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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 292

Date:  Tuesday August 31st, 1999  3:48 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
Raw did a 4.2 rating and a strong 10.5 share, off of hours of 4.2 (8.8
share) and 4.2 (12.2 share). Nitro did a 4.0 rating and a 6.3 share
off of hours of 3.3 (5.3 share), 4.2 (6.3 share) and 4.5 (7.4 share).
It is unreal that Raw managed to win the ratings battle despite going
off the air on the east coast after
1 a.m. In contrast, The US Open
Tennis Tournament on USA did a paltry 1.0 rating from 7:30 to 11:00
p.m. Kind of makes ECW's 0.9 look better doesn't it?

Heat did a surprisingly strong 4.1 rating with a 7.7 share. That is
only down slightly from the four week average of 4.4 with an 8.3 share.
WCW Saturday Night did a 1.5 rating with a 3.6 share. Livewire did a
1.6 rating with a 5.1 share. Superstars did a 2.1 rating with a 6.4

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Ric Flair participated in the Jimmy V golf tournament weekend, and
auctioned off a robe and championship belt for the charity. Darius
Rucker, of Hootie & The Blowfish, bid $28,000 for the robe and belt.

With the Rock's victory (w/Mankind) last night over The Undertaker &
The Big Show, The Rock joins a select few: those who have held the WWF
World Heavyweight Championship, the WWF Intercontinental Championship,
and the WWF World Tag Team Championship. The Rock joins Pedro Morales,
Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Konnan, Kidman, and Public Enemy were all at NITRO but were not used.

Though I realize that most of you already know the answers to these
questions, here you go:
Is Berlyn really Alex Wright?
Yes, Berlyn is Alex Wright, the former WCW Television & Cruiserweight

Are Stephanie McMahon & Test dating in real life?
No. They are dating only on-screen; off-camera, Test & Stephanie are
RAW - AUGUST 30, 1999 -

Visit My Home Page At:

The program began with the RAW opening, followed by The Rock coming to
the ring to a major pop, and a chant of "Rocky." JR and The King were
at the announcers desk. The Rock said "he was screwed out of the WWF
Championship by that little Jabronie Commissioner, Shawn "HBK"
Michaels." He mimicked HBK and the crowd loved it. He dared HBK to come
out and face him. He had a better chance of winning three state
lotteries in one week. He did a bit about HBK being a Texan and having
a six gun, saying he would take it away from him and "shove it sideways
up your candy ass." The Rock is so over, he could be elected Senator of
Massachusetts over TEddie Kennedy. He gave HBK five seconds to get his
ass to the ring or was going backstage and kick his ass all over the
arena. The crowd counted down the five seconds and The Rock left to
find HBK. As he searched backstage, he kept bad mouthing HBK. He looked
in the ladies bathroom, saying that was where HBK belonged. As he
searched, he was blind-sided by Triple H, Chyna and Shane. They were
stomping the crap out of until Mankind showed up to make the save. It
took a bunch (what else) of WWF referees and officials to restore

Shane and The Mean Street Posse, Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs came to
the ring, Each of the MSP showed the result of getting their dumb asses
kicked by Test. Rodney had a cast on his arm; Pete Gas had a neck brace
on and Joey Abs had a brace on one leg. Shane put the bad mouth on The
Rock and Mankind and then set matches up for each of them, with the
Stipulation (there's that word again) that they had to win in order to
get a Title Match v. Triple H. The Rock will meet The Taker in a No Holds
Barred, Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ Match. Saying he single handily
beat Mankind last week on SmackDown to become the new King of Hardcore
(yeah, and Slick Willie has gone celibate), and because Mankind likes
to jump people from behind, Mankind will face MSP in a Handicap Match.
He called Mankind to the ring for the match.

The first match was the Handicap Match, Mankind v. MSP. Shane chased
the referee and said he would be the referee, warning Mankind that if
he laid a hand on him, he would be DQ'd and not get a title shot, since
he was the referee for the match. The match was mostly 2-on-1 and
3-on-1, with MSP using several weapons, including a metal tray, two
metal trash cans, a stop sign and a snow shovel, all products of
various Acme Companies, on Mankind. Shane just didn't seem to notice
what was happening. Rodney held Mankind, Joey swung the stop sign,
Mankind ducked, Rodney got "stopped," and then took a Double Arm DDT on
the sign. Pete Gas brought the shovel in, but Mankind took it away,
gave him a left with it, and then clobbered him with it. His testicular
fortitude was destroyed. Mankind had the entire MSP down and covered,
but Shane was busy thinking of his stock portfolio and wasn't paying
attention. Solution: Mankind got Mr. Socko and fed him to the boy
wonder. Triple H raced in to save his sorry ass. Mankind was ready for Triple H
and blasted him. Shane called for the bell and started to leave with
Triple H. The ring announcer said Mankind was the winner by DQ. Shane sped
over to her and reminded her of his words about Mankind putting his
hands on him. Hey, it was all of eight or ten minutes; you expect her
to remember that long? Only kidding ladies. She announced MSP as the

Winners - The Mean Street Posse
Losers - The Mean Street Posse - They have had their asses kicked
more times then a deaf and blind, one legged man at an ass kicking
contest - Even more times then Balls Mahoney has by The Dudley Boyz
Loser - Mankind - He doesn't get a Title Match v. Triple H

We saw Michael Cole backstage with The Undertaker, The Big Show and The
Fat Guy. The Undertaker was none to pleased with The Rock and promised
to shove a soup bone down his throat.

We saw The Rock walking around backstage. He wasn't happy.

The next match was The Rock v. The Undertaker, accompanied by The Big
Show and The Fat Guy, in a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ
Match, with the Stipulation that if The Rock wins, he gets a title
shot. The Undertaker took the mic and said that after thinking about
it, The Rock "comedic speaking ass didn't deserve a match with him,"
and The Big Show would take his place. The Undertaker instructed The
Big Show to hurt The Rock and joined the announcers. He said he was
allowing The Big Show to fight The Rock to help turn him into a killer,
that no one would be able to beat. Note to The Undertaker: Be careful,
the student may come back and bite the teacher. Note to The Big Show:
The Undertaker may teach you everything you know, but not everything he
knows. The match was fought as much on the floor as in the ring. The
Rock went over to the announcers desk and put on a headset. He
exchanged words with The Undertaker and decked him. This allowed The
Big Show to grab The Rock and choke slam him thru the announcers desk.
He pinned him among the debris with a foot on his chest. Triple H appeared
and wanted a piece of The Rock, but was grabbed by The Undertaker.
Guess he doesn't like people coming to his party uninvited. Mankind
came down the make sure they didn't do anymore to The Rock. He
regretted it. The Undertaker and The Big Show gave him another ass
kicking. The announcers desk was replaced with a table.
Winner - The Big Show
Loser - The Rock - Made a permanent part of the announcers desk
Loser - The announcers desk - It was obviously an inferior product -
Next time they'll know better and buy one from The Acme Announcers Desk
Manufacturing Company, Division of The Acme Corporation

Cole talked with Al Snow backstage. As he did, we heard a lot of
moaning. Was it possible Val Venis was shooting a new video? Snow asked
The Big Bossman to please return Pepper. He said he put Reward Posters
up all over the place hoping someone had seen the little dog and let
him know.

The Big Bossman came to the ring and asked Snow to join him. The Big
Bossman apologized for going back on his word last week on SmackDown
and not returning Pepper. He said he understood Al's pain, because he
lost a dog when he was only The Little Bossman. His little doggie got
run over by a car. He told Al to come to his hotel room Thursday
(during SmackDown) and he would return Pepper, "no tricks, no games,
trust me." They shook hands. Let's think about this: The Big Bossman
invites Snow to his hotel room. You don't think The Big Bossman might
be ... nah, he was a macho prison guard.

We saw The Rock rearranging his locker room. He still wasn't happy.

We saw a clip from the match between Chris Jericho and Road Dogg from
SmackDown. Jericho put Doggie through a table. JR said Doggie hurt his
back and would be out for a long time. Nice cover for his drug

The next match was X-Pac v. Taka Michinoku, accompanied by fellow
Kaientai member Funaki. As Taka came to the ring, he did a "Suck It" in
Japanese. At least that's what I thought he said. I often skipped class
during Japanese 101. During the match JR talked about X-Pac being
dejected after losing a match last week and telling Kane he was a "weak
link." Sounds like X-Pac and Kane are going back to singles matches.
Maybe with a bit of luck we'll get the real Kane back, sans the kissie
poo attitude X-Pac gave him. The match featured a lot of high flying
moves by both men, with Funaki getting a cheap hot in whenever he
could. X-Pac won after hitting Taka with The X-Factor. Funaki came in
and took one of his own.
Winner - X-Pac
Loser - Kaientai - Two members took X-Factors

Backstage we saw a bunch of tag teams arguing about the upcoming Four
Corners Tag Team Elimination Match, with the winner getting a title
shot. A host of referees and WWF officials was trying to prevent a riot.

The next match was the Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match, with
the winner getting a title shot. The four teams were Edge/Christian,
Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match, with the winner getting a
title shot. (Matt and Jeff), The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Farooq) and The
Holly's (Crash and Hardass). All eight men went at it as the match got
underway. The Acolytes did a number on one of the Hardy Boyz at
ringside. Then all hell broke loose as several other teams joined the
fray. The teams of Visera/Mideon, Prince Albert/Droz and Stevie
Richards/The Blue Meanie came down. The bell rang repeatedly and the
same bunch of referees and WWF officials that tried to keep them apart,
tried to break it up. They got nowhere and we left then. There was no
winner, but a there were a lot of Losers in the ring

We saw The Rock on his way to the ring. He still wasn't any happier.

The Rock came to the ring and was slightly PO'd at what The Big Show
did to him earlier. He said he wasn't impressed by The Undertaker and
The Big Show and challenged both of them. He told The Big Show to come
to the ring, drop his pants, show the tattoo's on his butt and then he
would shove The Undertaker's big head up his candy ass. Mankind came
out and said despite their past differences, that The Rock didn't have
to do it alone. He said he talked to The People and they want Mankind
to be The Rock's partner. "if The Undertaker and The Big Show have the
testicular fortitude to put the titles on the line, and with the
millions and millions of The Rock's fans and the dozens and dozens of
Mankind's fans watching." The Rock agreed to them being a team
one-time, that Mankind could be The People's partner, but to never
again steal The Rock's phrases, "If you smell what ..... The Rock is
cooking." Mankind agreed.

Meat came to the ring with Terri Runnels. They passed The Rock on the
ramp as he was leaving. Terri eyed The Rock approvingly. He told her
get a negligee and wait for him at The SmackDown Hotel. On the way she
should stop and pick up a bottle of (Acme) champagne ... then bubble
your way out of here. Terri was shot down. The Rock may blow her off,
but I doubt many others would.

When Terri and Meat got to the ring, we saw GTV coming from backstage.
Meat was swallowing Mariana's tongue. That was the moaning and groaning
we heard earlier. They were going at it hot and heavy. Terri wasn't too
thrilled and slapped Meat silly. Chaz raced in and jumped Meat. Mariana
raced in and jumped Terri. Great, a cat fight. Not too great, it didn't
last long.

We went to Debra's dressing room where she was having her hair done.
Miss Kitty chased the hair dresser and did it herself. She said Debra
deserved the best, and she was getting the best ass kissing there ever

The next match was a tag team event, pitting JJ, accompanied by Debra,
The Puppies, Miss Kitty and The Kittens, and Mark Henry v. Mr. Ass and
D-Lo. Prior to the match we saw a clip from last week of Chyna nailing
Debra with Guitar No. 3880 (Unofficial Count), after pulling out of
Miss Kitty's paws and Miss Kitty ducking it. JR said Chyna will face JJ
at the next PPV, Unforgiven, for the Intercontinental Championship,
much to Mr. Ass' chagrin. Chyna joined the announcers for the match to
scout JJ. Chyna came up with Guitar No. 3881 (Unofficial Count) and
swung it at JJ, who was locked up with Mr. Ass. You just knew that JJ
would duck (it wouldn't be any fun if he didn't) and Mr. Ass would be
picking Guitar strings out of his teeth for a week. JJ pinned him. End
of Guitar No. 3881 (Unofficial Count), end of Mr. Ass, end of match.

Winners - JJ and Mark Henry
Losers - The fans - No Puppies and No Kittens tonight
Winner - The Acme Guitar and Kazoo Company, Division of The Acme

Cole was backstage with Test and asked him about his and Sweet Steph's
marriage plans. He called The Stooges, Pat Patterson and Jerry Briscoe,
over and asked them to be co-best men. These two jerks couldn't be best
men in an idiot contest. He said the one with the best memory could
hold the ring. They couldn't remember their own names. They immediately
got into an argument over which one it would be.

The next match was Ken Shamrock v. Gangrel, accompanied by the rest of
The New Brood, The Hardy Boyz. They came up through The Circle of Fire
and Gangrel did his spew bit. The Hardy boyz got in a few cheap shots
and were chased by the referee. It was a good, fairly even match until
Ken snapped. From there it was into a submission hold on one of
Gangrel's legs and that was it.
Winner - Ken Shamrock

After the match, The Fink came out on the ramp and direct Shamrock to
the TitanTron, where Chris Jericho's millennium Countdown was run,
followed by Jericho himself. He dissed Shamrock, Jericho style, and
challenged him to a match on Smackdown. Shamrock raced backstage after

We saw Mankind and The Rock in their locker room. Mankind said he was
going to use The People's Elbow on The Undertaker and The Big Show. The
Rock cut him off and said first he stole his phrases and now wanted to
steal his moves, and that was a no-no.

We saw a clip from SmackDown of Ivory heading to the ring topless and
wearing a tong, with Cole alongside asking her what she was doing.
Ivory came to the ring to talk with Cole. She called him a pervert for
staring at her on SmackDown. She then got on Tori, calling her a slut.
She said she a lady (yeah, just like Jenna Jameson is a virgin). Tori
raced in and we had another cat fight. Two on one show. Life is good.
Luna ran in and tried to pull Tori off of Ivory. Jacqueline was next in
and got into it with Luna. Twin cat fights! Life is great. The same
merry band of referees ruined it for us.

The next match was the Main Event. It was for the WWF Tag Team
Championship, pitting The Undertaker and The Big Show (C) v. Mankind
and The Rock. As expected The Undertaker allowed The Big Show to carry
the match, getting shots in the outside. The Big Show slammed Mankind
on the broken announcers table. The Fat Guy came to ringside and
whispered something to The Undertaker. The Undertaker left with Fatso,
leaving The Undertaker and The Big Show. to face both men by himself.
The Big Show choke slammed The Rock. Mankind got a chair, but The Big
Show kicked it into his face. Mankind put Mr. Socko on and shoved it
down The Big Show's throat, however, The Big Show shoved him away. The
Rock took the opportunity and clobbered The Big Show with the chair.
Mankind and The Rock delivered stereo People's Elbows and the fat lady
went to work.
\Winners - Mankind and The Rock - New Tag Team Champions

The WWF will have to begin issuing scorecards so the fans can keep a
record of who the various champions are. They seem to change as often
as one changes their skivvies.
The Top 12 Menu Items at the WWF Theme Restaurant
Written by reader: Bill C. (fixxxer4@xxxxs...)
The Top 12 Menu Items at the WWF Theme Restaurant
12. Fried Potatoes Slivers that Would Be French Fries if the French
Weren't Such Wusses
11. Masked Potatoes
10. Hulk Hoagie
9. Chili Con Carnage
8. Turnbuckleberry Pie a la Moan
7. Omelet made with Egg Substitute and I Can't Believe its Not
Butter, served with a Side of Soy Protein Sausages
6. Sham Pain
5. Veal Creatine
4. Raging Roidberry Milkshakes
3. In Your Open-Face Pork Butt Sandwich
2. "Definitely Not Fake!" Crab Salad

and the Number 1 Menu Item at the WWF Theme Restaurant...
1. Jesse "The Vegetable" Tempura
New Dimension Wrestling will be making its debut this Sat. night,
Sept. the 4th in Boise, Idaho at Memorial Stadium, with a huge
championship wrestling show, after the Boise Hawks home baseball game.
In the main event, former WWF World Champion The Iron Sheik will do
battle against the world's most famous wrestling clown, Doink The
Clown. The Iron Sheik will also have a $500.00 cash reward if anyone
in Boise, ID can defeat him at his legendary Persian Club Challenge
before his match at Memorial Stadium. There will also be one other
all-star match on this show. For more information call the Boise Hawks
at 208-322-5000, the New Dimension Wrestling hotline at 336-882-4921 or

After a four month hiatus from the E-Fed World, the Extreme
Wrestling Federation is back and better than ever! The EEWF is an
original wrestler only email fed, in which to win, you've gotta be a
good roleplayer! To join, either check out the site at
http://WWW.EEWFED.CJB.NET or email the president at EEWF ...
If you want to join a fed that will give you entertainment at its
height, join the EEWF!
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