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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 305

Date:  Friday September 10th, 1999  1:40 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Bob Ryder at:
Eric Bischoff is no longer in charge of day to day operations at WCW
effective immediately. An announcement was made to WCW employees this

Bischoff has not been fired and remains an employee of Turner Sports,
and will continue to report directly to Dr. Harvey Schiller.

Bill Busch is now serving as acting Executive Vice President of WCW.

At this point details are very scarce; the obvious questions revolve
around Bischoff's long term future with the company and the identity of
his permanent successor. As these questions are answered we will pass
them on.

As I mentioned above, I know no more than what the brief announcement
on indicated. As soon as we learn more you will as well.

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer
After reports that Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch would be returning to
ECW as early as this coming weekend, Meltzer received a different story
from ECW's Paul Heyman.

Heyman told Meltzer that he has no interest in using either of them in
the immediate future. Sytch is still under contract to ECW, but Heyman
said that he would release her from the deal if she lined up a job

Several weeks ago Sytch & Candido were rumored to be returning to ECW
as of September 11th; I'm curious to see if a return could be in the
works, or if we will next see them in the WWF (or even WCW).

Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer
Kenta Kobashi, arguably the top worker in All Japan (though both Misawa
& Kawada have their backers) is interested in making appearances in ECW
down the road.

His exact role would be unclear, though I would guess that Heyman would
love putting his World Champion over Kobashi. Not that Taz would be
the ideal opponent for Kobashi, but Hayman is always looking to improve
the international prestige of his World Championship.

On a related note, it appears possible that Maunukea Mossman will be
making future appearances in ECW; Heyman is still planning on talking
to Mike Awesome about coming in full time.

To subscribe to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, send $11
for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell, CA 95009-1228
Written by reader: Blake Norton (tbr_norton)
I caught some interesting debate in WBS about mic work, and wanted to
throw in my two cents. In my opinion, Mick Foley's interviews are the
best today. The most obvious example is what he's done recently with
The Rock - he carried every single exchange, by adapting to the cliché
lines that the script writers came up for "The People's Champion".

Examples include the "Dozens and Dozens of fans" line and that
priceless exchange on Smackdown last week about where to stick the
world title, not to mention the fact that he asked nicely if The Rock
would lay down for him. That's not a knock on Rock, he delivers lines
with sheer brilliance, like few others in wrestling.
However, he delivers the same lines time and time again, half of
which are written by script writers. The creativeness spontaneous
thought that Foley provides is simply unmatched.

I also agree with the comments on Arn Anderson's "straight-
shooter" interviews. A rare breed indeed. That's probably why I
pick Foley as #1 - Foley can do the Anderson style, which is
particularly evident during his five minute rants with heart and
passion during his feud with Tommy Dreamer over "Hardcore" in
ECW in '95. He can also, however, deliver the most hilarious
material, encompassing the gimmicks of his partners, his opponents,
political satire and self-mockery, at the snap of a finger.

The fact that he willingly delves into self-mockery to make an even
more entertaining joke or storyline, such as when he acts embarrassed
when The Rock gets angry with him, makes him not only more noble (so
many egos would never let themselves be
put in that position) but so much more versatile and vibrant. You
pick up a PPV from anytime the last few years he's been in and I
guarantee you he'll hit at least a couple of classic, original lines
anytime he appears on camera with a microphone.

In my mind, all things considered, Foley is possibly the most able and
consistent independent microphone worker in the wrestling world, this
decade and beyond.

Blake Norton
Contributing Editor
World of Wrestling Magazine
The GWF is the Global Wrestling Federation and has been open for over
two years. We have been very successful in many aspect of ewrestling.
We currently have a decent sized roster, but are in search of more
members. We have a weekly card and pay per view once a month. If you
are interested, contact President Sparks at ky-rattlesnake or
check out the site at
Written by reader: Michael Lano (WReaLano)
For those of us who spent hours talking about 60's and 70's wrestling
with Brian H over the phone from his
Pennsylvania home from the
mid-80's on...he will never be forgotten. He loved wrestling the
business, and the art and sport so much.

He was most alive when he managed Terry Funk as the ref gone bad- Mean
Mark Curtis at the combined Dennis Coralluzzo-Joel Goodhart show back
in late 1990. Dave Meltzer and I flew in together and the array of
talent and aura that was there: Funk, Cornette and Eaton, Stan Lane,
Jerry Lawler, Eddie Gilbert...and Brian was a big part of it and in
heaven then. Wrestling heaven.

He is most definately in heaven now. One of the nicest and most
loved people in this business-Brian Hildebrand.
-from Michael Lano
Written by reader: DKR122
I would like to comment on your column about who should be
elevated in WCW. You were right on the money concerning Booker T.
Being an African American myself, I can tell you that Booker is the
only black WCW wrestler worth watching because the others pretty much
suck. Like Stevie Ray, he's fat and out of shape (his puppies are
larger than Debra's) and you have to
wonder about a man who calls other men Fruit Booties.

Vincent? He's the ass-kisser of professional wrestling, first it was
Ted Dibiase's ass in the WWF, then it was everyone in the nWo, now he's
a West Texas Redneck!!?? Give us all a break!

Norman Smiley is a pretty good wrestler but as long as he keeps doing
that wiggle, and wearing those skin-tight, lime green trunks,
he'll never get over.

Booker could go over big if given the right push. Once again, the WWF
has them beat in this area. D-lo Brown is one of the best up and
coming talents they have, and Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry has really
improved his wrestling skills and his mike work over the last couple
of months. The Godfather isn't the greatest wrestler, but he's one of
the funniest characters they've got, especially that "Ho Train" move.
Mike R DKR122
By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)

The show began with a memoriam to referee Brian Hildebrand (a.k.a. Mark
Curtis) who passed away Wednesday night.

The Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart versus Buff Bagwell
Bagwell took the match after smacking the Barbarian with a foreign
object that Jimmy Hart was intending to throw to his man.
Winner: Buff Bagwell via pinfall

--Berlyn's latest appearance on Nitro was re-aired.

--A video was shown of the parallels in the careers of Lex Luger
&Sting. Also shown was the history of their friendship.

Van Hammer versus Blitzkrieg
The big man won the match with the cobra clutch slam.
Winner: Van Hammer via pinfall

--The video was aired of Kevin Nash being injured in his hit and run
accident, courtesy of the hummer.

Steve Regal/Dave Taylor/Chris Adams versus Shane Douglas/Chris
Benoit/Perry Saturn
The Revolution took the victory when Benoit forced Adams to tap out to
the Crippler Crossface.
Winners: The Revolution via pinfall

Lodi w/Lenny versus Kaz Hayashi
After Lenny mistakenly hit his "brother", Kaz rolled Lodi up for the
win. After the bell, the Cruiserweight champion attempted and failed at
three elbow drops.
Winners: Kaz Hayashi via pinfall

--Throughout the evening, clips were shown of events leading to
matches at
the PPV on Sunday.

Adrian Byrd/Bobby Blaze versus Sid Vicious
Two Powerbombs was all she wrote for Byrd and Blaze.
Winner: Sid Vicious via pinfall

--The Revolution once again said that they would not stop until they
achieve their goals. Malenko told Steiner to come and get him and if
Sid interferes, the Revolution will be watching his back. Shane Douglas
said that they had an addiction to gold and they would all have a
strap, no matter who they had to run over.

Booker T w/Stevie Ray versus Barry Windham w/West Texas Rednecks
The ref called for the bell when the Rednecks interfered. They then
continued to attack Harlem Heat.
Winner: Booker T via disqualification

Rick Steiner (c) versus Dean Malenko *Television Championship*
Sid interfered again, Chokeslamming Malenko. Douglas tried to help, but
received the same treatment. Benoit then hit the ring, put Sid in the
Crippler Crossface, but was attacked by the
DFG. Saturn hit the ring, a
fight ensued and the Revolution cleared the ring.
Winner: Dean Malenko via disqualification

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Goldberg
Despite interference from DDP and a post match attack, Goldberg won
with the Jackhammer. Page delivered some chair shots and then left when
the man rose off of the mat.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Columnist: Darren Kramer

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