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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 237

Date:  Wednesday May 5th, 1999  2:04 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Joe De Leon at:
WCW Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page, appeared on the 5/4 edition of
NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, along with Touched by an Angel star, Roma
Downey, and country music star, Trisha Yearwood.

Some highlights from DDP's appearance on the program are as followed:

- In his monologue, Leno brought up the WCW perfumes and colognes that will soon
be produced. His joke on future product was "you have to slap on the cologne
with a folding chair."

- DDP, who wore all black, greeted Kevin Eubanks, Leno,
Downey, and Yearwood.
Highlights of him on WCW television were aired throughout the show.

- DDP told Leno that his nicknames were Dally, Diamond D, Double D, Page, and a
few others. Leno either didn't remember or know DDP's real name, which is Page
Falkenberg. Leno criticized the name, but DDP came back by saying Leno use to be
called Jamie.

- Leno brought up last August's Road Wild PPV in
Sturgis, South Dakota,
mentioning the big appetites of the wrestlers. DDP told a typical breakfast for
him and other wrestlers would be 10 over-medium eggs, three-stacked pancakes
with bananas, coffee, orange juice, etc. He said his wife Kimberly is a good

- Leno and DDP discussed Kimberly. DDP mentioned she graduated from college, is
a Nitro Girl, and has a 143 IQ. He also mentioned her parents.

- DDP said he and Kimberly flew to
Atlanta, Georgia earlier in the day, where
Kimberly stayed. DDP then flew to
California for The Tonight Show. He said he
worked on his future book on the way, Positively Page. He wanted Leno and
Eubanks to be part of it, so they would talk after the show.

- Leno brought up the future WCW perfume and cologne products. DDP said he
didn't find out about it until eariler in the day. Leno then held up a bottle
with DDP's face on the cover that was meant as a joke.

- Leno and DDP talked about Road Wild, with a few clips being shown of their
match with Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff.

- DDP talked about visiting the White House sometime during the Easter holiday.
Leno asked DDP if he had met the President, since Leno was joking earlier in the
show with
Downey about her greeting with the President, with the sex scandal
that went down this past year.

- Leno plugged this Sunday's Slamboree PPV and DDP's Heavyweight Title match
with Kevin Nash.
Reported by Joe De Leon at:

There is a campaign underway to have Mick Foley win the online 'People's Most
Beautiful' contest. If this sounds like something you want to be involved with,
go the following link and cast yur vote.
Reported by DevonEmail
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Item: Ladies on wrestling programs showing too much skin: The youth of
are being subjected to nudity and vulgarity. its time we put a stop to this.
What is the WWF coming to? Wait a minute! It wasn't the WWF, it was that other
G-Rated wrestling Federation, WCW. This past Monday Night, WCW allowed several
of their women (Madusa, Gorgeous George, Miss Madness, AKA Macho Man's Harem),
along with Slick Ric's "nurse," to show as much skin, and maybe even more of
their "Puppies," then the WWF ever has. Madusa looked like she was planning on
spending the evening standing on a street corner flagging down cars. Gorgeous
George had more hanging out than she had left in. The nurse apparently shops for
her bras at the same boutique Gorgeous George does. If Gorgeous George had been
dusted for fingerprints, Slick Ric would have a lot of explaining to do.

On RAW, an Evening Gown Match between Sable and Debra was announced. Sable
wasn't there and Gender Challenged Nicole Bass came to the ring as Sable's
body/stunt double. Anticipating the obvious, much to every (well almost every)
males delight, Debra stripped down to her bra and panties.

All in all it was a great night for "young dog" lovers. However, there was a
major difference. The WWF makes no bones about the content of their programming.
If you allow your young children to stay up and watch RAW past 10 PM Eastern
time, you can expect they might see a little bit of skin. Whereas WCW has gone
on record that they provide a wholesome, G-Rated product, devoid of vulgarity
and nudity. And all along you thought the NITRO Girls were there solely for
their dancing ability. Along with the scantily clad ladies, Slick Ric used the
word "@$$." Has WCW's policy changed?

I have never been accused of being a prude. If I ever was, the case would be
dismissed for lack of evidence. However, I do have a problem with the hypocrisy
of saying one thing, taking the moral high road, publicly blasting your
competition and then doing the same type of things yourself. If anything, the
ladies on WCW this past Monday showed more than Debra did. The WWF takes a lot
of heat over The Godfather being a "pimp" and the "Ho's" that accompany him to
the ring. I can't recall any of his "Ho's" ever dressing like Madusa. If WCW is
going to go the "Sports Entertainment" route and push the line on vulgarity and
nudity, they should do so in an up front manner, not from some phony holier than
thou position.
Submitted by reader: TastyBear
Last nights Nitro was truly one of the funniest Monday nights I have watched in
a while. Flair was on top of his game and act, I laughed so hard and had a good
time watching the master at work. I didn't even mind the loonies from the
hospital. Personally I would have kept it down to the buff gender bender and
maybe two more crazies but alas, it was vintage Flair and it worked. Just my
opinion though.
TastyBear AKA BIG SCHWAG The BIggest Manager In Pro Wrestling Today...........
Submitted by reader: Pescado316
First off.. Kudos to SamJerry for writing the best WWF Raw recap I've ever read
in my life!

But mostly, I just wanted to point out that when I was watching Raw, I had a
feeling that the CM was actually evil. Yes, yeah its scripted/fake, I know. Am
I a mark? (woh.. Lets not go there!!) I dont think I am. But watching Raw, and
match after match of the CM doing their evil, it just actually got to me and
made me feel like this is real life. Whatever the WWF was doing on Monday, lets
hope they keep it up.
~Brad (Pescado316)
Submitted by reader: HeyLuke
I think that it is pretty apparent after watching Nito last night that the
"Family" image is being sent straight down the toilet bowl. I saw this in
Gorgeous George and Madusa's attire, which was just as skimpy as anything that
any of the WWF women (or hoes) have worn (excluding undergarments). And unlike
the Nitro Girls, I think that the women had a very sexual manner about them.

Also, the Gorgeous George "training preview" was no different than those done on
Sable. In other words, straight T&A. This, added to the repeated use of the
word "ass" (and, while I'm sure it was not planned, the use of the word "F---"
by Buff Bagwell), made for a show almost as smutty as the WWF's. Not that
that's a bad thing, but WCW needs to stop being so hypocritical about things.
Submitted by reader: Rhino8888
This past Monday I attended Nitro in Charlotte North Carolina. While Nitro may
not appear to be a good show on television weekly, it is a GREAT event to attend
LIVE. There is a party atmosphere at the arena. This combined with decent
wrestling and the Nitro Girls, makes for a pretty good show. So if Nitro is
coming to town, it is worth the money to attend it!
Submitted by reader: Jeff Westfall (Dogg16)
April 15th, 1912 and you're on the grandest ship in the world, The Titanic.
Things are going well UNTIL your ship plays slalom with an iceberg and loses.
The collector of the loss was the
Atlantic Ocean, and it collected in just over
two hours. The laws of nature showed man that nothing is indestructable. That
tragic incident in which over 1,500 people lost their lives showed a world that
their faith in technology could be crushed within two short hours! The ship
Titanic was a victim of an uncaring ocean.

Jump ahead to present day and lets take the lives of 1,500 people and multiply
that to the effect of forty million! The World Wrestling Federation's parent
company happens to be named Titan Industries and will their current barrage of
bad publicity be the preverbial iceberg to sink their ship? Is this a sign for
the WWF and their wrestlers that all that seems smooth, that rocky waters lay
ahead? With all the media coverage professional wrestling garners, it makes you
wonder when or if there will be a backlash. I happen to be a fan of the WWF and
still remember that fateful day in December of 1997 when the Chairman of the WWF
and Titan Industries, Vincent K. McMahon, sat in a seat at an arena and promised
the fans of the World
Wrestling Federation a year they would NEVER forget. Like they say on RAW, when
Vince makes a promise, he never lets us down.

The WWF's new direction was definitely a mixture of their current storylines and
more adult oriented features to the show that helped sway the ratings to the
WWF's favor in March of last year. Shock TV brings in the viewers and they sure
as hell did shock the wrestling world. Skits, Vignettes, Interviews and a
harder style of performances from guys like Mankind and Shawn Michaels showed
that the WWF
had it all in sports entertainment. The question is, Did the WWF do this
because they were going that way by natural process, or because they wanted to
conquer Nitro and WCW in the business end of wrestling?

Well they did it for both. We can't place blame on Vince McMahon and the WWF
entirely for the WWF being a bit more adult. McMahon did what was best for his
company and let Steve Austin go out there on cable TV and give the crowd a show.
Did he have reservations about some things he put on TV? Sure he did but he
wasn't the only one. Bret Hart, and other WWF wrestlers made it clear that they
sometimes weren't happy with the direction. While other wrestlers weren't as
bad as Bret in the way of hitting up the complaint box, the show definitely was
changing. But who's to blame? I mean, kids do watch this stuff, and something
Vince can't say is that they don't cater to kids.

Look at any toy store and you'll find an endless array of WWF merchandise aimed
at children. So since kids are taking things off this show and sometimes doing
things that may not be right, there has to be someone who takes the fall for
this type of
entertainment, and the answer is simple. its US!!! The fans! Everytime
someone like Austin comes out and pops beer, curses and attacks someone we hate,
we go crazy! We love it! Bret Hart once said while in the WWF, "the fans have
changed." They're tired of professional wrestling being so "Black and White",
that they want violence and whoever brings the most will be loved. Their is no
more morality in wrestling if you ask Bret, and he may be right. But do we
care? No. Why? Because as long as we get what we want out of the show and our
favorites, we'll be there every Monday night with big smiles on our faces. Let
me say that again, "With BIG smiles on our faces".

Remember that line when you all want to blame Vince. Is he wrong for bringing
smiles to the faces of his fans? Sure kids will watch, but is he the parent
there? The percentage of kids under 18 who watch RAW, according to TV Guide is
just under 18%. While media outles such as Disney and its affiliates, NBC, and
other forms of media attack the Titan-ic of pro wrestling with their icebergs,
they're all finding out that with something as popular to the people as
wrestling is, that the WWF's "titanic" business will show to be in-destructable.
The backlash may come one day, it may come sooner then later. But will it be
enough to sink this ship like the one 87 years ago? My personal opinion is no.
Why? Because wrestling is the common man's soap opera. And honestly, who
doesn't like a funny storyline, or exciting story, or a horrifying story?

You may not like all of them, but you probably fall for one of them. That is why
the WWF and their style will survive. They play on the everyday life we all
live and do great business on it with their stars playing the lead roles.
Currently the WWF is taking their ship through the icy waters of bad publicity,
but the resounding fact is that this ship comes with binoculars to see incoming
problems and her captain is a man who's confidence and brains will lead them
through the backlash. He did before, he'll do it again.

Writers and ship builders defied God with the Titanic in 1912 and lost. Titan
and the World Wrestling Federation are defying the critics everywhere. Showing
the world that this is one ship that's here to please for many a voyage for many
a year. My advice is to quit complaining, sit back and enjoy the ride!
Writers and ship builders defied God with the Titanic in 1912 and lost. Titan
and the World Wrestling Federation are defying the critics everywhere. Showing
the world that this is one ship that's here to please for many a voyage for many
a year. My advice is to quit complaining, sit back and enjoy the ride!
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http://www.WRASSLIN.COM will be presenting World Wrestling Federation 'No Mercy'
from Manchester, England LIVE on May 16th.

This is the only way in which fans from outside of the UK can get the event as
it happens, as it will only be shown on Sky Box Office 3 (only available to UK
fans). will present live text-by-text match results as they
happen, beginning at 2pm EST. time (in the US) and 8pm European time. We are
expecting the largest number of visitors in our history on May 16th for 'No
Mercy', so make sure you don't miss a minute of the action.

The main event of 'No Mercy' is a Triple Threat match between Steve Austin,
Triple H and The Undertaker. Other matches include:
- Shane McMahon Vs X-Pac for the European Title
- Sable Vs Tori for the WWF Womens Title
- Kane Vs Midian and many more.
New York 5/1/99 Attendance: 3,085
New Dimension Wrestling Binghamton, at Municipal Stadium, J.P. Black pinned
Sledge...H.C. Loc defeated Johnny Wylde...Johnny Kain w/Johnny Fairplay pinned
Brute Shooter w/Kenny Casanova...Roadblock defeated Dangerous Dave...Dangerous
Dave won a battle royal.
New Dimension Wrestling announced no return date.

New Dimension Wrestling Rankings: (as of May 4, 1999)
Champion: Rikki Nelson
1. Tully Blanchard 6. Ricky Morton
2. Venom 7. Mr. Excellent
3. Rick Link 8. Surge
4. Manny Fernandez 9. Gravedigger
5. Dirty White Boy 10. Brute Shooter

New Dimension Wrestling Schedule (thru June)
Sat., May 15, 1999 Philadelphia, PA ECW Arena, 8:00p.m.
Sat., May 21, 1999 Burlington, NC Fairchild Comm. Center,
Sat., May 29, 1999 Lynchburg, VA City Stadium, Time TBA
Thur., June 3, 1999 Hickory, NC L.P. Frans Stadium, Time
Sat., June 5, 1999 Thomasville, NC NG Armory/NDW Arena,
Wed., June 9, 1999 Camden, NC Camden High School, 8:00p.m.
Thur., June 10, 1999 Kinston, NC Grainger Stadium, Time TBA
Fri., June 11, 1999 Oak Hill, WV Patteson Armory, 8:00p.m.
Sat., June 12, 1999 Princeton, WV Kroger Shopping Center,
Sat., June 12, 1999 Bluefield, WV Bluefield Auditorium,
Thur., June 17, 1999 Salem, VA Memorial Baseball Stadium,
Fri., June 18, 1999 Jacksonville, FL Wolfson Park, Time TBA
Sat., June 26, 1999 Burlington, NC Fairchild Comm. Center,

New Dimension Wrestling News/Gossip
Tuesday, May 4, 1999
-New Dimension Wrestling is gearing up for its first live t.v. taping on
Saturday, June 5th, in Thomasville, North Carolina, at the NDW Arena (National
Guard Armory), 7:00p.m. belltime. Over 30 NDW Wrestling superstars are
scheduled to appear including Venom, Beastmaster Rick Link, Cham Pain, Kid
Dynamo, Chilly Willy, Toad, The Dirty White Boy, Brute Shooter, Rikki Nelson,
David Isley, Otto Schwanz, Gravedigger, "Loose Cannon" Gunner, and much
more....Stay tuned for further details

-New Dimension Wrestling is in negotiations in bringing out wrestling shows into
the Colorado and Idaho area, which would be even be more expansion for an ever
growing wrestling company.

-NDW Wrestler Manny Fernandez no showed the promotion this past Saturday in
Binghamton, NY, NDW had problems after the shows with the Binghamton Mets as far
as the payoff for the show. The situation is now in the hands of New Dimension
Wrestling attorneys.

-NDW Wrestler Beastmaster Rick Link and NDW Executive Commitee Member Chris
Plano had a private meeting on Monday to talk about differences they have had
within the company, word has it that Rick Link will continue to be the booker
for New Dimension Wrestling.

Visit to get all of the current happenings on the
hottest independent wrestling promotion in the United States today, New
Dimension Wrestling.

New Dimension Wrestling hotline: 336-882-4921, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
New Dimension Wrestling worldwide website:
For all of the latest news, results, rankings, upcoming shows, merchandise, and
wrestling school visit the hottest independent wrestling website on the web
Or write to:
New Dimension Wrestling, P.O. Box 10211, Greensboro, NC 27404-0211.

New Dimension Wrestling merchandise: Mail payment to NDW P.O. Box address,
e-mail at CPlano or call 336-882-4921. T-shirts, hats, and videos,
calenders, pens, are for sale at reasonable prices!!!

NDW/T-N-T Hardcore School of Wrestling, Rick Link, Instructor, call
336-218-7677, 336-882-4921 or e-mail at CPlano. Serious applicants only
need apply. Training to be wrestlers, managers, valets, and referees.

Andy Durham Sports Show, every Tuesday night on 950AM WPET, Greensboro, with you
hosts Andy Durham & Bruce Mitchell, 7:00p.m.

Ripley Von Slam's Slamfest, every Tuesday night on 89.3FM WSOE, Burlington, NC,
That's all for today!!!!
Chris Plano
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