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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 283

Date:  Monday August 23rd, 1999  8:28 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Mark Madden & Dave Scherer at http://www.1Wrestling.Com
Prior to the 8/23 Las Vegas Nitro, Eric Bischoff, in a closed door
meeting with the workers, announced that anybody who wanted a release
from their contract could walk out.

Raven (Scott Levy), who has expressed disatisfaction with WCW, took
Bischoff up on his offer and walked out of the meeting. Madden reports
that Levy is attempting to contact his agent to work out details of the
release; it is believed that Levy has ten months left on his contract.
If Levy is granted a release, it is unknown if he will be granted an
unconditional release that would allow him to immediatly jump to the
WWF. One possible scenario would enable Levy to work ECW &
Independents until the conclusion of his current deal.

In a recent interview with Tom Misnik of 1Wrestling.Com, Raven
expressed a desire to return to ECW as the possible heir apparent.
While Raven is still several months away from returning to active
competition, his future plans will provoke active discussion...

Reported by The San Francisco Chronicle
Occasional WCW performer Dennis Rodman was released from jail Sunday,
several hours after police were called to a restaurant-bar in
by someone who said the flamboyant former NBA star was drunk and
causing a disturbance.

The 38-year-old Rodman spent a few hours in custody before being
released on his own recognizance, Sergeant Jim Kaminsky said.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Scherer reports that they are not officially signed with the WWF,
though it is expected that their contracts will be signed in the next
two or three days. It is expected that the
Dudley's last ECW
appearance will be this Thursday (8/26) in
Queens, NY.

Reported by Chris Schramm & Dave Scherer at:
Universal Soldier: The Return (featuring Bill Goldberg as a co-star),
opened at #7 in their debut weekend. The film earned $4.7 million in
its first three days on only 1639 screens, or an average of $2,868 per
By: Mark George (attkdonkey)

A few days ago, I was reading an excellent online article about Shawn
Michaels being bypassed for induction into The Wrestling Observer Hall
of Fame. The article in question was written by Ben Miller on As I read through the article, I began to reminisce
on how big the wrestling entertainment industry has grown and how I
have become a big fan.

In the mid-80's, I was a young kid excited over the likes of "Mr.
Wonderful" Paul Orndoff, Jimmy Snuka, Hulk Hogan, and Saturday Night
Main Events. I collected those ridiculous figures and imitated the
moves. As I got older, I looked at wrestling as a joke, pure and
simple. In my teen angst, I frowned upon it and lost complete
interest, thinking it was silly acting for kids.

Years later, one of my best friends got me watching again. Suddenly, I
was transfixed to the television every Monday night flipping back and
forth between Nitro and Raw. Most of the names had changed, and those
that were the same and become much older. Shawn Michaels was no longer
a fresh faced kid, but a wrestling star. Randy Savage had the same
signature raspy voice and Paul Bearer was still fat. It was nostalgic.

Then I attended the 1998 Royal Rumble and my love affair with wrestling
had rekindled. Here I was, a man in his mid twenties, loving wrestling
again. The industry has changed a lot since my days of adolescence.
Good versus Evil, eat your vitamins, and the good guy gets the girl has
been replaced with middle fingers, silicone breasts, beer, and "Suck
it." It is more of and adult oriented industry that appeals to the
people in my age group. Times have changed and wrestling has found a
way to change with it and become a part of the American culture.
Despite all the controversy wrestling provides, I am glad I came back
and to my good friend, I say "Thanks."
August 21st, 1999
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
By Don Callis
Reported at:

Wrestling's playground politics
With the career of the greatest performer in the history of wrestling
once again in doubt, the wresting fans who pay the bills for the big
companies find themselves caught in the middle of yet another clash of
egos in the ongoing playground politics of professional wrestling.

Recently, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair sent word to WCW and Eric Bischoff
that due to an arthritic back, he was unable to perform. While few
would question that Flair, who has consistently taken huge bumps for
many years, does indeed have a bad back, the suspicion is that it is a
condition he has had for years that never prevented him from working
before. So why now?

The oft-discussed misuse of Flair on WCW television by Bischoff et al,
has apparently finally disgusted Flair to the point that he no longer
wants to be on WCW TV, but, oddly enough, has agreed to go on the road
to do house shows.

Despite the best attempts by the office, Flair has proven tough to kill
off. For months, he was consistently the highest ratings getter on
Nitro, despite the fact that, as he himself put it, "I haven't won a
match in three years. "When beating him on TV wasn't getting the job
done, they tried to portray him as a crazy old man, even having him
committed. That backfired as well, as Flair's portrayal of a man so
wrapped up in the legend of being the Nature Boy that he was still
doing his gimmick in the mental hospital, was the best bit on Nitro
every week. Having him carry Roddy Piper to a passable match only
served to remind everyone that Flair could have a match with a

Although he does not draw the ratings he once did (likely because
everyone knows he will lose every match he's booked in), Flair is
still, with Goldberg and Sting, the most over-performer in WCW. The
legend status so readily given to Randy Savage is something that should
be accorded Flair as well. Unlike Hogan and Savage, the crowd reaction
to Flair is always genuine, not needing to be coaxed or electronically
enhanced. Flair is over huge despite not getting any kind of push,
while Savage, paradoxically, gets the mega-push but can't seem to get

Contrary to rumours that Flair no-showed to avoid putting over
arch-rival Shane Douglas (someone who is nowhere near over enough on TV
to even be in the same ring with Flair), it would appear that Ric had
finally had enough. At the end of the day, Flair simply wants to go out
with the respect that he deserves. My colleague Mark Madden recently
put it best when he suggested that if Flair were to go to WWF, he could
lose every night to Austin or The Rock, but that he would be allowed to
lose in "epic fashion." In other words, let Flair be Flair and have his
classic matches without trying to portray him as a parody of a parody
for no reason other than spite.

For whatever reason, it appears that WCW management is not fond of
Flair, the man who so many times has pulled the company back from the
brink of extinction. Instead of simply firing Flair, allowing him to
ply his trade elsewhere, WCW seemingly seeks vengeance on a man whose
only crime appears to be getting over. When Flair is off due to a
medical condition and they can't make him the butt of some idiotic
segment, they exact their revenge on his son David, having him job to
Benoit for the U.S. title long before he was scheduled to do so,
effectively killing off one of the few entertaining segments on Nitro,
and giving Benoit the belt before he was supposed to get it, making it
mean less. As usual, the paying public must bear the burden of these
playground politics. Whatever happened to listening to the fans'
reaction to wrestlers? But, what the hell do the fans know, they only
buy the pay-per-views and watch the television shows.

No-brainer of the year: Jericho equals ratings

You're probably familiar with the old saying: "its one thing to have
everyone think you're stupid, but don't open your mouth and remove all
doubt." Well, many had their suspicions about WCW, but they confirmed
their lack of foresight when they allowed Chris Jericho to be scooped
by the WWF. The brilliant defense of letting go the hottest talent they
had was that he would never mean anything and had never drawn a rating.

To borrow a popular phrase, "I got two words for ya -- seven point
three. OK, so its three, but 7.3 was the gigantic Nielsen rating
Jericho drew on Raw this week in only his second TV appearance. Adding
to the number was most of the wrestlers in WCW who during Nitro were
gathered around the Raw monitor popping for Chris' promo. By the way,
you can catch Jericho at the Winnipeg Arena today for the WWF's 3 p.m.
show. ECW debuts on TNN on Friday, Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. Make sure to catch
it. Tune in for the No Holds Barred radio show next Sunday when
newsletter guru Dave Meltzer is the guest for the whole hour.

Jackal can be heard every Sunday from 6-7pm on 92
CITI FM on Winnipeg's
only wrestling call in show: Joe & Jackal: No Holds Barred, live from
the Pony Corral on Grant.

Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
August 23rd, 1999

Tony Schiavone announced that Sting and Hulk Hogan will meet in the
main event. Also announced was that KISS would not only be performing,
but unveiling their own wrestler on the program. There was also
discussion as to whom would be the new president of the company since
Sting turned control of the company back to WCW.

Mikey Whipwreck versus Chase Tatum
This match was thrown out when Sid Vicious entered and powerbombed both
As he forced Scott Dickinson to count the three on both wrestlers,
Robinson held signs stating that was Sid was 66-0 , 67-0, 68-0. After
the bell, Sid mocked Goldberg's in-ring movements and said he would be
the man standing when it was all said and done.
Winner: Match Thrown Out

--In the back, Kidman apologized to Kimberly if he said anything that
offended her and told her that she knows that he has his eye on another
Nitro girl. Kimberly told him he was sweet and apologized for the
actions of her husband and said she was going to talk to him.

--Goldberg arrived in the arena to see the Triad, led by Diamond Dallas
attacking Kidman. Goldberg told them to leave Kidman alone. After some
talking, Kidman went after DDP, but security broke it up. The Triad
then took center ring to talk to the fans. Page told Kidman not breathe
the same air as his wife, considering Kanyon trained him and DDP
brought him into WCW. DDP then told Goldberg if he wanted some to come
face him in the ring later in the show.

--Sting told Hulk Hogan not to let his mouth write a check that his
butt can not cash. Lex Luger, returning to WCW, hugged his best friend
and told The Franchise that he did not trust Hogan. Sting said he would
wrestle Hogan and Luger wished him the best of luck.

--Mike Tenay questioned Eric Bischoff outside of the
MGM Grand about
possibly being appointed the new president of WCW. Bischoff scoffed at
the idea and said he had no idea of what Tenay was talking about.

The Cat w/Sonny Onoo versus Buff Bagwell
The Cat called Bagwell out for the PPV return match. Sonny Onoo, who
choking Bagwell on the outside was chased around the ring by Lex Luger.
The Cat who was watching this, turned around just in time to be caught
in the Blockbuster.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

--Berlyn will appear next week on Nitro.

Diamond Dallas Page w/Kanyon versus Goldberg
As Goldberg was walking to the ring, Bam Bam Bigelow hit Goldberg with
looked like a standup ashtray. Goldberg shrugged it off and went into
the ring and speared Kanyon and Bigelow, as Page ran through the crowd.
Goldberg then challenged Page to a match next week on Nitro.
Winner: Goldberg via disqualification

--The West Texas Rednecks new video "Good Ol' Boys" debuted.

Lenny (c) w/Lodi versus Juventud Guerrera *Cruiserweight Championship*
After Guerrea planted Lenny with Juvi driver and mounting the ropes,
Sid interfered and powerbombed all three men, while Robinson held there
card signs up. However, Sid only pinned two men, now bringing him to
70-0 (in his own mind). Sid then repeated his usual banter.
Winner: Match Thrown Out

--On the heels of their new video debuting, the West Texas Rednecks
their new song live.

Hugh Morrus/Barbarian Brian Knobbs w/Jimmy Hart versus PerrySaturn/Dean
Malenko/Shane Douglas
As there were fights on the inside of the ring and out, Rick Steiner
hit Perry Saturn with a bulldog from the top rope, allowing Brian
Knobbs to make the pin. After the bell, Chris Benoit challenged Rick
Steiner to a match.
Winners: Hugh Morrus/Barbarian/Brian Knobbs via pinfall

Insane Clown Posse w/Vampiro versus Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.
Kidman turned a double team around on an interfering Vampiro and Shaggy
2 Dope and ran the two Dead Pools members together, allowing Kidman to
make the pin. After the bell, the Dead Pool began attacking the "Filthy
Animals" until Eddie Guerreromade the save.
Winner: Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall

--Hulk Hogan told Mene Gene that despite Lex Lugers words, that his
word is his bond and that he can be trusted. He did say that he told
his son that he and Sting are friends in the lockerroom but he will
kick his ass later in the program.

Chris Benoit (c) versus Rick Steiner *United States Championship*
While the referee was down, Perry Saturn attacked Rick Steiner. Saturn
succesful until Sid Vicious entered and powerbombed Saturn. Steiner and
Sid left the ring as Benoit told them that they would see what a
revolution was all about on Thursday.
Winner: None announced

Harlem Heat (c) versus Barry/Kendall Windham w/ West Texas Rednecks
While the referee was dealing with Barry Windham , who was on the
attacking Stevie Ray, Curt Hennig smashed Booker T with the cowbell,
Kendall to make the pin, giving WCW new tag team champions.
Winners: Barry/Kendall Windham (New WCW Tag Team Champions)

Vampiro versus Eddie Guerrero
As the ICP made their way to the ring, Guerrero flew at both of the
clowns with a flying body plancha off of the top. As the referee was
dealing with Violent J, Guerrero collided with Shaggy 2 Dope, giving
Vampiro the opportunity to pin him for the victory. All three men
attacked Guerrero until Rey Jr. and Kidman made the save. Winner:
Vampiro via pinfall

Hulk Hogan (c) versus Sting *World Heavyweight Championship*
This match started and began the same way--with a handshake. Sting and
battled with Sting missing a Stinger Splash and Hogan missing his
patented leg drop. In the end, Sid and Rick Steiner interfered,
attacking both men. Goldberg and Luger made the save. Hogan said that
he would give Sting another title shot with Luger and Goldberg watching
their backs.
Winner: Match Thrown Out (Hogan Retains World Title)

--KISS performed live and presented their new wrestler, who was Bryan
wearing the traditional KISS makeup.

Ricks Comments:
--I was wondering how long it would take before someone on the WCW
roster was
going to say on television that they don't trust Hulk Hogan. I don't
get it, he puts on the red and yellow, and all of a sudden, all is

--Once again, as I said in my Reaction To Road Wild Report, Buff should
be insulted that he has to keep wrestling mid-card, no talent jabronies
like The Cat.

--I am a fan of all types of music, but the new West Texas Rednecks
video sucks!

--If I didnt know any better, I would say that the spear Goldberg laid
on Kanyon damn near killed him.

--A video was aired of a group of fans celebrating their favorite
wrestler...Lodi! (Poster Children for "Just Say No")

--There was a pretty good match going between Juvi and Lenny. It would
been nice to see how it ended without Sid's interjection. It was funny
to hear how the crowd erupted when Sid powerbombed the lollipop twins.

--As with the first time they performed, The Rednecks were obvioulsy
lip synching and Barry Windham made drummers around the world look
really bad!

--I would love to see a title versus title match between Benoit and
Steiner without ANY outside interference. They are two of the best mat
wrestlers in the world.

--I can not honestly say that I am impressed with ICP music, but these
two guys are pulling off some good looking wrestling moves.

--Is Sting a long lost back up singer for KISS?

--Luger doesnt trust Hulk Hogan...isn't that the pot calling the kettle
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