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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 282

Date:  Sunday August 22nd, 1999  8:31 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Courtesy of The Wrestling Informer
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By Nate Pelley
The World Wrestling Federation presented "SummerSlam: An Out of Body
Experience" tonight live on PPV. The event, live from the
Target Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota, was another successful pay-per-view for the
Here are your complete results.

Match #1: WWF Intercontintal/European Champion D'Lo Brown vs. Jeff
Jarrett (with Debra). Before the match began, Jarrett sent Debra back
to the
locker room. However, she soon returned, on the arm of D'Lo Brown.
Brown and
Jarrett brawled back and forth for several minutes. Brown hit his
Sky High, but only for a two count. Jarrett hit an impressive single
tornado DDT. Eventually, Debra got up on the ring apron to distract the
referee. Jarrett went for his guitar, but a returning Mark Henry
Henry took the guitar from Jarrett and looked prepared to hit "Double
J." But
with the referee's back still turned, Henry nailed D'Lo instead!
Jarrett made
the cover and regained the IC title, while winning the European belt as
After the match, Jarrett, Henry, and Debra all embraced. It appears it
was a
plot all along between the trio. Winner: And for a record setting 6th
World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett.

Match #2: Six Team "Tag Team Turmoil" Match, the winning team to face
WWF Tag Team Champions tomorrow night on RAW. The match was contested
under Royal Rumble type rules. Edge & Christian began the match against
the Hardy Boyz (with Gangrel). The two teams showed why they are four
of the most
exciting stars in the WWF today. One impressive
high point saw both
Edge and
Jeff Hardy run around the ringside barrier, with Edge eventually
leaping off and nailed Jeff with a spear. Christian eventually pinned
Matt Hardy following an elbow drop off the top rope. The duo of Edge
and Christian got a huge pop, but then had to take on Midian & Viscera.
The former Ministry members dominated much of the action, but Edge and
his "brother" used a double dropkick and double shoulder tackle to
knock the 500 Viscera out of the ring, then Edge speared Midian for the
pin. Droz and
Prince Albert were the next team in, and they too used
their power to dominate the smaller former Brood members. But once
again, in the end, it was Edge with the
Downward Spiral on Albert who got the win for his team. As soon as Droz
Albert were eliminated, The Acolytes appeared. Bradshaw and Faarooq
tossed the youngsters around like rag dolls. Edge and Christian, were
able to get in very little offense, and in the end it was the
Clothesline from Hell on Christian that gave the Acolytes the win. The
final team then entered the fray, Hardcore and Crash Holly. The Hollys
did not seem to get along at all, and even came to blows in the end.
This allowed Faarooq to nail a stiff spinebuster on Hardcore, and get
the win for the Acolytes. Winners: Acolytes (they face the WWF Tag
Team Champions tomorrow night on RAW).

The Road Dogg made his way down to the ring and announced he would not
involved in the Hardcore title match. As Jesse James spoke, the Y2K
began, and Chris Jericho appeared.
Jericho again ran down the WWF and
"Road Dogg", along with DX in particular. James got the last word
though, and
Jericho went back to the locker room.

Match #3: WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow. James
remained at ringside and did play by play commentary, following the
action on
a live mic. Snow and the Boss Man battled back and forth all over the
back of
the arena, using chairs, stools, a Pepsi machine, Pepper's dog carrier,
various other weapons. The two ended up brawling across the street from
Target Center into a restaurant. They used even more weapons on each
bottles of beer, chairs, and pool cues. Boss Man got in the face of
Dogg," which proved to be a mistake. James clocked Boss Man from behind
his own nightstick, and laid out the former corrections officer on a
pool table. Al Snow took two pool balls and... well... let's just say
put them in Boss Man's corner pocket. Snow pinned the Boss Man on the
table to win the match. Winner: And for the third time, Hardcore
Champion Al Snow

Match #4: WWF Women's Champion Ivory vs. Torie. Two of the WWF's
went at it in a Women's title match. While better than watching Sable
to wrestle, this was not exactly a classic. Torie used a couple
powerslams to get near falls on the champ, but in the end, Ivory
reversed a sunset flip and got the one, two, three. After the match,
Ivory tried to rip Torie's pants off, and then her top. Ivory got the
top undone, but Luna Vachon appeared and chased Ivory to the locker
room, as Torie laid in the ring holding her bikini-like top across her
chest. Winner: WWF Women's Champion Ivory

Match #5: "World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock vs. "Lethal Weapon"
Steve Blackman, in an "Lion's Den Weapons" match. Very stiff contest,
should be expected from these two men. Not anything special, as
Blackman used
all the weapons to brutalize Shamrock, but in the end the former
knocked out the "Silent Assassin" with a Kendo stick to get the win.
Winner: "World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock

Match #6: Test vs. Shane McMahon in a "Love Her of Leave Her Greenwich
Street Fight," where if Shane won Test could never go out with
McMahon again; if Test won, Shane could not interfere in the lives of
and Stephanie again. This one was a whole hell of a lot better than
could have expected. Shane shattered a picture frame over Test's head,
couldn't get the pin. The young McMahon climbed to the top rope, and
joke!) went for a corkscrew moonsault (!) but missed. The Meanstreet
who had appeared before the match-up to take their ring side couch
interfered at this point. They laid Test out on the Spanish announce
and encouraged Shane to climb the ropes. Then, in what will probably go
as the move of the night, Shane McMahon hit an elbow off the top rope
Test through the Spanish announce table on the outside. Stephanie was
in the back and she seemed upset. Several false finishes occurred next,
both Shane and Test kicking out just before the count of three. When
Posse tried to get involved again, The Stooges (Pat Patterson and
Brisco) ran down to ringside and attacked the bullies. This gave Test
chance to hit his pump-handle powerslam, and after an impressive elbow
the top rope, Test pinned Shane. Stephanie ran down to ringside to
and she and Test embraced. Test, Stephanie, and the Stooges all walked
together. An impressive performance by Shane. Winner: Test (he can
now date
Stephanie McMahon, and Shane can't interfere).

Match #7: WWF World Tag Team Champions Kane & X-Pac vs. The Undertaker
and The Big Show (with Paul Bearer). As expected, Undertaker and the
Big Show
were able to dominate most of this bout. X-Pac made some strong
but could never quite get enough momentum behind him. X-Pac nailed UT
with a
tremendous spinning heel kick, but only for a two count. Finally after
several minutes of being pounded, Kane was tagged in by X-Pac. Kane
(who was
wearing a new leather looking outfit) cleaned house on the Big Show and
'Taker. X-Pac came back in and hit the Bronco Buster on The Big Show,
Paul Wight got back to his feet and chokeslammed X-Pac. The DX member
out after a two count, because The Show made a very lax cover. 'Taker
himself back in, hit the Tombstone on X-Pac, and got the pin while Kane
laid out on the outside. Winners: And
NEW WWF World Tag Team
Champions The Undertaker and The Big Show.

Match #8: The Rock vs. "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn in a "Kiss My Ass Match"
where the loser must kiss the winners ass. In a solid match-up, the
battled Billy Gunn. Gunn had his chance to shine, but the "People's
was not going to be a push over. Gunn had brought out an overweight
lady as a
"replacement ass" before the match, and after hitting the Fame-Asser on
Rock, Gunn invited the lady into the ring. She raised her skirt to
some ripped panty hose. Gunn tried to make the Rock kiss her ass, but
reversed the move and rubbed Gunn's face in the woman's backside. The
followed up with the Rock Bottom, and a People's Elbow later, Gunn had
defeated. Winner: The Rock

Match #9: WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. "Triple H" Hunter
Hearst Helmsley vs. Mankind in a Triple Threat Match with Minnesota
Jesse "The Body" Ventura as guest referee. Before the match, Ventura
Chyna to stay out of things. Austin and Helmsley began battling, then
pulled Triple H to the outside. All three men took turns bashing each others
brawling in and out of the ring. Jesse Ventura ejected Chyna after she
to get involved, and laid down the law. Triple H tried to use a chair, but
Ventura refused to count the pin after Hunter had clobbered both
Mankind and Austin. Austin hit the stunner on Mankind, but only for a
two count. Mankind used Socko on Austin, but a low blow ended that.
Finally, Austin tossed Foley over the top rope, and turned around to
meet a Pedigree by Triple H. Before he make the pin though, Mankind
tossed Helmsley aside, hit a double underhook DDT, and pinned Austin to
become the WWF champion! Winner: And
NEW WWF Champion Mankind (for the
3rd time)!
"Until you've walked a mile in my only know half the
story!"--Jim Ross
Reported at

By Jim Ross
(For the week of August 23, 1999)

Chris Jericho was be the featured guest Friday in his hometown of
Winnipeg at a special press conference in conjunction with "Y2J's"
appearance Saturday at 3 p.m. during a live World Wrestling Federation
event at the Winnipeg Arena. Jericho is not scheduled to compete
Saturday afternoon but will address the capacity crowd.

The Rock's new Web site should debut soon. Don't be surprised to see
the Minnesota Viking's Randy Moss visit The Rock this weekend as

The Big Boss Man did a variety of media interviews, primarily radio, on
Wednesday in New York City to promote SummerSlam.

Ivory's media tour this week in the United Kingdom was extremely
successful and saw the Federation Women's Champion make a wide variety
of appearances promoting the Oct. 2 "Rebellion" event to be seen on Sky
Box Office.

A new look Sunday Night HEAT will debut this Sunday on USA Network just
prior to SummerSlam. This new format will feature backstage access and
more music than ever before. This new format will evolve in the next
few weeks and should be a fresh new approach in presenting our product.

Mankind will throw out the first pitch Saturday night prior to the
Twins-Yankees baseball game in Minneapolis.

Chyna will be a part of the UPN contingent at this year's Emmy Awards

Godfather will be out of action a couple of weeks due to minor surgery
to remove a cyst in his tailbone. Yes, a genuine pain in the ass!

WWF officials are pleased with Mark Henry's efforts in losing
unnecessary pounds and getting into better condition, even though
"Sexual Chocolate" still has a long way to go.

Chris Jericho will represent the WWF in Las Vegas in early September
with local media in promoting the SmackDown taping on Tuesday, Sept.
14, for airing on Thursday, Sept. 16.

Shawn Michaels will make a guest appearance with the WWF Saturday,
Sept. 18 in HBK's hometown of San Antonio at the WWF live event.

Mr. Hughes, former WWF competitor, had a promising week of workouts in
Stamford and may be returning to the WWF. Curtis Hughes has dropped
from 400 pounds to 280, much to his credit.

Mankind and the Undertaker had huge lines awaiting them last weekend
with Chaos! Comics in San Diego. Check out their comics… the artwork is

Stone Cold sampled JR's BBQ sauce first hand Wednesday night at the
Ross home. The Texas Rattlesnake gave my family recipe a resounding
"OH, HELL YEAH!", and even had seconds! We expect to be able to give
you more information soon on when the sauce will be available. I hope
you'll give it a try too.

No firm decision has been made on who will comprise the broadcast team
for SmackDown! We could be in store for a surprise or two come Thursday
night. Stay tuned.

Terry Taylor and Bruce Prichard are busy recruiting, evaluating and
signing talent to developmental deals with the WWF. These new prospects
will eventually be sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Lousiville or Power
Pro Wrestling in Memphis. Later this year, Victor Quinones' IWA
territory in Puerto Rico will also be utilized.

Expect a variety of WWF Superstars, including The Rock, and other WWF
personalities to lend a hand to Jerry Lawler's campaign to be elected
mayor of Memphis. Voting is Oct. 7.

"Man on the Moon," the movie about Andy Kaufman's life, including his
passion for wrestling, will now be released during the holiday season.
The King and JR will be attending the premiere. Sources from Universal
say the movie is really going to be special. Jim Carrey, who stars,
created an almost eerie recreation of Kaufman, who was a hug fan of the

I saw an Internet report of a backstage fight between Austin and The
Rock on Friday, Aug. 13, in Columbia, S.C., by an "eyewitness." Problem
is Austin was not even in the state at that time. The Rattlesnake was
in Texas. Good fiction, though.

It is often times embarrassing and uncomfortable to hear about the
seemingly total unrest among the talent in Turnerland. Lots of finger
pointing going on in a company that, apparently, puts little stock in
loyalty or teamwork.

Jesse Ventura's appearance at SummerSlam should be most memorable. The
Triple Threat matches are challenging for any referee to control. Will
Jesse be able to implement law and order? Tune in this Sunday.

I hope you enjoy a huge week of WWF TV starting with SummerSlam, then
RAW and, finally, the long awaited debut of SmackDown on UPN Thursday.
From what I hear, expect some strong broadcasts with some significant
surprises. Take care and thanks for all your support as I continue to
attempt to improve from my facial paralysis. Your thoughts and prayers
mean an awful lot to me.
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