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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 250

Date:  Monday May 17th, 1999  10:56 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Regarding the Over the Edge PPV.... there's a HUGE buzz going around that
Austin will drop his WWF Title to Undertaker at the show. The Undertaker's been
promising a sacrifice to his mysterious "higher power," and everyone's expecting
a major twist or plot development that will require Austin losing the strap.
Some have even e-mailed in with convoluted scenarios in which Vince McMahon
turns heel once again at the PPV, saying Vince might be the higher power.
Folks, I'm just as anxious as you to see where this goes, but I wouldn't put my
eggs in that particular basket.
Reported by

Eddie Guerrero'S RETURN DATE
Guerrero will be cleared to wrestle as of 6/1; one of the more talented workers
in the business, I'm hoping 1999 can be his breakout year.
Reported by Micasa at:

On Sunday's UK PPV "No Mercy", Billy Gunn actually pinned Mankind, instead of
the opposite result. My thanks to InvaderW, Deant1000, and
Three1Six for the report.

WWF House Show Results for May 16th, 1999 in Richmond, Virginia
Hardy Boyz defeated Too Much
Kurt Angle pinned Terry Taylor
Test pinned Prince Albert
Al Snow pinned Hardcore Holly
The Godfather pinned Goldust
Road Dogg pinned Owen Hart
Ken Shamrock beat the Disciple(s) of Apocolypse in a No-Holds Barred match
Val Venis and Jacqueline beat D-Lo Brown and Ivory
Paul Wight pinned Mark Henry in less than a minute in a bodyslam match.
The Rock pinned The Big Bossman
(Reported by TheOx905)
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He's looking to have two more before he starts. E-Mail Konnan
with a column if interested.

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LEGMAN111 is looking for a copy of "Nash Bridges" with Stone Cold, the
5/14/99 episode. If you have it, please contact him...
Visit my Home Page:

The program began with RAW opening, with JR and The King at the desk.

We went right to the first match of the evening, a Six Man Tag Match, pitting
X-Pac, Road Dogg and Kane v. Bad @$$, Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry and D-Lo
Brown, accompanied by Ivory. Doggie did the "Suck It" bit to a big pop. Prior to
the match we saw a clip from RAW last week from the Bad @$$ v. Kane match, with
Doggie chasing Bad @$$ after Kane got hug up in the ropes. Henry and D-Lo
attacked Kane and X-Pac as well. The turned out to be a great match with a lot
of high impact moves. Bad @$$, Henry and D-Lo did their best to keep Kane out of
the match. It ended as you would expect in a brawl with everyone fighting up the
ramp and out into the crowd.

No Winners - Both teams counted out

Shane and members of The Corporate Ministry (CM), The Acolytes (Bradshaw and
Farooq), The Bossman, Viscera, Midian came to the ring. The Undertaker, Fatso,
Triple H and Chyna were missing. Can there be foul deeds afoot? Shane was greeted by
a chant of "@$$hole." He said he was making the rules tonight, and The Union was
"delayed" account of car trouble. Induced no doubt by Shane and buddies. He said
there were three people on his "Hit List" tonight and Number One is his father
Vince McMahon (DOD). They left the ring.

We saw DOD and The Geriatric Stooges, Patterson and Briscoe, in DOD's locker
room. DOD was most concerned that The Union, The Big Show, Test, Mankind and
Nutso had not arrived.

We saw Shane and the reduced CM backstage heading to DOD's locker room.

We switched back to DOD and The Stooges as Shane began banging on the door
demanding they open it. He said he would huff and he would puff ... nah, he told
Viscera to break it down. As DOD trembled and The Stooges soiled their Depends,
the closet door opened and surprise. The Taker popped out and grabbed DOD by the
throat. Does that mean The Taker has come out of the closet? We went to a
commercial with DOD's throat firm clenched in The Takers hand. What will happen

When we got back, we saw DOD wearing a neck brace and on a gurney. The Stooges
were quite shook up. What will take them home? A replay shows The Taker had
company in the closet, Triple H and Chyna, and they did a number on DOD and the old

The next match was a tag team event, pitting The Blue Blazer and JJ, who was
accompanied by Debra, who was walking her Puppies, v. Val Venis and The
Godfather. Val did his "Hello, Ladies" bit to a big pop. The Godfather had six
of his finest Ho's with him, or as The King said, he had 12 Puppies with him.
With Debra and the six Ho's at ringside, The king had a field day with jokes
about Puppies. Prior to the match, we saw a clip from RAW last week o Debra
"winning" her Evening Gown Match v. Sable and becoming WWF Ladies Champion.

As the match began, we saw DOD leaving in an ambulance and JR said The Union has

The crowd chanted "We want Puppies" throughout the match. Nicole Bass came to
ringside and got into an argument with Debra. They will meet for the Title at
Over-The-Edge (
OTE) this Sunday. The Godfather hit The Blue Bumbler (what would
you call him?) with Death Valley Driver to win an exciting match.

Winners - Val Venis and The Godfather
Winners - Every red blooded male watching - It was Puppy Heaven

We saw The Rock preparing for his Casket Match v. The Taker.

The next match was Test v. Meat, accompanied by PMS, Terri Runnels, Jacqueline
and Ryan Shamrock. The King was delirious. Prior to the match we saw a clip from
Heat last night of Ryan joining PMS after distracting Droz while he was in
action in the ring. Test had Meat pinned, but Terri put his foot on the ropes to
break it up. Later, Jacqueline hit Test with a Missile Drop Kick as again had
Meat in a compromising position. PMS and Test then attacked Test. Torri came to
the ring, blasted Jacqueline and pulled Ryan away by her bleached roots. This
match pitted two future stars of the sport. They both look good.

Winner - Test, by DQ

Shane was in his locker room telling CM "One down, two to go."

We saw Dan Marino and Russell Maryland in the crowd.

Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) came to the ring to a monster pop. He said last
night on Heat, Shane said he had plans for him in a match v. Triple H, however, he
saw things differently. He said he plans to put his foot up Triple H's @$$, and if
Chyna interferes, being an equal opportunity @$$ kicker, he has a foot for her
also. He said he didn't care if Shane and DOD were both referees at
OTE, or who
was the referee, he planned to kick The Takers @$$. He closed with his "That's
the bottom line.." bit.

Shane and CM came out on the ramp, as the crowd again chanted "@$$hole." He told
SCSA that he had enough of his mouth and warned him that if he touches him at
OTE, he will be DQ'd and The Taker awarded the Title. He was proud that he had
DOD sent to the hospital and sent CM to get SCSA. As they headed to the ring,
Nutso came up from behind Shane and put a choke hold on him. CM turned back and
went to save Shane. The
Union came out and a melee broke out.

SCSA took the opportunity and hauled Fatso into the ring and nailed him with a
Stunner. He dared The Taker to stop him. The Taker wasn't interested. Fatso is
having an awful two weeks: last week The Big Show demolished hi and tonight he
ate a Stunner. SCSA opened a Steveweiser and celebrated.

The next match was the Casket Match, pitting The Rock v. The Taker. The Rock got
a big pop as he came out, wearing a cast on his "broken" left hand. During the
match we saw CM and The Union still fighting backstage. As you might expect,
this was a very high impact match, with both men landing big shots and moves.
Triple H came to ringside to watch and when it appeared that The Rock had a shot at
rolling The Taker into the Acme Metal Casket, he kept the lid closed. The Rock
used the cast to his advantage. Shane and Chyna came to ringside. The Rock got
into it with Triple H at ringside and Triple H hit The Rock's cast with an Acme Premium
Sledgehammer and broke it. The Rock writhed in pain. The Taker then smashed the
arm against the casket. The Rock was thrown into the ring and Triple H rolled him
into the casket. The Taker, Triple H and Chyna then locked it and dumped it over onto
the floor. Triple H took the sledge and destroyed the casket, punching holes in the
metal top.

Winner - The Undertaker
Loser - The Rock and his cast
Loser - The casket

We saw the casket being wheeled backstage, where we saw several WWF officials
pry it open. One said "Call an ambulance." Two down, one to go.

The next match was a Six Man Tag Team Event pitting Michael P.S. Hayes/Dok
Hendrix and The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, v. The Brood, Gangrel, Edge and
Christian. Prior to the match we saw The Brood getting a Blood Bath last night
on Heat. proving once again "Payback is a bitch" as they had given Hayes one.
The match allowed the five young men to show their diverse wrestling skills, but
it had to end in a free-for-all and it did, with all six fighting on the floor.
JR says the three in The Brood are the brightest young stars in the WWF; he
isn't too far from being right.

No Winners - All six were counted out

We saw The Rock on a gurney waiting to be put in the ambulance. His face and
head were covered with blood.

We then saw him loaded and driven to the hospital.

Shane talked with CM and made it official; "Two down, one to go." Any guesses
who Number Three might be?

Al Snow came to the ring carrying a black box and Head. He was wearing a black
arm band with "
Pierre" written on it. We saw a montage of what has gone on
between Snow and Hardware Holly over the past three months, including last night
when Holly destroyed poor defenseless
Pierre. According to Snow's twisted logic,
Pierre and/or Head is the Hardcore Champion, not him. According to Snow, we are
the aliens on this planet. You take it from there. He then eulogized
whose remains were in the black box. JR and The King looked for the number of
The Central Florida Funny Farm (Slick Ric's alma mater). He threw some of
Pierre's favorite things in the box to be buried with him, including his Cigar,
Eyeglasses, tape of his favorite
Colombo episode and tape of Sammy Davis, Jr. It
Pierre, having only one eye, related to certain things. He lamented that
Holly had killed
Pierre and promised to get him for it. Holly came to the ring
carrying one of
Pierre's antlers. Snow hit him with Head and then The Snowplow,
following by an old fashion stomping. He put the bad mouth on Holly. They will
meet for the Hardcore title at
OTE. Snow is the Champion.

We saw Michael Cole standing outside SCSA's locker room, waiting to talk to him.
Shane and CM lurked down the hall waiting to get SCSA when he came out.

SCSA came out to talk with Cole and said he didn't plan to leave the building.
If Shane wants him, he'll be waiting. Shane and CM were set to go after SCSA,
however, The Union arrived and the war started again.

The next match was The Big Show, who must have been given a furlough, v. The
Bossman, who wasn't smart enough to stay and fight backstage, rather than face
The Show. It was a squash, after The Show shook off The Bossman's using his head
for a drum with his nightstick and his Little Shows for ping pong. The Show put
Bossman away with the Show Stopper.

Winner - The Big Show

We saw Shane giving Triple H a pep talk for his match v. SCSA, as Chyna listened.

We paid our now weekly visit to The Cleavage Household. Momma had just prepared
The Beaver's breakfast. Something spilled on The Beaver and mommy cleaned it up.
the Beaver said "Nobody likes a wet beaver." It will be a bit of a shame when
The Beaver starts wrestling and these vignettes stop. After all, mother knows

We saw CM leaving the arena in a car, with The Union right behind them.

The next match was the Main Event, pitting Triple H, with Shane and Chyna, v. SCSA.
Triple H came to the ring first. SCSA came out to another monster pop and was jumped
on the ramp by Triple H. SCSA took command and pounded the crap out of Triple H at
ringside and in the crowd. When they finally made it into the ring, Triple H avoided
an early attempt at The Stunner. He left, but SCSA went out and dragged him
back. Triple H threw SCSA over the top rope and he appeared to injure his knee on the
apron as he came down, allowing Triple H to take control. SCSA fought back, but Triple H
threw him over the announcers table (there was no Spanish one there to destroy,
so JR and The King's took the beating), and then bounced his head on it. The
match went back into the ring. When Triple H distracted the referee, Chyna choked
SCSA. The crowd chanted "
Austin." SCSA came back and threw Triple H over the
announcers table. When they got back in, we saw The Undertakers Symbol suspended
above the ring and on its way down. The lights dimmed and The Taker came to
ringside. Triple H threw SCSA to the floor and The Taker pounded him. The Symbol came
all the way down. Shane and Triple H laid it in the middle of the ring. The Taker put
SCSA in the ring and followed him in. The
Union and CM fought on the floor. The
Taker had a pair of handcuffs and tried to handcuff SCSA to The Symbol. SCSA was
able to block him and instead he cuffed The Taker to it, and gave him his
symbol, the single finger salute. The Symbol began to rise and it went up about
20 feet. SCSA went to the top of the ramp and watched. The Taker laughed his
demonic laugh. The program ended with the two staring at each other.

No winner - Triple H disappeared

Another entertaining program from the WWF.
Written by reader: TastyBear
Now this Saturday, May 22nd, me and my crew, The AWF, have a show at
High In Burbank California. We won't put on a crappy show and tickets are only
$5.00 bucks..Yah can't lose..Doors open at
6:30 and the show starts at 7:30.
Hope yah all can show up..Big Schwag the Biggest Manager in Pro Wrestling
Today..aka Tastybear...See yah
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