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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 281

Date:  Sunday August 22nd, 1999  10:20 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW didn't anticipate reaction to Hulk
By Mike Mooneyham
Sunday, August 22, 1999

The red and yellow may be back, but for how long?

WCW officials, who originally planned to turn Hulk Hogan heel at this
week's Nitro in
Las Vegas, are now having second thoughts due to the
tremendous response Hogan has been receiving since reverting to his
Hulk character.

Hogan's babyface turn was meant to be a short-term transitional role,
but WCW didn't anticipate the crowd reaction the current WCW world
champion has been receiving. The original plan was to have Hogan turn
on Bret Hart at the Las Vegas Nitro, but that idea was scrapped several
weeks ago due to the delay in Hart's return to the ring.

Sting, who was put in Hart's position, is scheduled to turn the WCW
presidency over to Eric Bischoff, who in turn will also turn heel and
join Hogan in a new alliance that eventually will include original NWO
members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Nash, who is taking time off, will
return with Hall to reform The Outsiders, taking the old NWO angle full

Hogan initially opposed going back to the red and yellow role this
soon, but the action was pushed by Bischoff and the booking committee
to get Hogan over as a total babyface so the eventual heel turn would
have more impact. Hogan has been teasing that he is legitimately
considering retirement, although few inside the business take him
seriously since he has threatened retirement a number of times in
recent years. Hogan is planning a limited schedule while he recuperates
from a hyperextended knee he suffered three weeks ago on Nitro while
doing a spot with Sid Vicious. Hogan's babyface pop has even prompted
talk of a possible Sting turn, although Steve Borden has steadfastly
opposed that proposition many times in the past. Bret Hart also was
approached by Bischoff concerning a heel turn, although such a move
would be highly questionable in the wake of his brother's death just
three months ago.

• WCW turmoil behind the scenes continued to escalate as Randy Savage
missed all of last week's shows following the Road Wild pay-per-view.
The increasingly frustrated Savage, who was reprimanded in recent weeks
by WCW for his over-the-edge language and behavior on Nitro, complained
about the manner in which he was put over Dennis Rodman at the PPV,
although Rodman also was visibly upset backstage and claimed Savage
worked overly stiff in spots that had not been worked out in advance.

Savage, whose relationship with longtime associate Hogan has soured in
recent months, is flexing his political muscle and is basically sitting
out until his demands are met.

• Ric Flair, who drew criticism for not showing up at the Aug. 9 Nitro
for an angle with Shane Douglas, last week downplayed reports that his
relationship with WCW was rapidly deteriorating.

Flair, frustrated with the moronic storylines that he has been saddled
with, is taking a month off to tend to a recurring back ailment.
Doctors have told Flair that he has arthritis in his back stemming from
the plane accident 23 years ago in which he broke his back.

• The much-ballyhooed first meeting between Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart
was hastened due to the absence of both Flair and Savage at major house
shows this weekend at the
Cow Palace in San Francisco and The Great
Western Forum in
Los Angeles. Original lineups featured Flair vs.
Goldberg and Sting-Hogan vs. Savage-Sid. WCW, not wanting to alienate a
major market, planned to headline those shows with the Hart-Hogan

• The backstage paranoia and maneuverings of the top tier of WCW
talent has filtered down to the middle of the roster where performers
seem to be growing increasingly frustrated and hostile.

Ernest Miller and Buff Bagwell, who have had a number of verbal
confrontations backstage, locked horns prior to their Road Wild match
after arguing over the finish. Bagwell took two solid punches to the
face and suffered a scraped elbow after complaining about the original
finish, which was changed from Miller getting the nod, and later
arguing that he should get a clean victory using his blockbuster hold.

Miller, while far from the most popular individual in the locker room,
has drawn some supporters in his latest confrontation, while Bagwell
was taken off of last week's Nitro and may be headed for the doghouse
along with Konnan.

• Curt Hennig, who was scheduled to face Bill Goldberg last week on
Nitro, mysteriously disappeared before the match. Barry Windham was
called in to do the 27-second job in Hennig's place.

• Hogan's crowd response may be overwhelming, but not enough to make a
dent in the Monday night ratings. Raw trounced Nitro, 6.62 (6.38,
6.83)-3.28 (3.78, 2.89, 3.18) in the ratings, with a head-to-head
margin of 6.58-3.04. Total number for the combined wrestling audience
was up following two weeks of heavy competition (a prime-time golf
showdown between Tiger Woods and David Duval, and a highly rated Monday
Night Football exhibition game). Raw, which doubled Nitro six of the
eight quarters, peaked at 7.27 for its Chyna-Hunter Hearst Helmsley
match and the end of the Chris Jericho interview. Nitro's
high point
was a 3.64 for the Hogan-Sid Vicious match in the final quarter that
also did a 4.26 overrun. The show's low point was a 2.4 for the Chris
Benoit-Disco Inferno match.

• Hogan continues to pass the buck in media interviews. The Hulkster,
when asked on a recent radio show why last month's match on Nitro
against Sid (2.9, 3.5 overrun) got throttled in the ratings by Triple H
against Undertaker on Raw (7.0, 7.7 overrun), blamed Chris Benoit, Dean
Malenko, Perry Saturn and Shane Douglas, saying he had to make up for
their low quarter-hour rating that preceded his match (Hogan's numbers
actually fell; Benoit and company posted a 3.5).

• Two network television wrestling shows and a local radio wrestling
talk show will all debut this week.

WWF Smackdown will make its UPN debut Thursday from
8-10 p.m. The show
will be taped Tuesday night at the Kemper Arena in
Kansas City. ECW
will make its national network debut Friday night on The
Network. Matches were taped last weekend in
Toledo, Ohio.

On the local front: WCW's "Little Nature Boy," Charles Robinson, will
be a guest on the debut of "Ringside Wrestling Talk"
6-7 p.m. Tuesday
on WQNT ESPN Radio AM 1450. Robinson has carved out a reputation as one
of the top refs in the business in addition to his hilarious role as
vice president of WCW and Ric Flair lackey.

• A
Minnesota judge refused on Thursday to stop Jesse Ventura from
serving as guest referee for tonight's SummerSlam pay-per-view main
event in

A former write-in candidate for governor had sued, alleging the referee
gig was a conflict of interest for
Ventura. The judge gave the lawsuit
a 10-minute read and dismissed it.

"An elected official does not by their election become someone who does
not have personal, social, economic and private interests," the judge
said. If Minnesotans disapprove, they can oust
Ventura at the polls,
declared the judge.

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at 937-5517. He can be heard
every Tuesday from
6-7 p.m. on "Ringside Wrestling Talk" on WQNT ESPN
Radio 1450 (call in at 566-1340).

Mike Mooneyham can be reached by phone at (843) 937-5517 or by e-mail
at mooneyham. More wrestling news with Mike
Mooneyham is available every Monday on The Wrestling Observer Hotline.
The number is
1-900-903-9030. Calls are 99 cents per minute, and children under 18
must get parental permission before dialing.
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trade wrestling tapes in
PAL format, contact Pete Woodcock at
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a wresting web site that was 100% created by women (except
for the terrific reports provided by our own Rick Phelps!).
Check out all of the trivia, reports, info and all of the rest of
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Then visit and meet
Judge Jeff Jones on August 23!
AUGUST 20, 1999

Visit My Home Page At:

The program began with a match in progress between
Uganda and The
Spanish Angel.
Uganda was wiping the ring up with The Angel as we
joined it.
Uganda hit him with a Splash from the top turn buckle,
turned him into taco meat and pinned him. The Angel will definitely be
using his wings. The match was followed by a short clip of
Uganda's ECW
Arena debut, where he squashed a jobber.

Winner - Uganda
Loser - The Spanish Angel - He may seek other employment

After the ECW open, Announcer Joey Styles talked about ECW's upcoming
debut on TNN and how nasty The Dudley Boyz have been, pointing out how
much worse they have been since the news of their leaving for the WWF

The next match was taped the previous night in
Cleveland. It was for
the ECW Tag Team Championship, pitting Little Spike Dudley (LSD) and
Balls Mahoney (C) v. The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray (
BBR) and D-Von. The
match was picked up in progress, as it seems almost every ECW TV match
is, and being taped by a Fan Cam.
BBR and LSD were fighting among the
crowd in the balcony.
BBR Power Bombed LSD thru a table, manufactured
by The Acme Table and Steel Chair Company, Division of The Acme
Corporation, getting us an early "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. Thinking LSD
might be a little thirsty,
BBR threw a soda, a product of The Acme Soft
Drink and Frozen Food Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, into
LSD's bleeding face, following with a punch to his forehead. LSD tried
to fight back but took a shot from a steel chair, manufactured by The
Acme Table and Steel Chair Company, Division of The Acme Corporation.
BBR tried to throw LSD off the balcony, but LSD blocked him, but took
another chair shot. Meanwhile, we saw a bleeding Balls, who must be the
biggest customer of every blood bank in the country, and D-Von were
fighting in the ring. As
BBR continued pounding his half brother, Balls
hit D-Von with a Frog Splash. As this point
BBR was challenging
everyone in the arena. LSD took advantage and bashed him head first
into the arena wall twice. The crowd chanted "ECW."
BBR resumed his
relentless pounding on LSD. Styles ranted on about The Dudley's leaving
ECW, saying ECW Owner Paul Heyman encouraged them to leave.
fought their way back to ringside, where
BBR hit LSD with a section of
guard rail. In the ring, D-Von was choking Balls with his boot. LSD
BBR with an Acid Drop, face first onto the section of guard
rail. D-Von stomped Balls as the crowd began a chant of "Balls." LSD
was back in the balcony and leaped onto
BBR, getting us another "Oh, my
G-d" from Joey. The move hurt both LSD and
BBR, as they lay on the
floor. Back in the ring, D-Von was throttling Balls. LSD got to his
feet and into the ring. He avoided two Clothesline attempts as D-Von
whipped him into the ropes, but took a Sit Out Power Bomb.
BBR got back
in carrying a Cheese Grater, manufactured by The Acme Kitchen and Home
Products Company, Division of The Acme Corporation. He used it on
Balls. Balls wasn't real pleased about it, showing his displeasure by
dirtying it with his blood. D-Von hit LSD with a Flying Head Butt, but
Balls stopped the pin. The
Dudley's got into an argument with the
referee about a slow count. They shot him off the ropes, he avoided an
attempt at a double move by The Dudley's and hit them with a Double
Clothesline. LSD and Balls took advantage and hit The Dudley's with a
Bulldog and Nutcracker Suite. Sign Guy Dudley rushed into the ring and
broke up both pinning attempt. D-Von hit Balls with a DDT. LSD went for
The Acid Drop, but got caught by
BBR on the turn buckle and thrown thru
another Acme Table at ringside. Balls hit both
Dudley's with chair
shots. He then went under the ring, brought another Acme Table into the
ring, opened it and poured thumb tacks, manufactured by The Acme School
Supply Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, onto it. D-Von got
back into the action with a chair shot to Balls' head. It was the
7,879th time Balls has taken one (unofficial count).
BBR then
demolished Balls with a Power Bomb thru the table. When Balls got up,
his back looked like a pin cushion. LSD made his way back into the
ring. Bad Move Spike. He took a 3-D Dudley Death Drop. With that, The
Fat Lady swallowed the last bite of her Three Foot Hero, product of The
Acme Provisions Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, and began
singing. Case closed on LSD.

Winners - The Dudley Boyz - Seven Times ECW Tag Team Champions
Winner - The Acme Corporation

Styles again went into a rant about The Dudleys leaving for the WWF as
a highlight video of all the teams they have beaten was run.

We went backstage and saw The Dudley Boyz,
BBR, D-Von along with Sign
BBR said they were three brothers from Dudleyville, the biggest
misfits the world has ever seen and goofy guys who do things their way.
He said they were on their way to the WWF, but weren't going to leave
the traditional way. They weren't going to put anyone over or job to
anyone. He said they were taking the Tag Team Belts with them to the
real capital of Hardcore, Stamford, CT. They were going to WWF
headquarters, to the office of the top man in wrestling, who will make
them millionaires. They will lay the belts at the feet of Vince
McMahon, who is their hero and savior (nothing like brown nosing your
future boss on TV). He said they were the greatest tag team in history
and if you ever want to see the Belts, you were going to have to watch
RAW. They were thru as D-Von "politely" evicted the camera man.

We next saw Cyrus backstage, along with Lance Storm, Dawn Marie (his
personal) Bytch, Justin Credible and Jason (The AWO - @$$Hole World
Order). Cyrus said he has been reduced to acting as a stand in for
Steve Prazak. Credible talked about he and Storm being The Impact
Players, and dissed Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn. Storm asked how
you beat ten men and said you didn't. You let them beat each other and
the you take over the Company, and that what he and Credible are doing.
He did a "Reader's Digest" version of his Calgary Is Great routine.
Credible closed things with his "That's Incredible" bit and we were
spare listening to any more of their crap.

The next match pitted Tom Marquez v. Rhino, "Steve Corino's Rookie
Monster." Marquez started by hitting Rhino with a Drop Kick. Rhino came
back with a Clothesline, a series of punches and chops and Irish
Whipped Marquez off the ropes. Marquez avoided a Clothesline as he came
off the ropes, hit a Springboard Missile Drop Kick and went for a pin.
Rhino put the boots to his opponent, pounded him with a series of
punches, hit him with a Sit Out Power Slam and went for a pin. Rhino
then Irish Whipped Marquez into a corner, hit him with a boot to the
mid section and completely demolished him with a Sit Out Pile Driver
that was nasty enough to get another "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. The pin
was academic. The crowd chanted "ECW."

Winner - Rhino
Winner - Marquez's Chiropractor

Rhino was met by Jason on his way out. Jason congratulated Rhino on his
win. They were joined by Corino, Jack Victory and Victory's wheelchair,
a product of The Acme Wheelchair and Motor Sports Company, Division of
The Acme Corporation. Corino mentioned his problems with Taz. These are
the problems that will eventually be listed on his Death Certificate
and carved on his Acme Headstone as the cause of death. Jason talked
about his problems with Jazz. Victory laughed so hard about Jason
worrying about a woman, his Depends will need changing. Rhino left and
Jason gave Corino money to take Jazz out. Corino said he will take care
of it. Victory sat down in his wheelchair and Corino wheeled him away.
Addressing Jazz, Jason spoke into the camera and told her she was in
for big trouble.

We saw Rob "Mr. PPV/The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam (RVD) and his manager
Bill Alfonso backstage. RVD said he has been the ECW TV Champion about
16 months, which was the longest title reign anywhere, including WCW
and the WWF. He kept it up as a highlight video of him ran. We saw a
montage of his moves against many opponents, including Storm, Bam Bam
Bigelow, Jerry Lynn, LSD and Al Snow.

Back at the desk, Styles said RVD won the title on April 18, 1998, from
He the addressed the Corino/Jason deal, calling them both cowards.

The Rob Zombie Music Video we saw last week highlighting Storm and Dawn
Marie was run again.

The next match was Steve Corino v. Jazz, and what else, picked up in
progress. Corino had a Headlock on Jazz, who escaped it. They exchanged
verbal pleasantries. Jazz applied a Side Headlock. Corino picked her up
and put her in a corner, then hit her with a series of Chops. Jazz got
out of the corner and hit a few Chops of her own. She Irish Whipped
Corino into a corner and went in after him. She Hip Tossed him and that
sent Corino to the floor. As Corino thought about where to have dinner,
Joey dissed the T&A approach to women's wrestling in the other Feds,
adding Jazz wanted no part of it. Corino had a strategy session with
Victory and we headed off to hear Heyman's pitch to buy all of the
tapes ever made about ECW. When we got back, Tommy Dreamer and Francine
headed to ringside and Joey said that Entertainment Weekly had a story
about ECW appearing on TNN. Thanks Joey, without you hammering it into
us, we would never have heard about ECW being on TNN. Back to the
action and we saw Corino hit a Sit Out Power Bomb, but was unable to
get a pin. He got into an argument with the referee, fell victim to a
Schoolboy and was almost pinned. He nailed Jazz with a right hand and
whipped her into the rope. Jazz came off with a Cartwheel and avoided
Corino. She hit a Knife Edge Chop. Corino came back with a punch to her
face. Corino got into an argument with Tommy and Francine. He got an
Acme Table and leaned in against a corner. He lifted Jazz on his back
and shoulders, setting her up for a table move but she slid off and
applied a Testicular Claw. Corino was reduced to tears and cried for
his mommy. She next hit him with an Inverted DDT. That brought Victory
in to prevent a pin. Francine came in and nailed Victory with a Low
Blow. Corino and Victory have auditions next week for The Vienna Boy's
Choir as sopranos. Corino grabbed Francine, but Jazz pulled him off.
Next up were Double Bronco Busters by Francine and Jazz on Corino and
Victory, followed by Stereo DDT's. Jazz pinned Corino. Jason cried over
money wasted. Yoshohiro Tajiri rushed in and kicked Tommy, then blew
his Japanese Red Mist, manufactured by The Acme Oriental Mist and Tea
Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, into the faces of Francine
and Jazz. He then beat on Tommy as Victory waved a Japanese Flag,
manufactured by The Acme Flag and Steamship Company, Division of The
Acme Corporation. Tajiri tied Tommy in the Tree Of Woe ad hit him with
a Drop Kick to the face. The crowd chanted "We want Taz." Dreamer
dropped to the mat and Victory covered him with the flag. The crowd got
their wish. Taz came out just as the program ended.

Winner - Jazz
Loser - Steve Corino - Beaten by a woman; wait until Taz gets his
on him
Loser - Jason - Pissed his money away
Loser - Tommy Dreamer - Got his @$$ kicked by Tajiri again

It was great to see ECW put a good show on after just mailing it in
last week.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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