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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 302

Date:  Wednesday September 8th, 1999  10:39 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

At the conclusion of this issue we are presenting The WWF Smackdown
Spoiler for Thursday (taped 9/7). As always, if you would like to be
surprised, please skip the spoiler…

Reported by Al Isaccs at:
Isaacs reports that both Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch are expected back
in ECW this weekend; if they are in top form, both will provide ECW
with some top notch performances. Candido is one of the more
underrated workers in the business, and Sytch's star power is
undeniable. Another boost to ECW's talent roster.

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
It is expected that New Japan will announce their intentions of sending
some of their guys to America later on this year as soon as the end of
the month, perhaps earlier. I would not be shocked to see New
build up the credibility of their young wrestlers by shipping them

Of course, after watching WCW misuse the very talented Yuji Nagata, I'm
surprised to see New Japan placing such faith in WCW's grooming

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
New Japan has been telling people that they will not book Atsushi Onita
for their 10/11 Tokyo Dome show.

Although a longtime draw in
Japan, his "garbage wrestling" style
provoked a backlash from the typical New Japan fan. Actually a good
sign that New Japan may be pulling back from the Americanization of
their product.

Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Apparently there was a big "powwow" between All Japan President
Mitsuharu Misawa and All Japan Vice President Toshiaki Kawada. Kawada
told Misawa that on 9/4 (the
same day of the event at Nippon Budokan where Kawada was supposed to
fight Vader) that he had surgery performed by an ophthalmologist to
repair what is called a "blowout fracture of the bone" or as we
so-technically call it, an eye socket injury.
Written by reader: EEBS12345

Steve, Steve, Steve! It is with great anticipation that I always wait
for the latest issue of the WBS, but in issue #301, I thought I
actually read that you didn't know if "anyone could talk better than

While I will admit that as far as WCW goes, Arn is one of the better
interviews, but to compare him with any of the "upper tier" of the WWF
is absolutely ludicrous! The day that Arn can say "STOP! Can you hear
them chanting Arn's name?!?" will be the day when I, and the "dozens
and dozens" of the WBS' readers are all buried alive! Just one readers
P.S. We went out to dinner with the Hardys and Michael Hayes after Raw
Hartford - great entertainers, and great all-around guys!

Steve Appy responds:
Definitely one of the better responses we've gotten in a while. its
tough comparing Arn Anderson's interviews with those of The Rock,
Austin, and Jericho for one big reason. The four WWF stars are
the focus of storylines, and actually have something to talk about.

Arn was forced to deliver compelling interviews while being a
supporting player; for whatever reason (and not to sound like a broken
record), WCW intentionally buried one of their top performers. Arn's
realistic, credible interviews could have helped advance several
storylines, whether it was Flair's presidency or as a mouthpiece for
Benoit & Malenko.

Is he a better talker than the WWF's upper tier (or Ric Flair for that
matter)? its all a matter of taste. Arn's straightforward delivery
lends credibility to his statements; at the same time, he isn't as
charismatic as some of the above names. A topic without an easy
answer, and all of the names are super talented on the micorphone.
BENOIT & THE SIZE ISSUE (A German Perspective)
Written by reader: jens.bergerhoff
Since Chris Benoit is slated to lose the US-title to Sid at Fall
Brawl there are some thoughts I want to share.

Benoit is one great worker - that much is agreed upon. Benoit has a
good gimmick - now here comes the disputed part

My personal opinion is that Steve hit the nail on the head when he
compared Benoit to Goldberg. Benoit has a great in ring presence that
needs to be focused. Benoit would be best with a valet that would do
the mike work for him.

The time when he had Woman (Nancy Sullivan) at his side was when Benoit
was at his best. Women highlighted Benoits incredible in ring skills
by giving him the needed voice. And I still do not understand why so
many American fans call him a glorified Cruiserweight. Just look at his
arms! When you go to
Japan and even Europe there aren't many 6'10''
wrestlers around. None to be exact! And I don't believe that they make
good wrestlers.

its just kick and fist all the time. Just remember that dreaded feud
between Sid and the Undertaker in 1997 for the WWF crown. The matches
were the worst I ever saw! Let Benoit wrestle and I don't care for
height, period.

Just as a side note - one of the first matches of Chris Benoit that I
ever saw was a bout for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Belt against Koji
Kanemoto. It took place about a year before Benoits current WCW run.
The match lasted 25 minutes and was a clinic on wrestling from all
perspectives. It was intense, had some great mat wrestling, and
incredible high flying moves. The match ended with a Kidney Scissor
Suplex (similar to a Frankensteiner) from the top rope by Kanemoto on
Benoit. BTW, I never saw that move in any WWF, WCW or ECW match...EVER!
After that match it was no wonder that I became a Benoit mark.
SMACKDOWN SPOILER (Skip if you want to be surprised)
Reported by Al Isaacs & Dave Bresser at:

From Albany, NY - Broadcasting 9/9/99
Dark Matches:
Kurt Angle Vs. Taka Michinoku
Taka's losing ways continue as he gets DDT'd and pinned by Angle

Tim Lower Vs. Glen Ruth
The former Headbanger beats the jobber.

Joey Abbs vs. Sean Stasiak
Stasiak wins, but gets beaten down by The Posse at the bidding of Terri

HEAT Matches:
Val Venis/D'Lo Brown Vs. Steve Blackman/Mark Henry
Henry then got the pin after a belt bash on D'Lo. Van Venis cleared the
ring with a kendo stick afterwards.

Droz Vs. Chaz
Terri Runnels runs into the ring and nails Chaz with a groin shot. Droz
gets the pin and the win.

The show starts with Bossman making an open challenge.

British Bulldog vs. The Big Bossman
Bulldog marks his WWF return by winning the Hardcore Title...then
giving it to Al Snow.

Edge/Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz
No contest as Kane enters the ring to announce a title match against
Triple H

X-Pac officially tells Kane their partnership is over

Chyna pounds on Hardcore Holly for making a sexist remark

Bradshaw vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
Double DQ as both teams get involved

Test and Stephanie McMahon come to the ring. Stephanie announces their
wedding in on Oct. 11th. The Posse comes out. Shane tells the rest of
the Posse to leave, and then apologizes to Steph and Test. Test and
Shane then shake hands and everyone hugs.

Triple H vs. Kane
Triple H retains the title after Chyna nails Kane with the sledgehammer,
followed by Helmsley's Pedigree.

Ken Shamrock vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho gets lowered from the ceiling in a shark cage and tells
Shamrock he would never fight him face to face because Shamrock is
Jericho goes on while Shamrock beats the cage with a bat.
Jericho tells Fink, who is backstage, to raise the cage. It wont go up.
Shamrock breaks open the shark cage and the two brawl until a group of
refs break it up.
Jericho fires Finkel afterwards.

Jeff Jarrett guitar bashes The Fabulous Moolah after she says that she
could beat him.

UT/Big Show vs. Rock/Mankind in the Burried Alive Match
Rock and Undertaker fought as Mankind and Big Show fought all over the
arena. The Big Show threw Mankind into the grave from the top of the
ramp. Triple H then runs out from the back and burries Foley. UT and
Wight regain the tag titles!

Suddenly, an ambulance backs up to near the grave. Triple H opens the
Austin jumps out and pounds on Helmsley! Austin then throws
Triple H into the ambulance and drives out to the parking lot.
gets out and climbs into a huge semi and proceeds to crush the
Austin returns to the arena and drinks some beer until
Shane McMahon comes down and says '
Austin, you ain't got the BALLS to
face Triple H' and then turns around and walks away.
Austin catches
him....drags him to the ring...STUNNER!!!! Another few beers...another
Stunner! He does this again and again as the crowd goes nuts!!!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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