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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 291

Date:  Monday August 30th, 1999  9:04 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Mike Samuda at:
Austin is not booked for any of the house shows until 10/10, and he may
not be wrestling at the next WWF PPV. While
Austin was originally
scheduled to compete in a
Three-Way rematch of Summerslam, the WWF is
considering giving
Austin the extra time off.

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The 8/27 edition of ECW on TNN did a 0.9 rating with a 1.8 share. For
the previous four weeks, that slot averaged a 0.4 rating with a 0.8
share (For TNN Motor Madness and RollerJam), so ECW more than doubled
their rating and their share.

ECW House Show Results from Lebanon, Pennsylvania - August 27, 1999
Reported by Jeff Jacobson & ShaneOJack at:
Nova & Chris Chetti defeated Simon Diamond & Tom Marquez with the
Rhino Richards defeated The Spanish Angel with the Powerbomb
Spike Dudley defeated Rhino Richards with the Acid Drop
Uganda defeated Skull Von Krush with the Top Rope Splash
Justin Credible defeated Jerry Lynn after Lance Storm interfered
Tommy Dreamer & Steve Corino defeated Amish Roadkill & Danny Doring
Super Crazy defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri and Little Guido
Rob Van Dam defeated Balls Mahoney with the Five Star Frog Splash
By Rick Phekps (wrestleric)

Disorderly Conduct versus Steven Regal/Dave Taylor
This match saw no conclusion as Sid interrupted again. At 73-0
(according to the sign held by Charles Robinson) Sid pinned both
members of Disorderly Conduct to become 75-0. After his usual speech,
he Powerbombed both men again.
Winner: No Contest

--Lenny and Lodi, arrived to the arena (via a taxi) only to be told by
security that they were not on the list to enter the building.

--Mene Gene interviewed Lex Luger. Luger said that for ten years, the
red and yellow stood for something good, and over the course of the
last three years, Hogan proved that it was a sham. The Total Package
said he realized what he was saying was not popular but that he had
(coming to the arena) concrete evidence that Hogan is still a con
artist and can not be trusted.

--Berlyn was shown arriving at the arena with his translator, despite
the fact that he can speak English.

--The concert by KISS, and the debut of their wrestler DEMON was shown.

Lash Leroux versus Scotty Riggs
Vampiro and ICP made their way to the ring to watch this match. After
Riggs won with a Rocker Dropper (Famouser), Vampiro told Riggs that he
owed him.
Winner: Scotty Riggs via pinfall

--The Revolution hit the ring. Shane Douglas said it was time for a
change. Saturn challenged Rick Steiner to a match for Fall Brawl.
Benoit said that the road to the U.S. title was a long one, and he
knows that from experience. Malenko said that the Revolution won't stop.

Kaz Hayashi versus Lodi w/Lenny
The referee, who had been knocked out, came to in time to administer
the three count. However, he counted Kaz rolling up Lenny instead of
Winner: Kaz Hayashi via pinfall

Mene Gene interviewed Hulk Hogan. Hogan said that he doesnt know what
"crawled up Luger's shorts lately", but he is curious to see what this
hard evidence that Luger has against him is. He also said that if Luger
is just trying to cause problems between he and Sting, that he will
kick Luger's a$$.

--As Schiavone and Heenan were promoting two new superstar series tapes
Flair/Hulk Hogan) organ music began playing and then faded away.

La Parka/Blitzkrieg versus Rey Mysterio Jr./Eddie Guerrero
After some amazing double team moves, Eddie won the match for his team
with a
Frog Splash on Blitzkrieg as Vampiro and the ICP watched from the ramp.
Winners: Rey Mysterio Jr./Eddie Guerrerovia pinfall

--Mene Gene interviewed Berlyn, who was accompanied by his interpreter
security team. One of the security team patted down Okerlund. Through
interpreter, Berlyn said that he has become a machine and that when he
wrestles it is an art, unlike Americans, that when they wrestle, it is
just wrestling. He said the first man he would destroy is Bagwell,
because he represents American indulgence. He also said that he speaks
perfect English, but refuses to speak the language because it disgusts

--It was announced that Sting and Hulk Hogan will meet in the main
event at
Fall Brawl.

--Mene Gene was interrupted by Lex Luger, who had been beated up. Luger
said that he had been attacked by Hogan, who went through his bags and
then smashed out the windows of his car.

Barry/Kendall Windham (c) w/Curt Hennig versus Prince Iaukea/Kenny Kaos
Team Championship*
Kendall pinned the Prince following a knee drop to the chest. After the
bell, the Rednecks questioned "if that all there was to the tag team
division in WCW ". They then said that "Harlem Heat is crap". This
brought out the former tag champs, who cleaned house. Booker T even
pinned Kendall after an axe kick. (The titles were not on the line for
that.) Bobby Duncum Jr. entered with his cowbell and the Rednecks
attacked the brothers.
Winners: The Windham Brothers (Retain WCW tag team titles)

--Mene Gene interviewed Lex Luger. Luger said that he what he was about
to say
disgusted him, and then called Sting out. Luger then pulled out a
picture of Hogan standing next to a white hummer. He then accused Hogan
of being the man who drove the hummer that almost "ended Kevin Nash's
career." For some reason, Diamond Dallas Page jumped in the ring,
sucker punched Hogan and left. Sting then asked Hogan whether or not he
was driving the hummer. An argument (with Sting pointing out how many
times that Hogan had stabbed him in the back before) and shoving match
then developed with security breaking it up.

Van Hammer versus Buff Bagwell
Berlyn's entourage took notes from the entryway. The Blockbuster gave
the Buff Daddy another win.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

--A clip was shown from June 7 of the white hummer ramming into the
of Kevin Nash.

Mike Enos versus Evan Karagias
A twisting kick from the top followed by the "Nail in the Coffin" by an
interfering Vampiro allowed Karagias to pin Enos. After the bell,
Vampiro told Karagias that he owed him. The Demon then appeared and
said "Vampiro, not here, not now, not this time."

Winner: Evan Karagias via pinfall
Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus w/Jimmy Hart versus Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
These two team battled inside of the ring and out. The action on the
outside got both teams counted out. The fight continued after the bell.
Winners: Double Countout

--Mean Gene interviewed Hulk Hogan. Hogan said he had to take a call in
the back, saying that he wouldn't stab him in the back, the same way he
wouldn't stab Sting in the back. The "Hulkster" then said that he would
prove to everyone next week that the allegations are false. He then
challenged DDP to a match and called Goldberg (who was slated to face
Page in the main event) out to ask him a favor. He asked Goldberg to
let him have Page tonight. Goldberg than said that he and Hogan could
wipe out the entire Triad tonight. DDP and the Triad accepted.

Rick Steiner (c) versus Disco Inferno *Television Championship*
After telling everyone that he was a sex symbol, superstar, and icon,
the DFG
defeated the dancin' fool with a bulldog from the top. Steiner
continued to attack Disco until Saturn hit the ring. He and Steiner
traded blows until Saturn superkicked the DFG out of the ring.
Winner: Rick Steiner via pinfall (Retains WCW T.V. Title)

Chris Benoit (c) versus Jerry Flynn w/Jimmy Hart *U.S. Championship*
After nailing Flynn with a headbutt from the top, the other members of
the First Family attacked. The Revolution made the save. The Crippler
then challenged Sid to get in the ring with him, to see if he could
continue his winning streak.
Winner: Chris Benoit via disqualification (Retains WCW U.S. Title)

Goldberg/Hulk Hogan versus The Triad
As Hogan pinned Bigelow following his patented leg drop, Goldberg
popped up following a Diamond Cutter.
Winners: Goldberg/Hulk Hogan via pinfall

--At the end of the show, Sting looking for Hulk Hogan, entered the
dressing room, only to find Randy Savage and Gorgeous George sitting in
Hulkster's dressing room.

Ricks Comments:
--I wonder how long it is going to take before the fans get tired of
the yellow and red again?

--Seeing Berlyn brings a question to mind...I wonder how Alex Wright
is doing? (Sarcasm)

--I am willing to bet that Rick Steiner/Saturn will be the best match
at Fall Brawl.

--After seeing the Disco Inferno tonight, does anyone else think he has
been attending night classes at the Dennis Rodman's school of fashion?

--I almost feel sorry for Kanyon, this is the second week that he has
been damn near speared out of his boots.
Reported by Patrick D (SupStrPro)
The following are the complete results of Coastal Championship
Wrestling's last event ever, "August Blowout", held August 28, 1999 at
The Miracle City Mall in Titusville, FL.
O.G. Scarface defeated Wet Willy by DQ due to outside interference from
Sir Ronald J. Niemi's in 6:51.

"Uptown" Frankie Capone pinned "Madman" Jeff Roth in 7:15 to win the
CCW Southern Cruiserweight Championship.

Chaos defeated The Snowman at 8:17 in a No Disqualification Match.

Bam Bam Mancuso pinned "Super Sexy" Anthony Michaels to win the CCW
Heavyweight Championship.

During intermission, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and several of the CCW stars
autographs and posed for pictures with the fans.

In a Four Way Elimination CCW Southern Heavyweight Tag Team Title
Match, Deadbug Joe & Pesticide Pete-The Exterminators, captured the
titles by defeating Suicidal Tendencies. Also involved in the match: 3D
& Badd Intentions.

In a Steel Cage Match Hardcore Hughes defeated "Mr. CCW" Hack Meyers.
-Patrick D
XPW Big Shows - Big Surprises

In the Main Event on Friday night, Damien Steele pinned Big Dick when
Jasmin St. Claire came through the ring and sprayed mace in Dick's
eyes, allowing Steele to hit the Real Deal and pin the big man.
Earlier in the night, Steele debuted his new bodyguard, Nicole Bass.
Bass destroyed the two Luchadors in the opening bout and then helped
Jasmin destroy "Miss Xtreme" Kristi Myst. Jasmin gave Myst a stone
bitch stunner and Bass chokeslammed her twice.

Also, "White Trash" Johnny Webb debuted his new manager, Missy Hyatt,
in his bout with "Mr. 80's" Dynamite D. Webb came out and interrupted
D's speech on how 1980s wrestling was far superior to wrestling in the
90's. Webb told D, "If you want to be successful today, you need to
develop a hardcore attitude." Webb then said that he actually thanked
guys like D and Phenomenal Phil for showing him the errors in his old
ways and that things would now be different. "And you know what they
say," Webb said to D, ""behind every good man, is a great woman."

The arena lights went out and when they came back on, Missy Hyatt was
standing in the entrance way with a cigarette in her mouth and a
Singapore cane in her hand. Once she entered the ring, Dynamite D
attempted to convince her that she was with the wrong guy. She was
from the 80s, he reasoned. However, he sealed his own fate when he
told Missy that he was from the old school and that she was just old.
Hyatt cracked D over the head with the cane and later presented it to
White Trash. Webb defeated D after repeated whacks with his new found
Singapore cane.

Also, Jake Lawless defeated Jimmy after he wrapped him in barbed wire
and belly-to-back suplexed him over the top rope. Cybil was scheduled
to take on Phenomenal Phil, but as Cybil's music played, he did not
come out. Music unheard before in the XPW Arena then played and
Michael Modest came out to make his XPW debut and defeated the
Phenomenal one. The West Side NGZ, Chronic and Big Rott, destroyed Los
Vatos Locos, Danger and Felony. After the beating of their lifetimes,
Los Vatos were further
humiliated. Danger was hung with a noose over the top rope, and Felony
had his hair cut off by the West Siders. Kid Kaos defeated Pancho
Killa. With his crew decimated just moments before, Killa had to go to
ringside alone, not giving him the advantage he had against Kaos last
time they met. The 20-year old future superstar was able to use his
speed and agility to keep Pancho from destroying him with power moves
and pulled out the victory.

Kristian Blood and Supreme were scheduled to have a rematch from their
July 31st encounter, but there were other plans in the work. Donovan
Morgan came to the ring in an XPW shirt and claimed to be the real Mr.
XPW, the real future of professional wrestling, and the one who was
going to knock Kristian Blood off of his pedestal as poster boy for
XPW. He decided to make it a three way match, which ended with Supreme
pinning Kristian Blood after a moonsault through a table. American
Wildchild and Yakuza defeated Ultra Taro Jr. and Mr. Excitement.In a
Universal Fighting-arts Organization match, Justin McCully defeated Lee
Young Gun.

On Saturday, Augsut 28, at the Masterdome in San Bernardino:
American Wildchild and Yakuza defeated Ultra Taro Jr. and
Mr.Excitement, Jake Lawless defeated Jimmy Chronic defeated Slamm'n
Stew,"Real Deal" Damien Steele and Kid Kaos wrestled to a No Contest
when Big Dick interfered, Big Dick pinned Pancho Killa in a Fatal Five
Way Match: Supreme, Michael Modest, Phenomenal Phil,
Kristian Blood and Donovan Morgan wrestled to a No Contest
For the first time ever fans can now order home video copies of all IWA
television programs and live event footage. Each tape is $19.95 +
$4.95 shipping and handling Orders may
be paid for via check or money order payable to:
IWA Championship Wrestling and sent to
IWA Championship Wrestling
P O Box 35345, Sarasota, FL 34245

Shows 90-01 thru 90-17 feature Diamond Dallas Page on color commentary.
Tapes are as follows:

Tape Number Featured Matches

___ IWA # 90-01 Taped at Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, FL
Derrick "Starfire" Dukes vs Joe Pedreo
Hillbilly Cousin Luke vs Grissley Bear Ray
Preston Steel w/Noelle vs Dennis Knight
Terminator vs Wild Thing
Bambi vs Peggy Lee Leather
Kerry Von Erich vs Bob Cook

___ IWA # 90-02 Taped at Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, FL
Chief Jules Strongbow vs Hollywood Rob
Robert Fuller vs Lightning Lou Perez
Brickhouse Brown vs Wild Thing
Steve "Gator" Keirn vs Coconut Kid
Tommy Rogers & Hurricane Walker vs
Dennis Knight & Greg La Bounty
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Robby Idol

___ IWA 90-03 Taped at Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, FL
Terminator vs Bounty Hunter # 2
Preston Steele w/Noelle vs Bodyguard Mark
Kerry Von Erich vs Bounty Hunter # 1
Derrick "Starfire" Dukes vs Brickhouse Brown
Tommy Rogers vs Coconut Kid

___ IWA 90-04 Taped at Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, FL
Ladies Tag Team: Bambi & A J Prescious vs
Peggy Lee Leather & Penelope Paradise
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Steve "Gator" Keirn
Chief Jules Strongbow vs Bob Cook
Robert Fuller vs Tim Parker
Hurricane Walker vs Bodyguard Mark

___ IWA 90-05 Taped at Mount Holly (NJ) National Guard Armory
Tony "Hitman" Stetson vs David Isley
Yukon Jack vs Titan "Taz" Apollo
Preston Steele w/Noelle vs Dirty Dick Flanagan
Ivan Koloff vs Ivan Koloff
Sonny Beach vs Chris Evans
SST (Samoan Swat Team) vs Frankie Angel &
Mitch Ryder

___ IWA 90-06 Taped at Mount Holly (NJ) National Guard Armory
Derrick "Starfire" Dukes vs Al the Sledgehammer
Kokina Maximus vs Big Hoss
Larry Winters vs Johnny Hot Body
Junkyard Dog vs Man Mountain Mike Moore
Kerry Von Erich vs Lethal Larry Cameron
Chief Jules Strongbow vs Wild Samoan # 1 (Afa)

___ IWA 90-07 Taped at Mount Holly (NJ) National Guard Armory
Johnny Hot Body vs Tony "Hit Man" Stetson
Sonny Beach vs Bobby Salsa
Hillbilly Cousin Luke vs New Jersey Nightmare
Pitbull Express vs Ray Odyssey &
Chris "The Edge" Evans
Ivan Koloff vs Derrick "Starfire" Dukes

___ IWA 90-08 Taped at Mount Holly (NJ) National Guard Armory
Lethal Larry Cameron vs Montana Mauler
Preston Steele w/Noelle vs Bobby Salsa
Junkyard Dog vs Titan "Taz" Apollo
Kerry Von Erich vs Man Mountain Mike Moore
SST (Samoan Swat team) vs Pitbull Express

___ IWA 90-09 Taped at Mount Holly (NJ) National Guard Armory
Chief Thunder Mountain vs New Jersey Nightmare
Boy Gone Bad vs Jungle Jim McPhearson
David Isley vs Larry Winters
Ray Odyssey vs The Professional
Ivan Koloff vs Hillbilly Cousin Luke

___ IWA 90-10 Taped at Nanticoke, PA
Lightning Lou Perez vs Tony "Hitman" Stetson
Ray Apollo vs Dante DeNucci
Tom Brandi vs Titan "Taz" Apollo
Terminator vs Ebony Playboy
Larry Winters vs Jim Folger
Derrick "Starfire" Dukes vs Johnny Hot Body
Terry Taylor vs Thunderfoot # 2

___ IWA 90-11 Lethal Larry Cameron vs Titan "Taz" Apollo
Manny "Raging Bull" Fernandez vs Dirty Dennis Allen
Brandi Mae vs Devila
Chief Jules Strongbow vs Thunderfoot # 2
Wild Samoan # 1 (Afa) vs Sonny Beach

___ IWA 90-12 Taped at Nanticoke, PA
Sonny Beach vs Montana Mauler
Terminator vs Thunderfoot # 2
Hillbilly Cousin Luke vs Jim Folger
Ivan Koloff vs David Sammartino
Wild Samoan # 1 (Afa) & Chief Jules Strongbow
vs Lethal Larry Cameron & Ray Apollo

___ IWA 90-13 Taped at Nanticoke, PA
Hillbilly Cousin Luke vs Montana Mauler
Tommy Rogers & Jason Knight vs
Motor City Mad Men
Ray Apollo vs Titan "Taz" Apollo
David Sammartino vs Ebony Playboy
Lethal Larry Cameron vs Dirty Dennis Allen
Terry Taylor vs Manny "Raging Bull" Fernandez

___ IWA 90-14 Taped at Pleasure Island, Disney World, FL
Dean Malenko vs Ricky Rice
Preston Steele w/Noelle vs Bounty Hunter # 2
Tommy Rogers vs Gigolo Jim Backlund
Bambi vs Peggy Lee Leather
Kevin Von Erich vs Lethal Larry Cameron

___ IWA 90-15 Taped at Pleasure Island, Disney World, FL
Lightning Lou Perez vs Downtown Denny Brown
Terminator vs Sonny Beach
Chief Jules Strongbow vs Hillbilly Cousin Luke
Moondog Spot vs Big Al Green
Steve "Gator" Keirn vs Ivan Koloff

___ IWA 90-16 Taped at Pleasure Island, Disney World, FL
Preston Steele w/Noelle vs Thunderfoot # 2 w/DDP
Lethal Larry Cameron vs Moondog Spot
Chief Jules Strongbow vs Kevin Von Erich
Terminator & Sonny Beach vs Bounty Hunters
Dean Malenko vs Gigolo Jim Backlund

___ IWA 90-17 Thunderfoot # 2 w/DDP vs Ricky Rice
Mixed tag team: Bambi & Lightning Lou Perez
vs Peggy Lee Leather & Downtown Denny Brown
Derrick "Starfire" Dukes vs Big Al Green
Steve "Gator" Keirn vs Gigolo Jim Backlund
Kevin Von Erich & Moondog Spot vs
Chief Jules Strongbow & Lethal Larry Cameron

___ IWA 99-01 Taped at the Horseshoe Casino, Bossier City, LA
Wolfie D vs Hot Shot Cassidy
6-Man Tag: Scufflin' Hillbillies vs
Mr Nasty, Rude Dog & Tank
Malia Hosaka vs Brandi Alexander
Koko B Ware vs Primetime Jimmy Valentine
Sweet Stan Lane vs Tracy Smothers
Masked Superstar vs One Man Gang

___ IWA 99-02 Tom "Beef" Burton vs Rainbow Brown
Hillbilly Cousin Luke vs Gene Ligon
Shane "The Franchise" Douglas vs Chris Michaels
Bushwhackers vs Thunderfoots
Midnight Express Y2K vs Tommy Rogers
& Steven Dunn
Rock & Roll Express vs Johnny Mantell
& Iceman King Parsons

* Missy Hyatt appears on both 99-01 and 99-02.
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