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Issue # 263

Date:  Sunday June 27th, 1999  7:51 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Nate Pelley of The Smackdown Newsletter
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The event, which took place live in Greensboro, NC, was another PPV success for the company. Here are your complete results:

-In a King of the Ring Quarterfinal match X-Pac defeated Hardcore Holly by DQ when Holly attacked X-Pac with a chair.

-In a King of the Ring Quarterfinal match Kane pinned "The Big Show" Paul Wight after a chair shot to the head, while the referee was out cold.

-In a King of the Ring Quarterfinal match "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn defeated "World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock when referee TEddie Long stopped the bout due to Shamrock's severe internal bleeding, caused by an attack from Steve Blackman earlier.

-In a King of the Ring Quarterfinal match "Road Dogg" Jesse James defeated "9th Wonder of the World" Chyna (with "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley) following the pump-handle slam.

-In a #1 Contender's Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles, The Hardy Boyz (with Michael Hayes) defeated the Brood (Edge & Christian) (with Gangrel) when Jeff pinned Edge following the Hardy-cutter. Gangrel had accidentally sprayed his red liquid into the eyes of Edge, setting up the pin.

-In a King of the Ring Semifinal match, "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn defeated Kane after "the Big Show" Paul Wight interfered and nailed Kane with a chair.

-In a King of the Ring Semifinal match, X-Pac pinned "Road Dogg" Jesse James following the X-Factor.

-WWF Champion The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) pinned The Rock following a
Tombstone piledriver to retain the title.

-In the King of the Ring Finals, "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn defeated X-Pac to become 1999 King of the Ring, pinning him following the Fame-asser from the second rope.

-Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a ladder match to gain 100% control of the WWF. Shane had been "injured" and replaced by "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman, but GTV revealed Shane and the Mean Street Posse joking in the back, and Shane was forced to wrestle by Shawn Michaels.
Pro wrestling becomes object of inner strife
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, June 27, 1999

Professional wrestling, it seems, has become an easy target of late for a litigious, lawsuit-happy society that's constantly searching for someone or something to blame. Recent events have opened the business to critical media scrutiny. Violence, lawsuits, sex, scandal and death have dominated the headlines and provided fodder for the masses.

The business, though, has been attacked from the inside as well. Equally unsettling has been the stance taken by some who have benefited from the industry.

"Professional wrestling has become a sleazy display of graphic violence, sexual themes and dangerous stunts," Martha Hart, widow of Owen Hart, recently said in announcing a 46-count lawsuit against the WWF and others.

Rena Mero, the artist formerly known as Sable, also blasted the business in a TV Guide cover story, defending her choice to refuse to expose her breasts in the ring despite posing nude for Playboy.

"There is a time and place for that," said Mero, who recently filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWF. "I do not feel like in the middle of a wrestling arena where they're serving alcohol and there are screaming fans, including children in the front row - I don't feel that is the proper place to be exposed. Posing for Playboy for me was a classy and tasteful thing to do."=

On the surface their points are well taken. There are certain facts, however, that cannot be easily dismissed. Both financially prospered, directly or indirectly, through their association with the wrestling business.

Owen Hart made a living - a good one at that - by participating in an industry that his wife now vilifies. It was his involvement in the business that for 13 years put food on the table and secured the dream home they were to have moved into a week after his tragic death.

Martha Hart told her hometown
Calgary Sun newspaper that "Owen was not a tacky, sleazy wrestler," and said on the Larry King show that she and Owen lived a "different kind of lifestyle where our children go to a private school with reputable people." While she certainly can be excused for making such statements in her heart-wrenching time of grief, the fact remains that Owen chose to work for the WWF and wrestling had always been a major part of his life. He loved the business and proved it by traveling the world and mastering nearly every pro style.

Rena Mero, as well, achieved fame and fortune as a result of her notoriety in the wrestling business. Magazine spreads, television roles and lucrative public appearances never would have materialized had the WWF not placed the character Sable in the pro wrestling spotlight. She earned nearly $1 million last year largely through exploiting her body. She had little wrestling or acting ability, but through the business was able to land Playboy and TV Guide covers and a WWF-marketed "Sable Unleashed" video that was one of the top sports videos of the year.

Perhaps Rena Mero, who some colleagues viewed as arrogant and aloof, could have elicited more sympathy had she turned down this exploitation from the beginning rather than allowing herself to be marketed and making a fortune off that exploitation.

One would be blind to the truth to deny that major problems exist in the business and need to be corrected. But to assert, as some critics have, that the wrestling business killed Owen Hart is unfair, just as it is to claim that the industry forced Rena Mero to compromise her values.

Owen Hart didn't die in a stunt designed to pop ratings, nor was his death related to other serious problems in the business such as drug use, violence or sex aimed at young children who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. His Blue Blazer gimmick had no other purpose than to spoof the competition, namely Hulk Hogan and Sting, which makes his death more senseless.

Hopefully there is a greater lesson to be learned. The human costs have escalated out of control, and its clear that the business needs to put on the brakes. The demand to produce more television and more compelling television has taken a toll on both management and performers, with the human byproducts being increasing injury and divorce rates, morale problems and drug overdoses. The Owen Hart tragedy provided a convenient springboard to talk about the business and changed many people's perceptions of wrestling as a harmless TV soap opera. What many are now seeing is a business consisting of antisocial images exemplified by the leading federation's glorification of its major star who mocks religion (Austin 3:16) and whose trademark middle-figure gesture is a staple on Monday night cable television, along with liberal doses of sex, Satanism, violence and vulgarity.

• ACW will present a six-match card Saturday night bc July 3ec at
Burke High School. The main event will pit local mat legend Burrhead Jones and Carolina Twisters head coach Martin Williams against The Gambler and Bubba Shults. Tony Charles will serve as guest referee.

Also on the show: The Menace vs. Johnny Blade for the ACW title; Wildcat vs. Big Jack Spurrs; Hoss vs. The Spoiler; Crazy Train vs. Kevin Anderson; and Jess Bradley vs. Tank Abrams. Also on tap will be a 15-man, $5,000 battle royal.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail at mooneyham. More wrestling news with Mike Mooneyham is avail=
able every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline. The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18 must get parental permission before dialing.
Written by reader: TheROQsez
I have been a very loyal supporter of WCW for the past several years. I have attended all Nitro's in the Superdome, and this was by far the worst show I have ever seen, in person or on television. I am forced to say that the WWF is providing the better product by far at this time. The WCW just doesn't get it. Master P may be a chartbuster for rap music lovers, but there is absolutely no entertainment value to his association with wrestling. The crowd, except for a few seemingly misplaced fans, were totally turned off by his singing, the birthday party, and their participation in the tag match. Enough said. It isn't working and is geared to a limited crowd who does not seem to be the base audience for WCW.

The other matches were awfully lame. There seemed to be no solid storylines being followed or developed other than the Flair group versus the Bagwell group. The Sting/Nash/Macho/Sid angle seems to be going nowhere fast. The match with Sting and Sid was so short and meaningless. What an insult for the main event. After the cameras went off, Sting told the Madness group, "If you guys don't like it, I got two words for ya...." and of course the crowd yelled "suck it!". Lex seemed upset that Sting had said this. He refused to address Sting or the Superdome crowd after being coaxed by Sting to do some mic work. As Bobby Heenan departed, Sting passed Heenen, who also seemed upset by Sting's actions, and had a verbal exchange with him. What was Stink thinking? The WWF is getting over on its own without his help.

All in all this show stunk up the Superdome and that is hard to do since the Saints have been doing it for so long. When I got home, I watched the tape of RAW that I had set up and was thoroughly entertained. Good wrestling action, crisp angles, showmanship, etc. The WWF is clearly the better product at this time. Even ECW is more entertaining! It is hard to believe how the powers that be at WCW can do so poorly when they have a talent pool that is better and larger than the other federations. ECW should not even be close to WCW, but even they are more entertaining at this point!!
Southern States Wrestling, Summer Bash 99, Sat. July 10th, 8:15 PM
Civic Auditorium in Kingsport TN

Main Event - SSW Title vs $1,000, Champion Iron Cross vs.Beau James
w/PJ SharpIron Cross says he will throw the money to the crowd!!!!!

TAG TITLES, The Christian Brothers vs. Death & Destruction vs. The 1st Family

Appalachian Title - The War Machine vs. Rock n Roll Ricky Harrison
7ft, 270 lbs "Big" Ron Ray vs.
Germany's Heinrich Franz Keller and more!!!

Tickets go on sale July 1st at
CATS CDS, 1711 Ft. Henry DR. in Kingsport

Be sure to watch SSW on Sunday July 18th at 2PM on UPN 30 WAPK. Join Chip
Kessler and the SSW stars for all the action.

All dates and lineups are subject to change.
Aug. 4, Haysi, VA Dickson Co. Fair
Beau James, Iron Cross, War Machine and more
Sat. Aug. 7th, Kingsport, TN Civic Auditorium All The SSW Stars.....TV Taping
New Dimension Wrestling in Thomasville, NC this Sat. night
New Dimension Wrestling will be returning to Thomasville, NC this Sat.,
night, July 3rd, with another huge live t.v. taping wrestling show at the National Guard Armory (off of National Highway), 7:30p.m. belltime.

Over 25 NDW Wrestling superstars are scheduled to appear including Venom,
Beastmaster Rick Link, Otto Schwanz, Cham Pain w/Sheri, Nite-Stic Eddie
Brown, Dirty White Boy, Toad, Chilly Willy, "Loose Cannon" Gunner,
Gravedigger, Mr. Excellent, and more.

Advance tickets are available now at Southwest Expressions (Archdale)
336-434-5659 or at
Hix Insurance Center (S. Main St., High Point)
336-882-3310. Tickets will also be available at the armory the day of the =

wrestling show. Call the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921 or
on the worldwide web at for more information.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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