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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 274

Date:  Sunday August 8th, 1999  9:11 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet


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With the WWF finally coming out with their long anticipated Public
Offering in the next few weeks, it makes sense to look at its
prospects. One of the major differences between the WWF and WCW is
their use of up and coming performers. Just about every one of the
young talent on the WWF roster is brought in and quickly put into an
angle. Some angles work better than others, but the fact that just
about every one of them is a household name tells you that they are
being promoted.

Consider those that can be considered young (most still in their
twenties and some in their early thirties) and you can instantly
recognize each of them and expect to see them on one or both of the
WWF's front line TV programs, RAW and Heat. With the advent if
SmackDown in the near future, they can be expected to be showcased

Edge, Christian, Gangrel, Val Venis, D-Lo Brown, Matt and Jeff Hardy,
Test, Mark Henry, Droz, Prince Albert, and the just arriving Vic
Grimes, who has already been seen on TV, make up the younger piece of
the puzzle. Add to this Mr. @$$, Steve Blackman, Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dogg
and The Rock, and the future looks bright. Plug in Chris (
Jericho and the roster of young talent is loaded. Some of the
established stars such as Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman, Jeff Jarrett,
Bradshaw and Stone Cold Steve Austin, to name a few are still in their
low to mid thirties and barring injury have their brightest years ahead
of them.

There are others who I have not included who also help brighten the
WWF's future prospects, including The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von,
just coming into the WWF from ECW, who have long careers ahead of them.
The point is that each and every one of them is included in the
mainstream of the WWF. Some have already held titles, and others are on
their way to one. This tells you that the Federation is being well run
and is a sign that the wrestlers are happy. Words from the locker room
are that for the most part, they are a happy bunch.

While the WWF Championship has rotated among some of the more
established star, it has not been closed to the younger ones, with The
Rock already having held the title on more than one occasion (and
future reigns inevitable), others are being groomed for it, with Triple H
expected to be the next one to hold it.

Contrast this with WCW and it takes a bit of thinking to name those in
their twenties that are on TV regularly, in an identifiable story line
or feud, and with prospects of gaining a title in the foreseeable
future. Those that come to mind that may still be in their twenties or
early thirties include Goldberg, Kidman, Disco Inferno, Evan
Kourageous, Kanyon,
Lodi, and Lenny Lane. Some of the Luchadores
qualify, however, with the exception of Rey Mysterio, Jr., and Juventud
Guerrera, seem to be used as "fillers." What's interesting is that most
of this group of younger stars are Cruiserweights.

The Titles in WCW appear to be reserved for a core group, with the WCW
Championship a long, if not impossible stretch, for any of the younger
wrestlers (excepting Goldberg). Some of them have held the lesser
titles (US and TV), but even these seem reserved for the older group.
One of the problems being that the WCW "guarantees" Title reigns in the
wrestlers contracts. The WWF has said that they do not follow this
practice and no one is guaranteed any title as part of their contracts.

If the old saying "Youth must be served" is true, then the WWF is on
the road to success and explains in part the disparity in the ratings
and other measurements between the two over the past two years. Both
have active programs to bring young talent in, with the WWF having a
"farm system" in place in
Memphis, as well as a private training
facility. Looking down the road, an investment in the WWF looks like it
might make sense. Of course, they must be able to sustain their
product, keep their people happy, continue developing new young talent
and keep the fans and viewers interested.
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Below we present Chris Jericho's latest commentary to his fans, found


NP:Michael Sweet-Michael Sweet

Hello Jerichoholics!

Well I just returned from my first visit of
Titan Towers in Stamford
, aka headquarters of the WWF. After one day, I am very excited
about my upcoming tenure and I'll tell ya exactly why.


That's it. That simple, that easy.

From my photo shoot, to my dealings with the production crew, wrestling
school staff, travel department, merchandising, to my meeting with JR
and Mr. Mcmahon himself, the organization was incredible. These
people were on the ball, professional to the T and most importantly
knew what had to be done, when and how to do it and how much time it
would take to get the optimum results.

There was also a great deal of time spent on detail, which is what
makes a company a success. its the little things that count. I'm not
saying everything is going to be perfect, but I'm already impressed
with the professionalism of my new company.

As much as WCW wishes (and even needs) it to be true, Sid Vicious is
most definitely NOT the millennium man.

This Monday's Raw should be a monumental show though. Be prepared for
a plethora 'o surprises to be sure!

Well, last Friday was the tribute show for my good friend and referee
extraordinare, Brian Hildebrand. Such luminaries as Shane Douglas,
Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Al Snow, D Lo Brown, Cactus
Jack, Kidman, Candido, Sunny and so many others lent their time to make
the show a great success!

It was a blast working against Terry Taylor and suffice it to say, I
picked up my first win in about four months. Hootie (and the Blowfish)

Thanks to all of the rockers who survived the infernal heat and
attended the matches.

The Blair Witch was absolutely awesome! The beauty of it was, you were
scared of what you didn't see rather than what you saw. its gonna
give the
Hollywood moguls a good kick in the pants, to realize you
don't have to spend 100 million on a movie to get good results.

... Fleury is gonna rock the Rangers!!! I'm pretty stoked about it.

Let me also say that Jerry Lundergaard from the flick
Fargo is the most
spineless, pathetic character in any movie ever!

Well God bless you guys and be good to each other. Don't forget to say
your prayers!
-Chris Jericho
By: Rick Phelps

Hello one and all! Before I begin, I would just like to say thank you
to everyone who sent mail to my good friend SamJerry during the time
that he took a break from being the ICON of wrestling journalism. Prior
to letting you know my feelings on what is going on in the world of
"sports entertainment", I feel that I need to address a topic that I
have discussed before. The term MARK is being overused and is really
getting on my nerves.

There are newsgroups, wannabe journalists, and others who are on the
net overusing the term and even being derogatory about the way that
they use it. Let me explain something to those of you that this applies
to. First of all, when you use foul language and swear at wrestling
fans, would it be too much to ask to remember that some of the people
that you are dealing with are
KIDS!?!? Freedom of speech is a wonderful
thing that we were blessed with by our forefathers, but discretion is
also a wonderful thing....

Secondly, many of you know me and some of my colleagues. I write some
of my
material from a MARK point of view and some that "exposes" what is
really going on. I would just like to finish this point by saying that
I find it ironic that a multitude of people on the internet who claim
to know so much about wrestling and call others marks....are THE EXACT

Wrestling is something in life that we can all enjoy and discuss
freely. Discussions dont have to sound like an Eddie Murphy stand up
act. Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion without fear of
being ridiculed by someone who more than likely knows less about
wrestling than you do.

I have got to address some going ons in the WWF. The him
or not..... anywhere and everywhere he goes....he seems to have the
fans (most of them anyhow) in the palm of his hand. The Rock is someone
who happens to possess
wrestling ability and charisma. The same can be said for Triple H. This guy
has become more intense since leaving DX and has focused his entire
being on the WWF strap...However, is the Rattlesnake ready to give it
up? And, how long is Chyna going to want to be in the shadow of her man?

Shane McMahon. I like this guy. He has brains, class, and a sister that
I would not mind taking out for a night on the town. Like him or not,
you have to admit that his recent comments on RAW were right on the
nose. A big majority of WCW's roster were made superstars by Vince
McMahon. Vince has done more for this sport than anyone else in the
last 30 years. Before you say it, Hulk Hogan has not done more than
Vince...due to the fact that if it had not been for McMahon, there
would be no Hulk Hogan, no Hulkamania, and definitely no "Say your
prayers and take your vitamins". There would just be some jacked up,
half-balding guy who knows six wrestling moves and can play the guitar.
Do not misunderstand me, Hulk Hogan has done alot for the sport since
the inception of his popularity, but if it had not been for Vince, he
would more than likely be nothing.

Is it just me or is it that two of the supposed toughest guys from the
UFC, Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock have the puniest voices that you have
ever heard? Severn is great and so is Shamrock, but their mic skills
could use some work.

Finally, I have to say this again. A large percentage of wrestling fans
(that I speak with) say that they prefer the WWF over WCW because Uncle
Ted's company pushes their geriatric wrestlers and because they see the
same matches and angles over and over and over. I will say that the WWF
uses young guys to promote their product, but just an observation, how
many more weeks in a row will we see Steve Austin face the Undertaker
or Triple H face the Rock? Just curious. See ya next time.
An nWo analysis
Written by reader: SAMPRESTO1

While reading "WCW Did Sink, etc" as part of the Wrestling Booking
Sheet I came across a line I've heard and read often. I've always
disagreed with it but usually I don't say anything. After all,
everyone is entitled to their opinions and I'm no different. In this
case, as I believe you are virtually an icon in the wrestling writing
game (referring to SamJerry), I have decided to put forth my "two cents
worth" for what it may mean.

The line that I'm referring to is..."one of the best angles ever, the
nWo." I'm aware that you do use the word "arguably" but I believe that
the nWo was one of the poorest angles ever and it was only through
curiosity at what would happen next that I continued to watch WCW at
all, and then only sporadically. I definitely did not order the nWo
Souled Out PPV the following January after its' formation.

I LOVE WRESTLING and I marvel at the Hurricanrana's, the Frog Splashes
all the other high-flying and gut-twisting moves that the little guys
put on. I enjoy watching the ease with which Steven Regal takes a man
to the mat by merely twisting his arm while at the same time his foot
pushes behind the knee and presses on the calf, thus making him go down
slowly and precisely, not able to help himself because of the sheer
smoothness of this tiny move.

I am constantly amazed that larger wrestlers aren't put out of action
for months at a time when they receive some of the elbow drops and
legdrops that are par the course during a heavyweight match. I wait
for someone to badly twist a shoulder while going over the ropes or for
someone to miss putting his hand in the way and actually knock himself
out on the ringpost one night. I even enjoyed watching Marty Jennetty
duck down out of the way (so the crowd could see) and with head at mat
level, analyze Shawn Michael's rights and wrongs during their tag team
career together. (Whether he was any help or not, or even did nothing
at all to further their time together....and we feel now that he
probably wasn't....and it turned out to be a work.....still, I loved

So many, many things embody the spirit of competition, athleticism and
yes!..even right triumphing over evil and I reveled in it all, but the
nWo? No way.

People who decided they didn't like the way things were done and
therefore took over everything for themselves. People who damaged TV
equipment, trailers, cars, desks and the like? People who spray
painted others possessions? Why, what a wonderful example to set for
our young people and future stars in this sport.

Why don't you go out tomorrow and steal a TV set from someone's store
and tell them that you don't like the way they do business? Make sure
you take your spray can with you so the store will have to be totally
redone before they can open for business again. I don't have to go
on....I think you can see what I mean.

They weren't even ethical to themselves. "...for life." What a

As an angle, it would have been good if the punishment had been meted
out at the appropriate time. If the wrongdoers were punished. But the
color never came back. When our hero Sting finally made his
appearance, he was as bad as the others.

He (Sting) never got anyplace. He was drab in his black and white.
Lastly, though
he threatened many times, nothing was solved and it isn't solved to
this day. I guess there's too much merchandise to sell still on the

I watch as the noise level goes down. I watch as the matches get
tired, I watch as the crowds slowly fade away. I watch because I love
wrestling. its too bad that it isn't returned. It all began with
three letters, nWo. Thanks for listening. SamPresto1
"Darwinism And Wrestling"-or-
"Change Is Good"
Written by reader: ChazBsweet

Everyone and his mother has a theory as to why the WWF leads the WCW in
pretty much every possible area. WWF fans claim its because the WWF
puts on
a fantastic show worth anywhere from $20 to however much front row
seats cost. WCW fans claim that its because they cater to the lowest
common denominator by putting out filth and sleaze. ECW fans claim "Who
cares, WE WANT TO
WIRE TABLE!" And that wasn't a crack, I am one of those fans :-)
But would you like to know the "real" reason that the WWF has the
commanding lead? Evolution.

The WWF has always been about change. They were the first nationwide
wrestling organization. They made Pay Per View. They have adapted with
the changing times. The crowd was getting sick of the pure "good
vs.evil" schtick, so the lines were blurred; Steve Austin, a man who in
the early 80's would have been the most hated man in the world, is the
most popular champion ever. Attitudes towards language were slackened;
you hear more references to the words "ass," "bastard" and "bitch" in
one episode of Raw than Tony Schiavone has called moves "the best in
the business." Nudity became less of a tabboo; Sable made 2 Playboy
appearences, and Puppie-Mania has swept the country.

Now, we go to WCW. The incalcuable depths of Ted Turner's pockets have
dredged up men that the WWF have put out to pasture, and catapulted
them to the top spots, while great athletes like Benoit, Jericho,
Saturn, Raven, Malenko and others wallowed in mediocrity. David Flair
has had more people jobbed to him as of late than Goldberg. Hulk
Hogan's "Presidential run" got less heat than dry ice at the north
pole, yet now Randy Savage is doing the same thing. And DJ Ran is still
under their employ. The WCW booking staff is like the Nazi army
advancing towards Russia: they know its a bad idea, but they're
blitzkreiging anyway.

WCW has two choices right now. Choice one is to figure it out, dump the
geezers, and push the young TALENT. Every now and then, WCW shows
promise. Goldberg wins the title, the Wolfpac separated from the NWO
black and white, Harlem Heat reunited. But, inevitably, they go on back
to choice two. They continue to revolve around men whose bodies and/or
minds are failing them, and they'll keep doing it until they self
destruct and are left with nothing but main events of Barry Horrowitz
against El Dandy. And when that day comes, I will be neither surprised,
nor mournful. Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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VCW Tag Title Match: Genocide (champs) vs. Gusto & Harrison vs. a
Mystery Team
#1 contenders match:Simply Perfect Preston Quinn vs. German Beef Otto
VCW Lightweight title: Flex Phenom (champion) vs. Jacey North
Lumberjack match: Break the Barrier's Scab and Natrone Steele will go
at it once again! All this and much more....e-mail ukaking for
more info on this event!
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