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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 298

Date:  Sunday September 5th, 1999  5:30 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
In response to questions about a TNN taping at the world famous ECW
Arena in
Philadelphia, Scherer reports there is tentative taping
scheduled on October 23rd.

WWF House show,
Rochester, New York, September 4th, 1999
Reported by Patrick Michael at:
Val Venis defeated Droz via pinfall with the Money Shot
Jeff Jarret(w/o Debra) defeated D-Lo Brown via pinfall with a rollup
Steve Blackman defeated Ken Shamrock via Submission
Mankind defeated Viscera pinned with the Mandible Claw
Prince Albert defeated Scott Taylor via pinfall with a slam
Bossman defeated Test via pinfall in a Nightstick on the pole match
X-Pac defeated Billy Gunn with a pump handle slam
The Rock defeated Triple H via DQ when Chyna interfered.

WWF House Show Results from
Hyannis and Cohasset, MA - 9/4
Reported by Joe De Leon & SJJ at:
- Gangrel defeated Taka Michinoku with a Double-Arm DDT.
- Thrasher returned and defeated a
Boston area wrestler, Mike Hollow.
- The Blue Meanie defeated Meat (w/Terri Runnels).
- Mark Henry defeated Chaz to retain the European Title.
- Ivory defeated Tori, Luna, and Jacqueline, to retain the Women's
- Al Snow defeated Hardcore Holly.
- Christian and Edge defeated The Hardy Boyz and The Acolytes
- Kane defeated The Big Show.

ECW House Show Results from
Daytona Beach, Florida - September 4, 1999
Reported by Joe De Leon, DavidFJ & Darlene at:
- Danny Dorring & Roadkill defeated CW Anderson & Vito "The Skull"
- Axl Rotten defeated
- Tom Marquez defeated Jazz.
- Chris Chetti and Nova defeated Simon Diamond and Tony DeVito.
- New Jack defeated Spanish Angel.
- Taz defeated Spike Dudley, to retain the Heavyweight Title.
- Justin Credible defeated Sabu in an unsanctioned death match.
- Raven & Tommy Dreamer defeated Steve Corino & Rhino
Written by reader: HOGEFAN

I realize in my criticism of Fritz's thoughtful column, I didn't
respond with a scenario of my own on how I would fix Nitro. Inspired
by Blake Norton, I, too, know its possible to make Nitro an
interesting three hour show, and it would go a little something like

Hollywood Hogan opens the telecast by walking down to the ring for his
minute babblefest. Right from the start, he magnanimously issues a
challenge for the title to Sting. Great. Another WCW main event like in
previous weeks.

Out walks Chris Benoit, to a little fan pop. He enters the ring, asking
Hogan how many more times he's going to give Sting a title shot before
giving it to somebody who's earned one. Hogan and Benoit start
insulting each other until Hogan throws a punch at Benoit. Benoit takes
his arm, drags him down, and puts Hogan in the Crossface. Fans go nuts.
Benoit tells Hogan to give him a title shot, and Hogan gives in. After
blowing a little snot on the illustrious champ, Benoit leaves with a
World title match in hand.

First match of the night: Assorted Luchadores against members of the
Family in an 8 man tag. Big deal, you say. But wait. Sid comes out to
the ring, and starts powerbombing everyone in sight. As Sid's putting
the finishing touches on one
of the remaining victims, Meng puts the Tongan Death Grip on Sid.
Totally unexpected move, and the fans erupt. Finally an end to this
interrupting matches (though Sid's interruption of this match was a
blessing). As Sid is being incapacitated by the Death Grip, the others
start coming to. Then one by one, they start taking kicks and elbows at

Now all of a sudden, a bunch of luchadores and other cruisers come out
from the back, each one wanting to lay a shot on the big bully. Sid's
held down, and Kidman with the shooting star press. Psychosis with the
guillotine leg drop. La Parka with some chair shots. Guerrero with a
froggy splash. Everyone takes their shots at Sid as the ring fills,
and Sid is done for the day.

The Revolution enters the ring. Malenko, followed by Saturn, take the
mic and
spew regurgitated diatribe on how wrestling needs the Revolution, and
the Revolution needs main event status. Shane Douglas takes the mic and
lends the idea that maybe the Revolution needs to be a little stronger
in order to get the respect they deserve. On cue, Kanyon comes out from
the back, telling them he knows what it'll take to become a stronger
legion. Entering the ring with odds stacked against him, Kanyon says,
'this is what the Revolution needs', and without notice, gives Malenko
the Flatliner.

Saturn, seeing Benoit and Douglas just standing there, is shocked. As
he starts to argue about their passiveness, Benoit and Douglas beat the
hell out of Saturn. Malenko and Saturn are now layed out, while
Douglas, and Benoit stand tall and proud. Douglas says with
this alliance, title matches for the
US Title
and Heavyweight title are soon to follow. Benoit, feeling a little
territorial about this Title belt and pending title shot, starts
looking at the two in the ring, wondering if he's about to be jumped.
Neither of them can trust Kanyon, so out of the blue a free for all
erupts between the greedy three as they each start pounding each other.
Kanyon and Benoit work some great offense together as a team against
Douglas, then against each other.

As Malenko and Saturn recover, the 5 of them pound each other. Tables
and chairs
get brought into the ring. Other garbage like the timekeeper's bell get
brought in. Eventually, three are layed out, as only Kanyon and Benoit
remain standing. Kanyon challenges Benoit to a US Title match later
that night, and without Benoit thinking about his heavyweight title
shot later in the evening, he accepts the challenge. The two leave,
separately and standing, and eventually the others leave.

Next match involves some entertaining wrestling, being the first of two
Cruiserweight triple threat matches, with the winners of the two
pending triple threat matches competing against
Cruiser Champ Lenny
in a triple threat match the following week for the Cruiserweight
title. The first match involves Kidman, Psychosis, and Kaz
Hayashi...though Hayashi has made a change to his appearance, dawning
some Japanese facepaint, ala The Great Muta. In the match, Hayashi
wrestles as a much angrier, more lethal wrestler, and the change does
him some good. After high risk maneuvers and a missed guillotine
legdrop from the top turnbuckle to the outside puts Psychosis out of
action, Kaz spews a yellow mist into the eyes of Kidman, and follows
with his signature moonsault to take the match and enter himself in the
threat championship.

Sting comes out to the ring, and bitches a little about losing his
title shot, even though he's been given several. Goldberg comes out,
asking Sting how many title shots he needs to beat the old man. After a
shoving match, the two get into an impromptu match. 15 minutes into the
match, a resiliant Sting puts Goldberg into the Scorpion Deathlock.
This brings out Hollywood Hogan, and he clobbers Sting with his
Heavyweight Belt. Hogan tells Sting that after he wipes the floor with
Benoit, he'll take Sting out the following week.

For the Tag Team Titles, Eddie Guerreroand Rey Mysterio battle
Heat. In an entertaining match, the Luchadores take the title belts
from the Heat, as the Luchadores are better workers and more cohesive
in the ring. Harlem Heat still looks rusty together, and therefore
don't deserve to own the belts. And they won't, until they remove the

Back to the Cruiserweight triple threat match. Rey Mysterio, fresh off
a victory, competes against Blitzkrieg and Chavo Guerrero. At ringside,
Lenny and
Lodi, comical as ever throughout the match, watch with
interest. Throughout the match as wrestlers fly around, Lenny and
constantly get splashed and smashed while in rather embarrassing

Mysterio, being a fan favorite, ends up winning this match between the
three talents, even though Blitzkrieg pulls off the best moves.
Following the match, as Mysterio celebrates his victory with his
gangsta dance, Lenny enters the ring and attacks Rey from behind. As
Lodi and Lenny fight with a fiesty Rey, Kaz comes out of nowhere, and
beats down on the brothers. Kaz helps Rey to his feet, then without
warning, spews red into Rey's face, and kicks him into the corner and
persistently, till the painted-faced Kaz leaves the ring and Rey is
left as a beaten pulp.

The triple threat title match for the Cruiserweight belt is set for
next week:
Lenny Lane, Kaz Hayashi and Rey Mysterio competing for the

Ernest Miller comes out, telling everyone he's the greatest. Miller
calls out JJ Dillon and Dusty Rhodes, and demands a title shot against
Hogan. JJ and Dusty talk it over and decide to give him his title
shot, on one condition: He must survive his next match for 7 minutes.
Survive? The Cat makes fun of the two decision makers, and with
arrogance, he gladly accepts."Good", says Dillon, "You'll be in our
next match, and if you last 7 minutes, you'll get your title shot. Put
on your wrestling gear and get ready to fight!"

After the commercial the Cat enters the ring and brags about his
greatness. The ring announcer announces that the next match will be a
Handicap Match. The first participant makes his way to the ring. its
big Scott Norton. Cat is still pretty confident, though he doesn't
like the idea of going against two people. As he's hoping the second
participant will be Vincent, Norton's partner for this match makes his
way to the ring: Bill Goldberg. Good thing Cat is wearing dark pants.
Those stains will never show on the TV cameras.

Norton and Goldberg enter the ring, and immediately start pummelling
the Cat. After a few minutes, Goldberg checks with the timekeeper, who
tells him he has a few minutes more. As they continue beating on the
Cat with double-teams, kicks and clotheslines, Norton finally
powerbombs the Cat. Norton then picks up a wobbly Cat, just so Goldberg
can Spear him. Next is the Jackhammer, and in the final minute of the
match, a prone Cat gets pinned,
1-2-3. No Title Match for the Cat.

The Main Event is upon us: Benoit vs. Hogan for the World Title.
Benoit makes
his way to the ring first, followed by Hogan. In a match dominated by
Benoit, Hogan hulks up a few times, but does nothing to mount any
offense against the Crippler. Outside the ring, the former members of
the Revolution and Kanyon surround the ring in Lumberjack format,
taking shots at Benoit everytime he gets tossed out of the ring. Hogan
uses this advantage as his only offense of the evening. Benoit, without
his signature Headbutt off the top rope finisher (because of outside
interference), must rely on means inside the ring to beat Hogan.

After 15 minutes of hard labor and frustration from the outside,
Goldberg emerges from the back again, and chases off the Revolution and
Kanyon, but not before
getting into it with back and forth action on the outside between
himself, Douglas and Kanyon. Goldberg chases off the Revolution, and
now its just Benoit and Hogan.

Benoit, with several German Suplexes, beats down Hogan, then gives the
sign for his finisher. Benoit climbs the turnbuckle from the outside,
then lands his patented flying Headbutt. The crowd erupts, and Hogan
lays prone. 1-2- Hogan kicks out!

Immediately Hogan starts "Hulking" up. Benoit delivers chops, but
they're lacking effectiveness. Hogan starts waving his finger at
Benoit, telling him it isn't gonna work. Benoit tries punching, but
Hogan blocks the punches, and delivers punches of his own. Punch after
punch until Benoit is woozy, Hogan sends Benoit into the ropes. As he
lifts his leg for the big boot, Benoit rolls under the boot, grabs
Hogan's arm, then wrestles him down, and in the middle of the ring,
puts Hogan in the Crippler

The crowd erupts. Hogan's fighting it, but he's too far from the ropes
to do a thing about it. From the back Goldberg emerges, and as it looks
as though Hogan is gonna tap out, Goldberg storms the ring and makes
the save. Goldberg delivers the spear to Benoit as a beaten Hogan lays
lifeless on the mat. Goldberg, feeling proud
of himself, picks Benoit up, setting him up for the Jackhammer. But
Benoit reverses it, and puts Goldberg in the Crossface.

And Nitro ends with Goldberg in the Crippler Crossface, while Hogan, a
defeated champ yet still with the belt, lay in the middle of the ring,
lifeless. For future Nitros, the Heavyweight Championship is hungered
for by Benoit and Goldberg, while Hogan fights for his life to retain
the title. In future Nitros, the built up heat between Goldberg and
Benoit will continue as they'll wrestle in tag and 6 man tag matches
against each other. Eventually Goldberg will take Hogan's title,
either from Hogan or Sting, and this will set up an eventual PPV match
between two men that have built up an intense, exciting rivalry. And to
the victor go the spoils: The WCW World Heavyweight Title. And that's
how Nitro can become resurrected.
- Eric (Muta's biggest fan)
P.S. If anybody would like a qualified wrestling columnist...
Written by reader: madspector

Pro wrestling is not a soap opera, and for those of you are confused
about this and can turn to the goof fest that is the WWF to add to your
confusion, this presentation is for you.

To even compare wrestling to such non-athletic forms of entertainment
shows the glaring difference between fans who have been watching long
enough and those who have jumped on to the Austin era bandwagon. So
seeing that there is a huge difference between this watered down era of
fans and their predeccesors, I've decided to be a good Samaritan and
hand the clueless a clue.

As far as I can see it the confusion begins with the long drawn out
over emphasis on weak poorly acted out nothing to do with wrestling
storylines that are prevalent in both of the major wrestling
organizations. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that there does need to
be some sort of lead in to a match but that's what angles are for and
there is a huge difference between angles and what an angle can
become...the enemy of all common and good wrestling sense: those are

Storylines are for those who don't have attention spans great enough to
follow a good wrestling match....still confused?...let me clarify
things further...

Angles- Angles are great, An angle is something that serves the
explicit purpose of setting up a match. Examples are a mystery
opponent, interviews leading up to matches, brawls or run ins, and even
matches themselves can contribute to an angle since it may lead up to a
major TV match or PPV. All of these lead up to what should be the main
attraction, the athletes themselves and the match that they are heading
into. In a perfect world an angle would never overshadow the athlete
since without the athlete you have no show, alas it isn't a perfect
world and the good thing that is an angle rots, and becomes and becomes
the fungus known as ..............

Storylines- Now here's where we get stupid. Storylines are what good
angles mutate into: they include things like pagan sacrifices, phony
vampires, fake kidnappings, idiots running around with talking dogs,
idiots kidnapping the talking dog, the previously mentioned idiot
eating the dog, and the list goes on and on. Where as an angle serves
to promote a forthcoming match, storylines being the cancer they are
tend only to promote other storylines, thus the stupidity can go on
forever. Still lost..Ok I'll breakdown the examples even more...

The entire Stephanie McMahon-Test story is stupid; not only does it not
promote a match but its poorly acted..even by WWF standards.

The Lenny Lane-Lodi fiasco is stupid. Why bring down a great
cruiserweight with a dumb gimmick that only serves to make him look
like a fool?

Ric Flair being institutionalized was stupid, a classic case of someone
who doesn't need a gimmick being brought down by one.

Anything to do with Debra McMichael is stupid. She serves no other
purpose than to keep the "fans" attention off of the mediocrity of JJ's

The Bossman-Al Snow-Pepper melodrama, while funny, was still stupid and
since neither of the non-canines involved are all that great in the
ring. I can't see how it would promote anything besides another lame
ass Al Snow gimmick.

Even if you believe in the fraudulent term "sports entertainment" you
are still left out in the cold. Most of the guys in that are involved
in these storylines are guys who can wrestle, and the storyline is
usually to distract the non-attentive off that fact, so where's the
sport? Since almost all of these things are poorly scripted and the
delivery usually terrible, wheres the entertainment? Like I said in the
beginning I love a good angle to set up a good match, but leave the
Mystery Theater 3000 garbage for the sci fi channel and restore the
focus of the sport were it the ring with the wrestlers.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: SamJerry
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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