Corner Match, with Test v. Bossman v. Visera v. Midian,
or stated another way, Test v. A Major @$$ Kicking; A Handicap Hardcore Match
pitting Mankind v. The Acolytes, which sounds quite fair; Triple H v. Nutso, with
Chyna as Special Guest Referee, showing things just keep getting fairer; The MSP
v. The 'Geriatric' Stooges, Pat Patterson and Jerry Briscoe; The Big Show v. The
'Taker; An Evening Gown Match, Debra v. Sable, (the crowd erupted) with the
loser being stripped to her panties and bra (the crowd went absolutely insane);
and The Rock v. SCSA (the top blew off the arena). At the suggestion of Triple H,
Shane made this a Lumberjack Match, with CM as the Lumberjacks!! He had one more
match to announce when McMahon came to ringside, followed shortly by DLD, Momma
McMahon and the policemen. Shane asked Daddy if "he had brought
reinforcements." McMahon got into the ring and pleaded with Shane to stop before
he went too far. Shane blew him off, suggesting they meet in a match and noting
that it would be big box office. McMahon said no. DLG and Momma came into the
ring and tried to get Shane to listen to reason. He cut her off. As he kept
demanding a match with his daddy, McMahon, DLG and Momma left the ring. The
crowd told Shane where to go, and it wasn't for an ice cream cone. As they
walked away, Shane called after them and said he was the one behind DLG's
abduction by The 'Taker; he was the one who gave The 'Taker access to their
home; he was the one who gave The 'Taker DLG's tEddie bear; and the one who gave
The 'Taker the pictures. He told DLD that he was the one who picked out her
wedding dress. With that McMahon went crazy and charged in after Shane. By my
count he was slightly outnumbered and the CM kicked the crap out of him. The CM
left him in the ring. DLG and Momma went in to check on him. As he walked away,
Shane said he would "take that as a yes." McMahon responded "Damn straight."

We saw McMahon in his office, where DLG and Momma were trying to talk him out of
his match v. Shane. He told the policemen to take them back to their hotel. The
"Geriatric" Stooges looked on.

The Next match was MSP v. The Geriatric Stooges. MSP came to the ring in their
Gucci Shoes and Ives St. Laurent clothes. Pete Gas took the mic and told
Patterson and Briscoe "that its time to put the Geritol down and get their old
@$$es down to the ring and then they would be sent back to the Old Folk Home"
(Shady Acres Rest Home For Very Old Wrestlers)? We switched back to McMahon's
locker room where The Geriatric Stooges promised McMahon that they would kick
MSP's @$$es. They went to the ring wearing their Sunday Go-To-Church Polyesters
and attempted to reason with MSP. No deal and the match, or should I say
slaughter, began. The two fossils kicked MSP's gold plated @$$es seven ways to
Sunday, and chased them out into the crowd. The crowd cheered the old dudes,
which had to be the first times in a couple of decades. One has to wonder if
The 'Taker will demand retribution from MSP for losing.
Winners - The Geriatric Stooges
Losers - MSP
Losers - All young wise @$$ rich punks
Score - Union/Friends 1 - Shane/CM - 0

We saw Shane backstage telling CM that it was time to make an "office visit." JR
and The King had little doubt who was going to be receiving a visit.

After a commercial, we saw CM heading to their appointment. It must have been a
long walk because it was taking them a while to get there.

The next match was the Four Corners Match pitting Test v. Bossman, Viscera and
Midian. Wait I mean, Test v. Bossman V. Visera v. Midian .. yeah, sure I do. To
absolutely no one's surprise Test was unable to get a tag and was in the ring
the entire match. He handled himself very well and won when Bossman accidentally
hit Midian with his Nightstick. However, his victory was short lived as his
three "opponents" then beat the crap out of him. The other "Union" members came
down and chased CM away. Seeing Test perform gives me reason to think that the
next time I go a Top 20 Draft, he stands an excellent chance of making it.
Winner - Test
Loser - Test
Score - World/Union 2 - Shane/CM - 0

We saw Triple H, Chyna, The 'Taker and The Fat Man leaving McMahon's office after
their unscheduled meeting with him. It was a meeting of their fists and boots
with McMahon's face and body.

Shane came to the ring to his personal chant and demanded Daddy come out. Gee,
where do you think Daddy might be? He said Daddy didn't have the "grapefruits"
to face him and probably sneaked off with DLG and Momma, because he couldn't
handle Shane being the man. He said the match wasn't going to happen and
instructed the referee to declare him the winner. McMahon stumbled out onto the
ramp, barely able to walk. Being a good and compassionate son, Shane went out to
meet Daddy .. with a Clothesline and a kick. He dragged him into the ring and
sat him in a corner, where he did The Bronco Buster to him. Daddy got to his
feet and took another Clothesline. Shane went to the well one time to many as
Daddy avoided another Clothesline, hit one of his own, followed by a kick to the
stomach, twin middle finger salutes and a Stone Cold Stunner (I think I remember
seeing that sequence before, but can't quite put my finger on it. Shane went off
to dream about his Ferrari, Yacht, Golf Handicap, and lack of girl friends. The
crowd cheered McMahon! You read that right, they cheered McMahon. As Daddy
stumbled back to his office, Shane yelled after him that it was far from over.
The crowd chanted "loser" at Shane.
Winner - Mr. McMahon
Score - Union/Friends 3 - Shane/CM - 0

The next match was the Handicap Hardcore Match pitting Mankind v. The Acolytes.
The match was really a Handicap Match, to Mankind that is. It was 2-on-1
throughout. Mankind brought his 2x4 and Bradshaw a shovel, which he promptly
used on Mankind's back. Chairs, the ring steps, boxes, the ring bell, a metal
trash can and other junk were used. Mankind didn't have much of a chance. He did
get a few shots in where they were all on the floor. In the ring he avoided a
chair shot by Farooq, nailed him with a Double Arm DDT and almost won when he
jammed Mr. Socko down Farooq's throat. However, Bradshaw blasted him with a big
time Clothesline to break it up. They then demolished him with a Spike Power
Bomb onto two open chairs. Foley continues to make major hits. The crowd loved
the match.
Winners - The Acolytes
Loser - Mankind - Big Time
Score - Union/Friends 3 - Shane/CM - 1

The next match was Triple H v. Nutso, with Special Referee Chyna. Chyna began by
patting Nutso down and indicating that he was less than amply endowed by holding
her fingers close together. The match was an excellent, hard fought one, with
mostly scientific moves. Chyna was impartial, with just a few exceptions: slow
count for Nutso, fast count for Triple H; bringing the ropes to Triple H when he couldn't
quite reach to break a submission leg lock; raking Nutso's eyes to break an
ankle lock submission; allowing Triple H to beat on Shamrock as he was in the ropes;
choking Nutso when he wouldn't release a hold; small things like that. Nutso
finally had it and was about to nail her with a belly to-belly Suplex, but Triple H
broke it up. Then Chyna kicked Nutso in his under-endowed area and Triple H nailed
him with The Pedigree. Case closed.
Winner - Triple H
Loser - Nutso's Nuts
Score - Union/Friends 3 - Shane/CM - 3
The tension mounts...

We saw The Big Show and The 'Taker on their way to the ring as we went off to
Commercial Land.

The next match was The Big Show v. The 'Taker, with The Fat Man, in their first
meeting ever. Prior to the match we saw a clip from last week of The Big Show
attempting to stop the Sacrifice/Wedding of DLG and being beaten down by the
Ministry of Darkness. The 'Taker may be the only man alive that can match up
with The Show and he did so for a short time. However, when it became apparent
that The Show was able to handle him, he went to the floor where the Fat Man
doused his elbow pad with ether. He got back in and applied a sleeper with the
pad across The Show's nose trying to knock him out. The Show somehow broke in
and that sent The 'Taker over to Fatso again. Fatso gave him a Louisville
Slugger and he played Mark McGwire on The Show's forehead. He hit a 45o foot
homer that put The Show down and broke his forearm into a bloody mask. The
'Taker added insult to injury as he stomped on The Show's bloody forehead and
yelled "This is my show" at him. I think they may meet again and the time, The
'Taker better bring more than a bat.
Winner - The Big Show by DQ
Loser - The Big Show - Need I say more
Score - Union/Friends 4 - Shane/CM - 3

We saw Debra on the way to the ring. the King went "Puppy" happy.

We saw a bleeding Big Show being helped from the ring during a commercial.

Debra got into the ring for her Evening Gown Match v. Sable, however, America's
Sweetheart appeared on The TitanTron and said she was unable to be there because
she was at The Playboy Mansion shooting her next Playboy Magazine. She said
"like all Hollywood Diva, she has a 'stunt double' [do you think it could
possibly be Nicole Bass, AKA "It"]? and besides we couldn't expect her to bruise
her wonderful bod. No, but there are several million men who wouldn't mind
bruising it .. gently, of course. It came out wearing an Evening Gown, when a
cage would have been more appropriate. Debra saw her life flash in front of her
and removed her Gown, stripping to her bra and panties. She seemed too like it,
The King did, the crowd did, as did just about every male in the country. It
didn't seem to happy and went after Debra. I hope It doesn't remove her Gown, I
may go blind. Saved by Double J who rushed in and blasted It with Guitar No.
3,678. Wait, here come Val Venis. He nailed Double J with a Clothesline. Helping
It? A change of heart (and species) by Val? Whew, no. He scooped up a very
willing Debra and rode (OK, so he walked) off into the sunset .. to make her his
costar in his newest video? Double J headed out after them. It was left alone
(as nature intended) in the ring.
Winner - It - By default. Thank goodness
Winners - Men all over the world

We saw SCSA and The Rock on their way to the ring.

We saw a clip taken backstage during a commercial. Double J caught up with Venis
and blasted him. They fought backstage, knocking down all kinds of equipment.
They were pulled apart by a couple of referees. Debra disappeared during their
fight. The King was hoping to see more of Debra's Puppies. So was I and almost
everyone watching.

The next match was the Main Event, a Lumberjack Match pitting SCSA v. The Rock,
with CM being The Lumberjacks. The Rock got a monster pop. SCSA got an even
bigger one. Is there any doubt who the top two are? The CM Lumberjacks came to
the ring. SCSA and The Rock went out after CM rather than each other.
The entire CM got into the ring and pummeled SCSA and The Rock. Shane came down
to watch. McMahon came out from the back and motioned The Union and the rest of
the WWF roster to help SCSA and The Rock out. The ring filled and it looked like
a Battle Royal. They fought out of the ring and as everyone else scattered, SCSA
chased Midian under the stage and Triple H, The 'Taker, and Chyna worked The rock
over. They dragged him to the top of the ramp and beat on him as the crowd
chanted "Rocky." SCSA came up thru the riser in the stage and joined in. They
paired off Rock/Triple H and SCSA/'Taker. SCSA and The 'Taker went back down the
riser. Triple H and Chyna worked The Rock over. He fought back and decked both of
them. SCSA returned and worked over Triple H. Triple H threw The Rock off the stage about
10 feet to the concrete floor. SCSA stomped Triple H. The 'Taker returned and blasted
SCSA. He threw him off the stage, thru a table and onto the concrete floor. The
Rock and SCSA lay unconscious on the floor. The 'Taker, Triple H and Chyna stood in
triumph on the stage as the program ended.

This was one hell of a show and anyone who missed it really missed something
special. It will be a tough act to follow.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
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