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Issue # 242

Date:  Sunday May 9th, 1999  8:45 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Slamboree Report for May 9, 1999
By Matt Spence at:

Raven & Perry Saturn defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman, and Dean Malenko
& Chris Benoit to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship
This was an amazing, 25 minute match, featuring incredible moves shown by all
six men involved. With the referee distracted, Arn Anderson hit the spinebuster
on Saturn, allowing Dean Malenko to put him in the Texas Cloverleaf. However,
on the other side of the ring, Kidman was about to do the shooting star press on
Raven. From the crowd came a man in a DDP shirt and Sting mask. He grabbed
Kidman's foot, and Raven jumped up and delivered an Even Flow DDT from the top
rope to the canvas. Raven covered Kidman, as Saturn was still in the
Cloverleaf. The referee was going to see if Saturn was submitting, but instead
counted Raven's pin on Kidman, giving Saturn and Raven the win. The Horsemen
were upset, while Raven and Saturn celebrated with the man in the Sting mask,
who revealed himself to be Kanyon. Raven and Saturn are your new Tag Team

Konnan pinned Stevie Ray
Stevie Ray was escorted to the ring by the Black & White. Before the match,
Konnan made some disparaging remarks to the nWo members. Stevie Ray controlled
most of the match. When Konnan did make comebacks, the nWo would get involved
and help thwart his attempts. To even the sides, Rey Mysterio came in midway
through and started cleaning house. As the ref was distracted, Mysterio did a
sit-in on Stevie Ray, while Konnan rolled him up. The ref turned around and made
the three count, allowing Konnan to take the win around the seven minute mark.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Brian Knobbs
Backstage, prior to the match, Bigelow was seen by the camera having a
conversation with Diamond Dallas Page. It was also announced that this would be
a "Falls-Count-Anywhere" match, on top of being a "hardcore" match. Bigelow
brought a cart full of weapons and tossed them into the ring, as things got
underway. The two men went back and forth for several minutes, just pounding
away at each other with stiff shots with trash cans, trays, chairs and all other
kinds of plunder. After several minutes of that, the two men made their way up
the isle and into a merchandise area (oddly enough, it was placed in an area
where fans had no access to). Knobs pounded Bigelow with a ladder and put him on
a table. He climbed up into the crowd and dove about 10 or 12 feet. Bigelow
move, and he accidentally flipped the table to its side. Because of that,
instead of going through the table, Knobs landed ribs-first on the side of the
tables. Bigelow suplexed Knobs through a table and made the quick pin, ending
the match at around the 15 minute mark.

Rick Steiner pinned Booker T to win his second WCW Television Championship
Steiner almost completely dominated this match from the onset, controlling
Booker T. However, Booker T fought back and gained control following an axe kick
and sidewalk slam. Scott Steiner came out and tried to help his brother, but was
unsuccessful. The match then went back and forth for another 30 seconds or so,
but then Scott tripped Booker T as he ran the ropes. Rick climbed to the top
rope and hit the Steiner bulldog as Booker T made it to his feet dazidly. He
then made the cover for the three count at the 11 minute mark. After the match,
Rick looked for Scott backstage. He ran into Buff Bagwell, who congratulated
him, but told him to be careful of his brother.

Gorgeous George (w/Randy Savage, Miss Madness & Madusa) pinned Charles Robinson
(w/Ric Flair &
Charles Robinson came to the ring decked out like Ric Flair, with the robe and
dyed hair. Ric Flair and the buff nurse, who they're calling "
Asia", came to the
ring with him. Believe it or not, they exchanged wrestling holds in the form of
wrist locks and hammer locks to open it up. Then time was wasted. Robinson was
going to take a chair into the ring, but Miss Madness stopped him. Robinson just
decked her, though, and scoop slammed her on the floor! As George checked on
Miss Madness, Robinson gained control. Charles Robinson was in control for the
next several minutea and put George in the figure four. However, Savage
interfered and set George up to deliver the elbow drop for the win.

United States Champion Scott Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell via submission
Scott Steiner dominated the early portion of the match, with his trademark
moves, and just pounding Bagwell. Bagwell came back, but as he was on the top
rope looking to connect with the Blockbuster, Rick Steiner hit him in the back
with a steel chair. Scott slapped on the Steiner Recliner and Bagwell had to
submit. Scott Steiner remains your US Heavyweight champion, and the Steiner
brothers are reunited.

Roddy Piper defeated Ric Flair via reversed decision
This match was for the presidency of WCW; Piper came out alone, whereas Flair
was accompanied by Arn Anderson and "
Asia". Charles Robinson then came down. Ric
Flair fired the referee and Robinson took over. The match was back and forth,
with mostly chops exchanged. Piper took out
Anderson, Asia, and Flair with the
sleeper. However, as he had the sleeper on
Asia, Flair nailed Piper with the
brass knuckles and pinned him.

Ric Flair is still the president of WCW.....But wait....Eric Bischoff is out,
and he is declaring Roddy Piper the winner. Piper then fires Flair. The
announcers are saying that the decision was reversed by Bischoff, and that's
what they're sticking to. Don't ask me to explain it folks...

Bill Goldberg fought Sting to a No Contest
This match was back and forth with neither man able to gain control for an
extended period of time. The crowd was pretty quiet, seeming torn between WCW's
two most popular wrestlers. After Goldberg hit the spear, Bret Hart came to
ringside with a chair!!! Bret Hart shoved the referee, and then went after
Goldberg. He pummelled him with a chair, going after the leg in particular.
After Bret Hart left, Rick and Scott Steiner came to the ring to attack Sting,
and then Goldberg as well.

Kevin Nash pinned Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW World Championship
DDP controlled this match for almost the whole way through, working over Nash's
knee for a large portion of the match. The crowd seemed dead for the majority of
the match. At one point, DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on the outside of the ring,
but couldn't get Nash inside the ring quick enough to get the win.

Nash fought back though, hit the powerbomb and was making the cover, but Randy
Savage came out and stopped the count, causing the DQ.

However, Eric Bischoff came out next to restore order. He said the match must
have a winner, and restarted it as a no DQ match.

DDP was in control for the next several minutes, but when he had a chair in
front of his face to hit Nash with, "Big Sexy" reacted quickly and kicked the
chair, driving it into DDP's face. Nash then hit the jacknife powerbomb for the
win. Your winner, and new WCW World Heavyweight champion, is Kevin Nash.
By Bob Ryder at:
WCW had a deal with NBC early this year that would have brought WCW wrestling to
network television, but the deal fell through because Turner executives were
slow to give their approval to the agreement.

"We had a deal for two weeks, but it fell through while this company was
dragging its feet trying to make a decision," according to WCW President Eric

"A couple of years ago, I could make those kinds of decisions and then sort
things out later," said Bischoff. "Now that we're as successful as we have
become, everybody wants to be a part of the decision making process," he added.

The decision became a moot point when the NBA strike ended, and NBC no longer
needed additional programming.

If not for "decision by committee", WCW would have had a deal with NBC even if
the strike had not ended, according to Bischoff.

"We've been close to making a couple of big deals in the last six months," said
Bischoff. Those deals would have made a significant impact on WCW, according to
Bischoff, but the current corporate structure of the company prevented them from
going through.

The increased involvement of Time Warner/Turner executives has clearly
frustrated Bischoff, who finds his company on the losing end of the ratings
battle with the WWF after dominating the ratings for much of the last two years.

Late breaking news on Shane Douglas' situation. Shane has in recent days been
in contact with Jim Ross and has also spoken to Vince McMahon and appears close
to an agreement to return to the WWF.
Douglas is waiting for word back from the
WWF on contract status and their ideas for bringing him back to the company.

Douglas is not currently under contract to ECW and has money and creative issues
with them. Still no word on whether he will be at Hardcore Heaven, but it looks
like unless he gets the money he is owed first, he will not be at any more ECW
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard & JJ Dillon will be at
JAPW 2nd Year Annv show on Sunday, August 29th. Randy Savage and Gorgeous George
will also be there. The Location and time TBA this week.
Reported by Fat Frank, Jersey All Pro Wrestling
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WWF Sunday Night Heat Report -
May 9, 1999
By Joe De
Leon at:
Hosted by Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly
Live from
Jacksonville, Florida

• Backstage, The Corporate Ministry arrived. The Big Bossman asked a
Jacksonville Coliseum worker for the arena keys to lock the door The Corporate
Ministry walked through.

• The Acolytes defeated Kane and X-Pac via Pinfall.
- As the match went on, The Union, carrying 2x4's, attempted to get into the
arena, but the door was locked. The Big Show then tried to open the door with
his hands, as the camera switched back to the match. As the fight went on, Billy
Gunn ran in and attacked X-Pac on the outside. Kane went after Gunn as X-Pac was
beaten down by The Acolytes. Road Dogg ran in to substitute for Kane. RD was
tagged in, but The Acolytes' power dominated, which let them take the win.
Midian, The Big Bossman, and Viscera all ran in and attacked X-Pac and RD.
Outside of the arena, Big Show busted the door open. The
Union ran in and
cleared out The Corporate Ministry. Kane made his way back down and carried
X-Pac out of the ring. It was unknown whether or not The Acolytes captured the
Tag Team Titles, since RD, who was the one pinned, was not the legal partner of

• Backstage, Debra was rubbing on her legs.

• Billy Gunn defeated Val Venis with the Famouser.
- Val Venis was about to do his sexual joke, but Billy Gunn immediately attacked
him. As the match went on, Debra made her way down to flirt with Venis. Jeff
Jarrett ran down and took Debra to the back. Venis, distracted, was caught with
Gunn's Famouser. Kane then made his way down to gain revenge on Gunn, since Gunn
attacked X-Pac earlier in the show. Gunn threw Venis into Kane's hands for a
chokeslam. Nicole Bass then made her way down to tend to Venis. She applied CPR,
including mouth-to-mouth. Venis immediately awoke and ran back to the locker

• Backstage, Al Snow was playing strip poker with his dearhead. Both were
smoking cigars.

• Al Snow defeated Head via Pinfall, to capture the Hardcore Title.
- Hardcore Holly came down with Head and wore a referee T-shirt. Holly called
out Snow, who made his way down with the dearhead and Hardcore Title belt. Holly
claimed the "Hardcore Executive Committee" ruled that there would be a Hardcore
Title match between Snow and Head later in the show, with Holly as the Guest
Referee. Holly said after Snow pinned Head, he would become the official
Hardcore Champion, and he (Holly) would get a match against Snow for the
Hardcore Title. Snow accepted and beat Head all over, slapping it, piledriving
it, hitting it with a chair, and more. Snow attempted to put Head through a
table after a somersault, but the table didn't break. Snow then hit Head with
the dearhead and made the pinfall. Snow, for no reason at all, executed another
somersault, which broke the table.

• Backstage, Lucas Swineford interviewed Road Dogg. RD said he wasn't 100%, but
was looking forward to beating down Triple H in their match later in the show.
RD said he would settle some family problems between D-Generation X.

• Triple H (w/Chyna) defeated Road Dogg with the Pedigree.
- Triple H had another new entrance music theme and was wearing just regular
tights instead of the usual pants. Road Dogg favored his ribs throughout the
match, as a result from The Acolytes' attack on him earlier in the show. As the
match went on, Billy Gunn ran in, but RD just knocked him straight off the ring
apron. RD was then distracted by Chyna, which let Triple H hit him with the
Pedigree for the win. Gunn and Triple H had a stare off in the end. Gunn started
to attack RD, until Kane made his way down. Gunn, once again, ran out of the
ring. Kane was about to chokeslam RD, but X-Pac ran down and convinced Kane not

• Backstage, The Big Show walked through the locker room with a 2x4 in his hand.

• Outside of the arena, Billy Gunn took off in his rental car.

• The Big Show and Midian went to a No-Contest.
- Midian had his usual eyeball with him. The Big Show made his way down and
immediately put Midian through two Chokeslams. Big Show shoved the referee down.
He took the eyeball, squeezed it until it popped, and shoved it down Midian's
mouth. Big Show then put Midian through a huge elbow drop. Big Show taunted The
Undertaker and called him out. The Undertaker appeared on the Titan Tron. The
Undertaker said Midian would be punished for his loss. The Undertaker said he
first had to take the Heavyweight Title from Stone Cold Steve Austin and then
would go after Big Show. The Undertaker said he might take Big Show's eyeball
and give it to Midian. Big Show, upset, chokeslammed Midian once again.
Officials made their ways to stop Big Show, but they were scared off.

• Backstage, The Rock arrived. He had someone carry in his bag and was wearing a
cast on his broken arm.

• Meat (w/PMS) defeated Droz (w/Prince Albert) with an Inverted DDT.
- Just the previous night on Shotgun Saturday Night, Meat defeated Prince Albert
in a singles match. As the match went on, Prince Albert threatened Terri Runnels
on the outside of the ring with a piercing needle. Meanwhile, Meat finished off
Droz with an Inverted DDT. Jacqueline made the save for Terri by jumping on
Albert's back. Meat was then attacked the ring. PMS jumped on the backs of Droz
and Albert, but were thrown off. PMS and Meat fled the ring.

• Backstage, The Rock made his way down to the ring. The Corporate Ministry was
then show, planning something.

• Rock Interview.
- The Rock said he had finally came back to Jacksonville, Florida, to a huge
pop. The Rock noted that everyone had on their mind if The Rock would be able to
make his Over The Edge match with Triple H. The Rock said he would be there to
once again make Triple H's ass famous. As The Rock continued to his interview,
The Corporate Ministry made their ways out. The crowd chanted, "Asshole." Triple
H said The Rock's ass was grass. The Rock challenged The Corporate Ministry to
enter the ring. The entire group made their way down. The Rock was totally
outnumbered, until The Union made the save. A huge brawl went on in the ring as
the show went off the air.
Written by reader: AtiKiNsaNE
I noticed something that I don't think many did. When Al Snow pinned Head on
SNH he was holding the deer head on top of Head, and then he was on top of
the deer head... I think we have a new champion... no not Al Snow... but
Written by reader: Pufinstuff
Its no secret that the internet is Pro WCW. Its also no secret that WCW has the
talent. Is there something wrong with this? Its all about TV time. Who gets it &
who doesn't. Vince knows that the WWF can't survive on Stone Cold alone. If you
watch a card, you'll most likely see Austin, Undertaker, Kane, X-Pac, Triple H,
Chyna, Val Venis, & countless other stars. Monday nights in WCW, you'll see the
nWo, Ric Flair, Hogan, some other nWo members, maybe DDP, Buff, & Disco Inferno.

There's also a Lucha match once every other week pitting two of WCW's hundred or
so cruiser stars. If your lucky, you'll see the best match of the year which
happens to be a 20 minute 4 way dance for the Cruiser title, but thats only if
you happon to be watching Nitro on that one day out of the year. Oh, & you'll
see ECW's stars being treated like crap jobbing to Nash, who will grace us with
his appearance every once in a while when he takes a break from his incredible

These are the guys who get it, or get it in the wrong way. Here are the guys
that don't get it-
Blitzkrieg, the best white boy cruiser I've ever seen- I'm waiting for that
Blitzkrieg/Kidman fued, but I think I'm wasting my time; Raven, the guy got
screwed out of ECW. Plain & simple, & destined to hover somewhere in the WCW
midcard; Hak- ditto, world champ to Nash's bitch; La Parka- when WCW started
their lucha matches, he was seen on Nitro every week. Now where is he?; Kaz
Hayashi- right move going back to Japan, but I'm sure he'll be back jobbing in
no time.

Chris Jericho- sure he's got a bum knee right now, but WCW wouldn't be pushing
him if he was 100%. What a way to treat the best mic man in the sport; the
Horsemen- Benoit & Malenko will never be anything above mid carders in WCW. Nash
wont let them, & then you'd have to solve that dreaded Charisma problem. The
perfect fued- Horsemen/Jericho & Lodi; Lodi- the guy can actually wrestle.
Anyone who's seen him wrestle indys will know what I'm talking about. Who the
hell didn't laugh when they heard "I've got a fish in my pants!" BRING BACK SIGN

If WCW wanted to get back in the ratings war, they'd ditch the DJ & the Nitro
Girls (no, I'm not joking, & I'm not gay) along with all of the other crap
wrestlers who are getting endless TV time & replace them with good matches.

I'd settle for bringing back Main Event as a Cruiser-only show. Now THAT would
draw ratings, & it wouldn't present the problem of WCW's "stars" getting stale.
Nitro does that good enough by itself.
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