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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 300

Date:  Tuesday September 7th, 1999  9:10 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
WCW management made sure that fans listening to
the post show edition of WCW Live! were told that Chris Benoit would
receive a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight belt next week on NITRO.
Although it would be too much to expect Benoit to go over, I do love
seeing Benoit in the main event slot.

Reported by Al Isaacs at:
Look for Kevin Nash on ABC's POLITICALLY INCORRECT tomorrow night
(Wednesday). Given the right atmosphere, Nash is capable of being very
funny (or a buffoon). I think I'll tape this one.

Due to Labor Day, ratings for 9/6 will be delayed until Wednesday's

Visit My Home Page At:

The program began with the RAW fireworks opening. The crowd was loud
and there was a sea of signs. It might just be me, but the WWF crowd's
seem much more into the action than WCW's. JR and The King were at the

We went right into the first match. It was for the WWF Tag Team
Championship with The Rock and Mankind v. Kane and X-Pac. The Rock came
out first to a monster pop and did his "Finally The Rock has come back
Hartford" routine. He then got on Kane's case, imitating Kane
talking through his voice box. Only The Rock. He said "I am a Roody Poo
Candy Ass" and the crowd went wild chanting "Rocky". He said he was
going to "take Kane's voice box, remove the batteries, lube it up, and
shove it right up you Candy Ass, if you smell ... cooking." Another
chant of "Rocky" erupted. Mankind came down next to a big pop and said
each day he was a little prouder to be his partner. He also sent get
well wishes to Brian (Hildebrand), and did his "dozens and dozens of
Mankind's fans" bit. He also said something about "finally coming back
to Harvard." He must have meant
Hartford, home of Yale, but with
Mankind, you never know. Kane came out next. He got into the ring and
asked that the match start. Last week X-Pac warned him that if he
interfered in his match, they were through.

He made the save when X-Pac was in trouble, so it looks like
X-Pac has gone his own way. As the match was set to begin, Triple H came
down and offered to be Kane's partner. Kane just glared at him. The
match began and Kane fought both men by himself. Chyna came to ringside
carrying a sledge hammer, manufactured by The Acme Sledge Hammer and
Construction Company, Division of The Acme Corporation. Triple H tried to
tag in, but Kane ignored him and continued alone. When Kane got near
his corner, Triple H tagged himself in. Kane Clotheslined him over the top
rope and continued alone. When Kane had The Rock up and set to choke
slam him, Triple H came in and smashed him in the back with the sledge
hammer. It didn't look like The Rock saw it. Mankind and the referee
were arguing and they missed it also. The Rock then hit Rock Bottom and
The People's Elbow on Kane and pinned him.

Kane was left laying in the ring. Triple H came in with the sledge hammer to
check on Kane. Kane grabbed him by his throat. Triple H hit Kane in the
chest twice with the sledge hammer. The Undertaker and The Big Show
came to the ring and Triple H took off with The Undertaker staring at him.
The Undertaker and The Big Show just looked at Kane as he got up to
leave. The Undertaker kept staring at him as he walked up the ramp. Has
The Undertaker shown compassion for his baby brother? Does he have a

Winners - The Rock and Mankind - Retain the WWF Tag Team Titles
Loser - Kane - But if I were Triple H, I would sleep with both eyes open

JR and The King gave the card for tonight: A No. 1 Contender's Match
for the Tag Team Titles pitting Edge and Christian v. The Acolytes; a
first time ever Hardcore WWF Women's Championship Match, pitting Ivory
(C) v. Tori; A Six Man Tag Team Match, pitting The Mean Street Posse,
Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs, v. The Stooges, Pat Paterson and Jerry
Brisco, and Test; and JJ v. Jacqueline, in a Man v. Woman Match.

We went backstage and saw JJ, Miss Kitty and The Kitties on their way
to the ring. Debra wasn't with them.

Michael Cole spoke with Jacqueline backstage about her match v. JJ. She
said she has fought men and women before and wasn't afraid of JJ,
adding "it wouldn't be the first time she beat up three blondes in one

The next match was the JJ v. Jacqueline, Man v. Woman Match. JJ came to
the ring and said "No Puppies tonight, because Debra wouldn't be seen
in a place like
Hartford." He endeared himself with the fans, so they
chanted "Asshole."

He told Chyna to watch the match closely because it was a taste of what
he was going to do to her next week at Unforgiven, when she challenges
him for the Intercontinental Title. Jacqueline came in and she jumped
right on JJ's back. He knocked her off and proceeded to beat on her,
ignoring that she was a woman. As he did so, he kept up a dialogue
aimed at Chyna. He applied the Figure Four and Jacqueline submitted.
Miss Kitty distracted the referee, which a very hard thing to do. As
she did, JJ smashed Guitar No. 3882 (Unofficial Count), over
Jacqueline's head.

Winner - JJ
Loser - The viewers and crowd - The Puppies were in the pound
Loser - Guitar No. 3882 (Unofficial Count) - Guitar No. 3883 is hiding

Michael Cole spoke with Val Venis backstage. He asked about Steve
Blackman's attack on him last week on SmackDown. Val said that Blackman
better find him before The Big Valbowski finds Blackman.

We saw a clip from last weeks SmackDown of The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray
and D-Von coming in at end of the Tag Team Turmoil Match to pick a No.
1 Contender with 2X4's and cleaning house.

The next match was for the No. 1 Contender spot for the Tag Team Titles
pitting Edge and Christian v. The Acolytes, Bradshaw and Farooq. It was
an excellent speed v. power match won by Edge and Christian when Edge
hit Bradshaw with a Drop Kick from the top turn buckle, allowing
Christian to roll him up and pin him. Immediately after the match,
Michael Cole talked with Edge and Christian backstage about their
victory. As he did, The Acolytes started over towards them. They never
made it. The Dudley Boyz attacked them and cleaned their clocks. When
was the last time you recall anyone overpowering The Acolytes?

Winners - Edge and Christian - No. 1 Contenders for Tag Team Titles
Losers - The Acolytes - Lost match, then their asses to The Dudley's

GTV went into the men's bathroom where The Big Show and Val Venis were
making wee wee next to each other. Val made a comment about the size of
The Big Show's Show. The Big Show didn't see the humor in it and
introduced Val's head to the wall.

Cole spoke with Meat backstage asking about how his relationship with
Terri Runnels was going after what happened recently. Meat said to
forget Meat, his name is Shawn Stasiak, and his father Stan was the WWF
Champion twenty-five years ago. The Mean Street Posse (MSP), Rodney,
Pete Gas and Joey Abs came over and said his dad sucked and jumped him.

Val Venis came to the ring slightly
PO'd. He wasn't wearing his towel
and wasn't smiling. He was slightly bent at what The Big Show did to
him and challenged him to a match right then and there. We switched
backstage to The Undertaker and The Big Show who were watching on a
monitor. The Undertaker asked The Big Show if he was going to allow
himself to be "punked out." The Big Show wasn't and went to the ring
for a match vs. Val. Val tried hard, Val failed big. The Big Show said
"nobody calls me out." In this case he was right. He obliterated Val
with a choke slam to win the match. After The Big Show left the ring,
Steve Blackman came in and smashed Val with a Kendo Stick.

Winner - The Big Show
Loser - Val Venis - Wiped out in the men's room and the ring. He
should have stayed in bed ... working

Terry Taylor talked with The Dudley Boyz backstage. Bubba Ray was
stuttering again, so D-Von took over. He said The Dudley Boyz aren't
afraid of anyone, including The Acolytes. He said they live by three
rules: "Thou shall no kill, Thou shall not steal," but before he go to
the third (which is Thou shall not mess with The Dudley Boyz), The
Acolytes raced in and jumped them.

Lillian Garcia was set to announce the next match when Howard "The
Fink" Finkel came to the ring and told her he was the greatest ring
announcer since the days of the Roman Coliseum. Now that I think about
it, he was the ring announcer at the Roman Coliseum! He got set to
announce the next match, but was interrupted by our boy Kenny Shamrock.
The Fink took off as fast as his chubby legs could go, which was about
three steps until Kenny caught him. As Kenny was about to stuff The
Fink into a pocket on his tuxedo, Chris Jericho's intro video came up
on the TitanTron. The Fink breathed easier; he had gotten a reprieve
from the Governor and his execution was stopped. Jericho appeared from
the locker room on the TitanTron. He did his "I am the greatest
routine," and said he would meet Kenny this week on SmackDown. He
insulted Kenny a little bit more and Kenny took off at top speed
looking for him.

JR said Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) will be on SmackDown this

Triple H and Chyna came to the ring. Triple H said "Like it or not, I am The
Game, and the WWF Champion." He bragged about crippling Kane earlier
tonight, SCSA and Mankind, and having beaten The Rock. The crowd
chanted "Rocky." He said his "resume speaks volumes," and told Linda
McMahon to keep her ass out of his business. Mr. Ass came out on the
ramp and said he knows Triple H better than anyone, that he "recruited me
into DX, so I wouldn't kick his ass." A chant of "Asshole" aimed at Triple H
began. Triple H gave him a title shot for later tonight, telling him to
"bring your balls if you have any." Mr. Ass gave him two words, "Suck
it." The crowd backing Mr. Ass?

We saw The Stooges backstage pumping themselves up for their match.
Better they should take their Geritol and naps.

The next match was a Six Man Tag Team Event, pitting The Mean Street
Posse, Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs, v. The Stooges and Test. Terri
Runnels came out with MSP. BTW, did you know that Terri used to be
known as Alexandra York before she married Dustin Runnels? She was a
manager in many promotions. She joined JR and The King, and when asked
why she was with MSP, answered "Is it wrong to be with intelligent
men?" I wondered when she planned on meeting some. The King did a few
Puppy jokes and said we were about to be grossed out by Patterson's
Puppies. We were. It wasn't a pretty sight as The Stooges came out to
"I'm a Real American" and Patterson removed his shirt. They went to the
ring and promptly got their old, wrinkled asses kicked by MSP. Test
finally came down and wiped the ring up with MSP. MSP headed for the
hills. Unfortunately for Rodney, he was cut-off by Shawn Stasiak and
thrown back into Test. He must have felt like he was being thrown to
the lions, and may have fared better, as Test took him apart. Test
finished him with a Flying Elbow Drop from the top turn buckle. The
Macho Man should have been watching (and he might have been), so he
could see how the move should be done. Test pinned Rodney's remains.

Winners - The Stooges and Test (Stooges/Winners - That's an Oxymoron)
Losers - The Mean Street Posse - Shane may send them to bed without

We saw The Holly's, Hardnose and Crashed headed to the ring. Crashed
was carrying a scale.

We saw a split screen of Triple H and Mr. Ass getting ready for their match

The Holly's came to the ring with the scale for their match v. The
Hardy Boyz, Jeff and Matt. The Hardy Boyz came up through the ring of
fire with Gangrel. At this point we saw a clip from SmackDown of The
Hardy's eliminating The Holly's in the Tag Team Turmoil Match to pick a
No. 1 Contender. Hardhead questioned The Hardy Boyz qualifications to
wrestle a pair of super heavyweights like the Holly's and asked them to
weigh in. He called them Anorexic Annie and Karen Carpenter as they
each weighed in. He then told Gangrel to haul "his fat ass" over to the
scale. The fanged one did and took some more abuse. Hardass told The
Hardy Boyz to go have a few donuts and try again. They weren't amused
and the match was under way. The Hardy Boyz displayed their aerial
skills and controlled most of the match. However, Matt fell victim to a
big Suplex by Hardware and was pinned. Gangrel and Jeff pounded Crashed
at ringside as the lights went out. When they came back on, Crashed was
the victim of a Bloodbath. He blamed Hardhead for not preventing it and
they began fighting again. I am still amazed that they have found a way
to put Hardcore over. It has to rank right up there with Joe Namath and
The Jets defeating The Colts in Super Bowl

Winnners - The Holly's
Loser - Crash Holly - Took a Bloodbath, and it wasn't even Saturday

Cole talked with The Undertaker and The Big Show, or at least he tried
to. The Undertaker ran his ass off. He then said they were exercising
their right to a return match for the Tag Team Championship. He
challenged The Rock and Mankind to a Buried Alive Tag Team Championship
Match this Thursday on SmackDown if they "can get their heads out of
their asses." The Big Show thought he said "Burrowed Alive Match." The
Undertaker "clarified" things for him, with a few well chosen words.

We saw Avatar walking towards the ring with his back to the camera,
although he wasn't identified at this point. The King said he knew who
it was.

Cole was back stage waiting to speak to The Rock and Mankind and get
their reaction to The Undertaker's challenge.

Avatar came to the ring. It was Al Snow back in one of his old
gimmicks. As he did, we saw a clip from last week's SmackDown of Snow
in The Big Bossman's hotel room to get Pepper back. He was fed "Pepper"
steak. Snow went into his old Avatar/Super Hero routine and just as
quickly came out of it, wondering what he was doing there dressed as
Avatar. He soon began barking and went to the announcers desk (looking
for a treat?) and wrote something on a pad and left, howling at the
moon, or some bitch in heat he spotted backstage. Snow has gone beyond
the deep end.

Cole spoke with The Rock and Mankind backstage. The Rock imitated The
Undertaker and The Big Show as he responded to the challenge. He said
they accepted and was going to "hit The Big Show over his 57 pound head
with a gold plated shovel, and then shove it sideways up The
Undertaker's ass." The crowd chanted "Rocky." He is so over, he could
be elected President in a landslide. Mankind said the match was about
Pride and plans to "shovel dirt down the throats of The Undertaker and
The Big Show and then they can Rest In Peace."

GTV caught Mariana crying as she was on a telephone call to an
unidentified person. She said "he won't take my calls (Chaz? Meat/Shawn
Stasiak?) and you are the only one he'll listen to." The plot thickens.

The next match was D'Lo Brown v. Steve Blackman, who brought his Bruce
Lee Wannabe Starter's Kit of martial arts toys with him. Mark Henry
came out accompanied by two of Hartford's best (best streetwalkers that
is). He joined the announcers and we got The Kings usual Puppies lines.
The "ladies" left as Henry said he met them last night outside a club
and they had been with him since. JR asked Henry how he felt stabbing
his old buddy D'Lo and what his mother thought about his recent
actions. The King was upset that the "ladies" had left. He will meet
D'Lo at Unforgiven for the European Championship. I have a question.
Who gets the Title, the winner or the loser? To the surprise of only
the rocket scientist in Ames, Iowa, D'Lo and Henry got into a shouting
match. Being slightly smarter than said rocket scientist, and a bit
above a pet rock, Blackman took the opportunity and was about to nail
D'Lo from behind. Val Venis came in and clocked Blackman with a Kendo
Stick. D'Lo then landed a Frog Splash and pinned him. Blackman was left
to dream about whatever wannabe Ninja's dream about. Henry went into
the ring and got back to his Olympic weight lifting days as he used
D'Lo for practice

Winner - D'Lo Brown
Loser - D'Lo Brown - Made a great dumb bell
Loser - Steve Blackman - Bruce Lee he will never be

Terry Taylor (The Red Rooster in another life) spoke backstage with
Ivory. He asked her about the Hardcore WWF Women's Championship Match
she was going to have later v. Tori. He didn't have to wait for an
answer as Tori raced in and jumped Ivory. We went to a commercial as
they fought.

When we returned the match between Ivory and Tori was underway in the
ladies restroom. A Tampon dispenser was thrown as the cat fight raged
on. They fought into a stall and Tori had her face and hair washed.
They went into the shower and fought there. Soap and Shampoo were used
as supper and eyewash. They threw all kinds of things one finds in a
ladies room at each other. The King loved it. The crowd loved it. I
loved it. They fought into the men's locker room. The men there loved
it. They fought out into the loading area and up against a trailer and
into equipment and other junk lying around. Ivory got hold of a mirror,
manufactured by The Acme Mirror and Picture Frame Company, Division of
The Acme Corporation, and showed Tori how pretty she looked in it as
she broke it over her head. There was glass all over as JR worried that
Tori might get cut because she was barefoot. He didn't have to worry
about her feet, her whole body maybe, as she was out cold laying in the
broken glass from the mirror shot. Ivory pinned her in the glass. After
she pinned Tori, Ivory went and got an extension cord and strangled
Tori with it. Not finished yet, she got an iron, manufactured by The
Acme Steam Iron and Ironing Board Company, Division of The Acme
Corporation, and burned Tori on her back with it. She was pulled off by
the traditional bunch of officials.

Winner - Ivory - Retains the WWF Women's Championship
Winner - The fans - Finally a women's match worth watching
Loser - Tori - She will be picking glass out of her back for a month
Winner - The Acme Mirror and Picture Frame Company, and the Acme Steam
Iron and Ironing Board Company, both Divisions of The Acme Corporation
- Their products rule

Chyna was on her way to the ring for Triple H's Title defense v. Mr. Ass.
Referee Earl Hebner stopped her and told her she was barred from
ringside. She told him she would "Forget you said that." Watching at
home, Mrs. Hebner made a mental note to talk to Earl about his suicidal

We saw Kane sitting in a corner somewhere in the building. I considered
calling the ASPCM, American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to
Monsters, and report Triple H for his dastardly deed.

The next match was the Main Event for the WWF Championship, pitting Triple H
(C), accompanied by Chyna v. Mr. Ass. Hebner again told Chyna she was
barred from ringside and had to leave. Mrs. Hebner began making funeral
arrangements. However, Chyna left and Mrs. Hebner breathed easier. She
met Mr. Ass on his way to the ring on the ramp and they exchanged a few
words. Triple H tried to take advantage but Mr. Ass was ready for him. The
match was high impact. Shane came out on the ramp and Hebner went out
to meet him and tell him he could go and join Chyna. With the referee
distracted, Triple H tried to nail Mr. Ass with the Title, but got hit with
it himself. Mr. Ass covered him for what seemed like five minutes, but
Shane and Hebner were still at it. Later in the match, Triple H had Mr. Ass
set up for The Pedigree, but took a shot to the family jewels. Mr. Ass
again covered him but Hebner was again occupied elsewhere. The match
continued and at one point both men were down and hurt. Triple H recovered
first and this time landed The Pedigree to win the match. Shane and
Chyna came to the ring to help Triple H celebrate. The celebration was short
lived as Kane came to the ring amid his fire and brimstone routine. He
blasted Triple H and Shane. He then choke slammed Chyna. Triple H came back and
threw a few punches and then took a choke slam also. No wanting Shane
to feel left out, Kane gave him one as well. The ring was littered with
Kane's victims as the program ended.

Winner - Triple H
Losers - Triple H, Chyna and Shane - Kane Choke Slammed the three of them
into next Wednesday
Winner - Kane - Paybacks are a bitch
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
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