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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 290

Date:  Sunday August 29th, 1999  7:01 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at: http://www.1Wrestling.Com
Ryder reports that Scott Steiner may be returning to Nitro as early as
this coming Monday night. While I'm glad to see that his back is
feeling better, I'm also of the opinion that Steiner's interviews were
among the more loathsome segments on WCW television, ranking with the
worst of the WWF.

Reported by Bob Ryder at: http://www.1Wrestling.Com
Plans for the new WCW "classic" show on Turner South are moving ahead.
Several ideas are being considered, but producers of the show hope to
have some of the oldtimers make appearances in studio to talk about the
matches that will be shown on the program. Producers are looking at
vintage footage from the WCW archives, and will be pulling out some
real gems to include in the program.

I believe that besides the old Georgia &
JCP tapes, WCW also owns the
footage of the Florida & Mid-South (UWF) footage. Even with all of the
practical political considerations, there is some terrific footage
available. unfortunately, I have a feeling that cable systems in
California may pass on carrying Turner South...

WWF, August 28th, Live from Madison Square Garden, NY
Reported by Buttlip & David Taylor at:
IC Champion Jeff Jarrett pinned D-lo Brown
Gangrel pinned Chaz
Val Venis pinned Midian
The Big Boss Man pinned Test
The Acolytes defeated Edge/Christian & The Hardy Boyz in a Triangle
Mankind defeated Bad Ass Billy Gunn
Al Snow & Tori defeated Hardcore Holly & Ivory
Steve Blackman defeated Ken Shamrock via submission after Jericho
interfered WWF Tag Team Champions Undertaker & Big Show defeated Kane &
WWF World Heavyweight Champion Triple H pinned The Rock
Jackal's Winnipeg Sun/Thunder Bay Chronicle Column
By Don Callis
Courtesy of:

Attention! Wrestling legend and former WWF and WCW World Champion
actively seeking employment. Will work for a paltry one million per,
likes to book own angles but does not like to sell. Sometimes injures
opponents in attempt to get over and protect knee and does not like
Hulk Hogan. Will go on strike if unhappy. Check your local want ads for
this one!

In a shocking yet hardly surprising move, WCW wrestler Randy Savage
first went "on strike" and then supposedly quit apparently due to his
unhappiness with how he is being promoted and the fact that Hulk Hogan
is out to sabotage his career.

What? Isn't Hogan the same guy that Savage has been joined at the hip
with since he came to WCW. Haven't we had to endure a thousand matches
between the two? Is there any doubt that over the years Randy Savage
has been Hogan's favorite opponent?

I have my doubts that Hogan actually tries to sabotage careers, at
least not in a direct way. If promoting himself to a sickening degree
is sabotage, then it is sabotage of the entire company, not Savage, who
has been hurt the least by Hogan of anyone in WCW.

Which leads one to ponder: How can a man who is pushed through the roof
(and down our throats) for four months, beating everyone and injuring a
few in the process of earning a reported cool million be that unhappy?
I mean, he has clearly been the top heel for months and WCW management
has appeared to let him push the envelope to get over. He has not
signed a contract renewal, yet was still pushed through the roof,
unlike Chris Jericho who was told he would be banned from TV until he
signed a renewal.

The fact that Savage could go on strike and get away with it is a sad
commentary on the state of WCW management. At least if it were Flair we
could see the reason for it, but Savage has been booked with a golden
pencil during his entire tenure with the company. Perhaps Savage is
taking a page from the book of the very man that is trying to sabotage
his career, and all this is a negotiating ploy from a man who is not
over like he would like.

As far as Hogan is concerned, he is now, interestingly enough, a huge
babyface, which would lead one to believe that Savage, as the top heel
would be well positioned for yet another big money yet boring feud with
Hogan. Maybe Hulk has had enough of pinning Savage with the legdrop
every time and wants to move on to other guys and that is why Randy is

Is Savage mad because he didn't get over like he wanted to? And if the
answer to that question is yes, then who should the finger of blame be
pointed at? I think we know the answer to that one.

Inside Stuff
Latest rumor has the former Ultimate Warrior wanting to start up with
ECW. Now that would be interesting.....Lots of heat backstage in the
WWF about the finish of the SummerSlam main event......Chris Jericho
proved what many suspected was the case when he recently drew a 7.3
Nielsen rating on Raw.....Thunder Bay's own Vampiro is currently in
negotiations to renew his contract with WCW, who are very high on
him....My next NHB wrestling camp opens next month email me at:

Jackal can be heard every Sunday from
6-7pm on 92 CITI FM on Winnipeg's
only wrestling call in show: Joe & Jackal: No Holds Barred, live from
the Pony Corral on Grant.

Cyrus (formerly known as the...)
AUGUST 27, 1999 - TOLEDO, OH

Visit My Home Page At:

The program began with a match from last week between Jazz and Steve
Corino picked up in progress. There was an Acme Table, manufactured by
The Acme Table and Steel Chair company, Division of The Acme
Corporation, leaning against a corner of the ring. Tommy Dreamer and
Francine were at ringside.

Corino lifted Jazz on his back and shoulders, setting her up for a
table move but she slid off and applied a Testicular Claw. Corino was
reduced to tears and cried for his mommy. She next hit him with an
Inverted DDT. That brought Jack Victory in to prevent a pin. Francine
came in and nailed Victory with a Low Blow. Corino and Victory have
auditions next week for The Vienna Boy's Choir as sopranos. Corino
grabbed Francine, but Jazz pulled him off. Next up were Double Bronco
Busters by Francine and Jazz on Corino and Victory, followed by Stereo
DDT's. Jazz pinned Corino. Jason, who had paid Corino to take Jazz out,
cried over money wasted. Yoshohiro Tajiri rushed in and kicked Tommy,
then blew his Japanese Red Mist, manufactured by The Acme Oriental Mist
and Tea Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, into the faces of
Francine and Jazz. He then beat on Tommy as Victory waved a Japanese
Flag, manufactured by The Acme Flag and Steamship Company, Division of
The Acme Corporation. Tajiri tied Tommy in the Tree Of Woe and hit him
with a Drop Kick to the face. The crowd chanted "We want Taz." Dreamer
dropped to the mat and Victory covered him with the flag. Rhino joined
the celebration. The crowd got their wish. Taz came to the ring and
everyone took off so fast, they almost left their shadows behind.
Everyone but Rhino that it. He must have believed all the smoke Corino
had been blowing up his candy @$$ as he faced off with Taz.

The ECW opening was run. When we returned, Rhino found out how big a
mistake he had made, and quickly. He was TazPlexed thru the table. So
much for all of Corino's convincing him he could take out Taz. Oh, BTW,
Winner - Jazz
Loser - Steve Corino - Beaten by a woman; wait until Taz gets his
hands on him
Loser - Jason - Pissed his money away
Loser - Tommy Dreamer - Got his @$$ kicked by Tajiri again
Loser - Rhino - Learned two lessons: 1. Don't believe anything Steve
Corino tells him - 2. Playing with Taz is hazardous to his health

Announcer Joey Styles was at the desk. He said despite Rhino getting
destroyed by Taz, he has a great career ahead of him. This led us into
the next match, which was also from last week. It pitted Rhino, who
Styles called "Steve Corino's Rookie Monster" v. Tom Marquez. Marquez
started by hitting Rhino with a Drop Kick. Rhino came back with a
Clothesline, a series of punches and chops and Irish Whipped Marquez
off the ropes. Marquez avoided a Clothesline as he came off the ropes,
hit a Springboard Missile Drop Kick and went for a pin. Rhino put the
boots to his opponent, pounded him with a series of punches, hit him
with a Sit Out Power Slam and went for a pin. Rhino then Irish Whipped
Marquez into a corner, hit him with a boot to the mid section and
completely demolished him with a Sit Out Pile Driver that was nasty
enough to get another "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. The pin was academic. The
crowd chanted "ECW."
Winner - Rhino
Winner - Marquez's Chiropractor

Not to fear, that was the end of the rerun stuff.

We went backstage where Dangerous Danny Doring, Road Kill (The Amish
Chicken Killer) and Doring's girlfriend/valet Angelica were talking.
Doring introduced Angelica as Miss Congeniality of the New Millennium.
If she's "Miss Congeniality," Lucrezia Borgia is a candidate for
sainthood. She made a few comments about Road Kill. Doring tried to
cool things down as Road Kill began seething. Doring finally just
smiled and walked about with her, leaving Road Kill to contemplate if
the problem was with his deodorant or his personality. The general
consensus is that its both, and more.

Joey said that with the advent of ECW on TNN, and now that ECW has two
TV programs, the younger talent will have more of a chance to shine. He
mentioned Tommy Dreamer as being one of the younger talents, being he
is only 28 years old. Most don't think about him as being "young"
because he has been with ECW six years. He moved on to discussing
Tommy's back injury and that he may never wrestle again because of it,
and how great a guy Tommy is. You almost got the impression he was
Tommy's agent. He went on to say the same thing can't be said of "that
jerk Steve Corino."

We switched backstage to Corino, Jack Victory, sans his wheelchair,
Rhino and Yoshohiro Tajiri. Corino rambled on trying to draw some
analogy between Barnaby Jones (for the young among us, Barnaby Jones
was a TV show about 10 years ago, with Buddy Ebsen in the title role.
See, he did play characters other than Jed Clampett). I was lost trying
to follow him, but remember this is the same yo-yo that convinced Rhino
he could handle Taz, and he himself has been taunting Taz for several
months. He went on to say Tommy Dreamer would pay or "wrapping
Victory's leg around the flag pole," as he began crying. He continued
that Taz will pay for hurting Rhino and the whole locker room for what
has happened to Tajiri. He closed with telling us that he and his group
of wonders were going to take over ECW. Note to Steve: You might want
to check with Lance Storm, Justin Credible and Jason, who have a
similar plan.

The next match was Tajiri, with Corino at ringside waving a Japanese
Flag, manufactured by The Acme Flag and Steamship Company, Division of
The Acme Corporation, v. The Insane Luchadore, Super Crazy. Joey said
that Tajiri will meet Taz for the ECW Championship, September 3, 1999,
on ECW On TNN. Tajiri extended his hand to Crazy. You just knew that
Crazy would accept after checking with the crowd who advised otherwise.
You also knew what Tajiri would do. He did, with a Kick to the side of
Crazy's head, followed by a little old fashion stomping. Tajiri hit a
Tilt-A-Whirl Flying Head Scissors that sent Crazy to the floor. He took
a Baseball Slide as he started back in, followed by an Asahi Moonsault.
Tajiri went out after Crazy and Irish Whipped him into the guard rail.
They got back into the ring. Tajiri kicked Crazy in the head and tied
him up in a Tarantula in the ropes. Crazy reversed an attempt at a
Huricanrana into a Power Bomb, and followed with Springboard Missile
Drop Kick. Tajiri went to the floor and got blasted with a Crazy
Special (a flying leap over the top rope) landing on Tajiri like a 747
coming in hard. Crazy delivered a pair of kicks before they got back
in. Crazy had Tajiri against a corner and gave him the traditional ten
punches to the head as the crowd counted for him. Crazy may not speak
much English, but he understands that much. Tajiri was happy he didn't
know any numbers beyond ten. Tajiri shook it off and came back with a
Hand Spring Elbow off the ropes, following with a Drop Kick to the
knees, and a German Suplex. Tajiri got into an argument with the fans
allowing Crazy to get it together. A kick in the face was his reward.
Crazy avoided an attempt at a Brain Buster, and followed up with a
series of chops. Crazy then hit his patented first, second and top turn
buckle Moonsaults. Tajiri was happy there were only three. Crazy tried
for a pin, but Tajiri kicked out. Corino bad mouthed Crazy, prompting
Crazy to go out after him. Jack Victory appeared and grabbed Crazy from
behind. Corino swung, and surprise, Crazy ducked and Victory ate
Corino's fist. Crazy got back in just in time to take a face full of
Japanese Green Mist, manufactured by The Acme Oriental Mist and Tea
Company, Division of The Acme Corporation, spewed by Tajiri. Tajiri
followed with a Brain Buster, that got us an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey.
The pin was academic. Crazy's body may have been in the ring, but he
was really somewhere south of Tampico. Corino came in and waved the
flag, with Victory joining the festivities. In what will go down as the
silliest statement of the year, make that the century, Joey said "Taz
may be in trouble." I can just hear his knees shaking from here.
Winner - Yoshohiro Tajiri - With a Title shot v. Taz on TNN next week,
the outcome of this match was a given
Loser - Steve Corino - Also a given

Joey gave a list of ECW's shows thru September, including the next PPV,
Anarchy Rulz, September 19, 1999, in Chicago. We can expect to have
this drummed into us in the coming weeks.

The next match was for the ECW Tag Team Championship, with The Dudley
Boyz, Bubba Ray (
BBR) and D-Von (C), along with Sign Guy Dudley,
meeting Balls Mahoney and Little Spike Dudley (LSD).
BBR argued with
the fans on his way to the ring. He praised Vince McMahon on his way
down. Balls brought his customized Steel Chair, manufactured by The
Acme Table and Steel Chair company, Division of The Acme Corporation,
and LSD a metal ladder, manufactured by The Acme Ladder and Fire
Fighting Equipment Company, Division of The Acme Corporation. They hit
the ring and the match started right away with all four going at it.
BBR and LSD paired off, as did Balls and D-Von. The crowd chanted
"Balls." LSD hit
BBR with a Huricanrana. Balls hit D-Von with a Side
Kick. The Dudley's went to the floor to regroup. Balls launched LSD
onto them, and followed with a Plancha onto the dazed pair. The crowd
chanted "ECW." Spike opened the ladder in the ring, climbed to the top
and dove fifteen down onto The Dudley's. This got us yet another "Oh,
my G-d" from Joey. It also got us a trip to commercial land where we
had a chance to buy every tape ever made by ECW.

When we got back, Balls was pounding D-Von. He then Irish Whipped him
into the corner, but D-Von caught him coming in and hit him with a
Sit-Out Power Bomb.
BBR and LSD were out on the floor. BBR's face was
covered with blood as he pounded his half-brother. D-Von got a Cheese
Grater, manufactured by The Acme Kitchen and Home Products Company,
Division of The Acme Corporation, and raked it across Balls' face. This
got us another "Oh, my G-d." As usual Balls was bleeding like a stuffed
pig. He is no longer eligible for transfusions from the Blood Bank, he
has bled them dry (that was bad!).
BBR continued beating on LSD, and at
the same time arguing with the fans. LSD hit
BBR with a chair shot and
tried for The Acid Drop, but
BBR blocked it and dumped him into the
first row of fans. LSD pulled
BBR in after him. LSD was a bloody mess
at this point. They fought in the crowd. LSD tore away at
BBR's face,
and dragged him deeper into the bleachers.
BBR had enough of it and
dropped LSD onto a steel hand rail.
BBR wiped his face and we saw it
was LSD's blood that he had been covered with.
BBR yelled Vince
McMahon's praises as he went. We switched over to the other two and saw
that Balls and D-Von were now fighting in the crowd also.
with a Trash Can and then threatened to deck one of the fans who got
into his face. Balls and D-Von were back in the ring had Balls covered,
but the referee was out with
BBR and LSD, who were now fighting at the
concession stand. LSD crowned
BBR with a metal tray and hit him with a
forearm to the face. Thinking
BBR might be a little hungry, he then
threw a bag of Nachos in his face and then poured a bucket of drink
over him. Joey said ECW will be stuck with the bill for the destroyed
concession stand ... again. Meanwhile D-Von Suplexed Balls and followed
with a middle turn buckle Diving Head Butt. Sign Guy was trying to find
the referee to have him count Balls out. Balls came back with a boot to
the midsection and a Power Slam. Balls kept on D-Von and Splashed him.
BBR and LSD fought their way back to ringside as a chant of "ECW" rang
out again. Balls went for a chair shot, but D-Von hit him with a Low
Blow and tried for a pin. D-Von then hit Balls with a series of punches
to the head and face. Balls retaliated with a Scoop and Slam. He went
for The New Jersey Jam, but D-Von moved out of the way. Balls wont sit
down for a week as a result.
BBR came into the ring and he and D-Von
completely ruined Balls' entire day with one of their patented moves, a
belly to-back Suplex and Hangman's Neck Breaker Combo. Balls kicked out
of the pin. The Dudley's thought the referee gave them a slow count and
were all over him. That provided the opening Balls and LSD needed.
Balls hit
BBR with a Spine Buster and LSD clobbered D-Von. Next up was
a Nutcracker Suite by Balls on D-Von and an Acid Drop on
Sign Guy came in, prevented a pin and sped back out. Both LSD and Balls
went out after Sign Guy and Double Whipped him into the guard rail.
They then opened two Acme Table and stacked one atop the other at
ringside. D-Von and
BBR recovered and stopped Balls and LSD as they
were trying to get Sign Guy on the top table, and pounded away at them.
BBR was caught on the middle turn buckle by Balls who attempted a
Huricanrana, but took a Bubba Bomb for his efforts. LSD and D-Von were
out on the floor. LSD Irish Whipped D-Von into the guard rail. With
was in a corner, LSD climbed to the top turn buckle, Sign Guy threw his
loaded sign to
BBR, but LSD intercepted it and bashed BBR in the head
with it.
BBR got a can of Lighter Fluid, manufactured by The Acme
Barbecue and Outdoor Products Company, Division of The Acme
Corporation, and poured it on the stacked tables. Sign Guy lit the
BBR picked up LSD and Bubba Bombed him thru both burning
tables. This got us still another "Oh, my G-d" from Joey, and a chant
of "ECW" from the fans. LSD was down and not moving among the rubble.
Balls was left to fend for himself. D-Von began the execution with a
chair shot to Balls' head (Chair Shot To The Head No. 7,880, Unofficial
Count) that he has taken. He followed with No. 7,881.
BBR held Balls
from behind as he stood on the apron. D-Von swung for No. 7,882, but
Balls ducked and
BBR had his pretty face rearranged by the chair. Balls
followed with a Nutcracker Suit and pinned
D-Von. The crowd broke into the "Balls has Balls" song.

Winners - Balls Mahoney and Little Spike Dudley - Now two time ECW Tag
Team Champions
Losers - The Dudley Boyz - They can't bring the Belts to the WWF
Loser - The Blood Bank - They have to give Balls and LSD transfusions

Joey was ecstatic over the outcome and proud that The Dudley's wont be
able to deliver the Belts to McMahon. He said "G-d bless Balls and
LSD." In the ring,
D-Von was groggy,
BBR was PO'd, Sign Guy was, ... Sign Guy. The crowd
serenaded them with "Good-bye, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Good-bye." Joey
predicted they would be WWF Tag Team Champions and hoped they never
returned to ECW.

He closed the show with the list of September dates. I told you he
would be relentless.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
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