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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 253

Date:  Wednesday May 19th, 1999  6:23 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Aaron Steiner sent the following.
During Jay Leno's monologue, Bret Hart pushed a security guard down &
came on the stage. Leno told Bret about what Kevin Nash said about him
on Friday. Leno told Bret that Nash challenged him to a match for
$250,000, which Leno would hold for the show. Leno made a joke
saying that $250,000 in US equals $5 billion in
Canada. Bret said that
Leno & the rest of the Tonight show crew never called Bret to come on
the show. Leno made another joke saying that to dial to
Canada, you have
to dial with a 1 & then all these other numbers. Leno continued by saying
that he had to reach the "one" operator whose name is Marjorie. Bret said
he beat Nash before & would do it again. They showed a clip on the
screen where Bret injured Goldberg's leg at Slamboree. Bret told Leno that
Nash would be toasted & so would Jay Leno. After the break, Leno came
back & announced that the match would take place next Monday (5/24).
Reported by Aaron Steiner & Dave Scherer at:

Mark Madden was on WCW LIVE! last night and he told the audience
that Eric Bischoff had a meeting with the wrestlers at Nitro this past
Monday night and the company was going to turn their focus towards
pushing 10 top wrestlers. It should be pretty obvious who those ten are,
or will be.

This will no doubt not sit well with many of the mid card wrestlers who
are already unhappy about their pushes and their allotment of TV time.
Bischoff apparently thinks it is important to concentrate the booking in a
specific area, and I agree with that. I don't know if I would do so at the
expense of some of the mid-card guys who they could develop into stars,
but then again no one pays me to run a promotion either. Although the list
hasn’t been released, here’s the ten names most likely to be focused on:
Hogan, Nash, DDP, Savage, Piper, Flair, Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Hart &
Luger. definitely not my ten choices…
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Shin'ya Hashimoto held a press conference on 5/17 stating that he would
make his return at the 6/8 Nippon Budokan show to fight Gen'ichiro Tenryu
in a singles match. Hashimoto and New Japan are making claims that he
has lost 18 kilos (38 pounds) of body weight. New
Japan's selling point
was that they felt embarrassed by Hashimoto's excessive body weight.
However, Hashimoto claimed that he wasn't ashamed of his "old figure."
Reported by Zach Arnold at:

Sable continues to have problems with WWF management. Apparently she
showed up at the Raw tapings with a lawyer, trying to get out of her match
with Debra. Sable does not have a wrestler's contract, so she was asked to
drop the title because she doesn't work the house shows, and she doesn't
want to wrestle in general. She didn't want to do the job, so they worked
out that whole deal with Michaels stripping her (of the title) and giving
the belt to Debra. The Torch says Sable has been the victim of several
locker room pranks; words were exchanged between Debra and Sable
after the women's title segment, because Debra thought Sable was being
too rough in ripping apart the dress. If you watch the segment again,
you'll notice that Debra had to seriously guard against her top coming off.
Reported by Micasa at:
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e-mail him at: PHENOM43
If you were asked to name the most important attribute it takes to become
a star in professional wrestling, what would your answer be? A great
physique? Above Average Strength? Technical Ability? Outstanding
Mic Skills? A Good gimmick? These and lot of others that come to mind
all contribute to what it takes. However, it looks like the most important
thing nowadays is being tossed aside by WCW's resident genius and
leader (No, not Slick Ric or The Ancient Piper), Good King Eric (GKE).
Let's take a look at some of the strategic personnel moves he has made
over the past three years or so.

1. He fired X-Pac (by Federal Express no less). X-Pac resurfaced in
the WWF, where he originally became a star. Upon returning to the
WWF he joined Degeneration-X (DX), won the European Championship
and is current CO-holder of the WWF Tag Team Title. His best days are
still ahead of him.

2. With the split of the McMichaels, he kept Mongo and let Debra go.
Given a chance to make it big, Mongo was exposed as talentless, and
although a member of The Four Horse's @$$es, is currently MIA with
a very cloudy future. Debra signed with the WWF, replaced Sable as the
WWF's Numero Uno Femme Fatal, and is currently the Women's
Champion, which although basically a symbolic title, shows her position.
She "owns" arguably the two most famous "Puppies" in

3. He let Paul Wight (The Giant) go after having him Job to such Main
Eventers as East El Lay's Favorite Taco Vendor. This was after deciding
he had gone as far as he could in WCW. Now in the WWF as The Big
Show, his talent is just beginning to emerge. Handled properly he could
easily be the new Andre.

4. Probably his biggest mistake was Steve Austin. He let
Austin go
after telling him that "a wrestler who wears black tights will never
amount to much." Last time I looked Stone Cold Steve Austin had
become the most popular wrestler in the world. I suspect he could have
his old job back if he wanted it, bald head, black tights and all.

Skip ahead to the present and the Chris Jericho situation. For the past
six months, GKE has been trying desperately to resign
Jericho without
success. It now appears that
Jericho will be leaving WCW, heading to
either ECW or the WWF. How is GKE handling it? He now says he
really doesn't want
Jericho because he's a Cruiserweight who can't play
with the big boys. That just rings as total Bullsh*t. You chase someone
for months, with an offer reported to be around a million dollars and
now he isn't big enough? What will the next person you try to keep
think about that? I have a very strong suspicion that if
Jericho signs
with the WWF, he will become one of the top players in the game. After
all he is as sound technically as anyone, and is among the very best
with the mic.

Those are just a few examples of how GKE has blown it. He built his
Empire by outspending this and the nearest three Galaxies, and what
does he have to show for it? A collection of names who have seen their
better days, with egos bigger than Paul Bearer's or Joel Gertner's
appetites. Much like Nero's fiddling, its business as usual for GKE while
his Empire crumbles around him. It is reported that his most popular star,
Goldberg, is unhappy that he is making less money than five or six others.
Bret Hart came to WCW with much fanfare and has seen his career go
into the toilet. To quote Goldie, "Who's next?"

Of course GKE has made some good decisions. The creation of the nWo
being the most obvious, but wrestling fans are asking "What have you
done for me lately?" Hopefully GKE's Mia Culpa this past Monday is
a signal that he has gotten the message that WCW must change the
way it is operating. I for one will have to see it to believe it. Parroting
the company line, Fat Tony for the first time let on that maybe NITRO
isn't "the most watched wrestling program since the days of the Roman
Coliseum." Heck, they couldn't even give away tickets to their last PPV
to make the arena appear full.

Until such time as GKE gives the spotlight to some of his younger,
more talented people, it will be business as usual, and who is being hurt
by this? We the fans are. its time to put the relics out to pasture and give
the youngsters a chance. Vince McMahon has proven that a wrestling
promotion can succeed with just a few big names and an army of
up-and-coming future stars. Of course, good storylines and angles wont
hurt. We all know what goes up must come down. McMahon knows it.
GKE and WCW have proven it. Now its time for him to show he can
turn WCW into a
Phoenix and rise from the ashes.
Written by reader: SirDopeNes
In response to the letter in #252 about the female wrestling fan; I have
heard alot of women say that wrestling is barbaric, and basically what
you said in your article. And your right, it is very rare to find a female
that really likes wrestling. I appreciate you saying so. I just have one
question.....Will you marry me?
Written by reader: MadSpector
How do I spell Clown? V I N C E and here is why.

1. He makes the sport the and the athletes in it and wrestling fans
across the board look stupid. Somewhere alng the line the Clown
realized that he had inferior ring talent so instead of going out and
getting some wrestlers who can actually wrestle he adopts the "hey kids
look at every thing else but are poor in ring product" approach to things
that has resulted in him turning his end of the sport into a three ring
circus for retards. By doing this, the Clown mocks the sport and the
hard work that these men go through, not to mention the injuries, by
turning an art form into a joke. The saddest part about all of this is
that the Clown has tapped in to a fanbase that I could without. His
whole success depends on the lack of wrestling knowledge that his
so called "fan" are famous for. Without the Jerry Spinger Beerguzzler
“authority sucks” crowd....the Clown would be left out in the cold.

2. He brings guys into his fed that I wouldn’t hire to wash my car
ie.Paul "The Big Slow" Wight...this is the Big Slow’s fourth year
in wrestling and he has gotten worse in each of them. He’s out of
shape, he’s slow, and for a guy who 7 feet tall and well over
400 lbs he’s not very intimidating due to the fact he can’t move
around the ring very well. So the clown signs him to a 10 yr contract,
the truth being that the only reason this guy was signed was to show
up Bischoff. The Giant is as much a waste of time in the WWF
as he was in WCW.

3. His signature on a contract doesn’t mean jack $#!&. First
two examples that come to mind are Bret Hart, whom he backed out
of a 20 yr contract which resulted in the Clown getting knocked on
his ass at the Survivor Series. The second example is Steve
Williams, who was recently released and has a pretty good case
against the Clown for breach of contract.

4. He has no class. He’s an @$$hole and he plays one on TV.
An example of this can be found on any non wrestling media in
which the clown gives an interview, and his true clown colors show
brighter than ever. If Vinne Mac is a symbol of our sport he could at
least honor the role by not acting like a complete stooge on TV when
he’s trying to defend the brand of garbage he calls entertainment.
Also, alot of the stuff you see in the “Hitman: Hart” documentary goes
to show you what a true snake this man really is.

5.He perpetuates the fraud of wrestling being a soap opera. For this
the Clown needs to be smacked from one side of the room to another.
To anyone out there who wants to compare Days of our Lives to
300 lbs plus men tossing each other around and putting their bodies on
the line on a nightly basis, I have this to say to you:
GET A F$@$!!&&N
CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want a soap opera, go watch
one.....if you want a show like NYPD Blue...than go watch NYPD Blue.
In fact, the best thing for you to do is drop wrestling all together and turn
it to something least until you can tell the two totally different
types of entertainment apart. But then again, the Clown can’t tell them why should I expect anything more from his fanbase.

6 The whole Steroid crisis in 1994....I don’t care whether the Clown was
aquitted or far as I’m concerned he either knew about the distribution
of steriods to his wrestlers or was directly involved in amount
of E-MAILS will change my opinion on this. I hold the Clown responsible
for the black eye that was given wrestling during that whole incident. Any
owner or pres. of a fed who is even remotly involved with anything like that,
including Bishoff, or anyone one else for that matter, should be held
criminally responsible for the damage it does to all that are left behind.
Written by reader: immortal
No new angles are possible.........

At least that's what WCW keeps saying. While the WWF can still
innovate, WCW will not even renovate. Time in time out this has been the
point. While the Ministry of Darkness finds favors with some, others disprove.

The Mean Street Posse, the Godfather..........the list goes on and on. All of
are somewhat fresh and new angles. Give credit where credit is due. But saying
that nothing new is possible is no excuse. Admitting that they just can't do it
anymore is a better answer. But what the hell? Humbly accepting it on Nitro,
by Bischoff, will not earn ratings but further expose Nitro's weakness on
national TV.

Flair's trip in a straight jacket was a blatant rip - off from Kane's angle.
Dragging the point too far so as to bore the people has always been WCW's style,

and the jig at the loony bin was unnecessary. Flair's new "nurse"
is again another blatant rip-off attempt at Chyna. Come on! People do watch
the other channel. We do know what happens on Raw.

DDP's attempted rip-off of "The People's Champ" didn't go too far. The
Rock is by far the most......... and DDP is/was/will never be anything close to
that. So DDP tried to be the blue collar working man's champion which again
was a blatant rip off from Steve Austin's persona which again failed to get off
ground. 'Coz
Austin is the toughest S.O.B..............and DDP, well.....forget

But wait. Isn't Randy Macho Randolph King Savage Man Poffo supposed to be
WCW's version of the Godfather? He's got Madusa, George, Miss Madness.
But wait again. Back up a little bit. He wanted to come in as another
gimmick. Wait. Wait. Wait. Isn't there Goldberg already? Whoa. Some booker
up there is obviously more confused than we think he is. People say that Kevin
Nash will not book himself to be a champion for too long as it will generate too

much heat backstage, since he can virtually book anything for himself. Well,
that's just another excuse for the fact that he is already past his prime and
not want to expose his limited wrestling skills head to head with anyone else in

the WWF, especially on pay per views. The main question is, would he like to
wrestle some more and make the best of the limited time he has in the ring to
make a name for himself or would he rather prefer to let his old "Diesel"
fans remember him as a great booker rather than an average wrestler?
-The Immortal, Mumbai(Bombay) India.
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