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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 247

Date:  Saturday May 15th, 1999  12:30 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Nate Pelley
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WCW World Champion Kevin Nash appeared on NBC's Late Show, hosted by
Jay Leno last night (5/14). Nash mentioned several things, including past
gimmicks in wrestling (he omitted his time as Diesel), the fact that his wife
came up with the name "Big Sexy," and he is currently the tallest wrestler in
WCW. Leno questioned the WCW champ about Goldberg's $100,000 challenge to
Steve Austin, but Nash sidestepped the question, saying only that
Austin did
not come through and things didn't work out. However, when the topic came to
Slamboree, Nash lashed out at Bret "Hit Man" Hart for his actions that
injured Bill Goldberg. Nash taunted Hart saying "I made him." Then, the WCW
Champion shocked everyone by issuing a $250,000 bounty match challenge to
Hart, to take place next week on the Late Show. Leno said he would have a
ring constructed, as long as Nash showed up with the money.

Nash was substituting for Goldberg on the show tonight, as "The Man" is
currently recovering from the injuries he received at Slamboree. Many insiders
believed that Goldberg was the one who was supposed to issue the challenge to
Bret, but due to his injury Nash instead would be following through on the

With the Wolfpac in disarray, Lex Luger may form some kind of relationship with
the now reunited Steiner Brothers. You can look for the Steiners to go after the
also soon-to-be reunited Harlem Heat on the big NITRO on May 24th. I hear WCW is
going for broke on this one, including a possible appearance from
Reported by Al Isaacs at:

Steve Austin was promoting Nash Bridges on a few radio shows this morning.
Badger sent in this brief report from the Howard Stern show:

He is superstitious - he puts the same boot on first and tapes the same wrist
first each night.

The divorce is already final. He has NO plans to remarry anytime soon.

A 16 year old called to say that because of him, she's lost 35 lbs. He was her
inspiration to keep going.

He had to give up a
LOT in the divorce. He could not give details about it or
he'd have to give up more.

He promoted the upcoming "
Nash Bridges" and Pay-per-view.

He did steroids years ago.

He asked Howard what an LSD trip was like.

He's doing Regis and Kathy Lee next week as well as upcoming MTV Celebrity Death

I missed
Austin's appearance on The Late Late Show, but from the reports I've
heard, it doesn't look like
Austin is that fond of Sable. When he was asked
about her, he said he hadn't spoken to her in over a year. The speculation is
Austin isn't too happy with Sable referring to herself as the biggest draw
in the company when her QHs were getting the highest ratings.
Reported by Micasa at:

A couple of folks sent in something that's making the rounds among KISS fans...
apparently, just weeks after there were rumors that KISS was talking to the WWF
about licensing the distinctive KISS make-up and gimmick to Titan for use as
incoming wrestlers, KISS has instead agreed to license a gimmick to WCW. The
word going around among KISS fans is that a wrestler called "The Demon" (based
on Gene Simmons' work) will debut at the "July 7th PPV".

Now, I hate to burst a bubble, but there is no PPV on July 7th, so it kind of
throws a wrench in the whole works.... but where there's smoke there's
sometimes fire, so we'll see how this plays out.
Reported by
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The program was the final one before ECW's next PPV, Hardcore Heaven (HH),
scheduled for
May 16, 1999, and was used in large part as a set up for it. It
began with a match between Chris Candido and Chris Chetti that just ended.
Candido had apparently accidentally injured Chetti, who was being tended to by
medical personnel. He had a neck brace on (ever notice that whenever you see a
neck brace on a wrestler, he is about to be demolished?) and was on a gurney.
Candido hovered anxiously over him, concerned he had severely hurt him. Wrong!
Candido dumped Chetti off the gurney (sound familiar?) and tossed him into the
ring, where he tended to Chetti's injured neck by squashing him with a Pile
Driver. It looks like Candido took Tending The Injured 101, as taught by
Professor Taz. Speaking of ECW's candidate for The Nobel Peace Price for
Gentlemanly Conduct, Taz's music came on and Taz came to the ring. Being smarter
than the average bear, Candido took off for the warm and comfort of Tammy Lynn
Sytch's (
TLS) arms as fast as he could.

Taz checked on the condition of Chetti (after all they are cousins) and then
took the mic and told Candido that he had just given him another reason for
killing him at HH. He told Candido that on his best day, he couldn't beat him.
Chetti was put back on the gurney. Taz went out for a last check on his
condition and showed compassion as only he can. He threw Chetti off the gurney
(deja vu) and put him into the ring, where he applied The TazMission and choked
him out. Chetti had to wondering why he got out of bed that day and what he did
to deserve this. Taz took the mic and addressed Candido once again. He told him
that if that's how he treats his own blood, imagine how he will treat him. Rumor
has it that
TLS has been contacting brokers all over the country and upping
Candido's life insurance. Taz closed with his "Beat me if you can, survive if I
let you" bit.

After the ECW opening, Announcer Joey Styles was in the ring and welcomed the
crowd, as a chant of "ECW" was going. Justin Credible, accompanied by his
Manager Jason and the still unnamed Afro American female (who we shall call
Jazz, only because that's what her nearest and dearest friends call her), came
to the ring. He told us how honest he has always been and said he had an earth
shaking announcement (ever hear/see/know a wrestling announcement that wasn't?).
He introduced Lance Storm, who came to the ring accompanied by Tammy Lynn Bytch
TLB). The crowd chanted "Show your T*ts." Storm was holding a document that he
said had been "prepared for the best wrestler in the world, by the best lawyer
in the world, both from
Calgary, Alberta, Canada." The crowd chanted "USA" much
to Storm's dismay. Justin gave the document to Joey to look over and said that
it barred Sabu from appearing in any wrestling arena in the
USA. The crowd
chanted "Sabu." He then said he had "rid ECW of The Sandman and Shane Douglas,
and now he and his 'partner' Lance Storm, had gotten rid of Sabu." The crowd
again chanted "Sabu."

Joey was at the announcers position and said that Sabu's Manager Bill Alfonso
and his tag team partner Rob Van Dam would have comments later about the Sabu

The first match pitted Little Guido, accompanied by his fellow New and Improved
Full Blooded Italian (FBI) partner, the 600 pound Stuffed Pepperoni Calzone, Big
Sal E. Graziano, v. El Mosco. Prior to the match we saw a clip of a match Guido
lost to Nova, that included Sal's participation. Guido and Sal exchanged
pleasantries with the crowd, who crowd responded with "You fat f*ck" to Sal. The
match was a fast and furious one. Here are the highlights. Guido applied an
armbar takedown and Mosco spun out of it. Mosco missed an attempt at a leg sweep
takedown. Guido took Mosco to the mat with a waistlock takedown, that Mosco
escaped with a sit out. An armbar takedown by Mosco was broken by Guido as he
made it to the ropes. Guido slapped Mosco across the face and took him down with
a drop toe hold. After a crisscross, Guido used a hip lock takedown, followed by
an arm bar. Guido was all over Mosco as he was trapped in a corner. Mosco hit a
tilt-a-whirl flying head scissors, sending Guido went to the floor. Mosco hit
him with a baseball slide that sent Guido over the guard rail and gave him a
chance to sign autographs as he got to meet his fans face-to-face. Mosco must
have been jealous as he landed an Asahi Moonsault onto Guido. This got a chant
of "ECW" started again. The got back in the ring and this allowed Sal to get
involved as reached in and tripped Mosco, allowing Guido to go for an elbow
drop. Mosco tried to pay Sal back for his nasty deed and went for an aerial
move. Good idea, poor execution, as Sal caught him and dropped him on the guard
rail and then fed him to Guido in the ring. Guido hit a leg drop and went for
the pin. Chops by Guido were followed by a tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Mosco.
Guido came back with a running power bomb, followed by a scoop and slam. Guido
then engaged the referee in a discussion about his favorite kind of pizza,
allowing Sal to come in and drop an elbow that had Mosco swearing never to eat
Italian food again. Guido finished his talk with the referee and nailed poor
squashed Mosco with a splash and an attempt at a pin. Guido kept his attack
going with chops and an Italian (to the rest of the world, its 'Russian,' but
to Guido, its 'Italian') leg sweep, followed by yet another pinning attempt.
Guido hit a major clothesline as Mosco came off the top rope attempting an
aerial move. He followed with a series of chops in a corner and an elbow to
Mosco's face. Mosco fought back with a power bomb off the middle turn buckle and
a Hurricanrana. Sensing Guido was in trouble, Sal hauled his lard @$$ up on the
apron, but Mosco was ready and hit him with a kick. Mosco got caught coming off
the middle turn buckle and was blasted with a power bomb and put into an Italian
Crab (once again, the name [
Boston] wasn't good enough for Guido). Mosco waved
the Mexican flag. Guido waved the Italian Flag. Sal waved a menu. Save the cards
and letters folks. I know a lot of people say "Mosca" not "Mosco," but that's
what Joey called him tonight; who am I to argue with Joey?

Winner - Little Guido, assisted by Big Sal E. Graziano

The next match was a tag team event pitting Yoshohiro Tajiri and Taka Michinoku
(The T & T Boyz) v. Super Crazy and Nova. The start of the match was held as we
went backstage.

Bill Alfonso and Rob Van Dam (RVD) talked about the Sabu situation. Alfonso said
no piece of paper would prevent Sabu from showing up at HH. RVD addressed his
challenger for the ECW TV Title at HH, Jerry Lynn, telling him that nothing
would stop him from kicking Lynn's @$$ at HH. He teased
Lynn about his new
nickname "The New F'N Show," feigning being afraid of him.

We switched back to the ring for the match, which was already in progress. As
you might expect, this match was fast paced and quite often everyone was
involved at the same time. The FBI had returned and Nova had just placed Nova on
an Acme Premium Table at ringside. Big Sal E. came off the apron and dropped an
elbow on Nova, putting him thru the table and burying him. (Not even an Acme
Premium Table could withstand that). This got an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. The
Acme Digging And Dredging Company will be needed to find the remains. It might
be easier to have the Acme Monument Company erect a Headstone on the spot.
Tajiri was not a happy samurai about The FBI's interference. Super Crazy was on
the floor and got into a screaming match with Tajiri. Taka tried to calm him
down. Super Crazy got back in and it was 2-on-1. Tajiri applied a camel clutch
and Taka hit Crazy with a drop kick to the face. Everybody's favorite "Hero To
The Rescue," Spike Dudley came to the ring to help Crazy. He blasted both T & T
and sent them both to the floor. Crazy lifted Spike up and over as he charged
in, and Spike landed on T & T. Crazy hit a springboard Plancha onto T & T and a
chant of "ECW" rang out. Everyone returned to the ring and Tajiri pounded on
Crazy and applied The Tarantula on the ropes, followed by a kick to the head for
good measure. Tajiri hit a tilt-a-whirl arm drag. Spike and Taka tagged in and
Spike was quickly thrown to the floor. Crazy went over to check on him. T & T
hit stereo baseball slides, followed by stereo Asahi Moonsault. That will teach
Crazy to worry about his partner. Spike and Crazy went into the crowd as a
result. Tajiri followed Spike and threw him into an Acme Steel Chair. Crazy hit
Taka with a springboard missile drop kick. Taka came back with a flying power
bomb and a springboard missile drop kick of his own, followed by two kicks and
The Michinoku Driver. When Crazy wakes up, the price of a Taco will have
doubled. This was one wild mother of a match.

Winners - Yoshohiro Tajiri and Taka Michinoku
Loser - One Premium Acme Table
Loser - Nova
Winner - The Acme Digging and Dredging Company

Tommy Dreamer told us what he was going to do to Lance Storm at HH and that
will never be Beulah.

Joey went over the card for HH. This is time No. 2,367 (unofficial count).

Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten were in the ring demanding a tag team title shot
from The Dudley Boyz. Joey said they didn't want to wait until HH. Sign Guy
Dudley was in the ring and told them they were not getting a title shot "you're
not Hardcore, you're not extreme, you're just two wannabes." Nobody ever accused
Sign Guy of being particularly smart and he just proved it. Balls planted an
Acme Steel Chair between his beady eyes and put him into lala land. The downside
of it however was that it brought Bubba Ray (
BBR) and D-Von Dudley to the ring.
Balls and Axl must have never heard the phrase "Be careful what you wish for,
you just might get it." They did. Services for them will be held at The
Dudleyville Chapel Sunday morning. Here's what happened.
BBR went right after
Balls and D-Von jumped Axl.
BBR skulled Balls with the title belt and threw him
to the floor. D-Von dropped a leg on Axl.
BBR and Balls went out to meet and
greet the fans.
BBR clocked Balls in the forehead with an Acme Steel Chair,
busting him wide open. They fought among the faithful who chanted "ECW." Balls
chanted "transfusion." There was a sign of some sort (no, it wasn't "Sign" Guy,
although D-Von would have used him if he was there) in the ring and D-Von hit
Axl in the face with it. At this point we went to commercialville.

When we got back, Joey showed us what we had missed, highlight style. Note to
all you Fat Tony detractors: See, it does pay to keep the "tape machines
rolling." Note to Fat Tony: Tape machines? Do you call CD Players phonographs?
BBR had suplexed Balls thru an Acme Premium Table. D-Von had brought a Roll of
Acme No 1. Barb Wire, product of The Acme Steel Company, to the ring. Note to
Hak: This was the real stuff, not that rubber covered crap WCW uses. D-Von and
BBR tested the barbs and both drew blood. They each pulled out a pair of Acme
Heavy Duty Work Gloves, product of Work Clothes Division of The Acme Clothing
Company, and put them on. Balls was sitting on the floor with his back against
the roll of barb wire.
BBR planted an Acme Steel Chair on Axl's head. Balls
threw a fireball at
BBR and D-Von. They moved aside and it caught Axl. This just
wasn't his night. Balls paid big time as
BBR and D-Von obliterated him with a
3-D Dudley Death Drop. Game, Set, Match, Century. Balls may wake up for the

Winners - The Dudley Boyz - Retain the ECW Tag Team Championship
Loser - Poor Axl Rotten

Joey had some parting words about Sabu's status and you'll never guess what he
did next. For the one person in Lower West Slobovia who didn't know, he went
over the HH card for the 2,368th and last time (unofficial count).

The program closed with a Music Video: Faith by Limp Bizkit. It featured a
montage of ECW wrestlers and action.

Another exciting hour.
Fans here are the complete results from SSW's FanFest 99
Friday May 7, Carnes Gym in Big Stone Gap VA
Danny Christian beat The Masked Man........Mike Cooper pinned Chuck Jones....
Appalachian Champion Iron Cross beat Frank "The Tank" Parker.....Ricky Harriosn
beat The Warmachine with P.J. Sharp by DQ....... G Dog pinned Roger
Anderson..... S.S.W. Champion "Handsome" Beau James (w/Sharp) pinned Tracy

Sat. May 8, Civic Auditorium, Kingsport TN
Rob Valor beat The Memphis Body Guard..... Roger Anderson pinned Mike Cooper...
The Warmachine beat Iron Cross for the Appalachian Title.... Don Wright and
Wayne Roger w/ Tony Peters battled to a double countout with Jimmy Valiant and
Ricky Harrison w/ Jim White.... Tag Team Champions The Christian Brothers beat
Steve Flynn and K.C. Thunder w/ P.J. Sharp......S.S.W. Champion Handsome Beau
James pinned Tracy Smothers......International Champion "Conan" Chris Walker
beat The Masked SuperStar

Upcoming Events
All dates and lineups are subject to change.
Sat. May 15th, Newport, TN , Nat'l Guard, 8:00pm
• Ricky Harrison vs. "Handsome" Beau James w/P.J. Sharp
• Christian Brothers vs. Steve Flynn & K.C. Thunder • and more

Fri. June 4th, Big Stone Gap, VA Carnes Gym
Sat. June 5th, Kingsport, TN Civic Auditorium
Mask vs. Title Iron Cross vs. Handsome Beau James
Tracy Smothers and all the top SSW stars
Sat. June 12th, Blountville, TN Sullivan Central High School
***** TV TAPING***** All the stars of SSW
Hello NWWA Fans,
We here at NWWA Online would like to take the time tell you about some exciting
things going on in the NWWA right now. First, our next live event is: Hardcore
in Hammond, Hammond Civic Center, Hammond, IN, May 29, 1999, 8:00 PM Start

In the Main Event:
The Hardcore Legend Terry Funk Vs Rex Hart

NWWA World Tag Team Championship
The Hardcore Henchmen (Champions) Vs Bane & Beast NWWA World Titles
JT Sexy (Champion) Vs Bam Bam Bino (NWWA Midwest Championship)
Kenny Courageous (Champion) Vs Chuck Smooth
Devon Fury Vs Guy Quebec
Strict-9 & Cowboy Dick Lariat Vs The Jabroni Brothers
"Dirty" Duke Marx Vs Luscious Luther, Plus an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
That's right fans, The Hardcore Legend himself will be in the house as he takes
on Rex Hart. This is without a doubt the biggest event in our NWWA history, so
please come out and help make it a success.

Now, because the event is being held in the Hammond Civic Center, tickets for
the event will be slightly higher, however we feel that you will not be
disappointed because our guys know how important and big of night this will be
and we promise that we will work our asses off for you. Tickets are available
Video Escapades, 2824 173rd Ave, Hammond, IN 46323
Novel-Tees, 2625 East US 30, Merrillville, IN 46410

Second, we are very pleased to announce the opening of
so if you have time please go check that out.
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