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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 256

Date:  Saturday May 22nd, 1999  1:30 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The only matches known for the 6/13 Bash PPV from Baltimore are Nash vs. Savage
for the WCW Title, Flair vs. Piper for the WCW Presidency, and Raven & Saturn
defending the tag titles against DDP & Bigelow. Page & Bigelow are expected to
get the belts, so the long title program with Raven & Kanyon & Saturn as a
Freebird-like trio against the Horseman has been cancelled.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

There were no Nitro Girls on the 5/17 show because they were on the Bruise
Cruise. The live fans weren't happy because that's part of the Nitro
experience, but the wrestlers were thrilled. The Nitro Girls usually practice
their routines in the ring before the show, which doesn't allow the younger
wrestlers as much time to work out their matches in the ring,when they actually
know them ahead of time.
Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

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Written by reader: NYPaisan57
I, personally, am getting sick and tired of WWF fans
putting down WCW and WCW fans screaming bloody
murder over the WWF's use of mature themes and
adult language in their program. As a wrestling fan I love
everything about wrestling, the matches and the mic work.
I am constantly switching between Nitro and Raw, and my thumb
nearly falls off every Monday night because I, unlike quite
a few out there, am a true wrestling fan. I don't tune in just to
see Debra's puppies but I do enjoy the segment as any other man
would. I believe WCW is in a slight slump, and its not because
of their moral codes. It is because of their lack of intelligence
in the front office. The company is over loaded with talent and
yet men such as Diamond Dallas Page get pushes while Sting
and Bret Hart are turned into midcarders. Rumor has come down
from on high that Bret may be allowed to carry the WCW title
over the summer, and all I have to say is that took long enough.

I appreciate Goldberg's appeal and even think he has improved
greatly since debuting in WCW, but handing him the title last
summer was a mistake. Then again Hogan having the belt at that
point was also a mistake. I like WCW, but Bischoff needs to
realize that he is fighting against a very creative man in Vince and
that if he does not use his wrestlers in a equally creative manner, people
will continue to change the channel.

I read a recent report from a fourteen year old stating that
Degeneration X made him change the channel to Nitro. While
this might be the case for a minority of the people, most of us love
the new harder, more real WWF. I speak to wrestling fans of different
kinds all over the net, and the one thing I have found is that most believe
the age of the "hero" died when Hogan put down the Yellow and the Red.
I argue that this age has never died, but changed as does everything else in

How can a wrestler tell a fan to say his prayers, eat his vitamins ect. when
teens in school are under the constant threat of being barraged by gunfire
by classmates. The truth of the matter is the hero had to change to fit society.

Stone Cold Steve Austin offers the world a hero who no one can knock down,
no matter how hard they try, and if he does by some miracle fall, he will
to borrow a line from the movie
Tombstone, with hell riding behind him. WCW
attempted such a thing with Sting, but the need for a climax in the Sting/nWo
conflict and high moral standards of WCW caused the downfall of the federations
greatest angle. And if the children are learning anything from these new heroes

it is to stand on their own.

As with all great heroes, the character must have good and evil in him before
he can truly understand what he is facing. The babyface days are quite gone and

I wish the WCW would realize this and move their wrestlers into more real roles.

They do not have to use cussing and sex but tell me the truth, which is more
a father/son feud over the successful family business, or a feud between two
legendary wrestlers over who will have pretend control of a company which is
run by Bischoff and the champ (and the majority of fans know Piper and Flair
nowhere near the booking control of those two). If WCW wants to fight the good
fight, I applaud them, but I also say that if you want me to watch put wrestlers
the ring worth watching.

I was also disgusted with WCW fans in attendence for the chants of boring during

the Tag Title match at Nitro. WCW needs to do more matches like this if they
to take the high road. The skilled talent is at their finger tips all that is
required now is
a little creative booking and what is an ratings slaughter every Monday night
become something quite interesting.
Written by reader: Jared Fialko, Jrsyboy17
You can't open a newsletter anymore without someone putting down
Vince McMahon complaining about the WWF being a circus and telling
him "bring back wrestling." Now correct me if I'm wrong here but it
seems like these people are yearning for the good ol days of the 80's
and early 90's when there was wrestling on Monday Night Shows and
Saturday afternoon and evening shows. The question I have for them is,
do you really want that???? Lets go back to the days of the 80's when on
Monday evenings a certain show called WWF Prime Time Wrestling ruled
USA airwaves. Was there ever actually "Wrestling" on this show?
Lets see, about 10 jobber matches with midcarders such as the Big Boss Man,
Rick Martel, the Mountie, The Warlord, Akeem, Ted DiBease, and maybe
if we were lucky, we were treated to a Bushwackers vs the Fabulous Rougeaus
main event match. Is this what you people actually want???

On the other hand lets look to WCW Saturday Night and Pro. Once again,
jobber match after jobber match which occasionally would have some important

Throughout the 80's and 90's all the important and classic matches were found
on Pay Per View and not alot has changed so why the sudden outcry from the fans?

Everyone seemingly complains about the lack of good matches on TV, well no
If you want to see the good matches, shell out the money for the Pay Per View or

a Cable Box and quit your complaining already.

Also, in response to the WWF being a so-called "soap opera" because there are
more angles than wrestling, let me ask you this: in the past 10-15 years, when
has wrestling NOT been a soap opera? Let's look back on some of the angles
which have transpired in the past years in the WWF/WCW:

1. Ric Flair/Randy Savage/Elizabeth angle in 1992. For those who don't
remember, Ric Flair doctored some pictures of Savage and Liz in order to
portray that Slick Ric and Miss Liz had an affair, a classic angle but what
could be more soap operish than that?

2. Cactus Jack amnesia angle in 1993 WCW. Cactus Jack wanders on the
streets of Cleveland as a bum who can't remember his identity after receiving
a concussion after his match with Vader? That's definitely a Days of Our Lives

3. The Dungeon of Doom-1995 WCW. Maybe its more like an evil carnival than a
soap opera but c'mon, the Zodiac? My personal favorite was Kevin Sullivan
pulling the whiskers off the rare white bengal tiger at his Dungeon Master
Father's suggestion in order to revive a 1000 year old mummy called the Yeti.

4. The Bret Hart/Owen Hart angle-1993-97 WWF. A younger sibling revolts against

his older brother and his family because he is tired of living in the shadow of
him all
his life. That's not an uncommon storyline in Hollywood.

5. Randy Savage/Ric Flair/Elizabeth angle 1996 WCW. Flair exploits the
failed marriage of Elizabeth and carries her around as her personal valet, with
Randy Savage's alimony money in a briefcase.

As you can see, wrestling has been a soap opera for the last 10 years, at least
blaming only Vince McMahon now for this is quite an unfair judgment by all of

P.S. I am not an anti-WCW fan either, I do not mark for Steve Austin and the
every 15 seconds. I do not own an Austin 3:16 t-shirt. I'm driving 5 hours to
Baltimore and Washington to see Bret Hart at the Great American Bash and the
following Nitro.
Jared Fialko- Jrsyboy17
MAY 21, 1999
Visit my Home Page:

This was ECW's first program since their latest PPV, Hardcore Heaven (HH), held
this past Sunday, May 16, 1999, and it began with a montage of the matches.

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position and
said the program would review HH and its highlights.

The first match was for the ECW TV Title, pitting Rob "Mr. PPV" Van Dam (RVD)
(C) v. Jerry "New F'N Show" Lynn. It was shown highlight style. Lynn was
straddled on the top rope and RVD hit him with a brutal kick to the face coming
off the top turn buckle that sent him crashing face first to the floor ringside.
Lynn suffered a broken nose and a possible fractured orbital bone as a result of
this move, however, continued the match. He took RVD's best shots, including
another big kick that sent him into the crowd and still came back. Lynn took
control of the match after RVD missed an attempt at a Van Daminator. However,
RVD fought back and landed his patented Split Leg Moonsault and Five Star Frog
Splash that Lynn somehow managed to survive. Lynn came close to winning the
match and title, but in the end he was blasted with a Van Daminator and a second
Five Star Frog Splash and RVD won and retained the Title.

Styles said that RVD required several stitches to his face after the match and
that Lynn had to examined by a doctor because of his broken nose and possible
concussion. After things calmed down in the locker room, Lance Storm noticed
that there was blood dripping from Lynn's ear and drove him to the emergency
room. Styles promised to keep us updated on his condition. He also said that all
the wrestlers is ECW showed their respect for the performance put on by both

Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retained ECW TV Title

ECW owner Paul Heymann said ECW's next PPV would be Heatwave '99, and be held on
July 18, 1999.

We next saw a short piece from the ECW Tag Team Title Match at HH, pitting The
Dudley Boyz (C), Bubba Ray and D-Von v. Balls Mahoney and Little Spike Dudley
(LSD). Dudley Boyz Advisor Joel "If it moves I'll eat it, if it doesn't move
I'll eat it, if it is I'll eat it" Gertner came into the ring and "hit" Balls
with the absolutely wimpiest chair shot of all time and then unsuccessfully
attempted to throw a fireball at him. After Balls stopped laughing and Gertner's
pants had a chance to dry a little, Balls put some alcohol in his mouth, lit a
cigarette lighter, and showed Gertner how to spit a fireball. Gertner was
impressed and again soiled his pants. Unfortunately Balls had made a fatal
error. He forgot The Dudley Boyz were still in the arena. The clip closed with
Balls taking a low blow to "Little Balls."

The next thing we saw was highlights of an All Weapons Legal, Extreme Street
Fight, Anything Goes Match taped in Queens, NY, between Balls and "The Original
Gangsta" New Jack. Balls came to the ring with his trusty Acme Steel Chair. The
crowd chanted "Balls." New Jack brought his Advanced Trash Can Of Assorted
Weapons, including a vacuum cleaner. With the ring littered with debris and New
Jack's "toys," we saw Balls hit a Frog Splash and attempt a cover. We then saw
New Jack perform one of his insane balcony dives, land on Balls putting him thru
a Prime Acme Table, from fifteen feet up. This got us an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey.
Balls was a bloody mess and New Jack was nothing to write home about. Both men
required assistance to get back in the ring. New Jack rolled over and tried to
pin Balls, but Balls managed to kick out. Fast Forward to Balls hitting New Jack
with a Driver and gaining the victory. Both men were literally out on their
feet. Balls recovered and went over to New Jack and they shook hands.

Winner - Balls Mahoney
Loser - New Jack
Loser - A trash can full of broken "toys"

We saw another snippet of the Tag Team Title Match. This time LSD was playing
human spear as his half brothers practiced for the Olympic Javelin Throw.

ECW's resident yo-yo Steve Prazak was backstage telling us how wonderful HH was.
Things he mentioned were: RVD and Lynn both coming away hurt, with RVD missing a
chunk of his face and Lynn a bloody mess; Taz bleeding profusely after his Title
Match against Bubba Ray Dudley; and in what he said was a shoot, Tommy Dreamer
not being able to walk after his match and having to crawl to the toilet on his
hands and knees. He was joined by Steve Corrino who said he "kicked @$$" at HH.
Prazak pointed out that he wasn't on the card. Corrino then pulled out a pair of
backstage passes, that Prazak said he must have taken off a couple of press
people who @$$es he must have been talking about. Corrino wasn't too happy at
Prazak's remarks and threatened to kick his @$$. Remember Corrino is the jerk
who said he was going to beat Taz and is lucky to still be able to sit up and
take nourishment.

We next saw stills from the Tommy Dreamer v. Lance Storm Extreme Death Match.
Tammy Lynn Bytch (
TLB) has been calling herself "Beulah" in an effort to get
under Tommy's skin. She accompanied Storm to the ring and Tommy brought
Francine. Tommy dedicated a Spiccoli Driver to Louie Spiccoli's sister who was
seated ringside. Cyrus, who was at the announcers desk with Styles ran down to
stop Dreamer, but Francine cut him off and nailed him with a Bronco Buster. This
led to a cat fight between Francine and
TLB, that ended up with Tommy setting
TLB up for a Pile Driver. Storm stopped him with a shot to the head with an Acme
Steel Garbage Can. He then placed the Can over Tommy's head and delivered a Spin
Kick that put Tommy down and allowed Storm to get the pin and victory.

Winner - Lance Storm
Loser - Cyrus The Virus

We next saw still of the match between Justin Credible and Sid. Sid was
introduced by Judge Jeff Jones and got a monster pop. He went to the ring and
threw Justin into the lights and set him up for a Power Bomb. Justin's Manager
Jason made one of the biggest mistakes of his life by coming in and stopping
Sid. His reward: He took a major Power Bomb, landing on his head. Lance Storm
came into the ring, which didn't make Sid real happy. He hit Storm with a Choke
Slam. Justin recovered and threw powder into Sid's eyes and blinded him. Justin
and Storm then double teamed Sid and set him on a table at ringside in a move
intended to mock Sabu. These two never learn. Although barred from action
because of his fractured jaw, Sabu stormed down and had Justin on the table
along with Sid. Sabu hit one of his leaps over the top rope intending to put
both thru the table. Storm pulled Justin off and Sabu only put Sid thru the
table. Security Guards rushed down and tried to restrain Sabu. He was most
cooperative. He only put one of them thru a table. They again tried to stop
Sabu. Sid recovered and was in the ring with Jones. Jones chastised Sid for what
had taken place. Talk about dumb! Sid was not amused and dissolved his
relationship with Jones via a Power Bomb that sent Jones to his courtroom in

Joey said that Sabu's Manager Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso, upset that Storm and
Credible had gotten Sabu banned, had encouraged Sabu to take the action he took.

Cyrus was backstage with Credible, Storm and Jason. He called Storm and Credible
the next Tag Team Champions. The Dudley Boyz didn't lose any sleep. Storm said
they will be the champions, and said he's not afraid of Sid, Tommy Dreamer or
Sabu. Of course none of them were there at the time. Credible bad mouthed Sabu,
complaining he had Sid beat until Sabu interfered and promised to make him pay.
He also claimed they would be the next Tag Team Champions.

Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch (
TLS) came to the ring to open HH. He brought
The Dudley Boyz out and called them his "Insurance Policy." Taz came to the
ring, fighting past The Dudley Boyz, and his ECW Championship Match v. Candido
began. It ended even faster as Taz beat Candido in less then one minute, as Taz
made Candido tap out to The TazMission.

Winner - Taz - Retains the ECW Championship

The Dudley Boyz went back to the ring and blasted Taz with The 3-D Dudley Death
Drop. They then issued an open challenge to anyone wanting a Tag Team Title
Match. This led to the Title Match mentioned above. After Balls lit Gertner up,
The Dudley Boyz lit him up with a 3-D and won the match.

Winners - The Dudley Boyz - Retain the ECW Tag Team Championship

They then headed back to the locker room where Gertner revealed his "Hit List."
The Dudley Boyz then beat up everyone they could find in the locker room.
D-Von broke his hand on Chris Chetti's head. Chetti's head couldn't have felt
too good.

Taz said he was coming after The Dudley Boyz and this led into the final match
of the evening, an ECW Championship Match fought under "FTW" Rules, Anything
Goes, v. Bubba Ray Dudley. It was a brutal match fought all over the arena. We
saw a few short stills of it. Taz won after putting Bubba Ray thru a table with
a TazPlex and following with a TazMission.

Winner - Taz - Retains the ECW Championship

The next match was taped in Philadelphia a week before HH. It was an ECW TV
Title Match pitting RVD (C), accompanied by Fonzie, v. Skull Von Krush (SVK),
representing The New Movement, whatever that is. Styles was providing a voice
over done after RVD's match at HH and said this match illustrates the punishment
RVD has absorbed in the thirteen months he has held the Title. RVD was greeted
by a major pop and various chants. Skull raced across the ring and delivered a
big clothesline before RVD was set, followed with a series of punches and kicks,
and threw RVD to the floor, where he hit the guard rail. SVK went out after RVD,
punched him in the face, threw him into the guard rail and hit him across the
back with a chair. SVK rushed at RVD, who back dropped him into the crowd. RVD
then hit SVK with a high cross-body coming off the guard rail. Fonzie threw a
chair to SVK and he caught it. They never learn. RVD hit him with a Modified Van
Daminator coming off the guard rail. They exchanged punches among the fans and
then RVD threw SVK back over the guard rail to ringside and attempted a
Springboard Splash. SVK caught him in mid-aid and planted him on the concrete
floor with a Power Bomb. SVK hit RVD in the back with a chair again. Back in the
ring, SVK hit a Scoop and Slam, followed by a New Movement Stomp to the head,
after removing his elbow pad and pulling The Shake, Rattle and Elbow routine.
SVK punched RVD in a corner and Irish Whipped him to the opposite corner. He
rushed in and ate a boot sandwich. SVK avoided a Side Kick and dropped RVD with
an Inverted Atomic Drop. He missed a Clothesline, RVD missed a Spin Kick. SVK
hit a Side Kick to RVD's head and a chant of "Skull" broke out, that kept up
throughout the rest of the match. SVK hit some more punches to the face and RVD
countered with a Sunset Flip. Another Clothesline by SVK, followed by more
stomps that led to a Snap Mare, a Flying Leg Drop and a pinning attempt. SVK
nailed a Suplex, a Flying Elbow Drop and another attempt at a pin. SVK then ht
RVD with a Scoop and Slam, as a chant of "RVD" broke out. SVK missed a Frog
Splash and got caught with a Hurricanrana. Fonzie handed RVD a chair. RVD ran at
SVK who was sitting in a corner, threw the chair at his face at hit it with a
kick. RVD pounded SVK, then Irish Whipped him to the opposite corner and hit him
with a Tumbling Monkey Flip and went for a cover. RVD then did a Back Flip off
the top rope and kicked the chair into SVK's face again. After another attempt
at a pin, RVD hit a Tumbling Senton Splash and again tried for a pin. RVD missed
a spin kick, and SVK came back with a DDT. Both men were hurting at this point.
SVK went to the top turn buckle, but Fonzie shoved him off and he or crotched
on the top rope. The Fat Lady began clearing her throat. Fonzie held a chair in
front of SVK's face and RVD planted a major Van Daminator on hit. The Fat Lady
signaled she was ready. RVD demolished SVK with a Five Star Frog Splash that had
enough height to show on radar screens. End of the line for Skull. Joey said
Skull looks a lot like Jerry Lynn has; he is getting better.

Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retains the ECW TV Title

An action packed hour.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Tom Kirkbride
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