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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 255

Date:  Saturday May 22nd, 1999  12:46 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Dave Meltzer spoke to Ricky Steamboat, and although his back is in constant
Steamboat says he believes he has one match left in him, and he would like that
match to be with Ric Flair within the next year. Flair was said to be amenable
to that. Being a longtime Steamboat fan, I would love to see it. Does WCW feel
the same way?
Reported by Micasa at:

Charles Robinson was on WCW LIVE! last night with Jeremy Borash. Of course,
Robinson was hurt on the 5/17 Nitro when Randy Savage buried his elbow from
the top rope onto Charles' chest. Anyway, Robinson was taken to the hospital in
Cedar Rapids, IA after the Nitro show and he was diagnosed with a lung that was
10 percent collapsed. Charles flew home to
Charlotte, NC and by the time he got
there, his conditioned had worsened to the point where his lung was then 40%
collapsed. He went to the hospital in
Charlotte, and in fact did the show from
hospital last night. Charles said that he bore no animosity towards Randy Savage
for hurting him, he said that he realized that injuries are a part of the game,
and accepted them.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:

KrackaCarl sent along the following:
Hello. I was listening to the wrestling guys on WING-AM in
Dayton Ohio yesterday
and they were live at the Brian Pillman Memorial Show. They had Terry Taylor on,
and he gave a little insight on WWF, and WCW. Here's some key points in his

-Says the difference between WWF's locker room and WCW's, is that the WWF's
locker room is full of smiles, and WCW's is full of complaining and frustration.

-Said it was his idea to push Goldberg, and he didn't want Goldberg to lose the

-He in a way said that Bischoff doesn't care about the fans. He told a story on
how Goldberg didn't want to work a WCW Saturday Night Taping because "He was too
tired", and Bischoff agreed. But Terry Taylor told Bischoff that people didn't
pay 30 bucks to see Goldberg no show, and so then Bischoff made Goldberg wrestle
that night.

-Said that the WWF rejected Shane Douglas' offer.

-Not interested in signing Rob Van Dam.

-Said that the WWF pays wrestlers for how hard they work, unlike WCW, which pays
wrestlers a fixed amount of money no matter what.

-Said that he was responsible for WCW's rise, and that WCW fell right after he

-Said that everyone in the WWF locker room loves and respects each other.

Terry Taylor came out of this interview making WWF look real good, and WCW real
bad. All in all it was a great interview, and it was great to hear Terry Taylor
shoot with the fans.
Reported by Dave Scherer at:
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favorite wrestlers to Jobie39
My Article of May 19, 1999, concerning the talent that Good King Eric (GKE)
"lost" to the WWF generated a bundle of mail, and would you believe some of
which was misguided and actually disagreed with me [:-)]. Closer investigation
shows that those items came from three of the eight WCW fans known to exist
either in the wild or in captivity. Since WCW fans have been officially
categorized as an Endangered Species, I am asking that care be taken when
actually meeting or talking to one on the Net.

A few of these poor souls questioned my view that Paul Wight has the potential
to walk in Andre's tracks. Those that can remember Andre's early days will
recall he was basically a traveling freak show. It wasn't until Vince McMahon
"discovered" him that he became the most awesome figure to ever step into the
ring. I see McMahon doing the same kind of thing with Wight. Wight has been
called "overweight" and "lumbering." At the height of his career, Andre was
never dainty nor a speed merchant, and I don't remember him doing the standing
drop kicks that Wight does. From the moment I first saw him, I have always
thought that Wight could reach the same heights Andre did. All he needed was the
proper guidance, and I think he found it. Andre has always been, and will
forever be, one of my favorite wrestlers. Wight is the first man I have ever
considered a potential equal to him.

On to a few other things. There are many more who GKE failed to recognize as
future stars and let slip away:

Paul Levesque (sic) - Known to us a Hunter Hurst Helmsley / Triple H / Triple H. He
was not even a mid card performer in WCW. He went to the WWF and now he is a
bona fide World Champion contender.

The Big Bossman - He began in WCW and has gone back and forth between WCW and
the WWF. In his most recent stay in WCW, he went thru a series of "remakes" and
in his last one as himself, Ray Traylor, was nothing more than a glorified
jobber and human billboard for the nWo spray paint can. While he may never be a
World Champion, he has established himself in the WWF as a solid mainstay

Let's take a look at Vinnie Vegas / Oz / Etc. A wrestler in WCW with a thousand
faces, all of which were forgetful. He goes to the WWF and becomes Diesel,
working his way up to become World Champion.

At the same time, The Diamond Studd is having the same type of success as Vinnie
Vegas ... little, He also goes to the WWF and becomes Razor Ramon, also has
enormous success including holding the Intercontinental Championship on several

Both Diesel and Razor return to WCW and form a group known as the nWo, arguably
the most successful in wrestling history and the foundation for WCW becoming the
then top wrestling promotion. Diesel is now using his own name, Kevin Nash, and
Razor his, Scott Hall. Nash is now among the world's highest paid wrestlers and
WCW's top booker. Before his personal problems, Hall stood tall as Nash's
partner and peer. Do you think either would have gotten to the top if they
stayed in WCW? I didn't think so.

While my Article was never intended to restart the WCW v. WWF war, it also
generated the same old complaints against McMahon and the WWF that I thought
were long put to bed. There are a few who still don't "Get It." I guess as many
times as it has been written and said that the WWF is now in the Sports
Entertainment business still hasn't sunk in. There are some who still whine and
moan about the effects the WWF has on 8 and 9 year olds. The old story about
leading a horse to water never rang truer. It looks like its the other end of
the horse talking. All I can say is "deal with it," the rest of the world is
tired of listening to you. The train has not only left, it is miles down the

One of the remaining eight resorted to saying the WWF and McMahon are evil
because they "forced" (his word, not mine) the wrestlers to take steroids. Last
I looked, this was the
USA; not China, Uganda, Cambodia, Bosnia or Kosovo. Sure
there was steroid abuse in wrestling. I suspect there will always be some (Look
at Big Poppa 'Roid lately?). To blatantly say that not one or two, but almost
every one was "forced" to take steroids in beyond comprehension. He went so far
as to say no matter what a jury said, McMahon was still guilty. Maybe he really
thinks this is one of those other places. Yeah, I know about OJ.

The point I was trying to make was that we the fans are the ones being hurt by
the poor business decisions GKE has been making. I would love nothing better
than to have WCW be as 'watchable' as The WWF. When WCW was on top, GKE was the
proverbial winning poker player, making jokes as the cards were being dealt. Now
that he is losing, instead of saying "Deal the next hand," and doing what he can
to turn things around, he is blaming everyone but himself for WCW dismal
performance. He accuses his bosses at Time Warner of tying his hands. I don't
recall too many complaints with his bosses when they gave him the keys to
Knox. He has shuffled his booking staff, obviously pointing a finger at them.
When WCW was on top, he pointed the finger at himself.

What he MUST do is develop young talent, and let the relics slowly fade away. I
just read a story that his game plan is to push ten men. I don't think I have to
list who they are, but if I said Old Baldy was at the top of it, how many of you
would die of shock? His promising young stars like Kidman and Kanyon will still
be on the outside looking in. Contrast that with the WWF. The list of young (and
pushed) stars is longer than The Big Valbowski.

Vince McMahon wasn't selected to speak at such eminent Business Schools as
Harvard and Oxford for no reason. They recognize him as a man who understands
the business he is in, and one who knew how to change direction to meet the
demands of the marketplace. He has brought the WWF from the brink of bankruptcy
to a point where he is reportedly planning to take the WWF public by offering up
to a 20% stake to the public. I don't think he will have any problem with the
offering. Now if only GKE "Gets it."
WCW Thunder Report for May 20th, 1999
By Rick Phelps (Wrestleric)
Mike Tenay talks about having a new champion in Kevin Nash. He also
mentions Randy "Macho Man" Savage's out of control behavior on Monday Nitro.

--Mean Gene interviews Buff Bagwell. He says that Rick and Scott Steiner are
out of control, but that there are alot of people in WCW who are out of control.
He also says that the NWO is full of egomaniacs. He then challenges Randy
Savage to a match tonight.

--Clips are shown from Slamboree of Eric Bischoff's involvement in the Ric
Flair/ Roddy Piper and Kevin Nash/Diamond Dallas Page matches, as well as from
the Gorgeous George/Charles Robinson and Sting/Goldberg matches.

--A clip from Slamboree is shown of Rick and Scott Steiner reuiniting.

--A clip from Monday Nitro is shown of Booker T challenging Rick Steiner and
saying that he does not need Stevie Ray's help, followed by footage of Booker T
laid out backstage.

Rick Steiner versus Scott Putski
Steiner defeats Putski with an elbow lock submission hold.
Winner: Rick Steiner via submission

--Ric Flair is shown backstage with the other Horsemen and Charles Robinson.
After calling Barry Horowitz over, Flair offers him longevity and security in
exchange for wrestling David Flair. But Horowitz must lose to DavidFlair by way
of the figure four when Arn Anderson gives the signal in order to receive this
favor from Flair. Horowitz accepts.

Juventud Guerrera versus Kidman
Kidman's highflying tactics win him another match against Juvi.
Winner: Kidman via pinfall

--Mike Tenay announces that Hollywood Hogan will be at Monday Nitro in
Greenville, South Carolina. He also says that Kevin Nash and Bret Hart are to
fight on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday.

Kaz Hayashi versus Rey Mysterio Jr.
Randy Savage and his girls come down to ringside during the match. Savage begins
calling Mysterio the man, the giant slayer, the man who brought down Kevin Nash.
Not distracted by the commotion, Mysterio retains the Cruiserweight title with
a Frankensteiner from the top rope. After the match, Savage asks Mysterio to
join his group so he can be included in his secret plans, but Mysterio says that
he has plans of his own. Savage makes the offer a second time and Rey turns him
down. Savage attacks Rey, who fights him off until Savage puts him a
piledriver. Kidman comes out to help his tag team partner, but also falls
victim to the piledriver as Madusa
writes "MACHO" on Rey's back with lipstick. Konnan then comes down but is
unable to help after he becomes the recipient of the Big Elbow from the top
Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall

--A clip from Monday Nitro is shown of the Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko versus
Raven/Perry Saturn match. Horace/Vincent versus Raven/Perry Saturn w/Kanyon
As per "Raven's Rules," Raven and Kanyon change up as Saturn's partner during
the match. After Horace accidentally smacks Vincent in the face with the steel
chair, Saturn is able to get Vincent in the Death Valley Driver, and he and
Raven make the pin to hold onto the tag team straps.
Winners: Raven/Perry Saturn via pinfall

--Clips are shown of Bret Hart complaining about his misuse in the WCW
followed by footage of Kevin Nash making a challenge and Bret Hart accepting the
challenge on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

--A clip from Monday Nitro is shown of Ric Flair making his offer to Buddy Lee
Paker followed by a clip of David Flair defeating Parker.

David Flair w/the Four Horsemen versus Barry Horowitz
Things go according to plan and David Flair walks away with his pre-arranged
victory. Winner: David Flair via submission

--A clip is shown from Monday Nitro of Randy Savage asking Commissioner Roddy
Piper for a title shot against Kevin Nash and then attacking Piper and then Nash
saving the rowdy Scot. A clip is then shown of the match between Kevin Nash and
Diamond Dallas Page with interference from Bam Bam Bigelow and then Savage
painting Nash's face with lipstick.

Disco Inferno versus Curt Hennig
Savage and his girls come to ringside once more, but as Savage climbs into the
ring, Disco jumps him and the referee calls for the bell. As Savage pummels
Disco, Buff Bagwell runs in to fight Savage and the referee starts their match.
Winner: Disco Inferno via disqualification

Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ his girls versus Buff Bagwell
Bagwell dominates the match until Savage gets ahold of a steel chair and begins
to work on Bagwell's neck. Gorgeous George and Madusa come in to hold the chair
on Bagwell's neck for Savage and the referee calls for the bell. Security then
comes out to stop "the madness."
Winner: Buff Bagwell via disqualification
Written by reader: MLOU67
In your article about Pillman Memorial you neglected to mention that SCSA sent a
check for $10,000.00 because he couldn't be there. He made the effort so its
only fair to give him credit.
Written by reader: LUPIS237
hbk_dhc wrote in issue 252 that the WWF's home video's covering
Survivor Series and Wrestlemania were biased. I have not seen the Survivor
Series one, but I own the Best of Wrestlemania. Couple of pointers, they were in
no way biased against Bret Hart. They even interviewed the man several times
during the
video. Another example of how they weren't biased to him was the WM11 "I Quit"
match they covered with Bob Backlund. In fact, I don't think they were biased
that much at all. They thoroughly cover Hogan, Savage, and Piper. They did skip
the WM2 Hogan match, and to my disappointment the WM1 Savage match. Oh, and Sid
vs. Taker at WM13 was covered.
Written by reader: Matt McDermott (Matt.McDermott)
I normally keep quite about what people write about concerning wrestling, but
lately a lot has been said, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. In response to
WCW ripping off the WWF, hello!!! Throughout the years all wrestling
organizations have borrowed from each other. DX was a mini-version of the nWo.
I've seen angles in the last 2 years that were done in the GWF, WCCW, and the
AWA. For those of you newer fans the WCCW and GWF were out of Texas and many
stars got their start there Buff Bagwell, Harlem Heat, both Rick Rude and Jake
Roberts wrestled there early in
their careers, the Ultimate Warrior, etc. The
AWA is where Curt Hennig, Ric
Flair, Larry Zybysko, Gene Okerlund, Shawn Michaels, Eric Bischoff, etc. all got
started. Just like in movies and TV angles or stories are recycled.

Both organizations rip off themselves as well. Like the recent angle with Rock
and Austin and the belt in the river being a 180 of what happened a year or so

Often one organization is accused of copying another with no justification.
Recently someone wrote in that DDP being called the people's champ was copying
the Rock. I'd like someone who keeps tapes to double check, DDP was called the
people's champ before his 1st US title reign if I'm not mistaken, Rock's less
than a year (or real close to that). As far as Macho Man copying the Godfather,
Macho Man was one of the first mainstream stars (read Big two) to be accompanied
to the ring by an attractive female (and actually have her stay at ringside).
For that matter, Ric Flair's had 10-12 supermodels accompany him to the ring as
far back as 85 if not before

The angle where Pillman got Marlena, is a copy of two (at least) previous
angles. One with Ric Flair getting Precious for the night and one with one of
the Garvin's & his valet being slaves for a day (they did farm work if memory
serves correct) back in WCCW. Angles are copied and recycled.

One recent thing I keep seeing that really annoys me is the Goldberg/Austin
comparison. The similarities are both are men, both have bald heads, both wear
black trunks. There are others if you want to get technical (both are over 200
lbs., both are wrestlers, millionaires, etc.) Goldberg and Austin's wrestling
personas are nothing alike. Austin doesn't trust anyone, breaks any rule he
wants, does want he wants, attacks the helpless, drinks bear, swears, and is
using fewer and fewer wrestling moves as his popularity increases. He used to
be good, now he's suffering from Hoganitis (he's popular so he can do fewer
moves, wrestle less, get paid more) he's also had several injuries & some
personal stuff to take care of. Don't get me
wrong, I like Austin. I liked him better as the cocky and fun Stunning Steve.
Ric Flair's first match back in WCW was against the Hollywood Blondes and it was
a fun match. Austin made fun of Flair and Arn throughout (doing the Flair strut
then grabbing his back in pain to mock Flair's age, and making fun of Anderson
for drinking beer & having a slight gut).

Anyway I digress. My point was (IMHO) anyone who thinks Goldberg is an Austin
rip off is not looking at the facts and not keeping an open mind. Goldberg is
trying to expand his arsenal, uses submission and power moves, has a martial
background, a much better physique, a pro football background (was his head bald
then?), doesn't threaten to kick people's asses, doesn't drink beer on TV,
doesn't attack women and non-wrestlers, doesn't turn on every partner he's ever
had, etc.

There are so many differences to compare the two makes no sense. To see fans
new to wrestling jump on the WWF or WCW bandwagon and start ripping on one fed
or the other is sad. Right now there is more wrestling televised then ever
before, the wrestlers are making more money, there is more competition, ratings
are up, and the fans get the biggest benefit out of this. Offering suggestions
on how to improve is one thing, to blindly criticize (and do so without all the
facts) just makes the person writing look biased and immature. As fans we
should be enjoying this time
because eventually the fad will pass and the ratings will go down instead of 12
15 hours of wrestling on a week it will be 7-10. (Nitro (3) Raw (2) Heat (1)
Smackdown (2) Thunder (2), Shotgun (1), Saturday Night (1-2), Superstars (1),
Worldwide (1)) Then the true fans of the game will still be watching, still
longing for the good old days, and still hoping Hogan, Flair, Piper, etc. would
just retire already.
Matt McDermott
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