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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 240

Date:  Saturday May 8th, 1999  10:29 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Randy Savage sat down to speak on
Atlanta station 99x. Tom Suitt has the
* He and Gorgeous George are an item. They've been together for about a year and
a half.
* Because of the new look, he has to reshoot all the WCW pix and Slim Jim
commercials and pix
* On whether or not he likes the "new" style of no clear good guy/bad buy-"I've
been doing that my whole career. I do things the way I want to do them". He said
he's glad wrestling finally caught up to him.
* He took some questions from callers-"Why did you move from the WWF to WCW? I
wanted to be a big fish in a big pond, not a big fish in a little pond"; "Why
don't you take out Flair? I don't do that. I don't beat on women"; "Who has been
your toughest opponent? Andre the Giant."
* Mona is Ms. Madness 1999's name
* He is 46 years old.
* Calls himself the real "Big Sexy", if ya smell what the Macho Man is cooking
(ok, he didn't say it that way)
* Slim Jim sales went through the roof when he joined them 7 years ago.
* Blamed Gorgeous George's "exposure" on Nitro on Ric Flair.
* Macho then took "The Fish Quiz", which is naming as many underwater creatures
as you can in 15 seconds. He got 6. Flair had gotten 13. Heenan had named 12-13,
I believe.
* Jon Stewart, who was appearing next on the station, came in towards the end
and lended a little humor, calling himself "the original Slim Jim packed with
135 lbs. of dynamite".
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

The 5/6 Thunder did a 2.8 rating (with a 4.6 share).
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

The main story coming out of
Japan is that Gen'ichiro Tenryu's new tag team
partner is Magnum Tokyo. WAR announced that they have made an offer to WCW about
getting Bill Goldberg for their 7th anniversary show to face Tenryu in a J-1
Rikidozan Title match. The request was made to WCW and Goldberg's agent (still
no word on their responses).
Reported by Zach Arnold at:
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A-Wrestling-subscribe to subscribe!

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If anyony out there who can handle rp'ing 40 lines minimun, week in and week out
then join the WWA (World Wrestling Alliance) , its a great fed with very strict
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lines and the five wrestlers that you want, of which you will get a max of 2,
also fake wrestlers are allowed.
Below we are proud to present Chris Jericho's latest commentary to his fans,
found at his official website:

THC-Shakedown in Shantytown

R.I.P. Rick Rude
R.I.P. Steve Chiasson

Hello Jerichoholics!
Well, I hope you're all rockin and preparing for a great and relaxing summer. I
myself have been healing up the old wheel, which is finally starting to feel
somewhat normal again. I go to the doctor next Tuesday and he'll give me
another verdict. I predict another two weeks from this date, until I can come
back. I hope at least! The doc told me that its better to break an ankle than
it is to sprain it. Well at least I can walk normally again, except in the
morning when I have to hobble around!

So in the interim, I returned to my home town of
Winnipeg. I had a great time
visiting my friends and family. The highlight of the trip was joining my dudes
THC onstage for a mini concert! THC is on the verge of getting a record deal
and they kick major buttinski!!! In the near future, you're gonna see me and
the boys doing Iron Maiden's "Trooper" on this page in video form as well as
exclusive pictures from the gig. Stay tuned!

The playoffs have been hard hitting and entertaining as usual. The
Dallas/Edmonton series was the most exciting so far. Go Leafs Go!!!

I've actually had a chance to watch some of the Monday Night wars during my
recovery time and I've made some relevant observations over the past week that
have greatly influenced my thought process. Stay tuned for a major announcement
on this site very soon!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sebastian Bach in NY last week. I was
able to fix him and his son up with some wrestling tix and it was hilarious
hanging with the guy. He's a loaded gun to be sure. We had acouple of laughs
remembering my invasion of his stage last year in Red Deere, AB, when I sang
Youth Gone Wild with him. Best of luck in his future solo career!!

The movie of the week is Go. Kind of a Pulp Fiction light, very entertaining
and out of chronological order, but cool.

Congrats to my buds Neil on his upcoming nuptials, March and Shan on their new
addition and once again
THC for being the best unsigned band in Canada.

If you live in
Vancouver make sure to check out my bud Dr. Luther's band
Go-Go-13. Luther's also making his triumphant return to
Japan next week.

Thanks to Mummer for doing the vid clip and for the awesome Darth Maul figure,
Adam Blitzstein for the CD's and to Metal Blade records for the CD's as well.

I went deep sea fishing the other day with some friends including Cyrus from
ECW. I caught 11 fish including grouper and grunt and Cyrus tossed his cookies.
Top entertainment!!! I also visitied the ECW locker room when they came to
Orlando. It was a blast seeing my old pals like Paul Heyman, Lance Storm, Jerry
Lynn, Justin Credible and RVD himself. Good to see the company is getting
stronger every day!

Watch for another cool announcement coming soon, regarding the band!

God bless you guys and be good to one another!
Visit my Home Page:
The program began with a clip from last weeks program of the match between Lance
Storm and Tommy Dreamer, with Tammy Lynn Bytch (
TLB) and Francine getting
involved. The match was won by Dreamer and he was subsequently attacked by
Justin Credible, Jason and The Sill Nameless Afro-American Female (who has been
called 'Jazz' by many). Complete details are available in my ECW TV Report -
April 30, 1999, on my Home Page.

We next saw Francine on the beach wearing about one-half of a very skimpy bikini
and looking double fine. Writers note: Sable, Gorgeous George, et al, eat your
hearts out. Francine warned
TLB, who she said was not, and will never be Beulah,
that she is going to show her just how Hardcore she can be at Hardcore Heaven
(HH), ECW's next PPV, May 16, 1999.

After the ECW opening, Fearless Joey Styles was at the announcers position and
gave the card for HH (by my count that is the 2,365th time he has given it). The
Main Event will be for the ECW Championship, with Taz (C) meeting Chris Candido.
Joey reviewed last weeks attack on Taz by Candido and said now Taz will not just
beat him but will kill Candido. Are there any doubts who Joey is picking? Once
again, complete details are available in my April 30, 1999, ECW TV Report.

Back to the beach where Cyrus The Virus was wading and polluting the Atlantic.
He talked with The World's Dumbest Wrestler, Steve Corrino, who earned his title
by telling Taz, he could beat him without breaking a sweat. Actually he is The
World's Luckiest Wrestler because he is still alive and breathing after doing
it. Cyrus told Corrino that "he now has a lot of heat and balls" after saying
that to Taz. He then called Corrino the "mastermind" behind Candido's attack on
Taz. Note to Corrino: Keep listening to Cyrus and Taz will kill you. Once again
proving he is The World's Dumbest Wrestler, Corrino listened to Cyrus and said
he would have handled Taz if it hadn't been for his "appendix problem" and said
that's why he had Candido fill in against Taz a few week ago. As he half cried
and half whined, Corrino called Candido a "trouble maker" and said he really
"loves Taz." I don't think that's going to save his @$$. Cyrus did his best to
set Corrino up.

We next saw Judge Jeff Jones in the parking lot of the arena waiting to speak to
Taz when he arrived. Taz drove up and Jones approached him. He asked Taz about
Candido's attack on him last week. Beware Jeff. Taz smiled and said that was all
part of the game, that he was training hard and would do his best against
Candido at HH. He said he wasn't angry at what Candido had done. What's going on
here? A new and Politically Correct Taz? Taz was all smiles as he started to
walk away. He turned immediately around and applied The TazMission on Jones and
told him to tell Candido everything he is feeling it now, and that Candido would
feel it ten times as much. Jones tried to plead but was being choked out. Taz
showed compassion as he released the hold. Compassion Taz style that is, as he
then stuffed Jones into the trunk of his car, slammed it shut, left him there
and went into the arena. Now that's the Taz we all know and hate.

Taz went directly to the ring which was still being set up. The back of his
T-shirt was electronically blanked out. As Taz started to talk, a worker who was
setting the ring up approached him and told him he needed about ten more minutes
and if Taz would go back to his locker room, he would come and get him when the
ring was finished. This guy qualifies for The World's Dumbest Ring Man. Taz told
him he would be only too happy to do that and started to leave. Taz turned
around and nailed him with the ECW Title Belt knocking him colder than Tao's
heart. He then lifted the poor jerk's head and asked him what he thought about
Candido. He answered his own questions with "Wrong Answer" each time and punched
the unconscious guy for every "wrong answer." He ended it by telling Candido
"Beat me if you can, survive if I let you."

There was a commercial for the ECW Hotline with a teaser that Rupert Murdoch and
the Fox Network had approached Vince McMahon with an offer to buy the WWF.

Joey said that the Main Event tonight will be Justin Credible v. Jerry "The New
F'N Show" Lynn.

The first match was picked up in progress (is there any other way in ECW)? It
was for the ECW TV Title, pitting Rob "Mr. PPV" Van Dam (C) (RVD) v. Bubba Ray
Dudley (
BBR). It was taped in Queens, NY and was the match that was coming to
the ring as last week's program ended. D-Von Dudley, Sign Guy Dudley, Joel
"There has to be more than 50 head in the herd, I'm just getting started"
Gertner and RVD Manager Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso were at ringside.
BBR punched RVD
and followed up with a Shoulder Block. RVD came back with a Victory Roll and
tried for a pin. He then applied an Arm Drag and kicked away at
BBR in a corner.
BBR Irish Whipped RVD in the far corner, charged it after him, but ate RVD's
boot. RVD then hit a Monkey Flip and went for a Drop Kick, but got caught in the
air and put into a Dudleyville Crab. At this point we went to a commercial. When
we got back,
BBR hit RVD with a Pile Driver on the Tag Team Title Belt. He then
threw the Belt on RVD's prone body. RVD staggered to his feet and
BBR charged
him. In a defensive move, RVD ducked and
BBR went over his back, and over the
top rope to the floor.
BBR started to get back in but RVD kicked him and he hit
the guard rail hard and went over it and into the crowd. What would an ECW match
be if it didn't go into the crowd? RVD then hit one of his patented unreal leaps
from the turn buckle onto
BBR in among the third row fans. He was as beautiful a
swan dive as Greg Louganis ever did. The action went back to the ring and RVD
BBR with a Body Slam, followed by a Side Kick off the top turn buckle and
went for a pin. After
BBR kicked out, RVD kicked him and hit him with a series
of punches, a Snap Mare, a Tumbling Senton Splash, and again tried for a pin.
After another series of punches and kicks,
BBR came back with a big Fall-a-way
Slam and after a reversal of an Irish Whip, tried for a pin of his own. More
punches to the head by
BBR, an elbow to the face, an Elbow Drop from the middle
turn buckle, more punches and were followed by
BBR whipping RVD into a corner.
Once again
BBR charged in and once again he ate RVD's boot. It appears that BBR
played hooky the day they taught "Charging The Corner 101." A chair was thrown
BBR and RVD went for The VanDaminator but BBR ducked out of the way. BBR hit
RVD with a Driver on the chair stunning him, but he was able to kick out of a
pinning attempt.
BBR went to the middle turn buckle but got caught there and
pounded with a series of punches. He then hit a Bubba Bomb off the top buckle
and both men were shaken.
BBR recovered first and once more was unsuccessful at
a pin.
BBR blasted RVD across the back with the chair and then hit a Slam on the
chair. He went for but missed a Dudleyville Jam on the chair, that would have
surely ended the match had he hit. RVD took full advantage as he hit The
VanDamintor. As the Fat Lady warmed up, RVD hit a Five Star Frog Splash that had
to look to
BBR like a 747 landing on him. The pin was academic.

D-Von came into the ring and faced out with RVD. Fonzie came in. RVD and D-Von
went at it exchanging punches. RVD kicked D-Von several times.
BBR got up and
destroyed RVD with a German Suplex It was 2-on-1 and the crowd broke into a
chant of "Sabu." Joey said that Sabu will be suspended if he comes to the ring.
He has been ordered to take time off to allow his fractured jaw time to heal.
RVD fought back but got hit with a combo belly to-back Suplex / Hangman's Neck
Breaker by
BBR and D-Von.

Jerry Lynn stormed in and it appeared he was going to help RVD, but turned and
nailed RVD with a pair of chair shots to the head. Lance Storm and Justin
Credible raced in. There was chaos in the ring. Sabu finally came to the ring
and began cleaning house. Fonzie nailed Sign Guy and put him on a table at
ringsdie. Sabu then hit one of his wild leaps over the top rope and put Sign Guy
thru the table. The action in the ring was wild as there was fighting going on
all over. Storm and Credible fought with The Dudley Boyz from the ring out to
the floor. Sabu watched them go at it and then leaped onto all four of them off
the top turn buckle. RVD was left alone in the ring. He went to the top turn
buckle and hit an insane Somersault Plancha onto the pile, which was quite a
distance from the ring. That got us an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey ... finally.
Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retains ECW TV Title

Joey gave us the card for HH again!! Time No. 2,366 (unofficial count).

The next match was the Main Event, pitting Justin Credible, accompanied by Jason
and Jazz (I am going to use her name even though Joey keeps playing dumb), v.
Jerry Lynn. Credible took the mic and told Lynn he had a "flashback" to last
summer when he "kicked the crap out of you" and asked that he put up his TV
Title shot. Lynn said "I'm the New F'N Show and will punk your @$$ out like the
bitch you are." With that the match got underway. Lynn began fast with a bundle
of punches. After an exchange of punches, Credible was sent to the floor and
into the guard rail, and then over it to meet the crowd. Lynn launched himself
from the ring over the guard rail onto Credible. Back in the ring, Lynn pounded
Credible and snapped his neck on the top rope, and again threw him into the
guard rail. As Lynn worked Credible over on the floor, Jason got involved and
distracted him, allowing Credible to throw him into the guard rail. Jazz came
over and got involved. Back in the ring, Credible punched and kicked Lynn and
tried for a pin. Credible kept up his offensive and hit The Outsider's Edge and
again went for a pin. Credible and Scott Hall are buddies. He then threw Lynn to
the floor as Jason set up a table from the apron to the guard rail. They put
Lynn on the table, but he slipped off before Credible could nail him. They
exchanged punches, then Credible hurled Lynn into the guard rail again. Credible
landed a long series of Chops. Back in the ring Credible hit a Snap Mare and
applied a Headlock from behind as he held Lynn on the mat and was able to rest
as he did so. Lynn got to his feet and used his elbow to break the hold. He
Rolled Up Credible but couldn't hold him for the pin. Credible came back with a
Sidewalk Slam and went for a pin. He followed with more Chops. They both tried
for an Abdominal Stretch that ended up with Lynn tossing Credible over the top
rope and thru the table set up earlier. As Lynn came off the ropes intending to
leap out onto Credible, Jason hit him in the back with the Singapore Cane.
Credible came back in and was handed a chair. He blasted Lynn with a Spike DDT
onto the chair and went for a pin. He Rolled Up Lynn and still couldn't get a
pin. Lynn came back with a Power Bomb and he tried for a pin. He followed with a
Shoulder Block and a Hurricanrana. Jason came in to prevent a pin and Lynn
hammered him with an Inverted DDT. Jazz came in and hit several kicks to Lynn's
face and head. Lynn had enough and decided Jazz was no lady, so he nailed her
with a Pile Driver. Credible got back in the ring with the Cane. After smacking
Lynn with it, he hit him with an Inverted DDT and went for That's Incredible.
Lynn blocked it, delivered a Pile Driver and pinned Credible for the win.
Winner - Jerry Lynn - Will face Rob Van Dam at Hardcore Heaven for the ECW TV

Lance Storm and
TLB hit the ring. Storm jumped Lynn. Tommy Dreamer came down and
hit Storm with a Clothesline and went for a Pile Driver on
TLB. Storm blocked it
and clocked him. He held Dreamer up and
TLB slapped him in the face and embraced
TLB. They left Dreamer in the middle of the ring and hugged Credible as the
program ended.
Written by reader: Danny Hehmann (Edge_18)
I think the point that the writer of "When wrestling is no longer wrestling" was
trying to make is that once casual fans that watch the WWF for entertainment are
gone, what's left?

What I mean by that is that since last year the WWF has gone up 75% in viewers,
yet only 20% out of the 75% were WCW fans. So the rest are casual fans who
jumped on the WWF bandwagon because its the next "cool" show.

Now that's all fine and dandy, and I have no problem with new fans. But, Vince
is catering his whole show to bring in casual viewers. He is thinking about now,
and not the long term future of his product.

Look at past "cool" shows such as Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, South Park,
etc. Those shows became a hot commodity, but once the hype and controversy died,
so did the shows. Now what is Vince going to do when a new "cool" show comes
along, and his show loses its hype. He is going to be stuck with some longtime
wrestling fans, who are ticked off at the entertainment based show, and move on
to WCW. All I'm saying is that the ratings may be huge now, but when this
downfall comes he's in trouble.
Written by reader: JJ29
I personally believe that Jericho may stay in WCW. Why? Simply because he
loves to wrestle. His main reason for going to WCW was the possibility to
wrestle in New Japan. In the WWD, he would never go to Japan, and he would
barely wrestle
5 minutes in a match for the WWF. I believe he will stay in WCW for the
possibility of facing foreign talent and being able to wrestle for longer than 5
minutes, and not just get over for a Shawn Michaels look-a-like.
Written by reader: ElSATURN
Bam Bam is a good choice for the Horsemen. He has size, power, strength, and
even speed and skill. He is everything the Horsemen need if they want someone
new. As a matter of fact, everytime I have ever seen him in person to get
autographs he is always wearing pricy suits, just for autograph sessions.
Submitted by reader: Andy Laudano (Hitman-Andy)
I think I know who the next Horseman will be!
1) Ric Flair loves having a beautiful valet for the Horsemen - especially if its
someone he's fueding with's ex-wife

2) Traditionally the 4th slot is held by a big man

3) What ex-Horseman was seen on Nitro, dressed up in a suit (like a Horseman)
with an ex-Horseman valet on his arm, about to have a press conferance? The
answer... "The Total Package" Lex Luger!! After all, with Nash & Hogan
apparently turning face his only other choices are...

1) Turn face too ... not likely

2) Hang with the only man with a bigger ego than himself - Big Pappa Steroid

3) Join the Black & White loser squad

The Horsemen is his only real choice! This also puts him & Liz directly in line
for a major high profile feud with Randy Savage & Georgeous George! There you
have it - at Slamboree - Lex Luger - the once and future Horseman!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

Copyright- Steve Appy of The Wrestling Booking Sheet ©1998, 1999, 2000


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