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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 265

Date:  Sunday July 4th, 1999  9:07 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By Steve Appy
As many of you may have heard, WWF.COM has announced that Chris Jericho
has signed a multi-year contract with the WWF (details undisclosed,
believed to be for three years). Did
Jericho make the right decision?

I imagine it wasn't an easy decision, though.
Jericho has written
about his strong Christian beliefs in the past, and its possible
(probably likely) that he has objections to the WWF's shock television
Jericho might have objections to the
de-emphasis on workrate and actual wrestling. He might now look
forward to the road schedule (250 days a year on the road could do

Jericho knows that McMahon has a long-standing fetish for size (unique to a level of its own
in the already muscle obsessed wrestling culture). With the exception
of Shawn Michaels, someone as small as
Jericho has never been given a
franchise push in the WWF.
Despite some huge successes in getting over talent, there are many
notable failures (Vader, Dustin Runnells, and Marc Mero were all once
considered can't misses). While
Jericho must have agonized over his
decision, WCW helped make it clear.

Even now, WCW is not interested in elevating their overlooked mid-card
talent. The old vs. young feud fizzled when Randy Savage refused to
be involved, leaving Buff Bagwell as the only "youngster" who benefited
from it (and we'll see if its long-term).
WCW is suffering from declining revenues across the board, and they
feel the solution lies with the returning Hogan, Goldberg, Hart & Luger.
Would Lex Luger agree to put
Jericho over in a program? Probably not,
he refused to do the same for Kidman.

Even Goldberg, the Franchise, refused to even work a program with
Jericho. Goldberg was going to go over, he wasn't going to do any
jobs. His refusal was based on a fear of selling to the much smaller
Jericho and looking weak in the process; when would Jericho be given
his chance?

Maybe not ever, at least in WCW. One of the more promising young stars
in years, compared favorably to Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels, has left
WCW because he was considered a Cruiserweight and felt that he wouldn't
ever be given a real chance. Will WCW learn from this lesson and
promptly elevate Chris Benoit, Booker T and Billy Kidman to main event
programs? No, the declining revenues will undergo a spin, and shock
will be expressed that Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko can't deliver the
ratings (especially when they wrestle Bobby Duncam Jr. & Scotty Riggs
for 17 minutes). Why do I feel that it will get worse before it get's
By Jim Ross
(For the week of July 2, 1999)
Reported at

Chris Jericho’s signing by the WWF is a tremendous accomplishment by
those involved with the recruiting of and negotiations with this
talented young man.
Jericho is one of the game’s brightest young stars
and will be given the opportunity to reach his potential here in the
WWF, unlike his current employer. Chris has many talents inside the
ring, however, his greatest attributes are his character and attitude.
Some have compared
Jericho to a young Shawn Michaels, however, I don’t
see it that way at all. Both men have comparable physical skills but
have totally different personalities and approaches to their work. In
other words, Chris Jericho should be given a fair chance to get over on
his own abilities and not because he is a HBK clone. Don’t get me
wrong…Shawn Michaels was (and could be again) an amazing performer, but
Chris Jericho is his own man and will cast his own shadow.
debut has not been finalized but Chris’ creative gameplan has been
discussed, in the advent that he would sign, for months.

News and notes:
Stone Cold Steve Austin will throw out the first pitch for the Yankees
vs. Mets subway series baseball game on Saturday, July 10. The Rock
will throw out the first pitch on August 1 in
Pittsburgh for the

The Big Bossman is set to do an appearance on
America’s Most Wanted to
air July 10 on

The WWF/MTV partnership is growing, highlighted by WWF Week on MTV on
August 9. Several WWF-themed programs will be featured. Triple H and
Chyna are two of the superstars to be featured.

Catch a variety of WWF superstars on the TV Guide Channel on July
19-25, every half-hour. Great promotional tool for July 25’s Fully
Loaded on Pay-Per-View.

The WWF is close in securing a marketing partnership with the National
Football League.

Good old JR was interviewed Friday by Sports Illustrated for a future
article about our talent’s former athletic careers and our talent
development program.

One out of every six homes watching cable television Monday were
watching the final minutes of RAW! I think that’s an all-time record.

UPN’s launch of SmackDown on Thursday, August 26 will not only be
highlighted by extensive promotion on UPN, but particularly outside the
network. SmackDown may be produced a little less edgy than RAW but not

Over 22,000 tickets have been sold for the October 11 RAW in
Georgia Dome. After the October RAW, the WWF returns to my old stomping
grounds in February of 2000. WCW officials made several calls to the
box office in
Atlanta the day tickets went on sale to see how the WWF
was doing. The reply was, reportedly, "WOW!"

The WWF’s October 2 Pay-Per-View in the
UK will be in Birmingham and
will be entitled "WWF Rebellion." Tickets just went on sale and
probably won’t last long.

EARLY estimates indicate that the ’99 King of the Ring delivered
approximately 440,000 buys. This would make last week’s event the best
King of the Ring ever. The ladder match was really excellent but I
personally thought some of the other bouts did not deliver what was
expected. Can’t fault the effort, it was just one of those nights.
That’s my opinion.

The WWF has hired a full time athletic trainer from Health South.

The WWF is getting new TV in
Puerto Rico.

Brian Christopher is back home in
Memphis after successful surgery to
repair a torn
ACL. Brian might have the time now to campaign for Jerry
Lawler’s possible race for Mayor of Memphis. Brian is expected to be
out of action for about three months.

Expect legal action to be filed against Rena Mero regarding the "Sable"
trademark which the WWF owns. I can’t wait for the depositions for this
lawsuit and neither can others I’ve spoken with recently. Things are
not always as they seem. Of course, that’s just my personal opinion and
I could be wrong (thanks Dennis Miller.) Both Mero’s are still under
contract to the WWF, if anyone is keeping score.

I’m personally happy that Paul Heyman’s ECW has a national cable outlet
starting soon on TNN. ECW, through Paul’s tireless efforts, hard work
by their wrestlers and a wonderful support by ECW fans deserve a break.
I wish them luck.

The WWF has spoken to several of its performers about getting into
better physical condition, dropping excess pounds and elevating their
in-ring work ethic. That’s not too much to ask because our fans deserve
nothing less and should not accept anything less.

By the way, morale is super in the WWF locker room, unlike other
organizations where leadership is weak and too many cooks reside in the
kitchen. One reaps what one sows, doesn’t one?

No immediate plans for Jarrett and Debra to split contrary to what I’ve

Expect significant roster changes within the WWF soon. Some folks,
unfortunately, are not going to make it…and new arrivals are being
planned as well.

The development of JR’s BBQ sauce is ongoing. Seriously. See you in a
week! Thanks!
JULY 2, 1999 - CHICAGO, IL
Visit my Home Page:

The show began with clips from last week. We saw Steve Corino introduce
Rhino to take on Taz, however, Taz tore Rhino a new means of emptying
his body waste, destroying him with a TazMissionPlex thru a table and
the TazMission; and Lance Storm calling in the favor owed him by Jerry
Lynn. He asked
Lynn to lay down for Justin Credible, thereby allowing
Credible a World TV shot tonight v. Rob Van Dam.
Lynn agreed, but
double-crossed Storm and Credible and ended up defeating Credible.
Storm and Credible then beat
Lynn up and Storm took the title shot as
payment for the favor, since
Lynn didn't lay down. See my ECW TV
June 25, 1999, for complete details.

After the regular ECW opening, The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray (
BBR), D-Von,
Sign Guy, and their advisor Joel "I could eat Visera and Big Sal E. and
still have room for dessert" Gertner, who was still playing Phantom Of
The Opera, were in the ring.
BBR was ripping n the crowd as he told
them "You all look like a bunch of pussies." The crowd responded with a
chant of "You suck."
BBR came back with "ChiTown sucks, it is a city
full of losers, the White Sox suck, the cubs haven't done a G-d damn
thing in 80 years, if Dick Butkus was here, I'd punch him in the mouth
and if Steve McMichaels was here, D-Von would make him his bitch." The
question now is will
Chicago declare war on Dudleyville, and if they
did, what would there be there worth bombing and how could you tell if
anything was destroyed?
BBR will not be named Chicago's favorite
visitor anytime soon.

After a commercial, Little Spike Dudley (LSD) was in the ring holding
an Acme Steel Chair, and The Dudley's at ringside.
BBR told LSD this
was a tag team match and he needed a partner, and could pick anyone in
the building. Balls Mahoney came out carrying his trusty Acme "Balls
Special" Steel Chair. The crowd chanted "Balls" and we had our first
match: LSD and Balls v. The Dudley Boyz (C),
BBR and D-Von for the ECW
Tag Team Championship. Balls took the mic and said he wanted to make it
a Chicago Street Fight, Falls Count Anywhere in the Building. The
Dudley Boyz were only too happy to accept and the match got underway
with all four men going at it. LSD paired off with
BBR and Balls with
D-Von. LSD nailed
BBR with a Huricanrana and Balls caught him with a
kick as he came down and sent him to the floor. The action was at such
a pace that it was virtually impossible for anyone to keep up with the
four men. LSD and
BBR fought in the ring and BBR hit LSD with a Bubba
Slam. Sign Guy threw him a cheese grater and he ran it across LSD's
face. This got us our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey.
BBR yelled "Did,
Spike die." That didn't seem like a half-brotherly thing to say. He
followed with another rake of the cheese grater and LSD's face turned
into a crimson mask as blood poured out all over it. Meanwhile out on
the floor, D-Von was pounding Balls. LSD fought back with a low blow to
BBR's Little Dudley's and hit a flying body block that sent BBR to the
floor. LSD picked up the cheese grater and returned the favor on
and we had matching faces full of blood. Balls and D-Von were in the
ring and D-Von torn away at Balls' face. LSD came off the apron and hit
BBR with a chair shot. D-Von charged Balls in a corner and ate his
boot. Balls got a fork and tested D-Von's back and shoulders to see if
he was done. LSD and
BBR fought up into the crowd as a chant of "ECW"
broke out. Balls and D-Von went out to the floor and eventually into
the crowd also.
BBR was pounding his pint side half brother with his
fists, as blood continued pouring from both of them. Commercial time.

When we got back, LSD was up in the balcony and dove about 15 feet onto
BBR, hitting Balls as well. This got us "Oh, my G-d" number two from
little Joey. It appears he is back to the entire phrase. All four
fought their way back to the ring.
BBR hit LSD with a chair shot on the
BBR pounded Balls, but Balls fought back with a nice combination
Spine Buster/Power Bomb, and LSD almost pinned
BBR as a result. Next up
were stereo face first slams by LSD and Balls.
BBR pounded on LSD, who
hit an Acid Drop on him, at he same time Balls nailed D-Von with a
Nutcracker Suite, but amazingly both
Dudley's kicked out of pinning
attempts. Sign Guy came in and regretted it as Balls sent him back out
in a hurry. The
Dudley's nailed LSD with a 3D Dudley Death Drop, but
Balls made the save. As the Dudley's and LSD lay on the mat, Balls went
under the ring, got and brought a table in and opened it. He poured a
bunch of thumb tacks onto the table and poured lighter (?) fluid onto
it. Barbecue time. He was set to ignite the table, but
BBR stopped him.
Balls set
BBR up for a Power Bomb and at the same time reached into his
pocket for matches. D-Von stopped him. D-Von ignited the table and
planted Balls on it with a major Bubba Bomb, putting him thru the
flames and destroying the table. Balls was pinned in the smoldering
debris. The crowd chanted "Holy Sh*t" and then "ECW." The Dudley left
with the Belts and LSD pulled a sh*t load of tacks out of Balls back
and @$$. The crowd chanted "Balls." Joey called Balls real "Hardcore."

Winners - The Dudley Boyz - Retain the ECW Tag Team Titles
Loser - Balls Mahoney - he still hasn't learned that playing with
the Dudley's is hazardous to his health
Winners - The crowd and TV audience - if they like Hardcore action
Loser - Joel Gertner - Need I say more?

Joey said that on next weeks show from Philadelphia, we will see a No
Holds Barred, Extreme Swimsuit Showdown, between Francine and Dawn
Marie Bytch.

The next match was for the ECW TV Championship between Lance Storm,
accompanied by "Dawn Marie, my personal Bytch," and Rob Van Dam
(RVD)(C), accompanied by manager Bill Alfonso. Dawn Marie pranced
around and shook her booty for the crowd. Joey said Sabu was in Japan
because he is still barred from arenas in the USA, as a result of
actions by Justin Credible and Lance Storm. RVD got his usual big pop
when he was introduced. The match began with an arm wringer by Storm,
that RVD reversed into one of his own, followed by a side kick an arm
bar. Storm countered with a series of punches. RVD hit a flying
cross-body and they next exchanged a series of chain moves. Storm
landed a front kick, RVD came back with a Monkey Flip that sent Storm
to the floor to slow things down. He got back in and RVD applied a head
lock and after Storm broke it, caught him with a shoulder block. Storm
applied a single leg Boston Crab. Alfonso chased Dawn Marie around the
ring. Storm saw it and released the hold to go out after him. As he ran
around the ring, RVD hit him with a Corkscrew Guillotine Leg Drop
coming off the apron. Joey called the chase a setup for the move. RVD
went out after Storm and Irish Whipped him into the guard rail. RVD
liked it so much that he did it again. RV charged at Storm. Storm
ducked and RVD flew into the crowd. RVD came back and snapped Storm's
neck on the guard rail, and then came off the guard rail onto Storm.
Back in the ring RVD hit a shoulder block, but got caught on the top
turn buckle and crotched, followed by a Superplex. RVD landed a kick,
but took a Super Kick from Storm, who then went for a pin. Storm
punched away at RVD and RVD fired back with a few of his own. Storm hit
RVD with a face first slam and again went for a pin. Storm played
basketball with RVD's head on the top turn buckle. They crisscrossed in
the ring and Storm ended up on the apron, where he took a hit and flew
face first into the guard rail. As he tried to get back in, RVD hit
Storm with a kick to the face. Storm went to the top turn buckle and
came off with a flying Clothesline and once again tried for a cover.
Storm pressed his boot into the back of RVD's neck. The crowd tried to
get RVD going as they broke into a chant of "RVD." Storm punched away
at RVD as we headed to Commercial land.

When we got back, we saw RVD land one of his patented moves, a Tumbling
Senton Splash and try for a pin. Alfonso ran across the ring and left a
chair in the middle. RVD hit an Inverted Atomic Drop and introduced
Storm's face to the Acme label on the chair. RVD sat Storm on the top
rope, went to the top turn buckle, Alfonso held a chair in front of
Storm's face and we were set to see a VanDaminator. Sorry folks, Justin
Credible raced to ringside and planted his Singapore Cane in RVD's
Face. The lights in the arena went out. Arena about to see The
Undertaker or Kane? The lights came back on and Sabu was in the ring.
Guess Joey telling us he was in Japan was a clue that he was in the
house. He was blasting Storm and Credible seven ways to Sunday. The
crowd chanted "Sabu." We then saw Air Sabu: Sabu with a leap off a
chair in the ring, off the top rope and onto Credible in the crowd. He
brought Credible over the guard rail and threw him into another one. A
table had been set up from the apron to the guard rail, and Sabu put
Credible on it. Sabu went back into the ring and again came off the
chair with a Somersault onto Credible and the cash register at The Acme
Table and Chair Co. rang again. Storm and RVD were in the ring and
exchanging punches. Jerry Lynn came in carrying yet another Acme Chair.
He swung in and both men ducked. The chair stopped between them. RVD
grabbed the opportunity and blasted Storm with a VanDaminator. RVD went
to a top turn buckle and hit Storm with a Five Star Frog Splash and
pinned him to retain the title. Joey wondered who Lynn was swinging the
chair at.

Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retains the ECW TV Championship
Winners - The fans and viewers
Loser - Anyone who missed the match (and show)

An action packed program ended at that point.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

Copyright- Steve Appy of The Wrestling Booking Sheet ©1998, 1999, 2000


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