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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 293

Date:  Wednesday September 1st, 1999  5:32 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

In issue #292, we printed a humorous list of the top 12 menu items at a
WWF theme restaurant. Unfortunately, the sender of the list neglected
to mention that he was not the author. To check out the original source
of this (and other terrific lists), please visit

Reported by Ross Forman at:
On the 8/31 edition of WCW Live, Forman reported that Ultimo Dragon met
with WCW officials earlier that day. The Dragon, after a botched elbow
surgery, was left with limited use of his right arm; while he has not
ruled out a return, it will be unlikely to happen without further
surgery. The Dragon is arguably the most accomplished Cruiserweight in
WCW history (Dragon would compete with Mysterio & Malenko for this

The Dragon has established a promotion of his own in
Japan, Toryumon.
With some of the top young workers in the world under his wing, one has
to wonder if the purpose of the meeting was to discuss both his own &
Toryumon's future…
Reported by Jerry Lane, Wrestling Warrior, &
Dave Scherer at:

WWF Tapings from Worcester, MA on 8/31.
Dark Match
Kurt Angle b Taka Michinoku-Taka was great here!

Sunday Night Heat Matches
1. D-Lo Brown b Gangrel in
5:15 w/frog splash (D-Lo huge

2. Buh Buh Ray/D-Von Dudley b Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie in 5:23
w/Meanie taking the 3D, but not before stepping on Stevie's face when
bouncing off the ropes; Stevie looked like he was in a lot of pain
walking to the back!

3. Chaz b Meat (DQ) in
3:06 when ref caught Marianna tripping Chaz from
outside; this brought out Terri Runnells, who slapped Marianna, then
the 2 ladies proceeded to roll around on the ramp!

4. Joey Abs b Papi Chulo in
4:30-Papi was fabulous here!
"Welcome to the Jungle" played for Michael Cole, and then Jerry Lawler
was intro'd by Tony Chimel as "the future Mayor of Memphis!" now its
time for Smackdown!!!

1. Chyna vs. Mr. Ass
This was a #1 Contender's Match for the IC Title; Jarrett/Debra/Miss
Kitty@xxxxcxxxcingside for commentary.

Great heat-ref Jimmy Corderas was bumped. Ass hit Famouser on Chyna-no
ref; Triple H runs in, hits Ass with the Pedigree puts, Chyna on top, throws
ref back in for 3-count!

Show says this tough love stuff from Undertaker is a bunch of crap and
challenged UT to come to ring; Paul Bearer came out instead, running
down BS, who kicked PB and choked him out. UT comes down and says that
he's impressed by BS's
aggression against PB, whispers something in his ear, then says he'll
kick his ass if BS ever disrespects him again. UT/BS leave together
while PB has to be helped to the back by Dr. Garea & company. WEIRD!

On the SmackTron, a black limo is shown pulling up to the arena

MK starts with a story about how when he was a kid his mom caught him
naked in his bedroom playing electric football and how that was his
most embarrassing moment of the last 20 years. that is, until he lost
to Shane. MK vowed revenge later tonight. MK then started talking
about the Rock and how he wanted to be the "People's Partner" on Raw
because Rock's testicles had a lot of fortitude! Rock comes out, tells
MK to never (and the Rock means NEVER) talk about the Rock's testicles
again! Rock says he & MK will never be friends, but he recognizes MK is
the "craziest S.O.B he's ever seen!" Now Shane/Triple H/Chyna come out.

Shane congratulates Rock/MK on winning tag titles, but there's still no
#1 contender for WWF title for Unforgiven PPV. So Shane forces Rock/MK
to face each other in that match & if they refuse, they'll both be
suspended for 60 days.

Rock/MK agree to the match. But to be fair, Shane also told Triple H he'd
have to defend the WWF title later on against that "bald-headed S.O.B."

Howard Finkel vs. Tony Chimel
-Fink challenged Chimel to the match, saying if he wins he gets his
ring announcing job back. If he loses, well...Fink never loses!
-Chimel didn't want to fight him and told Fink to just go back to
locker room. Fink reluctantly agreed, and of course when Chimel turned
his back, Fink attacked him. Chimel turned it around and in
1:56 was
declared the winner when Fink was stripped down to his undies. During
the match, Chris Jericho was shown watching
from a monitor gleefully!

On the SmackTron, Ken Shamrock was shown entering the arena, while
Jericho suggested to Fink that they start an ad campaign for "Y2Jockey"
shorts, since he looked so good in them!!

2. X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho
-XP comes out to his old music but footage of Jericho vs. Road Dog and
Shamrock is shown on the SmackTron. FUNNY!
-Shamrock runs down to ring ready to rip on Y2J, but XP calms him down
and says he'll take care of him.
-Great match while it lasted, both guys bumping like crazy as BS/UT
look on from rampway; UT gives BS signal to go the ring. BS lumbers in
and clotheslines XP for the bell-ringing. No Contest in 3:41.

-Y2J hightails it for the broadcast position and dons a headset, which
brings back Shamrock, who chases Jericho through the crowd.
Meanwhile,back in the ring, Big Show has XP up for choke slam when Kane
makes the save. UT signals for BS to join him then tells Kane the
weaker he (BS) becomes, the weaker you (Kane) become, and the weaker
you become, the more vulnerable you are-WEIRD! Kane offers his hand to
XP, but XP refuses his help.

--Shamrock is shown on SmackTron going berzerk backstage looking for

4. Triple H vs. "THAT BALD-HEADED S.O.B"
-A worried Triple H/Chyna looked on in the ring as Shane introduced
Gillberg, not
Stone Cold as Triple H's opponent. Great to see him back, complete with
from locker room to ramp where an impressive array of sparklers awaited
-GB actually hit 2 spears on Triple H but missed a 3rd, going shoulder-first
into the
ringpost. Pedigree, pin, game over in 1:52. Triple H then threw down Earl
Hebner and
destroyed GB'S left knee and leg with chairshots.

-Black limo shown in parking lot. Recap of Snow/Bossman/Pepper stuff.
No footage shown to the live crowd of the dog swap @ Bossman's hotel,
however so we don't know if they did it. Also, Shamrock still looking
for Jericho in the men's bathroom!

5. MANKIND vs.
-#1 Contender's Match for WWF Title
-Shane appoints himself special ref to prevent Triple H/Chyna from
interfering but it
doesn't matter as they interfere at Shane's request. So, the match ends
in a
double DQ in 3:45-

--Shamrock still looking for Jericho in women's bathroom

--Lillian Garcia interviews Shane backstage. Shane says that he feels
bad about his
involvement in the last match and says he'll make it up to them shortly.

-Shamrock makes Val tap out to the anklelock in 2:14
-Steve Blackman tries to run in with nunchukas but KS grabs them and
him out

-Jericho then comes out to challenge KS to follow him out to the
parking lot and
take the beating he's been asking for
-Shamrock attacks Y2J from behind in parking lot only to reveal the
Fink dressed
as Jericho, allowing the real Jericho to attack KS with 2 wicked shovel
shots to
the back of the head, causing Y2J to exclaim "OH MY GOD, I KILLED
-Y2J then tosses his bags
AND the Fink in the trunk of his car and
drives off!

-Shane orders Rock/MK to come back out and finish what they started
with Shane as ref and no interference from Triple H/Chyna.

-TEST interrupts Shane and says that idea SUCKS, and introduces his
mother-in-law and future bride-to-be" LINDA and STEPHANIE MCMAHON!! LM
says that she and
STM have controlling interest of the company w/Vince
not here, so she vetoed the Rock/MK match and ordered Shane/Triple H to face
Rock/MK. Shane said ok as long as the Tag Titles were on the line! Triple H
was furious!


-HOLLY'S started out with MIDEON/VISCERA. VISCERA accidentally splashes
MIDEON and CRASH HOLLY pins him in 1:38. DROZ/ALBERT in next. CRASH
pins DROZ @3:00. HARDY BOYS out next. Matt Hardy pinned Crash Holly at
3:21. Acolytes in next. Bradshaw pins Jeff Hardy with clothesline from
hell at 5:25. Richards/Meanie in next. Faarooq pins Stevie with a
powerbomb at 6:00 before Meanie even got to the ring. Edge/Christian in
next. DUDLEYZ run in with 2x4's attacking both teams. Bell rings for
NO CONTEST! DUDLEYZ interviewed by Lillian Garcia backstage and guess
what folks? BUH BUH BUH BUH is stuttering again (only more coherently
than in ECW!!). D-VON shouted the 3 COMMANDMENTS; Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not steal. And Thou shalt not MESS with the DUDLEYZ!!!

-MK comes out solo and is double-teamed for about 30 seconds before the
comes out. Match goes back and forth for about 5 minutes when the heat
up for a wild finish!

-Ref bump and low blow by CHYNA on MK-MR. ASS runs in and hits Famouser
on Triple H. CHYNA chases ASS to back

-Rock hits Rock Bottom and People's Elbow on Triple H for pin at 6:58 while
MK wipes floor with SM (who was awesome again taking some insane bumps
ROCK/MK hit stereo PE's on Triple H/SM and engage in a lengthy
post-match celebration including dueling/solo "Smackdown Hotels" and a

It was all ROCKY could do to keep from laughing his ass off and the two
mic men wrestling today/all time walked off into the sunset to a
rousing ovation!!!
By Cindy Barnes (wrestlebabe316@xxxxs...)
First - Al Snow's new theme song. Boy, do I feel out of touch
Because I never heard of these suggested songs: Psycho Killer by the
Talking Heads, More Than Human by White Zombie and Breathe (His ECW
Theme song) by Prodigy. The suggestions I have heard of : They're
Coming To Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV, The Almond Joy/Mound Jingle -
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, and Living La Vida Loco by Ricky Martin.
I'm going to
have to do some serious looking and listening so I can see which one
fits Al. So I leave the choices up to the readers, let me know which
one out of the above suggestions fit.

ECW!! I got to watch Friday Night!! It was THE BOMB!! The only thing
I didn't like was all the commercials!! The match between Rob Van Dam
and Jerry Lynn was FANTASTIC!! Taz is MY ECW Favorite - He's all
around AWESOME!! Another ECW wrestler that impressed me was Lance
Storm. That Justin Credible guy has a $#*^^y attitude to go with his
$#*^^y name. He can't seem to do anything without a weapon in his
hand. Wonder if he takes a weapon to the potty with him? I'm
Looking forward to maybe seeing a Sabu match sometime soon. The
UltimateWarrior wants to be in ECW. All I'm gonna say about that is -
Paul E.- Unless you have a 50 LB tube of Preparation H - Don't sign
this guy!!

WCW - This
SID BS is getting Monotonous! Why were the Brits (Regal and
Taylor) spared? I miss Big Sexy!! Sid is just a big Ogre!!

SO - The Scummer drives the Hummer!! Hey Bill - YOU WERE RIGHT!! I
LOVE IT!! This is the BEST news to come out of WCW storylines in
weeks!! Macho Man camped out in Hogan's dressing room!! HE knows who
was driving the Hummer. Seems kind of sad that Luger is the only
wrestler in WCW with any common sense. Is that a sad state of affairs,
or what? The problem with this situation - Hogan will STILL get
attention, so he'll still hang around to feed his ego!! Something has
to happen so he RETIRES FOR GOOD! I just don't see that happening
because of the character control he has. The only person that can get
rid of Hogan is Bret Hart.

Guess MY BABY is going to feud with Vampiro! Demon (My Man Brian
Adams) yells out, "Not here, Not Now, Not this time" Uses Kiss' God of
Thunder as his theme. Not real crazy about the Gene Simmons make-up,
but the outfit and seeing THE BOD when he opens that cape is TOTALLY
AWESOME!! There's a Mr. Tickles in WCW too!! YAHOO!! I was hoping
that Van Hammer, Vampiro and maybe Lash LaRue would become fellow
members. Well, we'll see what happens down the road!! I hope things
work out for Brian!!

The Rednecks are RIDICULIOUS!! They really need to spend some of their
tag champion money on fiddle, guitar, and drum lessons. They don't
even fake it right!! I have to say though, their match with Kenny Kaos
and Prince Iaukea was a total miss match. Inviting Harlem Heat to the
ring was a TOTAL Mistake. Booker T ended up pinning Kendall Windham.

The 4 rednecks ended up beating the hell out of Harlem Heat anyway.
Stevie Ray and Booker T really need to work off some of that ring rust!!

Berlyn aka Alex Wright finally makes an appearance!! A member of his
entourage frisks Gene Okerlund. Heenan says, "They should have done
that years ago" LOL!! Could you
imagine Heenan and Lawler announcing together!! They would be THE
BOMB!! Wears a Mohawk haircut dyed BLACK!! Refuses to speak English
and wants to fight Buff Bagwell. I guess I should be grateful that
Berlyn is saving Buff from The
CAT!! Berlyn came across like an
@$$hole to me. Lets see if he can STILL wrestle, its been a long
time. He looks AWFUL in that get up.

Best Match on Nitro - Hugh Morris and Brian Knobbs versus Shane Douglas
and Dean Malenko. As always - they go to commercial when things start
getting interesting! This First Family/Revolution feud may well turn
out to be a winner. Then Chris Benoit invites
SID out for a match?
Chris better keep his back up VERY close by!

Booty Shaking Bad @$$ - Disco Inferno - That new outfit is the BOMB!!

Calling out Rick Steiner - BIG MISTAKE!! Saturn came out in the nick of
time to save Disco's life and career!! Saturn vs Steiner - EXCELLENT

Kanyon REALLY needs to get out of The Triad!! He always takes the
BIGGEST and WORST @$$ kickings!! He got the @$$ kicking Monday night
that DDP should have gotten!! Wise up Kanyon!! Join The Revolution!!

WWF - Are things hopping or what? No Vince, so SCSA and RAW STILL

The Rock and Mankind - These 2 together are like Abbott and Costello,
Laurel and Hardy, Salt and Pepper!! I LOVE these guys together!!

That 4 turned to 7 tag team brawl was FANTASTIC!! Then the
referees/officials had to come out and break things up when things
are getting really good!! Can't somebody in the back lock these PITA's
up so they can't interfere?

Al l right, whose behind that GTV? its NOT Terri Runnels. Meat and
Marianna (Chaz's girlfriend) are caught tongue wrestling and or
swapping spit by the GTV camera. Chaz comes out and starts beating on
Meat. (Sounds REALLY NASTY) Marianna comes out and Terri starts
pounding on her. This action is FANTASTIC!! Then out come referee's
AGAIN to spoil the fun!!

Chyna needs to stick to her low blows and leave the guitar swinging to
Double J, the expert. She does Mr. @$$ out of his IC title shot, then
she clocks him with a guitar when Double J ducks? She's going to give
Mr. @$$ a complex to go with his headache!!

Test has STOOGES as Best MEN? What ever floats his boat.

Jericho is getting either VERY BRAVE or VERY STUPID!! Invites Ken
Shamrock to Smackdown for a match? Ken is DANGERIOUS!! Have to say
though, Jericho is CLEVER!

Final Thoughts
Summerslam was ten times better than Road Wild. Shane and Test had one
hell of a match!!

Mr. @$$ - The ROOTS, THE ROOTS, get rid of those DARK ROOTS!!

Schiavone - You've been in the Hair Dye too!!

X-Pac - Learn to
HIT and RUN!! Don't stay or lay there and take all
those @$$kickings!! Besides, spending all that time on the mat, the
owners will be forced to charge you

What a PROCRASTING BS artist Hogan is! The whole Sting/Hogan storyline
BITES!! Hogan refuses to do his
JOB and turn HEEL as he was supposed
to do.

Figured out why Bob The Masochist Holly considers himself a Super
Heavyweight! His head is not included at the weigh in to wrestle.
With his head included, he weighs in a 400 + pounds.

Message to Bret Hart - Please - YOU are the BIGGEST hope for the
salvation of WCW. You have too much DIGNITY to
JOB to Hogan. PLEASE
PLEASE come back in some way shape or form. Show everyone what a big
mouth, can't wrestle for $#*^ phony Hogan is by giving him not only the
wrestling lesson he never spent any money to get, but kick his @$$ to
the Moon so he can't come back anymore! Put him in the Sharpshooter
until his inflated ego deflates and he says, "Bret, I quit, you are The
Best There is, The best there was, and the best there ever will be!"

If I forgot anything, let me know!! Wrestlebabe316@xxxxs...
See you all next week!!
NWWA E-Newsletter
NWWA Invades Hammond for Charity
Results from Hammond March of Dimes Show, Sunday, August 29th, 1999.
Bane defeated Adam Atlas with an Avalanch
Rex "The Role Model" Hart beat Jackknife with the Rexacutioner
Bedrock Brawler Bam Bam Bino defended his NWWA Heavyweight Title
after a death valley driver
Rod Bell pinned Lucious Luther with a Suplex Hott Shot
Chuckie Smooth defeated Devon Fury with help from the SWO
Prime Time beat Ghetto with Spin Kick off the top
Devon Fury won the 25 man over the top Battle Royal

Dates Dates Dates
7:30 Bell Time, Sept. 4th Oscella, Indiana by South Bend
Sept. 11th, Highland, Indiana, The Lincoln Center
Sept. 28th Dolton, Illinois, The Dolton Expo Center
Check the hotline for up to date changes!!!! 219-641-5914

Ratings as of August 31, 1999
NWWA Heavyweight Champion Bedrock Brawler
1. Rex "The Role Model" Hart
2. Gee Quebec
3. The Honky Tonk Man
4. Rod Bell
5. Cowboy Bob Orton
6. JT Sexxy
7. Kenny Kourageous
8. Chuckie Smooth
9. Vladimir Romanoff
10. Prime Time
Check out the NWWA on the web at:
Tickets available for all shows at Novel-Tees, US 30 Merrillville,Video
Escapades, corner of 173rd and Kennedy Ave. Hammond, and NWWA Hardcore
School, 2945 Fairview in Lake Station. I will see you at the
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