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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 266

Date:  Sunday July 11th, 1999  12:23 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Below is Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found at his
official website

With this being his farewell to WCW, definitely some interesting
comments (although very diplomatic)...

NP:Annihilator-Criteria For A Black Widow
Hello Jerichoholics!

its been a crazy week to say the least!!!!!!

.. Well after months of prayer and serious deliberation, I have decided
to sign with the World Wrestling Federation. After the word got out
last Wednesday, I was besieged with messages and emails from fans all
over the world. Most of you were excited, many of you were surprised
and some of you were sad and disappointed. My only response is that at
this point in my career, I feel that the WWF is the best place for
Chris Jericho to be.

Besides that, when I first began having problems with the powers that
be in WCW, I prayed to the Lord to lead me where he wanted me to be.
For whatever reason, the WWF is where he led me and I am very, very
excited to be a part of this company.

When I was growing up, the WWF (along with Stu Hart's Stampede
Wrestling) was my favorite wrestling company and I gained my
appreciation and respect for this business from watching it. My dream
was always to one day wrestle there and add to its great lineage.

I always wanted to wrestle in
Madison Square Garden, where my father
fought many a battle on its famed ice. I always wanted to wrestle in
Winnipeg arena, where I witnessed so many classic matches. Now,
I'll get that opportunity. I can't wait to make my debut inside of a
WWF ring and do what I do best: entertain all of the Jerichoholics. My
convictions and beliefs won't change, neither will my style! I'll
still be amusing and amazing you, just in a different forum!!

I'm sad to be leaving WCW, I've made many good friends there. Thanks
to Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero JR, Billy
Kidman, Disco Inferno, David Penzer, Raven, Konnan, Mysterio, Saturn
and all of the other guys who made my life on the road so much easier.
I'll miss you guys and I hope we can work together again really soon.
Thanks to all of the crew who made me look so good on the tube.
Without these guys, there would be no show for all of us to watch!
Thanks to JJ Dillon and Kevin Nash, It was great working with you guys.

Most importantly, thanks to Eric Bischoff for giving me the opportunity
to work for his great company. I appreciate all that he did for me and
I hope we can work together again some day!

All right, enough mushy stuff! I can't wait to return to the ring and
start stirring up some trouble again! I guarantee that I will give my
all to turn the whole WWF upside down and teach the uninitiated what a
Jerichoholic is all about!!!

All hail the King baby!!

How about
ONE MILLION HITS daddio!!!!!!! We've had fifty thousand in
the past week to put us way over. This is awesome, we've gone platinum
in 19 short months! You guys are the greatest and this site is only
gonna get ginchier in the future!

The movie of the week is Big Daddy. Way better than Waterboy. Sandler
and Steve Buscemi always work great together!
Hannibal was a good
book, but I don't know if I dig the ending. Next week, more thoughts
on the WWF and on Fozzy Ozbourne.

God bless you guys and be good to one another!
Chris Jericho
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The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)

THE GOOD........
1) WWF's Signing of Chris Jericho.
A quality move and a necessary one at that. Although
Jericho was a mid
carder in WCW, he has monster potential and with the sparse group of
superstars in the WWF Jericho should have a rapid rise to stardom.

2) ECW on TNN.
Being on the West Coast, my only chance to see ECW is on PPV's or a
rare video tape recorded by a loyal East Coast fan. With that said, I
am excited to see the "Hardcore" style of wrestling that ECW provides.
This is also an opportunity for Paul Heyman to make ECW a serious
threat to its big brothers, WWF & WCW.

THE BAD.......
1) Sid Vicious.
What another brilliant addition by WCW. It wasn't like they had enough
over payed, juiced up has beens. This guy is garbage and always has
been. It is sad to watch him parade around after being in WCW for less
than a month while far more talented workers get shoved downward even
farther. When WCW eventually falls to 3rd place in the ratings war I
will only laugh.

1) Randy Savage.
July 5th WCW Nitro had a disturbing conclusion. For whatever reason,
WCW felt it was appropriate to show Savage hitting and kicking two
women (Torrie Wilson & GG) backstage. SICKENING!!!!! I do not want to
be a hypocrite because I am one of the few fans who actually defend
some of wrestling's controversial storylines and over the top adult
entertainment, but there is nothing entertaining about showing a 260 lb
wrestler beating on two helpless women. First off, men abusing women
is a far too common practice in this filthy country of ours and for WCW
to even incorporate it into a meaningless conclusion to a 3 hour show
is WRONG!!!! Why?? What does it prove?? Maybe Savage felt
indifferent about it because he cracks his women on a regular basis,
just like picking up the morning paper. WCW tries to avoid the WWF
approach to wrestling televison and when they do take a more over the
top angle, they drop the ball completely. How very WCW of them.
Visit my Home Page:

In my never ending battle for truth, justice and the SamJerry way,
following is a review of the real highlights of last night's NITRO and

Item: Bret Hart returned: In the most stirring moment of NITRO, Bret
Hart made his first appearance on NITRO since the unfortunate
accidental death of his brother Owen. With everyone expecting him to
announce his return to action, Bret said he still hasn't decided on his
future and he paid tribute to Owen. While never the biggest fan of Bret
Hart, I have always admired his honesty and commitment to excellence.
Last night he reinforced those views. The prevailing thought is that he
will return and win the WCW Championship. It is interesting that WCW
scheduled his talk at the end of the first hour. They have done this in
the past with other things they thought would keep viewers from
switching to RAW and have consistently failed. My personal view is that
this cheapened a very emotional moment and if past performance holds
true, may have actually cut down on the number of people that watched
his entire talk. It would have been better to have Hart speak earlier
in the hour so that his words could have been heard in their entirety
without the risk of viewers switching.

Item: Roody Rolly, er Rowdy Roddy Piper slipping further: The Ancient
Piper is showing his age more and more. During his rant he slipped and
started to call World Championship Wrestling "World Wrestling .... ,"
and then reversed "Rap is Crap" to "Crap is Rap." He caught himself in
both cases and quickly corrected his mistakes trying to make them
appear as if it was what he intended to say, but it looks like his
verbal skills are going as fast as his wrestling skills. In his prime
he could rant on and on and never blow a syllable. He eventually
challenged Buffy to a boxing match at Bash At The Beach. In that way he
can make an appearance on the PPV, not have to wrestle and further show
how his age and hip replacement have reduced his ring skills. It is
time for him to take a less demanding role.

Item: Stereo Sting Lives: Proving that they can keep repeating an old
gimmick that everyone has tired of, WCW resorted to the multiple Sting
routine again. This time it was so foolish that only four people in the
world could take part in it and appear to believe that the real Sting
was in the ring talking to The Ancient Piper and Mumbles; Piper,
Mumbles, Fat Tony and Booby The Brain Dead. How they were able to keep
a straight face is beyond me. How WCW could allow the four of them to
make such fools out of themselves is an even bigger question. Faux
Sting looked less like Sting than Madusa does. Then again considering
the four involved, maybe they did think it was the real Sting.

Item: The Buffed Macho Man abuses women: To close the show, Big Soxy
told The Buffed Macho Man that he could find his bimbo, or what was
left of her, in Big Soxy's dressing room. What did our hero do? He
charged into the room and physically abused Gorgeous George and Tori
Wilson. Whether a work or not, this is a definite no-no. If we are
concerned about what kids are seeing on wrestling programs, this is one
thing we shouldn't be showing them. I consider this 1,000 times worse
than language or nudity.

Item: The Cat and Jerry Flynn put crowd to sleep: In their never ending
quest to put over a man who has less chance of it than Slobodan
Milosivic in Kosovo, Good King Eric (GKE) and the WCW Booking Committee
foisted a kickboxing match between The Cat, who arguably is the most
disliked man in wrestling (with respects to Dirtbag Doophus Page), and
Jerry Flynn. The sounds you heard from the crowd between the snores
were chants of "Boring." When will they ever learn? And to think GKE
was reportedly set to give this loser the US Title. Even Little Slick
deserves it more, if that's humanly possible.

Item: Lenny Lane and Lodi came out of the closet: Literally, that's
exactly what they did. These two make a very convincing couple.
However, I question WCW's going the gay route. The WWF played with it
for a while with Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor, reportedly even
considering a gay marriage. They dropped it because of the a feared
backlash. Why family oriented WCW would use this angle is very puzzling.

Item: McMahon's offer to Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA): McMahon made
an offer that SCSA couldn't refuse. If The Undertaker defeats SCSA and
wins the WWF Title at Fully Loaded, SCSA will never again get a title
shot, however, if SCSA wins, we will never see or hear from McMahon
again. Could our dreams be answered and this be the last of our
favorite "@$$hole? Don't bet your last bottle of Surge or can of Chef
Boy-R-Dee on it. We are saddled with McMahon's sorry @$$ for all
eternity. I think it is a punishment from Biblical times, akin to
Noah's flood and Pharaoh's Plagues.

Item: Another fine female joins the WWF ranks: Last week we were
introduced to Chaz, who was Beaver Cleavage and Headbanger Mosh in
previous lives. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Marianna. She
matches up with any of the other females in wrestling, and is certainly
a whole lot better looking than Debra. Last night she confronted Debra
when she decided to let The Puppies breathe. I was hoping for a cat
fight between them, but alas it wasn't to be. One can only hope that
she will be around for a while and possibly see action in the women's

Item: The Hardy Boyz are the new WWF Tag Team Champions: Proving hard
work and talent pay off, The Hardy Boyz, Jeff and Matt, defeated The
Acolytes last night to become WWF Tag Team Champions. While undersized
by today's standards, they have displayed a lot of talent and have
quickly become Internet favorites. If the WWF reads things on the
Internet as they say they do, this may have contributed to The Hardy
Boyz victory. It is another case of youth being served. WCW take
Written by reader: Chris Fitzpatrick (JlBt911)
1) Having read the 2 most recent Booking Sheets, I've become annoyed at
something for the 1st time since the newsletters inception.
Complaining. Constant complaining by columnists and readers about
wrestling being a "sleazy business." Please. I've read complaining
about WWF and WCW angles, which are designed to attract fans, becoming
stale. Well, these columns, designed to make people read the
newsletter, are becoming the same way- constant attacks on Pro
Wrestling and debates on its ethics. THE
the death of Owen Hart, people have found it increasingly difficult to
enjoy a form of entertainment that works day in, day out to make its
fans happy. Yes, I do miss the days when Bret Hart leaped out of the
ring and placed his pink sunglasses on a young fans head, but thinkof
it- I was about 12 or 13 when he did this in his prime-
Intercontinental titles &
all. I'm 17 now. When I was younger is when the last big boom in
wrestling occured was. The industry is growing up with the same fans
that made it rich years ago. There's nothing worng here. I say stop
analyzing and get back into enjoying what is brought to us.

2) WCW, an industry of unnessecary interruptions for Nitro Girl
dancing, terrible music videos such as the constant running of Konnan's
jumping car crap, and now, Master P and DJ Ran. Fans hate it. THE
FACT OF THE MATTER IS...neither the WWF nor the WCW has what it takes
to put on a solid 3 hours wrestling program outside of a pay-per-view.
The difference is that the WWF doesn't attempt it. The answer to WCW's
problems are simple- no more 3 hours shows flaunting constant
interruptions. Fans want wrestling, give'm 2 hours of quality
entertainment, not 3 hours of spaced out, challen-sufr inducing Vegas

3) Last but not least, what goes around comes around. I've heard
people complaining about the WCW ripping off the WWF in every way/angle
possible. THE
FACT OF HE MATTER IS...the scorpion Death Lock came
before the Sharpshooter, the Diamond Cutter came before the Stone Cold
Stunner, and
TRUE hardcore has always been WCW (i.e: Cactus Jack vs
Vader in a Texas Death Match, Sting vs Jake Roberts in a Barbed Wire
Match, etc...) , Ric Flair, not Shawn Michales, was the first 60-minute
man of wrestling, and Forest Gump, not Steve Austin, coined "and that's
all I have to say about that."
WCW House Show results for July 9, 1999
Macon Coliseum in Macon, GA
By James Liipfert (liipfert)
To subscribe to a great wrestling newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
t-s-p-subscribe for your free subscription to the
Sharpshooter Press.

-Kenny Kaos and Chip Minton battled to a time-limit draw.
Absolutely worst match of the night. Minton got a fairly good pop
considering he is from Macon.

-David Taylor d. Erik Watts with a double-underhook suplex.
Taylor was getting huge heel heat. Watts was getting some face pops,
but not much. This match was very slow, and Taylor finally put us out
of our misery with a double-underhook suplex into a crade for the

-Prince Iaukea d. Fit Finlay with a roll-up.
Both competitors were pretty much booed. This match made three
boring matches, and I let the people know by starting several
''boooring'' chants.

-Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit d. Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon by
Malenko and Benoit got huge face pops, and Bam Bam/Kanyon got good pops
well. This was by far the best match of the night. You really can't
appreciate Benoits chops unless you hear them 20 feet away. They are
awesome. After Benoit hit the diving headbutt on Kanyon, Bigelow broke
up the count with the title belt and the ref called for the bell. Lousy
ending for the best match of the night.

-Goldberg interview
Goldberg said he didn't have the doctor's clearance to wrestle, but he
had a replacement who might get a few cheers, and announced WCW World
Kevin Nash.

-Buff Bagwell d. Rick Steiner with a roll-up in a non-title match.
Buff received the loudest pop thus far. If you sneezed, you missed this
match. It was hardly two minutes of actual wrestling. Rick seemed
annoyed after I started a few "We Want Scotty" chants.

-Kevin Nash d. Diamond Dallas Page with the Jacknife Powerbomb to
retain the WCW World Title.
This was a fairly good match with Nash getting a huge pop, with DDP
getting a few cheers as well. Towards the end of the match, Kanyon
brings a birthday cake to the ring for some unknown reason. DDP gets it
and goes after Nash with it, but Nash shoves it into DDP's face. Nash
then got up and hit the powerbomb on DDP for the victory. After the
match, Bam Bam was scooping ice cream off the mat and eating it. Kanyon
was throwing it on Penzer, pretty funny stuff.

Overall, the event was fair. The crowd was totally into it. Kind of
disappointing that there were only six matches.
Best pop: Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Buff Bagwell, Malenko/Benoit
Best heat: Dave Taylor, Rick Steiner, Fit Finlay
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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