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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 287

Date:  Friday August 27th, 1999  9:23 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Raven (Scott Levy) made his return to ECW a memorable one at the
TV tapings when he came to the ring to help Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer was being double teamed by the Dudley Boyz, who had recaptured
the ECW Tag Titles earlier in the evening, and were destroying Dreamer
when Raven hit the ring. A quick DDT later, and Raven and Dreamer were
the new ECW Tag Team Champions.

At this point it unclear how active an in-ring schedule Raven will be
able to handle, as he was slated to be several months away from
returning to the ring (in WCW, its amazing how unhappy workers stretch
out their recovery times!).

The ECW event in
Queens was a national TV taping for the new TNN show,
"ECW on TNN". The first episode of the TNN show will air on Friday
night, and will be an introduction to ECW with highlights and profiles
of ECW's top stars. The first show will be hosted by Joey Styles, who
will not have a broadcast partner on the debut show.

The footage from the
Queens show will be used for the next two TNN
shows. Footage from the
Toledo show that had been previously planned
for TNN will be used instead on ECW's syndicated program, now being
called "ECW HardcoreTV".

Reported by Zach Arnold at: http://www.1Wrestling.Com
The FMW promotion announced that Masato Tanaka would return to ECW to
participate in the promotion's next PPV, Anarchy Rulz. No other future
dates were announced for Tanaka in ECW.

ECW debuts tonight (Friday, 8/27), at
8:00 on TNN (check your specific
cable listings for the channel number). Please check it out; many of
you have never had the opportunity to watch ECW, and I think that you
will be pleased…

Reported by Zach Arnold at: http://www.1Wrestling.Com
Don Frye is doing an angle where he has told New Japan officials that
after he beats Scott Norton at the 8/28 show, he wants to fight Mutoh
for the IWGP World Title at the 10/11 Tokyo Dome show and he wants to
team up with Masa Chono to win the IWGP World Tag Titles.

UFC fans will remember Frye as a former Ultimate Ultimate Champion;
its really only a matter of time before we see Frye compete on the
scene, probably in WCW. Frye has a great cocky demeanor that would
make him an instant heel (and a real heel, not a "heel" that is trying
to be cool at the same time).

Considering his lack of experience working matchs, his workrate is
terrific. When he does make his US debut, hopefully he will be
marketed as an outsider, a true shootfighter. The WWF blew a great
opportunity with Ken Shamrock when they immediately turned him into a
standard pro wrestler…

The following is excerpted from Diamond Dallas Page's direct mailing
lisr. To be placed on the list, send a blank e-mail to:

"Now, let's talk about what went down this Monday backstage at Nitro.
First of all, my viewpoint…Life is all about attitude. You can be
positive or you can be negative, but most always you have to make
things happen. Yes, it is true that Eric came out with an ultimatum
for people to start being company oriented, and I agree with him. If
you don't like it somewhere, don't take the six figure (or better)
money …leave. I don't care what position you sit in, first match or
main event.

Nobody knows what its like to be held down more in this business than
me. There is nothing I hate personally more than a negative attitude.
Since we are talking about Raven here…if you don't buy that I was held
down in my career back then, just ask Raven, because he talked me
through a lot of it. Do I think Scott "Raven" Levy is a top talent?
You're damned right I do. I have always respected Scott, but when Eric
Bischoff said at the meeting, "Raven, if you don't like it here and
want out of your contract, the lawyer is right down the hall. Get up
and leave" and Scott did it in front of everybody, I respected him even
more…and everyone was in there, but nobody else left.

I can comment that Kidman may have had second thoughts later, which
surprised me, by the way, but I think when he realized Eric would
release them, or anyone, but would never let them go to
New York until
their contract was up…you know, the same deal Rena Mero got when she
left. You can leave but you can't work for the other guys. From what
I understand, nobody's leaving except for Raven if he wants to.

What do I think? I think it is a good move for Raven to leave right
now. I think he goes back to ECW to work for Paul Heyman and helps
that ECW show, with Tommy Dreamer, become a hell of a show and it
proves my point that Raven is a top guy. I have always thought that.

As far as Kidman, Konnan and Mysterio are concerned, look for them to
become a part of the Filthy Animals. From what I have heard about it
so far, I like it."
Visit My Home Page At:

Last night was the beginning of a new era ... The era of WWF
SmackDown on UPN. From start to finish, the WWF showed they know how to
launch a show. Right from the beginning with the appearance of the
SmackDown set, you just knew that the WWF had gotten it right. The set
is strictly something you might associate with the millennium. It is
fresh and colorful, with a
neat video circle off to the side. The designers of the NITRO set might
want to contact the people who designed it and take some lessons.
Unlike the NITRO set, I don't expect we will hear too many complaints
from the wrestlers that the ramp is hazardous to their health.

Since I wasn't writing a TV Report, I was able to watch the show and
enjoy it for itself, without having to take notes. In a word, it was

It opened with a spirited and humorous exchange between Triple H and The
Rock, with WWF Commissioner Shawn "HBK" Michaels, Mankind and Shane all
getting into the act. This resulted is a WWF Championship Match between
Triple H
(C) v. The Rock, ordered by HBK, and featuring HBK as Special Referee.
It also resulted in HBK ordering Shane to face Mankind, as a result of
Shane's actions on RAW this past Monday that helped Triple H defeat Mankind
for the Title.

As only HBK could do, he out maneuvered Shane, who is the "owner" of
the WWF, and wanted to be a Second Special Referee for the Championship
Match, into facing Mankind.

A highlight of the evening was Sweet Stephanie accepting Test's
proposal of marriage on RAW this past Monday. Shane tried his best to
spoil Steph and Test's tender moment by having The Mean Street Posse:
Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs take Test out. A brawl involving the
Posse, Shane, Test, Mankind and The Stooges, Pat Patterson and Jerry
Briscoe erupted. Sweet Steph
got into the act defending her true love and put it to one of the
Posse. This romance couldn't be playing out any better on a soap opera
or Jerry Springer. Yeah, I know all the wrestling "purists" are shaking
their heads at it. They would prefer to see Malenko and Benoit mat
wrestle for a half hour. That too has its place, but for pure fun,
this is the ticket.

The Shane v. Mankind match took place at this point, with Mankind
teaching the little snot nose a lesson in manners. He fed him Mr. Socko
and introduced him to a Double Arm DDT. Chyna came to ringside and
distracted the referee, allowing Triple H to waffle Mankind with a chair. He
then placed The Little Rich
Twerp atop him and got Shane the victory. Mankind's imitation of some
of The Rock's sayings and motions ("... with the dozens and dozens of
Mankind's fans ..." and ... with his $3.50 Salvation Army Shirt and Tie
he got free from the WWF") was absolutely hilarious. McMahon can't pay
him enough.

The "slightly" screwy Al Snow begged The Bossman to return Pepper. He
said he would do anything to get him back. All The Bossman wanted was a
return match for The Hardcore Championship and win or lose, he would
return "the little rat." Snow granted the match and The Bossman brought
Pepper out
wearing a muzzle!! The Bossman won the match, thanks to his trusty
night stick, and ever the villain, made off with Pepper again. Snow
again went nuts and took off after his little buddy. They are closer
than Gilligan and The Skipper, and almost as smart. The King kept
things going during the match as he help
Pepper and kept asking for more napkins. Apparently the little fugitive
from a Taco commercial isn't quite housebroken. Then again, maybe it
was JR he was cleaning up after.

We saw the ring debut of Chris Jericho as he showed Road Dogg what Y2J
was all about. He Power Bombed Doggie through a table and was DQ'd. The
bit with The Fink kept going as Jericho sent his new Warrior in to
reclaim his ring announcers job, only to see him get his @$$ kicked.
Jericho also sent his hapless little buddy to an almost sure death by
telling Ken Shamrock off.
This led to Shamrock chasing the Fink and Jericho out of the arena.
Jericho sped off in his car leaving The Fink to fend for himself
against Shamrock, when Shamrock caught the little guy. The Fink begged
for mercy. The words Shamrock and mercy are oxymoron's, however,
Shamrock released him due to the smell coming from his pants. The look
on Shamrock's face as he first
took a sniff and then looked down at The Fink's lower body was a
keeper. Jericho and Finkel work together so well, that you will forget
the Jericho -Ralphus combination immediately.

The Undertaker and The Big Show defended their Tag Team Title v. The
Acolytes, and X-Pac and Kane. I should say The Big Show defended the
Titles alone as The Taker joined JR and The King. He was teaching The
Show a lesson in toughness, allowing him to get double teamed and beat
on as he stood by. When The Show was thrown out of the ring, The Taker
smacked him in the face and told him to get with the program. This
lesson in tough evil (you didn't expect tough love from The Dead Man,
did you?) worked. The Show Choke Slammed X-Pac for about the 57th time
and pinned him, as Kane was fighting on the floor. The Taker still
wasn't happy. A dejected X-Pac, who blamed Kane for letting him get
killed again left the arena, with a saddened Kane tagging after him and
looking for forgiveness from his only friend. It was like
watching Frankenstein and the little village waif, realizing his entire
world was crashing down on him. Call out the villagers with their
torches. Time to pity the poor misunderstood monster. Maybe, just
maybe, Kane will get off the goodie two shoes, scarred and
misunderstood monster kick, and return to being
the dominating killer he was before X-Pac made nice with him.

Miss Kitty brought The Kittens along as she made her second
appearance with her boss Debra, who was packing The Puppies as usual,
and JJ. JJ met Mr. Ass in a non-title match and once again. Chyna came
down to watch the action. Miss Kitty again showed she needs some more
time away from the litter box as she allowed Guitar No. 3880
(unofficial count) to be yanked from her hands by Mr. Ass. He swung it
at her, she ducked, Debra learned to play it with her teeth. A
concerned JJ was easy pickings for Mr. Ass and took a Fame-@$$er. Chyna
came in and Mr. Ass began showing her his money maker. Instead he took
one from her where his testicular fortitude resides, or at least did
before Chyna played "Take me out to the ball game" on them.

Tori strolled back stage toward the ring topless. She was told there
were little kiddies in the audience and at home so couldn't let it all
hang out. She was given the shirt off his back by WWF official Tony
Garea (Damn him). She met Ivory in a non-title Evening Gown Match. It
didn't take long for her to strip Ivory down to her frillies. Tori
wanted the world to see more, but Luna played spoil sport and held her
off. Garea and Luna may now be
hated worse than Vince McMahon.

The Main Event for the WWF Championship between Triple H (C) and The Rock,
with HBK as Special Referee was the one hell of a match. HBK argued
with Triple H before and during the match. Chyna did her worse and was
chased backstage by HBK. It went back and forth, with HBK being
distracted when it appeared that
The Rock had Triple H pinned. The Rock hit Rock Bottom and went for The
People's Elbow. He took The Commissioner's Sweet Chin Music. Huh? HBK
decked The Rock with it, Triple H wiped The Rock out with The Pedigree and
pinned him. HBK, Triple H and Chyna hugged. Is this the beginning of the
long rumored New DX?

Like they say, "Anything can happen in the WWF." It did last night. HBK
getting back together with one of the other original members of DX. It
will be a tough act to follow. Anyone want to bet on what the ratings
of SmackDown and Thunder will be? It looks like Good King Eric now has
two nights that will be turning
his hair grayer.
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
Mike Tenay and Larry Zybysko discussed "the trail of bodies" that Sid
has left in WCW.

Public Enemy versus Sid Vicious
A double choke slam was all she wrote for the P.E.
Winner: Sid Vicious via pinfall

--Clips of Coach "Buzz Stern" motivating his class of wrestlers was
reaired. Later, he would give them a pep talk in the weight room.

West Texas Rednecks w/Curt Hennig versus Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman/Eddie
Rey Jr. won this match for his team when he hit a picture perfect
frankensteiner on Duncum Jr. from the top rope. Harlem Heat made the
save when the rednecks began attacking.
Winner: Rey Mysterio/Kidman/Eddie Guerrerovia pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Sid and Rick Steiner. Sid said he and the
were the pioneers of WCW. Steiner said that the revolution would be
minus two members when they got rid of Saturn and Benoit tonight.

The Cat w/Sonny Onoo versus Prince Iaukea
The Cat took another one by kicking the Prince in the back of the
head with his ruby slippers. Penzer announed the time of the match was
2:59. (The Cat said he would beat him under three minutes).
Winner: The Cat via pinfall

Harlem Heat versus Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus
Harlem Heat defeated these members of the First Family following a
missile dropkick off the top by Booker T on Hugh Morrus.
Winners: Harlem Heat via pinfall

Disorderly Conduct versus Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
Dean Malenko won this match for the Revolution by forcing Tough Tom to
submit to the Texas Cloverleaf.
Winner: The Revolution via pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. Page said the top three
men on his hit list were Sting, Goldberg, and Hulk Hogan. He said he
would kick Goldberg's teeth down his throat. He said that he owned
Hogan and that Sting was toast.

Diamond Dallas Page versus Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Before the bell, the two men exchanged "your momma is so fat" jokes.
Chavo Jr. won that match, but not the one that counted. DDP won with
the Diamond Cutter.
Winner: Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall

Rick Steiner/Sid Vicious versus Perry Saturn/Chris Benoit
Sid powerbombed Saturn while Benoit had Steiner in the crippler
crossface. Referee Mickey J was out. Charles Robinson ran in and
counted Sid's three count on Saturn.
Winners: Rick Steiner/Sid Vicious via pinfall

Ricks Comments:
--This Thunder was better........
WRESTLING.....I LIKE IT.--It reminded me when Tenay was talking about
KISS. I think that sucks......WCW advertised KISS for several
weeks......and what did they do when they got on the air........they
lip synced the song they sang......that is wrong!
Now, its time for Josh Hewitt's debut column…
By Josh Hewitt (San316born)

For my initial column for the Booking Sheet, I decided to do that
voodoo that I do so well, which is to logically analyze why the WWF
seems to be the greatest thing since an egg white omelet these days.
That, and run off at the mouth, logic and BS being the two things I do
best. It seemed funny to me, reading the Booking Sheet and other
wrestling newsletters, how the WWF was the second coming, while the WCW about as nice as that panty hose Billy Gunn had his
face stuffed in. I then started the dark journey into the world of the
WWF's attitude (someone hold me.......please).

First I looked at the booking. Does the WWF have phenomenal booking?
Well, maybe, but then again we're still suffering from that Big
BossMan/Al Snow junk (and, I tell ya, Pepper's the Whole F'N
Show...this I know). Does the WWF have more talent than the WCW? Well,
there is Jeff Jarrett (who should have named his squad Double D
Enterprises, with such members as Debra, Miss Kitty, and, of course,
Mark Henry--a true Double D if I've ever seen one....someone get that
man a Cross-My-Heart).

Is it because the WWF's Raw is Jeric...uTriple H..War is only 2 hours,
compared to Nitro's 3? Well, there is SmackDown!, Superstars,
Heat....the list goes on and on of WWF programming, and that's not
counting the hours of Webcasts they have. Personally, the WWF's on
television more than CNN. Finally, I came to an epithany--my girlfriend
was getting tired of my constant jabbering about wrestling. So, I took
one last look at the WWF, and realized why its tops. The target
audience for wrestling are 18 to25 males, and being an 18 to 25 male, I
see that the WWF provides us with three things we love the most--Blood,
Beer, and (homina) Breasts (Ironically enough, those three are what I
really majored in at college).

Remember, this is the demographic that made Jerry Springer a higher
rated show than Nightline. The rallying cry of this demographic is
"Give us Hooters, or give us another program to watch!" Don't believe
me? Ask my girlfriend, who got a glimpse of the magazines I read for
the "articles". With those three things, WWF has climbed on top of the

So, what does this teach us? Well, simply, if Monday Night Football is
sooo worried about Raw taking away their ratings, instead of Dan
Dierdorff, Frank Gifford, and Al Micheals--Give us the Swedish Bikini
Team. Who cares who's playing, let us see the.....ahem......Color
Commentators. What a pair. Someone pass
the bud…
Written by reader: Mike Rose (DKR122)
I would like to respond to Fritz Capps commentary in issue # 285, I
loved his ideas and suggestions on how he would have redone Nitro,
Fritz has more creativity in one hand then all the WCW writers put
together. However, he was way off the mark when it came to comments
concerning Bret Hart. Saying that Bret needs to accept his brothers
death and move on was very insensitive. It has only been a few months
since the accident happened, the pain for some people doesn't go away
that fast. In time, Bret will learn to come to terms with what
happened, but that is what it is going to take..... TIME. Now, with
all the defections that WCW is experiencing , why don't they open the
door and throw out the ones that they really don't need? Like Ernest
The Cat Miller!!!!!
~Mike Rose DKR122
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