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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 301

Date:  Tuesday September 7th, 1999  6:25 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Dave Scherer at:
The ratings rose slightly (or 10%) for the second edition of "ECW on
TNN" as the 9/3 show did a 1.0 rating with a 2.1 share. The show did
quarter hours of 0.9, 1.0, 1.0 and 1.2.

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
WCW has reportedly released several wrestlers in recent days. The names
reportedly include Cyclope, Damien, Super Calo, Mikey Whipwreck, Swoll,
4x4, and Chase Tatum.

Although I'm not a huge fan of Whipwreck's, he was very impressive in
his few WCW appearances. Super Calo is a tremendous worker who never
received a push in the Cruiserweight division; one would expect the
Luchadors to return to
Mexico. Does Whipwreck have a place in ECW?
Time will tell.

Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch
After watching Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam at the ECW Arena last week,
Paul Heyman told "it made him feel like a fan again and that's what
wrestling is all about."

Actually, the Lynn/Van Dam feud has been the most entertaining series
of matches in the
United States since the Bret Hart/Steve Austin tango.
Juventud Guerrera Jr./ Billy Kidman series was better worked, but its
undercard placement devalued all of the hard work.

Personally, I have several events that cement my love for the business
(and its definitely not the backstage politics). The Flair/Steamboat
feud, the Austin/Hart series, and several Shawn Michaels matches (the
ladder matches immediatly come to mind). I can appreciate Heyman's
sentiments on this one.

To subscribe to Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch, send $36 for 20
issues to:
The Pro Wrestling Torch
P.O. Box 201844
Minneapolis, MN 55420
By Steve Appy

The announcement that Chris Benoit will be receiving a WCW World Title
shot on Nitro gets the mind racing. After all, it fits into the
booking plans of all of the armchair bookers (myself included) out
there who have been raving about Benoit for months.

Benoits critics claim that he has no charisma; I say that his
intensity makes him charismatic in the same way Bill Goldberg has
charisma (charisma is a more complex idea than many realize). He seems
real, and that energy makes me watch.

Although unproven on the microphone, he has shown promise in his brief
tries at interviews. Like Goldberg, sometimes less is more. Since
Benoit is best marketed as a killing machine, the humor of
Jericho or
The Rock would ultimately distract from his character. Besides, Arn
Anderson can always be an associate who does most of the talking. I'm
not sure anybody can talk better than Arn…

The fans are responding to the man; he is a somewhat fresh face who
hasn't been shoved down our throats. Quite possibly, WCW has realized
it as well. What happens next?

First off, Benoit defends the US Title against Sid at Fall Brawl. Dave
Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has disclosed that current plans are
for Benoit to lose both the bout and the championship. Few understand
why. Sid's "unbeaten streak" would not be enhanced by defeating Benoit
or winning the US Title; Benoits short push would be derailed, and he
would put over one of the more unprofessional performers of this

Then we see a ray of hope. Benoit gets a World Title shot on Nitro;
could a World Heavyweight Championship be in Benoits near future?
While the odds are against it, the idea is hard to resist.

While both Hogan (or Sting) still have box office legs if booked
correctly, neither is the long term savior of the company. Long term
is what WCW must be concerned with, especially since they can't hotshot
ANY angle that would even win a quarter hour. Would making Benoit the
World Champion even hurt business short term at this point? No, and
the novelty (and the message) would get attention.

Let Benoit keep the belt until Superbrawl, when Bill Goldberg could
defeat Benoit for the belt. Benoit would have a chance to cement his
credibility, and could defend the belt against Hogan, Hart, Sting,
Savage, and Flair in the meantime.

WCW will not put Benoit over Hogan on Monday, and likely never will
(Hogan would veto a defeat to a glorified Cruiserweight). WCW will
continue on the same road for the near future, until the spark that was
once Hulkamania is undeniably extinguished. Someday the likes of
Benoit will be at the top of the card, though it may be three years in
the future, in the WWF. Could you picture Benoit vs.
headlining Wrestlemania 18. its possible…
Below we have a statement from Sign Guy Dudley concerning his future
plans and feelings on The Dudley's move to the WWF:

By Sign Guy Dudley
"Over the past month and a half there has been many questions as to if
I would be going to the World Wrestling Federation with Bubba Ray and
D-Von Dudley. As many of you have already read, Jim Ross stated in his
weekly column on the WWF's website that I was not offered a WWF

This is 100% true. At no time did I speak with anyone from the World
Wrestling Federation regarding possible employment with them. However,
there was an idea kicked around that I was approached with, again NOT
by the WWF, and was not interested in. ECW has been my home for the
past 5 and half years, a year and half behind the scenes and 4 years as
Sign Guy Dudley. I
have watched ECW go from drawing 200 people once a month, to running a
regular circuit, to being able to hold pay per views, and now to a
national TV spot on TNN. To be a part of that has been an honor and I
consider myself very lucky.

ECW will only grow, and I want to be a part of that. I had great
hesitation even thinking about leaving and that was known among my
close friends in the locker room. I have my own personal goals in this
business and there is not a better place, for me personally, to reach
them then right here.

I have been given an opportunity to stay with the company in a
different capacity and welcome the chance to learn a different aspect
of this business. I have many friends in ECW and they were all there
when all this was going down and I thank each and everyone of them for
sticking by me with their encouragement and ideas.

I wish Bubba and D-Von nothing but the best. They are two of my very
close friends and I want to see nothing but good things happen to them.
Working with them for 4 years has enabled me
to learn and take part in things I never dreamed of and I thank them.

Above all, I again want to thank the people in ECW who have made it
possible for me to remain a part of this company, I wouldn't have it
any other way. Thank you for your time."
-Sign Guy Dudley
Written by reader: Alberto Rizzi (yalbster)

* Bret Hart arrives at the arena only to be told by security that his
WCW contract has been nullified and that he is free to search in any
other federation for a new job.

* Mean Gene is in the ring to introduce the new WCW President:
Eric Bischoff. Eric says that to modernize WCW, he used a lot of
money. So, to cut the losses, he has released a few wrestlers who where
not able to stand up to main eventer status: Bret Hart, Dean Malenko,
Eddie Guerrero, Buff Bagwell, Kidman and a guy who stole his job only to
humble him: Ric Flair.

*Juventud Guerrera Jr. versus Blitzkrieg. Time limit draw. Benoit then
comes in, saying that Bischoff has fired guys who can put up a show
like the previous one and that he is so disgusted that he will
relinquish the US Title.

*La Parka versus Chavo Guerrero Jr. After some amazing moves, out comes
Sid, who powerbombs both men. He grabs the mic and says that, due to
the new found smallness of the WCW roster, he will be their new leader.

* A black limo arrives at the arena. Doug Dillinger checks in and
receives an order we cannot understand since the cameras mic are too

* Barry/Kendall Windham (c) versus Harlem Heat *Tag Team
Kendall pins Booker T. after The Rednecks cheated again.

* Backstage, Bischoff has been told to reach the black limousine we saw
before. Eric jumps in with a smile. Then, from the opposite door, we
see Ted Turner come out and waiting for something to happen. Someone is
destroying Bischoff in the car !! ...and out of the doors comes Bret
Hart !!

* Van Hammer versus Mike Enos. An awful match. Bret Hart and the other
fired wrestlers (Malenko, E. Guerrero, Bagwell and Kidman) enter the
ring and beat up the two men. Then Bret grabs the mic and says that he
and the others with him are able to deliver good matches, not like the
one they interrupted. So, thanks to Ted Turner, there will be 3 matches
to close the evening: Rednecks vs. Guerrero/Kidman for the Tag Titles,
Rick Steiner
vs. Bagwell for the TV Title and he and Malenko will face Hogan and a
partner of his choice in the main event. He also invites Chris Benoit
to take back his title, since he is a wrestler worthy of that elite

* Mean Gene interviews Hulk Hogan. Hogan is pissed by the happenings
and says that he is the only one who can call the shots. Ted Turner
must be mad to follow Bret Hart and since we are talking of "mad" he
announces that his partner will be Sid Vicious, despite their past

* During the rest of the evening, Rick Steiner loses the TV Title to
Bagwell, The Rednecks lose the Tag Championship to Kidman and Guerrero.

* Main event: Hogan/Vicious vs. Hart/Malenko
As Hogan and Sid are on the way of winning thanks to cheating, a
masked man comes out of the crowd and low-blows both Sid and Hogan.
Hart puts Hogan in the Sharpshooter, and Malenko applies the
Cloverleaf on Sid. The ref calls for the bell as both guys submit. The
man unmasks himself and turns out to be...Ric Flair !! Bagwell - Kidman
and Eddie Guerrerojoins the three men, as the group receives the cheers
of the crowd.
Written by reader: Brad Smoley (bsmoley)

In response to the commentary by reader: madspector.

Pro wrestling is not a soap opera. This is true. However, pro
wrestling is not a sport either. Wrestling has developed far beyond any
other form of entertainment out there. It has evolved far past the
thing it was 100 years ago at the turn of the century. Gone are the
days of 3 hour matches, pitting "legit" grapplers against formidable
foes. Gone are the days of simple face vs. heel match-ups where a
simple suplex could mean victory and climbing the ropes was unheard of.
Gone are the days of airing television
shows for the simple sake of house show promotion.

Things are different now. But if you notice, they were always
different. Some would argue that the "purity" of pro wrestling has
been diluted. That it no longer holds the same spirit it used to.

"Storylines are ruining the sport."

"Wrestling has become a soap opera."

"Shut up and wrestle!"

These are the kinds of things I hear all the time. People complaining
about the natural progression, the evolution, of an art form. That's
right, an art form. How else can you explain it. its the purest
example of performance art I've ever seen. It cuts through all the crap
and delivers the base human emotional conflict between good and evil.
But I'm getting off the topic now...

The topic at hand is CHANGE. Everything changes. No matter how hard you
kick and scream, eventually you grow old. It happens. And it happens to
everyone and everything. People change, places change, the arts change,
everything will change. And that's what pro wrestling is doing: making
a change.

I can imagine, back in the days of regional federations when big
promotions like the WWF started gobbling up the smaller promotions,
there were people who said: "The WWF is going to ruin pro wrestling."
How many of us would be into wrestling today if it weren't for the WWF?
If my brain hadn't been blasted with a weekly dose of "Superstars"
every Sunday morning when
I was a kid, I'm sure I wouldn't give two shakes about what is
happening in wrestling today.

Just like anything, pro wrestling does what it needs to do to survive.
It evolves. It changes. The purists, the traditionalists never like
change. Can you imagine what the movies would be like today if
filmmakers decided simple stop-motion tricks were the height of movie
special effects? What if people decided that horses were a better form
of transportation than cars? That modem speeds didn't need to exceed
2400 baud? Where would we be? We'd be sitting bored out of our minds
trying to be content with life's same old crap. Crap that someone else
determined was good enough to keep us happy.

I love the "sport" of pro wrestling. But I also understand that in
order to keep a product fresh and entertaining, it has to remain
different. It has to change. Storylines will become more focused,
gimmicks will become more outrageous, and wrestling moves will become
more extreme. Pro wrestling, to survive, must continue to change. And
like any business, the only reason to survive is to make money.
Regardless of what anyone says or thinks,
wrestling's primary goal is not to entertain. The only reason to make
the fans happy, is to make the company money. The only reason to make
the product fresh and entertaining, is to make the fans happy.

You do the math. (So should WCW by the way)

You know, now that I think about it, I lied earlier. There are some
Things that don't change. They are called institutions. They are the
things that society has determined to have worked so well for so long
in an established way that they never need to be changed.

Pro wrestling is NOT an institution.
NWWA Results in Oscealla, Indiana. NuWave Wrestling Association
NWWA On Tour 1999
Oscealla, Indiana official results:
1. JT Sexxy defeated Frat Boy Luther with the Sexxy Stretch
2. Rod Bell defeated Prime Time with his feet on the ropes after a
Hott Shot
3. Chuckie Smooth defended his Midwest Title with a controversial
pinfall over Devon Fury with a gord buster
4. Ghetto and Jackknife defeated Adam Atlas and Shawn Sanders with a
wicked Neckbreaker on Atlas

5. Dirty Duke Dawson returned to defeat Mike Wallace with a Northern
Lights Slam
6. Rex Hart defeated Bam Bam Bino via DQ as President Kennedy
interferred. Bino retains his NWWA Heavyweight Title.
Devon Fury won the 25 man battle royal as Ghetto and Jackknife turned
on each other and eliminated one another

Next Show, This Saturday night in Highland, Indiana, the Lincoln
Center. Will: Ghetto and Jackknife stay together???
Will Rex Hart capture the Heavyweight Title from Bam Bam Bino??? Will
Kennedy announce his new body guards???
Will Chuckie Smooth retain his NWWA Midwest Title???
Which new Superstars signed contracts in upcoming NWWA Shows??? There
is only one way to find out!!! This Saturday night in Highland!!!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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"When you're young and you pick up a guitar, it feels so powerful. It feels like you pulled the sword from the stone. I used to believe that it could save the world. But I don't really believe that anymore." - Bruce Springsteen

"The greatest challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism
after you lose your innocence and believing in the power of the human
spirit after you come crashing into the limits of the real adult
world." - Bruce Springsteen

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