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Issue # 252

Date:  Tuesday May 18th, 1999  7:19 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for May 17th, 1999
1st hour- 3.9 n/a
2nd Hour- 5.6 3.5
3rd hour- 7.1 2.6
Composite- 6.4 3.3
The head-to-head rating saw Nitro do a 3.1. The interesting thing in the
ratings was that when the head-to-head battle began at
9 p.m., Nitro actually
hung tough for the mixed tag match against Raw's opening hour. They only lost by
7/10 of a point. It went downhill from there, however. The third hour quarters
saw WCW not even break the 3.0 mark, and the 2.4 for the overrun, with Kevin
Nash defending the WCW title against Dallas Page, lost to Raw's overrun by over
five points. Ouch. Other weekend numbers saw Heat do a 4.1, Superstars did a
2.2, and Live Wire did a 1.8. It was another banner weekend for the WWF.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Charles Robinson was taken to the hospital last night after his mixed tag match
where he and Ric Flair took on Randy Savage and Madusa. For those who missed the
match, the finish came when Savage hit the big elbow off of the top rope on
Robinson. Savage landed very hard on Robinson's chest and when he got to the
back, Charles had a lot of difficulty catching his breath. He was taken directly
to the hospital for observation. According to Mark Madden, Charles had a
collapsed lung.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
WrestleBoard! News All-Day Every-Day (
Many of the top wrestling commentators with the most reliable and up-to-date
information around!

MISERYSMK is seeking tapes of Stone Cold Steve Austin on the
If anyone out there has any of these shows taped or know anyone who does
please contact him. Thank you
Written by reader: Nicholas Bittle (n-bittle)
I was at the Nitro in
Cedar Rapids Monday night. I thought you might want to
know that the kid who rushed the ring did not look like a plant at all. What
didn't show was Savage taunting some kids in the crowd to come in and take him
on. Two young kids jumped the rail but only one made it to the ring. From the
surprise of security and everyone I don't think it was a plant.

Oh, after the camera's went off the air Savage went over and grabbed the World
belt and started to walk out with it but later decided to throw it back in the
ring. Also,
during this segment the Macho babes came out and it looked as if George popped
out. Nash walked back to the back a few minutes later by himself. Oh, when they
cut to a commercial after the Sting\Rick Steiner match, Sting and Lugar embraced
and then walked out together.

Just cause everyone else does:
Top Pop's
1. Nash
2. Sting (when he came out to replace Booker T)
3. Macho (Many large pops during mixed tag match)
4. Raven and Saturn
5. Bobby Heenan ( I am not joking)
6. The Guy who opened the gate to let us in

Heel Heat
1. 4 Horsemen
2. Macho (after attacking Nash)
3. Tony Schiavonie (Again I am serious)
Over all It was a fun show to see and I have to say that the DJ helps a lot with
the crowd during the commercials. He played a mix for music and really helped
keep the energy going through out. From what I saw the average age of the crowd
was about 20.
-Nicholas Bittle
Written by reader: hbk_dhc
I have "The Best of WrestleMania I-XIV (TBOWM)" and "The Best of Survivor Series
87-97 (TBOSS)." And I noticed a couple things. First of all, the WWF often skips
matches involving wrestlers for the main event for the world title, between Bret
Hart and Shawn Michaels, that Bret Hart won. They completely skip 1995, where
the main event was Bret Hart v. Diesel for the World Title. Both of which are in

They skip the 1996 main event in which Sid defeats Shawn Michaels. And in the
Austin/Bret Hart match there they clearly make it sound like
Austin won when he
didn't. In TBOWM, at WM2, they don't even cover the Hogan/Bundy match, which was
the main event. At WM9, instead of covering the main event featuring Bret Hart,
Yokozuna, and later Hogan, they cover Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzales. At WM13,
they give no coverage to the Sid/Taker match. In all the Best of WCW video's,
they cover each match fairly regardless of who's even. Kudos to WCW for having
some class.
Written by reader: Puppybrite
Last week the NWA came to my high school. I'm not a very big fan of it..I watch
WCW all the time, but me and my friend decided to go anyway. I got to meet
Stevie Richards and get his autograph, so did a lot of other people. He was
standing in one area of the gym signing them and he was really nice. He's one
of my favorite wrestlers so I was really excited and I felt like I was going to
pass out but he was really nice about it and he was just like "I'm just a normal
person like everyone else". See wrestlers can be normal too!

I'd also like to comment that people constantly rant and rave about how horrible
wrestling is and a lot of girls complain that its too barbaric and violent.
Well, I am a 16 year old girl and I happen to love wrestling and I've been
watching it since I was 9 years old and actually one thing that I have found is
that it brings people a lot closer together. I have become really close to
people I never thought I'd even consider talking to because we have one common
interest and that is Pro-Wrestling. We have wrestling parties for pay-per-views
and we constantly sit in school and talk about it.

its like a common subject to talk about in school. So instead of looking at
the violent impact it has on people, we should look at the positive impact that
it is bringing people together no matter what federation you watch.
Written by reader: TPit402038
If I ran WCW and totally tried to destroy WWF by raiding them of talent, giving
the results of their taped RAW'S, constantly bragging and belittling them and
then all sudden the tables turn and I am getting my ass kicked week end and week
out I would come on TV humble my damn self! I do not see it as something
positive for WCW when I see it as a man coming on TV who's in a desperate

It looked like he wanted to cry! WCW sucks and will continue to suck as long as
they try to hold on to those very old wrestlers. WCW is almost ridiculous as
lets say Wilt Chamberlain trying to come out of retirement and trying to
challenge SHAQ for the starting center spot on the LA LAKERS! Just do like any
other profit seeking organization that is trying to remain competitive, and that
is out with the old and in with the new!
Written by reader: thesteve
Just a thought: Wouldn't it be hilarious to see Gillberg in the WCW. After
he's used in a squash match with Goldberg, he can join the ranks of wrestling
with Charles
Robinson and Gorgeous George.
-Steven Lane
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