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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 246

Date:  Thursday May 13th, 1999  6:09 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we have the results of the upcoming Heat & RAW;
as always, if you want to be surprised,
DON'T READ IT! My thanks to Joe De Leon
Joshua Ray for providing the report.

USA TODAY was asking celebrities what they thought "May the Force be with you"
meant. Steve Austin said - "its that invisible outer space-type hokey-pokey
stuff that sounds good, so that's why they're saying it. Kind of like a way to
say 'Good luck." (Our thanks to UPI's Joe Fasbinder in
Los Angeles.)
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

On a side note, a number of people have been asking me in email whether Francine
will be going with Shane Douglas to the WWF, if he signs a deal there. I did not
feel the need to address is since, well, wrestling is a work and Francine is not
really Shane's manager, but for those of you wondering, no she won't be leaving
if he does.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
"Class, please turn to page 176 in your WCW History Book. When we last met, you
will recall that Good King Eric (GKE) had lost control of WCW to Slick Rick.
He was then relegated to such critical duties as Chauffeur to The Rouge And Noir
Family Branch of the nWo and ring worker. He was last seen having hit rock
bottom, doing latrine duty and taking abuse from the lowest form of life known
to mankind, Larry Loser. Let's begin."

What the he*l is going on here? Why is WCW so screwed up? Let's take a look at
one of the latest examples of GKE's "The Fans Are Stupid And We Can Get Away
with Anything" modus operandi. We have been watching the story line of Slick
Rick "in charge" of WCW for the past several months since he "won control" from
GKE. During his reign as President, he has slipped into madness and gone off the
deep end. This led to WCW dusting off another relic, WCW Commissioner, The
Ancient Piper, and his challenge to Slick Rick's ability to lead.

The plot thickened as The Ancient Piper convinced Slick Rick's son David to sign
a letter committing daddy to The Funny Farm. Speaking of Young David, did you
happen to notice that the femme fatale that led Young David down the crimson
path disappeared for a few weeks and when she suddenly reappeared, she had a
different name? Of course there was no explanation of what happened to her or
why her name changed. Another case of a story line that was abruptly altered and
the fans intelligence insulted. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's back, there
aren't too many Fine Young Things as easy to look at as her.

But I digress, with Slick Rick dispatched to The Funny Farm (for a 72 hour
observation period) and a match between him and The Ancient Piper to determine
the Presidency of WCW set for Slamboree, we watched several funny vignettes of
Slick Rick and his playmates at The Farm. Never mind that the 72 hours were
actually a week, with some unexplained leave time thrown in. Slick Rick brought
his playmates to NITRO and they had a ball there. There was, however, a rather
implausible part to his bringing his new found soul mates with him. I wonder how
many Funny Farms allow their residents a trip to the matches? Another very loose
end and unexplained end?

Skip ahead to Slamboree this past Sunday Night to the big Match For The
Presidency And Control Of WCW. Slick Rick wins the match by the "bending the
rules," something we all know never, ever happens in professional wrestling. Who
charges down the aisle on his white steed to announce that Slick Rick had
resorted to some non-kosher methods and was restarting the match? Why is was our
erstwhile toilet bowl cleaner himself, the powerless GKE!! What the F*ck? Here
we have been down the road of the dastardly GKE getting his just deserts, having
been stripped of all his power, reduced to doing every vile task that Slick Rick
could come up with and now he has the power to change history by restarting the
match and allowing The Ancient Piper to ascend the throne. This defies all
logic, even in the fantasy world of professional wrestling. By doing this, once
again we were shown why WCW is No. 2 and sinking fast. This wasn't even lousy
Booking, it was sheer stupidity. Is he now the "Boss," or is The Ancient Piper
in charge?

Of course we all know that GKE is the real President and the man who makes the
decisions, but why go thru the exercise of Slick Rick becoming President, being
challenged by The Ancient Piper and blowing it all like this? One has to wonder
if GKE has looked at Emperor McMahon's change from @$$hole and most hated man in
the WWF to fan favorite. WCW has also been trying to rehabilitate Old Baldy's
image. Sound like The Rock?

The bottom line, as Mr. Austin likes to say, is that until such time as WCW
learns how to plan and execute an angle, they are spinning their wheels. They
will continue in the rut they have been in. GKE has been living for over two
years on the nWo angle. its time to move on and come up with some fresh angles,
or at least ones that don't insult our intelligence. Fans have shown they are
willing to accept and go along with even the most bizarre things, just as long
as they make sense and flow smoothly from beginning to end. You can't drop
things midstream and make changes figuring the fans wont spot them. They are
much smarter than that and its time WCW recognized that.
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Written by reader: AVmanMIKE
There was one thing that wasn't mentioned in the article about the WWF's record
rating, this is the May Sweeps period. The WWF just recorded a huge rating
that will be the basis for all of their advertising for the next six months.
This will equal big money coming into Titan over that time.
Written by reader: NAHSgold
A Quick Note on the Popularity of Wrestling
We here at North Augusta High School got our Yearbooks today. I was flipping
through the sports section, and found a picture from my days on the Varsity
Football squad. It was a picture of one of our defensive linemen piledriving an
amateur wrestling dummy from the school we were facing. Under it was a caption
that read:
"Many of the players found it irresistible not to take the time to play with all
the 'toys,' emulating the moves if their wrestling heroes in the NWO, WCW, and
ECW, all of which are professional wrestling leagues which have recently gained
a lot of popularity nationwide."

I thought it was weird they didn't mention the WWF, which is far more popular
here. I was also surprised that they mentioned the ECW, since we don't have a
station that picks it up here. On another side note, our principal hates
Written by reader: James Liipfert (liipfert)
I was on, Goldberg's official site, and I followed
links and it said the following: When asked about the movie Titanic, Golberg
"I saw Titanic on the plane. It was boring. Three hours... it was just too
long." And WCW wonders why people are turned off from their three-hour
Written by reader: mr.gray
Everybody mentioned the huge ratings for RAW, especially during the Farooq/
Bradshaw match. I think part of the reason for that was that Farooq and
Bradshaw are awesome power wrestlers. I've really been impressed by them
lately. If only they'd get a decent angle. I don't mind the Acolyte shick at
all, but the Ministry can only go on so long before we're all going to get tired
of it (some of us already are...).
When that's done, I really think Farooq and Bradshaw should get a big push.
Either separately or as a team, although they are a really good team.

Also someone who deserves a big push soon is Test. He seems like a good power
wrestler, too. I prefer Luchadors, myself, but if a power guy is relatively
fast and agile, he's almost as good. And he seems to have pretty good
flexibility. Not to mention that he tried, albeit failed, a
DVD. I love the
DVD... I also agree with someone who wrote to the booking sheet before that
Test's next angle should be with DX. He'd make a good Diesel-esque character.
RAW & HEAT SPOILERS (Skip this section if you want to be surprised)
Reported by Joshua Ray & Joe De Leon at:
WWF Dark Match, Sunday Night Heat, and Raw is War Taping Results from Fort
Lauderdale, Florida - May 11, 1999
- Kurt Angle defeated Barry Houston.
- Jimmy Vibes beat Bruno Sassy.
AIR-DATE: 5/16
- X-Pac defeated D'Lo Brown by Disqaulification.
- D'Lo controlled the early part of the match. X-Pac was about to make a
comeback when Ivory jumped in the ring and smacked X-Pac in the face causing the
DQ. D'Lo tore X-Pac up after the match and left to his theme music as X-Pac laid
in the ring.

• Corporate Ministry Interview.
- Shane McMahon basically said that The Rock would not be able to use his cast
as a weapon at Over the Edge. He announced a Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple
H and a Rock vs. Undertaker Casket Match for Raw is War, which got the crowd
going. The Undertaker and Triple H then taunted Austin and The Rock.

• The Brood defeated Droz and Prince Albert.
- After the teams made it to the ring, Ryan Shamrock came down the aisle and
distracted Prince Albert while The Brood took care of Droz in what seemed
seconds. As Droz and Prince Albert chased after Ryan, P.M.S. and Meat showed up
at the headway and Ryan greeted with Terri and Jackie, which meant a new PMS
member. Still in the ring, The Brood were met by Dok Hendrix. The Brood
immediately were beating the hell out of Dok as the lights went out for the
bloodbath. But The Hardy Boyz came down and saved Dok causing The Brood to get
the bloodbath. Dok and The Hardyz taunted The Brood near the Titan Tron.

• Road Dogg defeated Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Match.
- Holly was distracted by Al Snow on the outside and fell victim to Road Dogg's
finisher for the quick win. Holly then attacked Snow and destroyed Pierre (The
Deer Head) on the steel guard rail. When Snow got up he was crying with the
remains of Pierre in hand.

• Val Venis Interview, Conducted by Jerry Lawler.
- Val Venis said that at Over the Edge, he wanted Jeff Jarrett and Debra in a
Mixed Tag Match. When Lawler asked who Val's partner would be, Sable's music hit
and out came Nicole Bass. Val and Bass shook hands and it was announced they
would take on Jarrett and Debbie at Over the Edge.

• Kane defeated Mark Henry by Disqualification.
- Kane was about to hit a chokeslam when D'Lo Brown jumped in and beat down on
Kane. X-Pac eventually made the save but D'Lo and Henry still were one up on the
Tag Team Champions.

• The Union defeated Too Much and The Disciples of Apocalypse.
- The Big Show chokeslammed Skull (or 8-Ball) for the pin within a minute. The
Corporate Ministry came back out but just stared at the Union.

• D'Lo's music played yet again and he and Mark Henry stormed to the ring. Henry
said he wanted the Big Red Retard's ass (Kane) back out there now. Henry and
D-Lo brawled with Kane and X-Pac again. I don't know if this was retaped from
the earlier brawl or what.
AIR-DATE: 5/17
• The Godfather and Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett and The Blue Blazer.
- Average tag match. Nicole Bass distracted Jeff Jarrett and Debra, as The
Godfather hit the Pimp Drop on the Blazer for the pin.

• D'Lo Brown, Billy Gunn, and Mark Henry vs. Road Dogg, X-Pac, Kane went to a
No-Contest after both teams had great six-man tag team action and it all spilled
out in the crowd.

• Corporate Ministry Interview.
- Shane said that the first man he wanted to take down tonight was his father
Vince McMahon.

• Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson were in the back worried
because The Union hadn't shown up. They tried walking out the door but it was
locked. Vince went into the closet for protection but The Undertaker and Triple
H met him. The Undertaker choked him and the lights went out and screams were
heard. Later Vince was stretched into an ambulance.

• Test defeated Meat by Disqualification.
- Boring match. As Test was going for the pump-handle slam, Jacqueline
dropkicked him from the top causing the Disqualification. Ryan Shamrock was with
P.M.S. Tori came out after and acted as friends with P.M.S., but turned on them
and beat all three ladies down. Test and her exchanged words.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
- The Corporate Ministry came out during the interview and was about to hunt
Austin down when Ken Shamrock came from behind and was choking Shane McMahon.
Once the Corporate Ministry saw this, they beat on Shamrock. The rest of The
Union came out and a brawl ensued. Meanwhile, in the ring, Austin had Paul
Bearer hostage. He was looking at The Undertaker, wondering if he would do
anything. After a few seconds he gave Paul the Stunner to a huge pop and taunted
the fat man.

• The Undertaker defeated The Rock in a Casket Match.
- The Rock was in control until Triple H interfered and helped The Undertaker
throw The Rock into the casket. Triple H then grabbed a sledgehammer and
continuously banged it on the casket, breaking holes in several places. Much to
the applause of Shane McMahon.

• The Brood vs. Dok Hendrix and The Hardy Boyz went to a No-Contest.
- It seemed Dok Hendrix and The Hardy Boyz had formed a Freebirds like stable.
Great match. The Hardyz look to be getting a push and its about damn time. Dok
looked very good in the ring and the match was very entertaining. All six men
ended up brawling outside and as soon as you knew it we were on to the next

• Al Snow Interview.
- Al Snow performed a funeral, so to speak, for Pierre, his dear head. Snow said
since Pierre had passed he was now the true Hardcore Champion. He was very
emotional. Very funny skit with several of Pierre's favorite items used.
Hardcore Holly came out only to get knocked out with the Head. Snow used the
Snow plow on Holly and left.

• The Big Show beat The Big Bossman in a squash.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H went to a No-Contest, to let Austin
retain the Heavyweight Title.
- Brawl all over the arena. The AMERICAN announcers table was used thoroughly
throughout the match. Austin has Triple H ready for the Stunner when The
Undertaker symbol, which was hanging from the top of the Arena, made its way
down. The Undertaker came down and was about to sacrifice Austin when The Union
made the save, fighting off the entire Corporate Ministry, including Triple H.
This left Austin and The Undertaker alone, with Austin taking advantage of the
The Undertaker. Austin beat The Undertaker up, until he couldn't move, tied him
to the symbol, and The Undertaker was lifted to the top of the arena to end the
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