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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 249

Date:  Sunday May 16th, 1999  8:06 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

May 16th, 1999, the WWF presented the UK only PPV "No Mercy". While no huge
angles came from the show, its always nice to know what you aren't missing.
Reported by Andrew Jones
"No Mercy", live in Manchester, England
Tiger Ali Singh pinned WWF Cruiserweight Champion Gillberg in a non-title match
The Acolytes & Viscera defeated The Brood in a six man showdown
Steve Blackman defeated Droz via submission
Kane pinned Midian
Nicole Bass (subbing for Sable) pinned Tori
European Champion Shane McMahon pinned X-Pac
Mankind pinned "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn
Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker & Triple H in a Triangle Match; Triple H was pinned

WCW House Show Results for May 15th, 1999, in Omaha, Nebraska
Reported by Wade Tracy, Chris Pankonin, & psychobob
Hugh Morris pinned Jerry Flynn
Silver King and La Parka defeated El Dandy and Super Calo
Chris Adams defeated El Vampiro
Raven defeated Hak in a Hardcore Match
Konnan pinned The Disco Inferno
Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman defeated Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
Sting defeated Ric Flair via submission

WWF House Show Results for May 15th, 1999, in Baltimore, Maryland
Reported by Jeremy Rheam & Joe De Leon at:
• The Hardy Boyz defeated Too Much
• Test pinned Prince Albert with an Elbow Drop.
• Al Snow pinned Hardcore Holly after using Head, to retain the Hardcore Title.
• The Godfather (w/ho's) defeated Goldust (w/The Blue Meanie)
• Kurt Angle pinned Terry Taylor
• Road Dogg defeated Owen Hart (w/Debra)
• Val Venis and Jacqueline defeated D-Lo Brown and Ivory with a DDT by Jackie.
• Ken Shamrock defeated Skull or 8-Ball by making him to submit to the Ankle
• The Big Show defeated Mark Henry in a First Body Slam Match
• The Rock defeated The Big Bossman
Live on May 16th, in Poughkeepsie, NY
By Nate Pelley
Courtesy of The Smackdown Newsletter; to subscribe to The Smackdown, e-mail

The show began with Joey Styles in the ring. He was interrupted, however, by
Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch, who came out and announced that they had
hired some "protection" for the World title match later in the evening with Taz.
The protection turned out to be six time ECW World Tag Team Champions the Dudley
Boyz. Taz' music played and he hit the ring, thus starting the main event.

-ECW World Heavyweight Champion "Human Suplex Machine" Taz defeated
Chris Candido (with Tammy Lynn Sytch) by submission to the Taz-mission in under
a minute. The Dudley Boyz then hit 3D on Taz, who was carried out of the Arena.
Dudleys then challenged any team to a match, as they have done at the last
several PPV's.

-ECW World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz (with Sign Guy Dudley & Joel
Gertner) defeated Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley when The Dudleys pinned Mahoney
following the 3D. Balls accepted the challenge, and was later joined by
Spike. However, they could not overcome the tag champs.

-Super Crazy defeated TAKA Michinoku following a Crazy Bomb (powerbomb cradle).

The Dudleys Boyz discovered a hit list in the locker room with Joel Gertner.
They then attacked the first man on the list, Nova.

-Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated "The Extreme Stud" Little Guido (with Big Sal E.
Graziano) following a brainbuster.

In the locker room, The Dudleys attacked "Rugged" Rod Price.

-"The Man to Beat" Lance Storm (with "Beulah") defeated "Innovator of Violence"
Tommy Dreamer (with "Head Cheerleader" Francine) following a spin heel kick off
the top rope. Storm had stuffed a trash can over Dreamer's head, and then hit
the kick off the top.

The Dudley Boyz attacked Jack Victory in the locker room area. Taz then
challenged the
Dudleys to a handicap match for the main event.

-ECW World TV Champion "Mr. PPV RVD" Rob Van Dam (with "The Man Who
Calls it Right Down the Middle, the Manager of Champions" Bill Alfonzo) defeated
"The New F'n Show" Jerry Lynn following a 5-star Frog Splash. This one went for
over a half hour, a TREMENDOUS match. I can sum it up in four words: Match of
the year.

-Justin Credible came out and told the world how he had grounded the Great
Sasuke, caned the Sandman out of ECW, and broken Shane Douglas' ankle in his own
hometown of
Pittsburgh. "Judge" Jeff Jones then appeared, and informed Credible
who he would be matched up against.

In the back, the Dudley Boyz (along with a returning "Big" Dick Dudley) attacked
Chris Chetti.

-Sid (with "Judge" Jeff Jones) defeated "Hardcore Icon" Justin Credible (with
"Sexiest man on Earth" Jason and Jazz (AKA "Namelesswoman")) by disqualification
when Lance Storm interfered. After the match, Storm and Credible set Sid up on a
table, but Sabu appeared and attacked both Lance and Justin. He set Credible up
on the table along with Sid, but Storm pulled him off before Sabu could put him
through the table. Instead, it was just Sid who was put through the table by
Sabu, as Storm and Credible ran for the back. Afterwards, Sid turned on Jeff
Jones and powerbombed him twice.

-ECW World Champion "Human Suplex Machine" Taz defeated ECW World Tag
Team Champion Buh Buh Ray Dudley (with Sign Guy, D-Von & "Big" Dick Dudley
and Joel Gertner) by submission when Buh Buh Ray submitted to the Taz-mission.
Before the bout, Taz had declared "FTW" rules (falls count anywhere, no DQ).
Happy ending within sight for Scott Hall and family
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, May 16, 1999
Pro wrestling, with its phenomenal popularity and controversial characters, has
become fertile fodder for the likes of trash tabloids and other similar sources
that specialize in embellishing what's wrong in society today.

Read all about Sable's heartbreak over her fhusband's drunk driving accident
that claimed his and three others' lives (the accident occurred nine years ago
and involved her first husband, not present spouse Marc Mero). Learn the sordid
details concerning the nasty divorce between superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
and wife Jeannie (the two parted ways amicably and without much fanfare). You
get the picture.

I guess one can say pro wrestling has arrived. Regrettably its presence on
shelves at the supermarket checkout counter has validated its popularity and

Every once in a while, though, a bright spot emerges. Someone digs his way out
of a hole. These aren't exactly the kind of sensationalistic stories you'll find
on the covers of tabloids. But they exist.

Just a few months ago Scott Hall was written off by many as "the next Brian
Pillman waiting to happen." His own wife didn't give him much of a chance the
way he was going, but she never gave up hope. If it took everything she had, she
wouldn't allow it to happen. Even though she forced the issue with a divorce
last year, she never stopped caring and refused to relent.

Dana Hall's mission was far from easy and, in the opinion of many, not even
achievable. She recoiled at the image of her children watching their father's
police mug shot aired on the local television news. Report after report of
drunken stupors, totaling car after car, and even the company he worked for
exploiting his real-life character on television stacked the odds clearly in
favor of failure and invitable tragedy. But, as far as the Halls are concerned,
that's ancient history. The story isn't over, but the picture is much brighter
now. A happy ending is within sight. Scott Hall continues to make strides in
putting his personal and family life back together.

Hall, who so far has taken most of this year off not only to deal with
well-documented substance abuse problems, but also to patch up his relationship
with his wife (the two remarried earlier this year) and spend time with his two
children, had been scheduled to return to WCW as part of a Horsemen angle and
was slated to do a run-in during the Ric Flair-Roddy Piper match at Slamboree.

Feeling he needed more time at home with his family, Hall wisely asked for an
additional three months off. When he returns, it will be in a limited capacity,
working only television and pay-per-views. Recent reports that circulated of a
separation between the Halls were unfounded, perhaps stemming from the fact
Scott had spent some time in his nearby home (the Halls have three residences)
while making arrangements to move back in with his family. No one expects the
road to be without a few bumps and curves along the way. its hard to think
about the possibility of abandoning a million-and-a-half-dollar yearly salary.
The glare of the spotlight can be as addictive as the strongest drug known to

Sometimes there's a price tag attached to doing the right thing.

• Henry Marcus, who put
Charleston and Columbia on the wrestling map during his
half century as a promoter, will celebrate his 88th birthday on Friday.

The ageless wonder who made the phrase "Hold your own ticket!" a lasting memory
for more than one generation of wrestling fans, now resides in

• Our thoughts and prayers remain with Brian Hildebrand (WCW ref Mark Curtis),
who continues to hold his own in his fight against stomach cancer. Brian, whose
weight had dropped to 75 pounds, recently was hospitalized and had a catheter
inserted that enabled him to be fed intravenously around the clock, and his
weight has pushed back up to nearly 100 pounds.

Brian plans on taking part in the second annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show May
19 at
Cincinnati Gardens.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at
mooneyham. More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is
available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get
parental permission before dialing.
WWF Sunday Night Heat Report -
May 16, 1999
By Joe De
Leon at:
Hosted by Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette
Taped from
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Backstage, The Corporate Ministry arrived.
• X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown by Disqualification.

- D-Lo Brown had a very strong start on X-Pac, as he attacked X-Pac when
referee, Earl Hebner was checking for any illegal objects. The crowd immediately
chanted, "D-Lo sucks." D-Lo later went for his own Bronco Buster, but missed,
which let X-Pac execute the maneuver. Ivory then came in and slapped X-Pac,
resulting in a Disqualification. D-Lo continued an attack on X-Pac, putting him
thorugh the Sky-High and hitting him with a series of kicks.

• Backstage, it appeared The Corporate Ministry was heading to the ring.

• Shane McMahon Interview, with The Corporate Ministry.
- The crowd chanted, "Asshole." Shane McMahon warned his dad to stay out of his
way, as both would Guest Referee the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Heavyweight Title match at the Over The Edge PPV. Shane announced
Austin would
take on Triple H the following night on Raw is War for the title. Shane said The
Rock would not be allowed to wear his cast at the Over The Edge PPV in his match
with Triple H, fearing The Rock would use it as a weapon. Shane then announced
The Rock would take on The Undertaker in a Casket Match the following night on
Raw. The Undertaker said the following night on Raw, he would show The Rock what
a casket was really used for, after The Rock had planned
Austin's funeral
several weeks ago. The Undertaker taunted
Austin, while Triple H did the same
and also taunted The Rock.

• Backstage, The Union arrived.

• The Brood (Christian and Edge, w/Gangrel) defeated Droz and
Prince Albert with
an Inverted Powerbomb Slam.
- A returning Ryan Shamrock made her way down and distracted Roz. Edge then
picked up Christian and slammed him down with an inverted powerbomb onto Droz
for the win. Ryan then went up the rampway, and was greeted by PMS and Meet.
Droz and
Prince Albert went after PMS and Meet, but they ran away. Dok Hendrix
made his way down. The lights went out and The Brood started to attack them. The
Hardy Boyz then ran in and attacked The Brood. When the lights returned, The
Brood were covered in blood as a result of a Bloodbath.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Dok Hendrix and The Hardy Boyz. Matt Hardy
pushed Cole away. When Hendrix was about to say his name was Michaels P.S.
Hayes, The Brood attack all of them.

• Hardcore Match: Road Dogg defeated Hardcore Holly via Pinfall.
- When Road Dogg did his ring introducation, he said he did not represent The
New Age Outlaws. As the match went on, Al Snow made his way down with Head and
his dearhead (
Pierre), who had the Hardcore Title wrapped around his head and an
eyepatch on his eye. Brooms, cookie sheets, and more were used in the match. RD
took the win after slamming Holly with a chair. Snow argued with the referee,
and Holly hit him behind with a chair. Holly then slammed
Pierre against the
rope, breaking it to pieces. Snow crawled on the floor, shocked that
Pierre was

• Backstage, Val Venis told someone to wait in the locker room, as he made his
way down to the ring.

• Backstage, Al Snow asked the french doctor to tend to
Pierre. Pierre had a
neckbrace and was on a stretcher.

• Val Venis Interview, Conducted by Jerry Lawler.
- Jerry Lawler said he was an animal lover and liked puppies, to a huge pop. Val
Venis said the size of his septor dictates he was the king of the ring. Venis
said since Debra wanted to play games with him, she could. Venis said he wanted
Debra and Jeff Jarrett in an Over The Edge match. Lawler thought it was a
handicap match, but Venis said it would be a mixed tag team match. Lawler then
thought Venis' partner would be Sable, but it ended up being Nicole Bass, as she
made her way down to the ring. Venis said his partnership with Bass was strictly
business, not pleasure. Bass said she would make chow out of Debra's puppies.

• Backstage, The
Union were having a conversation.

• Kane defeated Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown and Ivory) by Disqualification. - As
the match went on, D-Lo Brown interfered, resulting in a Disqualification. X-Pac
made his way down and both he and Kane cleared the ring.

• Backstage, The Corporate Ministry was gathered in a meeting.

• The
Union defeated The Disciples of Apocalypse and Too Much with The Big
Show's Chokeslam.
- The
Union dominated The Disciples of Apocalypse and Too Much, and The Big Show
finished off one of the DOA members with the Chokeslam. The Corporate Ministry
then made their to the rampway. Both stables stared off as the show went off the
Be sure to check out Mid American Wrestling, live in
Milwaukee, WI on Sunday,
May 23rd. The event will take place at
3:00 PM, at the Wilson Park Stadium
(20th & Howard,
Milwaukee). The occasion is "Spring Slaughter";
For ticket info call 414-777-3941.
Advertised matches are:
For the Heavyweight Championship Stretcher Match (Your opponent must be
stretchered from the ring) Frankie "The Thumper" Defalco takes on Ian Rotten
(w/Captain Lou Albano)

Billy Joe Eaton vs. Dino Bambino (Table Match);/ C.C. Love (w/Dave Prazak) vs.
The Skullcrusher (Loser wears a dress);/ Corporal Robinson vs. Mean Mitch Page
(Hardcore Weapons Match);/ The Saint & Sinner vs. Barfly Mike & Col. Blatnick
(Tag Team Championship);/ Madman Pondo vs. The Mauler (Maniac Challenge); /
Plus one more outrageous bout! To learn more about Mid American Wrestling, go
Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation
Presents Live Pro Wrestling Sunday ,May 23, 1999,
Starting time of 3pm, Edgemere, MD, Sparrows Point HS Gym

"Playboy" Bobby Starr & Patch & Agent Orange w/ Manager Barry Casino
Vs. Morgus "The Maniac" & Pinky & Joe Thunder w/ Manager: Nurse Grace

WWF Millineum Match Former WWF World Champion Bob Backlund
Vs. Current WWF Light Heavyweight Champion GILLBERG

Smoky Maivia (WWF's Rocks Cousin) Vs."Maddog" Buzz Stryker
"Hard Rock" Ricky Blues & Flexx Wheeler vs. Models Inc
Max Thrasher & Dino Cassanova will be in tag team action.....
Plus : "The World Famous Wrestling Clown" Doink , Chadd Austin, Ruccus ,
Maddog O' Malley, Steve Camery, Mike Duncuss and many others.
Don't feel like most do when they get ripped off at a live event, check out the
MEWF in action live. Tickets to this event are not $35.00 like at the Baltimore
Arena, they are much cheaper and you will see alot more Pro Wrestling action
Live at Sparrows Point HS Gym on May 23rd. Don't forget, it is a special
starting time of 3pm so you can see the action live and still be home in time to
see the WWF IYH PPV that night. For More Info call Planet Wrestling 410-391-3200

WCW Saturday Night Report - May 15, 1999
By Joe De Leon at:
Hosted by Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson
Taped from Cape Girardeau, Missouri

• Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Disorderly Conduct with Kidman's
Shooting Star Press. Tuff Tom and Mean Mike worked hard on Mysterio throughout
the match, but when Kidman was finished off, he finished it off.

• Johnny Swinger defeated Adrian Byrd with a Guillotine Legdrop.

• Al Greene defeated Damian with a Shoulder Block.

• Fit Finlay defeated Kendall Windham with the Tombstone Piledriver.

• Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed Stevie Ray about his upcoming match with
Curt Hennig that would take place in later in the show. Ray said he didn't care
about Hennig or anyone except himself and the NWO Black and White.

• David Flair defeated Frankie Lancaster by Disqualification after referee
Charles Robinson saw that Lancaster basically touch David. David was confused by
the result.

• Brian Adams (w/Horace) defeated Eric Watts with the Piledriver.

• Meng defeated Dale Torborg (returning from knee injury) with the Tongan Death

• Barry Darsow defeated Bull Payne by making him submit to the Barely Legal

• Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed Curt Hennig about his upcoming match with
Stevie Ray that would take place later in the show.

• Kanyon (w/Raven and Saturn) defeated SIlver King with the Flatliner.

• Curt Hennig defeated Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) by Disqualification after Vincent
intefered when Hennig nailed his Fisherman Suplex. Hennig ended up clearing Ray
and Vincent out of the ring.

• Slamboree was recapped throughout the show by Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson.
Gene Okerlund gave WCW Hotline plugs.
Written by reader: CHa0TiCs
In response to "Underrated wrestlers" in issue 248:
Ok.. first of all.. Bradshaw
HAS ABSOLUTELY NO BUILD. Hes fat. Itlooks like
hes been drinking a 12 pack of beer after every match. His gut hangsover his
belt worse than Flair. His mic skills are most definately not"above-average"
as you stated. If anything just simply average. Bradshaw does deservea push,
as i think he is a very hard worker. But he needs a better gimmick.And thats
exactly why Kane has held so many belts. Not because his mike skills suck, but
because THE FANS LIKE HIM. Supply and demand. Simple as that.
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