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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 258

Date:  Sunday May 23rd, 1999  8:11 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

In a horrible accident, Owen Hart was killed when his ceiling harness snapped,
plunging him to his death on tonight's PPV. I am shocked, as I'm sure all of
you are.
Although it almost goes without saying, the staff of the Booking Sheet sends our
condolences to all of the loved ones of Owen Hart. This tragedy will be
examined further as the week goes on; I wish this was just another sick angle, another WWF sick
stunt. Sadly, its not.

WWF Over the Edge-
May 23, 1999
By Joe De
Leon at:
Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Live from
Kansas City, Missouri

• X-Pac and Kane defeated D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry (w/Ivory) with Kane's
Chokeslam, to retain the Tag Team Titles.
- The crowd chanted "D-Lo sucks" throughout the match. When Kane was tagged in,
he dominated Mark Henry, to the point where he scared Henry out of the ring.
X-Pac was later worn down by Henry and D-Lo Brown. His lip was busted open.
Kane, who used some different maneuvers than usual with Jim Ross noting it was
the influence from X-Pac, was tagged, with D-Lo tagging in his partner at the
sametime. X-Pac dived onto Henry on the outside, but was caught and rammed into
the ringpost. As X-Pac was attacked by both Henry and D-Lo on the outside, Kane
dived on the outside, taking out his and X-Pac's opponents. X-Pac executed the
Bronco Buster on D-Lo, but was then caught by Henry. Kane then caught Henry from
behind with the Chokeslam for the win.

• Backstage, Michael Cole said Vince McMahon suffered a damage ankle from the
attack from The Corporate Ministry during his match with Midian and he may of
not been able to officiate the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Heavyweight Title match, along with his son Shane.

• Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed Hardcore Holly about his upcoming Hardcore
Title match with Al Snow. Holly talked about having an imaginary friend named
Little Joe when he was a kid. He said he broke a lamp, and told his dad it was
Little Joe who broke it, but his dad didn't buy it. Holly said he was punished
and the same would happen to Snow, since Pierre and Head were imaginary friends.
Holly said he would capture the Hardcore Title.

• Al Snow defeated Hardcore Holly with a Powerbomb, to retain the Hardcore
- Al Snow had Pierre and Head with him. A cookie sheet and a fire extinguisher
was first used. Al Snow and Hardcore Holly brawled through the crowd, into the
lobby area. The used concession stand materials on each other. A cover was
attempted by Hardcore Holly, but he was unsuccessful. Both made their ways back
to the ring, where a chair and table were used. Out of nowhere, Snow executed
the Snowplow, but Holly surprisingly kicked out. Snow then reached for Head, but
was low-blowed to slow him down. Holly nailed Snow with a DDT on a chair when
Snow turned around, but only got a two count. Jerry Lawler claimed that Head set
up Snow since Snow almost lost the match when he went for his manequin friend.
Snow then powerbombed Holly through the table he had brought into the ring for
the win.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco about
Vince McMahon's injury ankle. Patterson, Brisco, and WWF.COM all confirmed an
ambulance was on the way for McMahon.

• A pre-recorded interview with The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart), conducted by Kevin
Kelly, was shown. Blazer talked about his upcoming Intercontinental Title match
with The Godfather. He said he would come out on top, because he ate his
vitamins and drunk his milk.

• The Godfather and The Blue Blazer went to a No-Contest, to let The Godfather
retain the Intercontinental Title.
- The Blue Blazer was supposed to make a grand, superhero entrance from the
ceiling, but something went wrong. Owen Hart was terribly injured. Medical
officials attended to Hart. Jim Ross stressed that it was not part of a
storyline or WWF's entertainment, with it being totally real. A video of what
led up to the PPV's match of Val Venis and Nicole Bass vs. Jeff Jarrett and
Debra was put on. Hart was not put on television out of WWF's respect. Kevin
Kelly interviewed Jarrett and Debra, and they attempted to cut a promo on their
upcoming match with Venis and Bass. Jarrett and Debra were visibly upset, and
gave their thoughts out to Hart.

• Val Venis and Nicole Bass defeated Jeff Jarrett and Debra with Venis' Money
- The crowd chanted, "We Want Puppies." Jeff Jarrett and Debra started off the
match. Debra and Nicole Bass then stepped into the ring. Debra jumped on the
back of Bass, but was yanked off. Bass charged at Debra, but ended up hitting
the turnbuckle. The men were then tagged back in. Debra later came back in and
nailed Bass on the back with a guitar, but Bass and Val Venis ended up taking
the win with Venis' Money Shot. Following the match, Bass kissed Venis, and
Venis smiled.

• Backstage, Michael Cole tried to get a few words from Vince McMahon, who was
being wheeled into an ambulance. Shane jumped into the picture and taunted
McMahon as he made his way to the ambulance. McMahon told Gerald Brisco and Pat
Patterson to take care of it.

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Road Dogg. RD first said he was praying
for Owen Hart. RD then spelled out several letters, basically saying he would
beat Billy Gunn.

• Billy Gunn defeated Road Dogg with the Famouers.
- After Road Dogg hyped up the crowd with his ring introduction, Kevin Kelly
interviewed Billy Gunn in the backstage area. Gunn said he carried RD for years
and he was what made The New Age Outlaws. He said he would beat RD. Gunn and RD
immediately went at it and took it down the aisle. Gunn then started to dominate
the majority of the match, working slowly on his former partner. When RD started
to get back in the match, Gunn nailed him over the head with the timekeeper's
hammer. After a chop to the throat of RD with tape around the first, Gunn nailed
RD with the Famouser and easily scored the pinfall after he had a handfull of

• Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Shane McMahon being the lone Guest Referee
of the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker Heavyweight Title match. Shane
claimed he would call the match down the middle.

• Survivor Rules: The
Union (Mankind, The Big Show, Ken Shamrock, Test) defeated
The Corporate Ministry (The Acolytes, Viscera, The Big Bossman).
- Test was first eliminated after being pinned with Bradshaw's Lariat. Ken
Shamrock almost had Faarooq finished off with an arm-bar submission, but Faarooq
ran away. He later put Bradshaw in the Ankle Lock for Bradshaw to get
eliminated. Shamrock later put Faarooq in the Ankle Lock, but The Big Bossman
helped his teammate to the rope. The referee told Shamrock to break the hold,
which caused Shamrock to belly-to-belly suplex Faarooq. Shamrock was
disqualified. The Big Show then gave Faarooq the Showstopper, which costed
Faarooq to be eliminated. Bossman, Viscera, Big Show, and Mankind were all left.
Bossman tried to leave the ring, but Big Show brought him back in. Big Show was
about to take down Bossman with the Showstopper, but Viscera made the save.
Viscera then got slammed by Big Show. The two brawled back to the locker room,
leaving the match between Bossman and Mankind. Mankind nailed Bossman with his
double-arm DDT and then put Mr. Socko down the throat of Bossman for the win.

• Jim Ross, sadly, announced that Owen Hart had tragically passed away due to
the fall he took when making his entrance from the ceiling.

• The Rock defeated Triple H (w/Chyna) by Disqualification.
- The Rock wore his cast to the ring, but Triple H ended taking it off and using
it as a weapon as the match went on. Chyna got a cheapshot on The Rock as the
match continued. Triple H did not stop working on The Rock's arm. The Rock later
went for the Rock Bottom, but could not get it executed, as Triple H countered
with a DDT. Chyna tossed in a chair to Triple H, but the referee rightfully took
it away. Triple H was then disqualified after using the chair afterall. The Rock
came back, and nailed Triple H with a chair. Triple H was busted open. The
referee tried to raise The Rock's (broken) arm, and was shoved down. The Rock
stomped away on Triple H, using an electric fan. Chyna was knocked out after
getting in The Rock's away. Triple H was put through the Rock Bottom. The Rock
was about to execute the People's Elbow (with a chair on the face of Triple H),
but Chyna didn't let it happen. Triple H then started to attack The Rock with a
chair, but Mankind made the save by scaring off the heels with a steel pipe.

• The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin via Pinfall,
to capture the Heavyweight Title.
- Shane McMahon came out to a course of boos. Pat Patterson came out in a
referee T-shirt to be the second Guest Referee. Shane and Patterson argued, with
Patterson saying, "I don't care what you say." When The Undertaker made his way
down, he attacked Patterson, leaving only one referee. Patterson was helped to
the back. Jim Ross noted that if Stone Cold Steve Austin physically touched
Shane, he would be stripped of the Heavyweight Title, and the title would be
awarded to The Undertaker.
Austin worked on The Undertaker's leg. Both then
started to go into the beginning part of the crowd and then to the announcer's
table. Paul Bearer later got a cheapshot on
Austin by nailing him with his
stinky shoe. Shane did not call anything as The Undertaker and
Austin battled it
near the entrance-way and into the set and glass. The Undertaker had control
when they returned to the ring, until
Austin executed a low blow behind Shane's
Austin had the pinfall, but Shane wouldn't count the three. Bearer threw a
chair into to The Undertaker, but Austin countered. Austin tossed Shane into The
Undertaker, causing Shane to get nailed with a chair. Austin then nailed The
Undertaker with a chair. Austin had the pinfall, with Gerald Brisco entering and
doing the counting, but The Undertaker kicked out. Vince McMahon then made his
way down, limping. Austin looked for the Stunner, but couldn't connect. Austin
had the match won with a successful Stunner that was executed, but Shane pulled
his dad from doing the count. The Undertaker then made the pinfall on Austin
after Shane did a fast count. The Corporate Ministry ran in, but were taken down
by Austin. Austin and Shane looked at each other as the show went off the air.
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Written by reader: NYPaisan57
I have received quite a few responses to my letter in issue 254, ranging from
very long and strong pointed arguments to almost childlike WWF RULES, WCW
SUCKS HAHA responses. I want to make one thing clear, I love the WWF, I loved
before Attitude set in, I love it now, and I will love it after Attitude is
done, if it is ever done. I agree that the WWF is whole heartedly the better
federation at this point in time, and all my last letter tried to point out was
that WCW has the talent to make a federation work, they just need the brain
trust to do it.

Putting booking control in the hands of wrestlers is the dumbest thing Bischoff
could have ever done because it causes great turmoil behind the curtains and
leads to a power struggle between an overused undertalented DDP and the man who
let himself be jobbed to Hogan, Kevin Nash.

Now according to the last issue, Ricky Steamboat is considering a final comeback
match against Ric Flair. This to me would be the perfect time to begin to
launch a new reign for WCW. Bringing Steamboat back would cause any true
wrestling fan to tune in and if you don't know why, please stop reading here go
out and buy/rent every match Flair and Steamboat ever had and you will know why
these two made some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. Using
this match as not only Steamboat's final but also Flair's, the WCW could go into
the youth movement.

With the possible WWF signing of the Franchise Shane Douglas and Chris Jericho
(despite what is said by either sides camp this is still a business and WWF is
the major leagues of this business right now and I believe if offered the right
deal both will
jump aboard the WWF's train to success) by the WWF before the end of the summer,
WCW will need a major boost to stop more talent jumps and rating/ attendence
shortages. When a federation can't give tickets away to one of its key pay per
view events, it is a sign that managment needs to make some drastic changes. A
harder edge needs to be reclaimed by WCW if any opposition for the WWF's current
dominence can be found.

In conclusion, I do not claim to be a wrestling insider nor do I make the claim
to know what's going to happen, I just wish to share my opinion with other fans
out there. I would love to hear any and all responses you have to my ideas, I
just have one request, I wrote this to express my beliefs, not to belittle
anyone elses and I would ask that I am shown the same respect if a person wishes
to write a response to me. Thank you very much. Oh yeah, and by the way, the
Debra's puppies thing was an example of how both wrestling and the extras get me
to tune into the different programs... it was not the only reason I watch WWF.
Written by reader: SINISTER13
In response to PicaboLyxx.

First of all, wrestling was never just about "two brutes pounding on each
other." If you had watched wrestling before March of 1998, you would have seen
that wrestling is basically just the glorification of competition. Wrestling
fans are *entertained* by wrestling. Of course, the storylines are an integral
part of wrestling, but when it becomes overkill (Like what Vince is doing now),
you're going to get fans who were WWF wrestling fans, not WWF
"sports-entertainment" fans, angry. Wrestling was something where the fans could
get emotionally involved by cheering on their favorite wrestler over the bad

No matter how much Vince says the "good guy/bad guy thing is passe," you can't
take that fact away. Without the good guy/bad guy conflict, wrestling would fade
away. It makes no difference whether SteveAustin is a face with a heel attitude,
he's still the good guy in a battle against the Undertaker, who is the bad guy.
Wrestling will always be about the in ring action. Today's WWF might not be, but
will Vince be saying that they're not about wrestling anymore when they're in
the next business slump? I think not.

Second, your comment about Vince "seeing that the fans were bored with just
wrestling" is completely false. If the fans were bored with "just wrestling,"
why would they have supported the WWF all throughout 1997 and early '98? That's
just Vince's excuse for losing the ratings war in '97. He created that story so
he could use the profanity, etc., to finally beat Nitro and WCW. And when people
heard that you could see half-naked women and hear guys yell out curses like it
was going out of style on WWF TV, the ratings went through the roof. In essence,
Vince McMahon realized he could not beat Eric Bischoff and WCW with wrestling,
so he decided to use the cursing and the half-naked bimbos to beat him. That's
it. The fans never grew bored with wrestling. Vince just needed an excuse to
make his new direction credible.

Finally, your comment about "large men bumping and grinding" is flat out
disgusting. Why resort to stereotypes? Fans like you are just the type of people
who will abandon the WWF when its popularity bottoms out. And if not, let me
ask you this. Will you honestly be able to say that you're a WWF fan when no
one, but the true fans, likes them anymore? I know I will.
Written by reader: Jeff Akin (skamatiks)
Every week, millions of people tune into a certain wrestling program on a
certain cable channel every Sunday night. Those people are treated to teasers,
set ups, and a even a few major angles. Sometimes, the viewers are even treated
to some great matches. BUT, there is another show on Sundays. It is on a
different cable channel, but it is by the same company!

Every Sunday, at 1 pm (Pacific Time) on Univision is a show called Los Super
Astros. Why aren't more people tuning into this show?? Sure, its all in
Spanish, but there are some amazing athletes and even some amusing storylines
played out on this half hour long program.

I went to a live RAW in Tacoma a few months ago. There, they did a taping for
Los Super Astros. The ring work of one, Armando Fernandez really caught my eye.
I think I ended up marking out more for him than for Triple H's challenge to The
Rock! A week later, I tuned into Los Super Astros and I have been a loyal
viewer ever since. Wrestlers like Taka Michinoku (who is much more watchable
now than he was when he was Light Heavyweight Champion), Super Loco, and Papi
Chulo put on great matches every week. If Vince had put more thought into it,
he would have had
Gillberg drop the Light Heavyweight Title to a luchadore that frequents Los
Super Astros, and then had the title defended and angles worked up around it on
the Univision show. But, Vince opted to drop the title all together. Oh well,
maybe if more people start tuning into this great program, these hard working
luchadores would see some well deserved PPV time, and maybe even some gold!
New NWA World Champion Naoya Ogawa is touring the United States from
May 21-June 5th, working numerous dates for NWA member promotions, including NWA
PWX in Pittsburgh, NWA Mid-Atlantic in Charlotte, NWA Southwestin
Dallas, NWA New England in Boston, and NWA Georgia/ Music City in Conyers,GA.
The tour concludes with a show in the Philadelphia area at suburban Pine Hill,
New Jersey at the Pine Hill Recreation Center, 45 West Seventh Avenue, Pine
Hill, NJ

The show has an 8:15 pm bell time. The main event is NWA World Heavyweight
Champion Naoya Ogawa vs. IWA/Japan champion Dangerous Doug Gilbert.
You can check Expedia Maps at for a map and
driving directions to this show from your location. Come see the new NWA
Heavyweight Champion as he tours the United States, and meets Doug Gilbert here
in Pine Hill, NJ. For ticket and show information, call: (609) 435-8002

Saturday, June 5th features a show at St. John Vianney High School on Line Road
in Holmdel, NJ. For show information, call St. John Vianney High School's office
at (732) 739-0800
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